Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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Sheila was suddenly wide-awake, hearing a noise she knew well from her childhood spent in the old house.

It was barely daylight.

The noise was from the gentle ‘swish’, ‘swish’ of leathery wings.

Bats were in the house and flitting through the bedrooms, looking for a place to roost for the day.

She was in an instant panic, pulling the sheet to cover her head, waking Peter in the process, snuggling up to his chest for protection.

No wonder she was afraid of being alone. Bats in the house were a test of most women, and some men. They must have followed each other into an open window or down a flue pipe into the house. Wherever one went, the others tended to follow. They may have come down the chimney with its warm air from the house and attic, flowing out through that.

Peter turned closer to her and took her into his arms protectively, feeling her warm body close to his, bringing him back to life; waiting patiently for the ‘all clear’ from her when she finished; and she had finished.

He stroked her hair. “There is nothing to be afraid of, my love.”

“You always tell me that, Peter, when it’s quite the opposite.”

She knew him too well. He chuckled and pulled her closer.

She could feel that he wanted to do so much more for her, and could, once she came down from being so afraid about these bats.

He listened, and then poked his head out as he looked around. “About ten of them. We should try to remove them before they get settled.” He sounded very calm about it.

“We? How?” She sounded horrified. She wasn’t going to leave the safety of the bed; not with bats out there.

“They won’t harm you. If we tie a sheet between those two crutches you've been using, and hold it up, like a screen, to the ceiling, we can slowly move them to the open window and help them out. We won’t get them all, but we might get most of them, and they’ll leave tonight if we open all of the windows.”

“But they’ll be in the house all day!”

“No big deal. They’ll hide until later this evening. You won’t even know they are here.”

She was not going to stay in the house with bats hiding in unexpected places

“Won’t they get into my hair?”

He laughed. “No. That’s one of those tales, mothers tell their children,”

He slipped from the bed, leaving her covered completely with that sheet, and went after the crutches, still in the bathroom, sorted out a sheet from the laundry hamper and began to tie the sheet over the ends.

They could hold the sheet to form a barrier that would extend across the middle of the room as they moved the bats that they could see, toward the open window.

She gained confidence from seeing what he was doing without any fear to himself, slipped out of bed, and helped.

He was pleased to notice that she was so distracted by being concerned with all of the bats flitting around, that he saw wondrous things as she had to move and twist quickly out of the way, which she really had no need to do, but was being driven by irrational fear.

They wouldn’t bother her, but he wanted to. Fortunately, there was no one to see them as they were: both naked, and neither of them caring.

He watched Sheila more often than he watched the bats, smiling at what he could see with her breasts moving so entrancingly as she raised her arms and moved around so gracefully. He just wanted to say ‘to hell with the bats’, pull her into his arms as they fell onto the bed, and make love to her.

She had no panties covering her this time, and when they were both close to the window and she stepped up onto a chair, Peter saw that there was no cord to be seen hanging down from her vagina either. No white flag of surrender. At last! She’d got rid of everything standing in their way, and she was now available. In theory.

Damn those bats for making her so uptight at just the wrong moment, when he’d thought she was waking him up for a more romantic reason than bats.

They gradually closed down the size of the room as Peter eased them out of the window one by one, gently picking the one or two off that landed on the sheet, putting them out of the window too, and starting over to get one or two that had escaped.

There were, undoubtedly, some others still in other rooms. They would get themselves out the next evening if all of the windows were left open.

Sheila would never be able to relax with bats in the house during the day, even if they were hidden out of her way.

He realized that he’d better phone Annie and make dinner reservations for them both for that evening when those bats would become active again.

“We got what we can. The ones we don’t get, will hide in some out-of-the-way place; behind books, in folds on the curtains, where I can pick them off, and the ones I miss will come out again tonight.”

He closed the window, so they wouldn’t come back in, helped her strip back the bed to make sure none were there, feeling him close behind her, touching her, still eager for her, just as he had been most of the week.

He followed her into bed, holding her close as they snuggled together, bringing that single sheet over them, tucking it in around her to give no room for anything to sneak in with them.

They held each other close and laughed, though she was still nervous, still thinking of bats.

“There, that was easy wasn’t it? They weren’t interested in you, and none got into your hair, unless they got here…” she let out a cry, and kicked out reflexively, as he gently touched her between her legs— “or here,” as he touched her in the same place from the back, feeling her tense up both times to close him out.


“Just checking.

“We got rid of a few of them, and the rest; the ones we missed, will go by tonight.”

“I’m not staying in the house with bats hiding in different places. I’m going out with you. I was going to have to go out today anyway, so if you don’t mind I’ll tag along. I didn’t get chance to complete the work I started.

“And by the way, Peter.” She moved closer into him, telling him what he already knew. “I finished, but I should bathe properly first, before… if you don’t mind.”

“I expect I can survive a little longer, even if it kills me.” He kissed her. “Sleep, my little love, if you can. We’ll have a busy day tomorrow, with both of us trying to finish off our projects, and me feeling unbelievably horny.”

Sheila couldn’t sleep, still hearing the sounds of bats' wings, even when there were none.

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