Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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Fun and Games.

That evening, once dinner was cleared away, they were able to relax on the settee and talk more, though they had never really stopped talking. They shared yet another glass of wine, liking what they were learning of each other, and becoming progressively more engaged, and more and more daring with each other, constantly moving the few boundaries remaining between them even further back; learning where any slight difficulties between them might still be, but as yet, they had found none, apart from the obvious one with her condition, and what would happen with her when she finished her period.

Not what would happen, so much; that was already known, but how, and when it would happen. She did not know what to expect in terms of how it would unfold. She would have to leave it to him to show her, but she knew that he would not intentionally hurt her.

She lay in his arms on the settee, snuggling closer into him, knowing even more about him now, though never knowing enough. But then she would never know enough, always wanting, needing to learn more. She felt him, hard against her.


“Yes, my love?” She liked the way he said that and meant it.

“Do I affect you so strongly?”

He nodded.

“Yes. And much more than you may appreciate.”

It was all still a shocking mystery to her. “I think I have seen how you are; somehow always able to control yourself no matter how excited you are with me when you hold me, touch me; getting close to… but you didn't push into me as you were so wound up to do, wanted to do this morning." She snuggled closer to him. "You did come, though. So we got that behind us, and I didn't die of shock."

He nodded. "Yes. I came, and you weren't too surprised. We'd built up that that happening. The next stage is when I do that inside of you."

"Will it be the same?"

"It will not be the same, but the end point for me is--when I come. It will be much more exciting for us both, especially for me, at first. That is when we will both be complete then, as a loving couple, soul-mates, lovers. You will not be far behind; coming for yourself in a similar, but very different way."

He tried to explain. "I heard my sisters talking about it. Oh, the things I eavesdropped on! You will have to learn to relax first, and to not be so anxious about it when it happens. My going into you will be the beginning of it, not the end of the world." He thought about how best to describe it. "Everything we have done so far is like playing around on the diving boards in a swimming pool. When we get to that final stage it will be as though we have suddenly gone to the top of Everest and are diving down from there, but to float down to a soft landing together.

“All of this intimacy between us, gradually leads up to that moment. The buildup, is where all the excitement is, and then there is the release after that, for me anyway, and hopefully for you too eventually. When I come, it's like a pressure cooker blowing its safety valve. It’s the same thing; getting rid of a head of steam.”

“I heard some of the girls at school talking about it when their boyfriends did that, or when they helped them do it. I'm glad you were able to do that this morning. I think it was very difficult for you being with me, until you did that and got it out of the way between us. I didn't die of shock. In fact, I felt you there, still damp between my legs all of the time I was talking to Annie. I'm glad she didn't know how I felt or what I was thinking then, but she may have seen me fidgeting, and I know she saw how puffy my lips were and that I had to put some lotion on them."

Peter smiled and moved closer to her as he whispered in her ear and kissed her, even nibbled on it. “The most intimate step of all, my love, is when I do that inside of you, here.” He touched her gently, feeling her relax into his touch, rather than tensing up as she had done previously.

She took a deep breath. She was ready to share a little more with him.

“I got excited when you carried me down to the river that first day, Peter, when I was on your back. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. My panties were very sensitive on me, (she was becoming more sensitive there every day now) pushing hard against me, rubbing, and moving on me as you carried me with all of my weight on my body, against that pelvic bone, though that tenderness might have been because I was starting my period. I’d never noticed any feeling comparable to that before, but I felt it then.”

He kissed her, encouraging her to continue.

“I was confused for a while. I didn’t think nice girls had those feelings. I was worried you would notice when you put me down and came over me in case I was wet. Or even a little stained with something else, or even showed my excitement and agitation.”

He laughed. “I didn’t notice, except when you reached up and touched my face, or we might have made love even then to beat the monthly devil. I was more than ready even then. I think you noticed.”

She had noticed that about him, but hadn't dared say anything.

“Tell me about your sisters, Peter. I want to know about them. I never had any sisters or brothers. I’ll be nervous to meet them. They’ll be able to see right through me and will know everything about us.”

He laughed at her fear.

“You are worrying for nothing. They are my sisters. It goes without saying that they will see everything. They will ask me in the first two minutes if I have made love to you, though more directly than that.”

The girls at school had used that other word for that too, to make their points.

