Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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A concerned mother.

It was daylight and had stopped raining when Peter awoke. Sheila was in his arms. He moved with her, straining to see the time, touching her to keep her close to him as he did so.

She was naked, except for her panties which she must have put on without disturbing him while he slept. She'd got rid of them the night before.

Her back was to him with them nestled together like two spoons. Sleep had caught up with her at last, but it had taken her a long time to relax enough to sleep after they had talked, expanding their understanding of where their lives would be going together. They had come a long way in just two days to be making those kinds of plans already.

His arm was under her head, cupping her breast, with that other part of him hard, and between her legs, but not so very hard now after what had happened several times between them throughout the night.

He’d vaguely remembered her being awake and talking to him each time she heard anything she did not understand as the heat under the roof caused the timbers to expand and then to contract as they cooled down, and she could hear the mice pattering overhead.

She could identify most of the sounds now, so was less afraid. Peter being with her was what had done that and had allowed her to listen and to analyze each sound, just as he did.

Inevitably, once they were both awake, they had become alive to everything about themselves and about each other once more, and they had grown excited with each other yet again, kissing and becoming overwhelmed once more.

Nothing would surprise or shock either of them now. She was one wonderful discovery after another but had started out crippled by shyness and embarrassment.

He kissed her on the neck, hearing her mumble sleepily, feeling behind herself to hold him close to her and then returning to make sure that he had a firm enough hold of her breast and then checking where he was again between her legs, making sure he was firmly held there, and up close enough along her as she closed her legs tightly to trap him there.

When she settled down again, he backed slowly off the bed, removing his hand from her breast, taking his other arm from under her neck, and replacing it with some of the pillow, and then slowly backed out from between her legs, loath to go, becoming hard again from the friction against her legs and her panties even as he did that.

He looked at her for a few moments as he recovered, entranced and excited by everything about her, not wanting to leave her, seeing dampness from him between her legs and glistening on her panties.

He had come several times in his excitement with her, and with her encouragement each time after they’d awoken, and kissed.

She had not been afraid about any of it, but had tormented him, playing with him, and had been aggressive in her own way as she had responded with them moving excitedly together.

He wanted to climb in with her again, wake her, throw all caution to the winds, remove her panties, gently tease that tampon from her vagina, replacing it with himself, and let everything go where it needed to go between them, but he knew that he shouldn’t. She wasn’t ready to do that yet, and he wanted her to trust him.

He held back, covering her with the light sheet which had fallen to the floor, and retreated to get the dryer started on their clothes from their muddy adventure of the night before. He also needed to see to the hens and calves before he thought of doing anything else. At least it had stopped raining, and from what he’d seen out of the bathroom window the calves were still where they should be and the fence was still intact. He’d shower when he came back in.

He heard the phone going as he got back into the house, seeing Sheila answer it, standing there as naked as on the previous morning, and as Annie had seen her.

She took his breath away and always would.

He left the eggs by the kitchen sink, trying to remain as quiet as possible.

He could hear some of what was said as he came up behind her and kissed her on the neck as his arms went around her.

Her mother was in a questioning mood.

“Are you alright, Sheila? You rang off very abruptly last night. I was not sure whether to call you back or not.”

“You’d have missed me if you had, Mom. The calves got out and I had to see to them. That was the noise you heard last night. It was raining hard too, so I was a mess when I got in.”

“You also sound different. Is there someone with you? I hear other sounds.”

“Mom!” Sheila tried to sound exasperated. “What you are hearing is probably the wind.” She knew it wasn’t. “I have all of the doors and windows open.”

“Well, I have to ask. You are my only daughter, and this is the first time I have been away for as long as this.”

“Mom. Stop worrying. I’m managing. I’m also eating well for a change, and I do miss you.”

“As I miss you.”

Her mother swore. “Damn, now I am the one who must ring off and go again before we have exchanged even two words. Everyone is going back into the meetings. I’ll call you tonight, but it may be much later tonight. Bye. Love and kisses.”

Her mother rang off. before Sheila had chance to tell her anything about the calves or what else had happened.

Sheila leaned back into him, feeling him reach around her and hold her breasts again as she turned her head to be kissed, then turned fully into him.

“I think Mom suspects something is different, but she doesn’t know what. I’ll soon have to tell her about you.”

“Yes, you will. It is long overdue. I got the calves seen to and the hens. I’ll carry you back upstairs and we can talk while we shower. Then, if you like, we can go back to bed and play, before I need to go out again.”

“You don’t have to carry me, Peter. I can manage.”

“But I want to carry you, my love, then I can claim my usual reward in kisses.”

Afterward, they lay together, facing each other as he recovered his breath, and they talked.

“I have another question for you, Peter. Several. I am as curious about you, as I think you are about me.

Where does your sperm come from? Does it really get manufactured in these?” She held his balls reverently, kissing them and handling them carefully. “Is there always so much of it? Surely your balls do not make all of it so quickly, over and over again?”

