Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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Thursday on the Fell.

They wandered the Fell together that day. Sheila was determined not to stay at home with bats somewhere loose in the house and making her uncomfortable.

She still had some of her own work to finish, and she could be with Peter for that.

Peter retraced along their route of the previous Monday, strolling back along the road to take a gentler climb onto the plateau; the one he had carried her down. They held hands where they could, staying close together, keeping an eye on each other, as lovers would.

He carried everything, sparing her, knowing they would need to be together for at least the next two days, so that he could keep an eye on her progress, but there was more to it than that. He didn’t ever want to be separated from her again.

It was a mutual feeling, and that recognition excited them both.

She walked easily and did not complain of any difficulty, so it had not been so bad of a sprain.

He already had enough information to finish his map, and she made detailed notes of the botany, and collected vegetation specimens every time they stopped near a rock-outcrop, entering notes in her field book.

Each explained to the other what they were seeing and doing, having their eyes opened to a new world with each other that they’d previously been blind to.

Where the terrain permitted it, they walked side by side, holding hands or with their arms linked or around each other, holding onto the waist of the other’s shorts to get closer, talking, pointing things out. There was no need for haste.

When the time and location permitted, they stopped for lunch, which Peter had made up for them both, raiding both the garden, and the refrigerator.

When they finished for the day they would head slowly back along the plateau and descend to the road again before heading home, but first, they would eat lunch and rest together.

The one advantage of being where they were, was that there was a steady and strong breeze from the east across the plateau, so they hunkered down behind a cluster of the larger boulders as they ate and drank in relative calm.

Peter passed her a cold meat sandwich and a bottle of water. Her pack, which was in his, had a thermos of hot coffee, loaded with sugar for after their lunch. He’d also brought a couple of cucumbers and some tomatoes from their garden, and peaches for desert.

He dribbled water on her hands and on his own after they had eaten, and they rested, leaning against each other with their backs against the rocks behind them, moving closer together after Peter had looked around to be sure that they were really alone.

Sheila noticed him do that and understood why. He had other things on his mind for them as Sheila already sensed, and was able to see by his changing condition as they had eaten, as well as by his general excitement, obvious in his expression and his touch. The mood was as infectious for her. She wanted to get this time behind them too.

The inactivity while they were resting had enervated them both in other ways. They turned to each other and kissed as they changed their positions to face each other, each aware of the growing warmth of their mood by the look on each other’s faces.

He reached out to her, and with his help she began to undo her shirt, leaving it to him to continue to peel it off her, exposing her breasts to be held and touched (he could not take his eyes off them), driving him further along, as she began on his shorts, opening them and then starting on his shirt too, as he continued with her shorts and panties; removing everything.

He’d been acutely conscious that she’d got rid of her bra soon after they had got onto the top of the plateau, finding it too uncomfortable again.

She had not been shy letting him see her do that, needing to put it into the pack he carried before putting her shirt back on and fastening it again, but only after he had kissed her and held her, anxious to hold her breasts once more, to kiss them, and fastening her shirt only loosely so that he could refresh his memory of them anytime he wanted to, which had been often, even as they had eaten.

They struggled to remove each other’s clothing, laying their shirts down in the grass to lie upon, following them with the rest of their clothing to lie naked together, laughing as they kissed and touched. He was fully aroused by then and just as eager for her as he had ever been.

He held her breasts as they continued to kiss, and she held him in turn, feeling that he was ready for her and just as eager as when they had been moving those bats to the open window, and just as intimidating as she remembered, but the time for being concerned about that had to be put behind her as quickly as possible. It was time to move forward.

“I want to feel your body touching mine, Peter, holding me close, caressing me, learning about me. It’s time. You can also touch me more intimately down there too.”

He had been anxious to learn everything, even that morning when she had come back to bed without her panties, but those bats had intruded and delayed the moment, so they’d cuddled, and kissed, and touched instead, driving him crazy, but he understood.

There were no bats now.

He continued to kiss her as he lay beside her, running his hands over her smooth, soft body, moving over her breasts and then between her legs as his excitement grew.

She rolled more onto her back, feeling his hand move deeper between her legs and begin to discover her as he gently opened her up; sliding his fingers along her vulva, spreading her labia and slowly entered her vagina with his middle finger, feeling her flinch as though she had not expected it, when she had led him along to do just that.

She was tense upon him at first, still nervous, knowing what would soon follow it. He knew she was anxious about that happening too, not knowing what to expect this first time.

“Let’s just stay as we are, Sheila, for a while, and play. There is no need to rush anything. It will happen soon enough now.”