“They will accept you, as I accept you. They will see you as a special, honorary sister." It was time to move along again. “May I?” He reached out to the coveralls where they went over her shoulders.

He was asking permission?

She nodded, knowing what he was going to do.

He unclipped the coveralls from her shoulders, finding that she helped him bring them down from her, and then he began on her sweatshirt, raising it on her with her help as she pulled it out from under her so that he could take it off over her head, moving into her to kiss her breasts as she became exposed, meeting him half way, arching her back and pushing back at him obligingly.

She began on his shirt, and then on his shorts as he continued undressing her, even going so far as to take off her panties to reveal that white flag of surrender tied in the cord that was still there. He wanted to tease it out of her body and get on with what they both needed to have happen. But he didn't.

She would not stop him if he wanted to do that. She'd washed herself well down there, and changed before he had come home, wanting everything to be right, so there would be no awkwardness to embarrass her.

Soon they were naked together on the settee. “If we lie side by side facing each other, we can play.”

“How, Peter? Just as we did this morning as you checked me for splinters? You were a long time about it, and not finding any, and there was a lot of kissing and touching that I found very exciting.” And that other wonderful thing too. That would also happen again now, somehow.

“No. It will be a little differently this time, Closer together in another way, and more intimately.”

“Tell me what to do, Peter. You won’t try to go into me, will you?”

“I can’t. And won’t. I will not go into you until you finish, and until you tell me that I may, though I will be very close to it. We’ll play instead and try and get you more used to me in a gentle kind of way. I’ll show you. You can stop me at any time if you become afraid.”

He touched her by the knee and lifted her upper leg, to open her up to him as he placed himself between her legs.

“I shall put this part of mine here, tight up into you, but not in to you properly in that way; through them only, along your vulva and touching it all the way through between your thighs. I won’t do anything more to you until you invite me to. You can trap him there between your legs as we hold each other close. I can’t go into you from this angle anyway without your help.”

They’d held each other close that morning, but not with him between her legs as he was now, but he had been poised above her with that proud part of his. That was when he had come, spurting onto her there and in the hair.

“I should put my underwear behind you there, in case I have an accident, which is always a possibility when I am close to you." It was no longer just a possibility, but a certainty now. "We don’t need that all over the settee.”

They kissed and touched, their temperatures rising as he moved there, lifting her leg again from trapping him, so that he could re-adjust a few things, touching her between her fleshy, soft, inner labia to separate them so very delicately, and to re-position himself along her between those lips where it was moist and warm, conscious of that string coming from her, moving it behind her as he held her on her cheeks.

He was very hard.

“Are you comfortable with this, Sheila?”

“I think you know I am." He'd needed to hear that.

“I won’t go into you. I am through you at the top of your legs, and nowhere near—not very near, your vagina. I am at least two inches away from going into you there.” He kissed her and laughed. "And getting closer all the time." She knew that.

They moved together for some time as they kissed, feeling their naked bodies touching everywhere as they held each other close, becoming more and more excited.

She became more trusting that there would be no surprises. It would need her to rotate her hips forward to open herself up for that, or for him to back off a few inches first and to change his angle of approach with her to actually get into her, and she knew he would not do that. Besides it would need one of them to remove that tampon from her first.

Both gradually became more focused and conscious of what they were feeling as they kissed with deepening excitement.

He pushed closer to her, pulling her hard into him and froze, momentarily, as he groaned, breathing heavily.

She knew what was happening now. He was coming. She stroked his head, feeling him there, breathing as though he had run a race.

She could feel him, warm, slippery, and wet on her buttocks behind her under his hand which continued to pull her into him as he slowly came down from that strange place he had been.

Her heart sang out. One more step along this road, another first, and he hadn’t gone into her as she was still afraid of happening, even by accident when he got close enough to her there.

He was breathing hard and still pushing at her and pulling her closer into him as though never able to get close enough to her, his hot breath in her face; his cheeks flushed, and his eyes tight-closed and fluttering, gasping as though in agony. Would she feel the same extreme pleasure that he felt when he did that same thing deep in her body, pushing as hard into her, if that was how it would go between them the first time he went into her? She hoped so, but that was still some way off.

“I came.” He was still breathless. It would be the first of several times that evening.

“I know, Peter. I know.”

They lay there, exhausted for a few minutes as they kissed each other, recovering. He was unlikely to recover very much, with him constantly touching her breasts and always aching to learn more about her.

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