Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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Thursday morning call.

Sheila’s mother called the next morning, several minutes before her usual time, waking them up. But of course, she would be concerned after that call of last night.

She could have been sitting by the phone all night with a thousand questions still to ask.

It was a call Sheila had not been looking forward to, and she debated about whether or not to answer it.

However, her mother had become calmer, and her questions concerning Peter were more reasonable.

Brenda stifled her anxiety, wondering why it had taken Sheila so long to answer the phone. She wouldn’t ask. There were a lot of things she wouldn’t ask.

It wasn’t as if Sheila was under-age, but her daughter was not used to the ways of men and was… well; even her mother regarded her as naïve.

The conversation was much more civilized and reasonable this time, with none of the emotional difficulties, or the threatened fire-works of the evening before, becoming too evident, allowing Sheila to gradually relax, but she knew that her mother was a powder-keg just waiting to explode with questions, accusations, and tearful exasperation.

She told her mother about the bats coming into the house at about five o’clock that morning, and how they intended to leave all of the windows open all day, and in the evening to get rid of them.

She and Peter had already decided they would go to the Inn for dinner that evening to give the bats chance to leave, so she told her mother about that too.

“We’ll be out when you call this evening, Mom, if you call at eight. You could call later, as you did last night. That would be better.”

Her mother had a better idea. “Or I can call the Inn.” She still had more to discuss with Annie.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“How did you know what to do about the bats?” That was a fairly safe topic.

“Peter and I held a sheet between us and guided them to an open window. We got rid of most of them that way.”

Peter had been helping her with that at five in the morning? No doubt with both of them in their nightclothes, or prancing about naked, like druids at a fertility dance and then coupling wildly afterward. The thought was too painful to entertain.

She wouldn’t ask, though she wanted to.

She could envision it all, and could easily imagine the antics. She had better be careful what she said.

Annie’s words of the previous evening concerning her own familial turmoils with her mother, had resonated with her. Brenda had been given time to think better about how she would deal with this; about her daughter, and that man, after that call.

It didn’t sound as though Sheila had been harmed by any of it, else she would have told her mother soon enough. In fact, Sheila sounded happy.

They rang-off on a much better note than the previous night as far as Sheila was concerned, even if her mother felt worse, and as though she was being pushed away, losing a daughter. So, not only was Sheila being fucked, but she would also soon be gone from home entirely, and with this man that was fucking her. It was too much to think about.

Sheila, hung up the phone and leaned in against the wall, heaving a sigh of relief as Peter moved closer to her to kiss her. At least this time, her mother had sounded more at ease with the situation.

He kissed her under the neck, pulling her back into him by her breasts.

“Come on. Let’s go for a shower and see what other mischief we can get up to!”

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