He stroked her hair.

“They do. However, it varies, depending upon how often we make love. That eager little factory down there is manufacturing sperm all of the time, even now, and storing it for the next time, so you just got a few hours-worth all at once. What isn’t expelled, gets resorbed and recycled, or trashed.”

“How many? I should know. I wish I could see them.”

“You will. We both work with microscopes, and there will be lots more of it. How many? Difficult to say. Some estimates say there are hundreds of thousands; others say millions. It depends upon the age of the male, his health, lots of variables.

“And how often can you come?”

He smiled at her understandable curiosity.

“Several times a day, especially with your help to excite me. It depends mostly upon you, and how excited I get with you, and how you tempt me.” She was already beginning to find that out for herself.

And what is this? I noticed it before when I touched you. It's on the very end of him." She moved in closer to examine and to touch. "It's not sperm; I know when that comes out of you in a sudden rush, and there is much more of that, than this. It seems to come out of you and it is very slippery."

"That, my love, is slippery for a reason. It is the first stage of lubrication so that I can slide into you easier."

"Oh." She was more curious than tense.

She still had more to ask but was holding back.

“What is it, my love? What is it you still want to know about me?

“Tell me about your cousin Sophia.”

She’d remembered him mentioning her?

“What about her?”

“You said she was very forward and that you went too far with her. What does that mean? Further than we have gone? And did she touch you, and...?”

He nodded, deciding he should hold nothing back. “We were too young for it to count, but she insisted I go into her….”

“She wanted you to fuck her?” Sheila was shocked enough to blurt that first thought out, having no difficulty saying it for him.

He leaned in to kiss her and to touch her breasts to comfort her. “Don't forget, we were very young and at that inquisitive stage that many children go through. She wanted me to. She told me that she wanted me to fuck her; saying it exactly like that, and that was what it was. There was no finesse with Sophia, and she did not give me the chance to say, 'no'. Which I would not have done anyway. I was always ripe for mischief and finding these things out. So we did do it, several times, during her last visit, and whenever she could get me alone and away from our parents and my sisters. It happened at least once a day, sometimes twice when I was sent out to walk with her. My sisters hated her and wanted nothing to do with her, so I was to be sacrificed for their benefit. They didn't know what Sophia and I, did (I hope, but I fear I might have been wrong about that), but even so I doubt they would have taken pity on me. I didn't want to be taken pity on. I wanted to know too.

"It was all Sophia's idea, but I went along with it. I was only about eleven to her thirteen, and what did I know? I was completely clueless. I was eager, of course, but I didn’t 'come' then, with her, as I do so easily with you. I couldn’t, not the first time or two, but boy, was I hard, and I had difficulty getting into her at first, which she didn't understand as she said she'd done it before.”

Sheila felt the first stirrings of jealousy. “I don’t think I want to meet her.”

“You won’t. She lives in South America now, probably with half a dozen gauchos going at her all the time, riding her hard.” She had to laugh over that thought.

"Peter?” She reached out to touch him there, seeing him spring to life once more with her touch.

He waited.

“You are very big, Peter, and I am not sure that this will all go… into me. There is a large mismatch between this, and me, here.”

She sat back, brought her feet up close to her and held her legs apart for him to see what concerned her as she tried to open herself down there, ignoring that little cord still coming out of her; having no shyness with him now.

He smiled at her eagerness, always wanting to see more of her, especially there, and the way her breasts moved when she was distracted. She was now giving him permission to come closer.

He laid down with her, his face no more than twelve or fifteen inches from her there, and reached out to help her.

“The tampon in me here, is only a fraction of the size you are.” She looked down at him. “Yet you say that you went into Sophia, here, with it.”

“Yes. But not easily that first time. It was just childish play, my love, and not worth worrying about. I don’t think I was her first, either. She didn’t complain about it, but we were only playing, though it was very intense, and serious at the time.” He was getting that way again.

He moved closer and kissed her where she was touching, hearing her indrawn breath and feeling her flinch. He did more as she held his head close into her there, liking what he was doing, then came back up to kiss her naval, her breasts and then her, as he smiled at her and moved above her as she dropped back to be below him with her legs still apart.

That part of his, hard and stiff, after what she had done with him, was poised above her, eager and ready as he looked down into her face, sinking to her as he kissed her.

She didn’t seem afraid that he might do anything else to her.

“You might surprise yourself with what you are capable of welcoming into you here”—he slowly touched her there— “when you recognize the moment, and are in the mood, but you will control all of that. It will be your decision when, and how, that happens.”

He kissed her.

“Now I really must go, my love and try and get my work finished.”

She had her arms around his neck. “Not yet, Peter. You can’t go anywhere like that. You might scare some sheep, and I can help you with that. I still want to find out a few more things.”


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