He felt her relax, knowing that she could trust him not to rise up over her and try to go into her until she was ready for that herself (he had told her that often enough), though getting to that point might still take more time than they had, before they needed to return to the house.

It didn’t matter.

They kissed and talked as they breathed into each other, holding each other close, sensing the growing excitement between them, but it had never been any other way.

She felt him slowly moving deeper into her as she relaxed.

She was still too tense, but this was a strange place they were in, wild and isolated, not conducive to them being as relaxed as they needed to be, and always with the nagging fear that someone could approach while they were distracted and would catch them, even though it was almost impossible for anyone to approach them without being seen.

He slowly moved down from her to kiss and mouth at her breasts and then after a few minutes of that, continued down on her, kissing her naval, returning every so often to her breasts and to kiss her neck, setting her squirming and giggling at everything, being so vibrantly alive and sensitive to everything he was doing and touching, and then back to her lips again, before resuming his progression. The more he distracted her, the more he was able to do, to prepare for going into her.

They changed their positions again after a fast look around to be sure no one else was anywhere near them, rotating, so that he lay alongside her in reverse position. He got her to raise one leg over his body, more on her back now, and he moved to kiss her between her legs to investigate more of her, close-up, as he continued to caress, and to explore.

She held him, that part of him, with their bodies reversed, knowing exactly what he was doing to her, able to feel all of it, as he opened her up to playful and gentle inspection, playing with her labia, kissing them, licking along them and kissing her everywhere in that place, using his tongue to go into her instead of his finger, bringing her to life in other ways, feeling that she was becoming moist. His tongue did not hurt, and was soft and yielding, unlike this other stiff part of him which would never become any easier for her to deal with.

He would not be able to continue this way for very long before he came. If he did, she resolved to catch it all in her mouth and continue helping him that way. There was nothing they needed to be shy about or disgusted by. Nothing about him could do that to her.

“Peter? Before you come, if you would like to, we could….”

At least they would try.

He would like to, and he needed no second invitation.

She rolled farther onto her back as he turned above her to kneel between her legs, not removing his finger from her, feeling how relatively snug she was even on that, though more-moist than she had been. It would be difficult and he would hurt her this first time, but they could try. She had requested it.

She put her legs wider apart and helped him, holding him, guiding him, directing him toward where he needed to be, yet knowing there was no way he would be able to get any of this into her the first time without considerable discomfort, even with him being as slippery as he had been when they had played. He was eager to be into her, having waited so long with the promise always just ahead of him.

He slowly removed his finger from her and placed the head of his penis where his finger had just left, feeling that small orifice close before he got there. He almost laughed, despite the seriousness of the situation. It had not been deliberate on her part but a natural reflexive action. She would need to consciously learn to relax and let him in, but that was still a little way off.

“You should push. It will only be uncomfortable for me the first time, Peter.”

She was trying to encourage him to be more decisive with her.

He tried again as she began to help him in a different way, trying to open herself up for him as he pushed in that place, but not too hard. She accepted his finger fairly easily again, getting used to it, but this other, larger part of him was still too much for her, and he would not just push, as instinct demanded he do to get into her.

He stayed where he was, neither pushing nor retreating, feeling frustrated, anxious to push, but also knowing how she must be feeling.

He smiled at her, backing away.

“I don’t think it will be now, my love, we are both too tense, and this is not the best place to relax.

She stroked his head. “I’m sorry, Peter.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” He kissed her. “It will happen, and soon, but not just yet. However,”—he did not need to explain how he was still feeling. She knew that look on his face. He was coiled tighter than a clock spring, and needed release. She would help him do that although it was already happening, the way he was tensed up.

“Change places with me Peter.”

She held him then with both hands as he held himself off her as she maneuvered above him, lying down upon him and trapping him between her legs as they had done several times now. She kissed him, expecting him to ejaculate at any moment in his eagerness.

He held her breasts above him, feeling that this time she reached down behind herself to bring him up even more snugly along her as she closed her legs tightly around him and moved to mimic the movement of him being within her. That sensation, along with him holding her breasts would help him reach a climax and get rid of the tension. It would help her too.

He tensed up within seconds.

She felt him ejaculate into her hand and onto her buttocks as he closed his eyes tightly and pulled her to him. They were like that for several minutes.

He slowly regained his breath. “Thank you.” He kissed her. “Don’t worry about us not succeeding the first time, Sheila, or even the first few times. It would have hurt you had I forced anything, and I don’t want to do that. We have lots of time to work on all of this, but it won’t take that long; a few hours, a day or two at most. We both want it to happen.”

She sincerely-hoped it would not take even another day, but that was all in her hands, rather than his. She wiped her hand across her buttocks, rather than on one of their shirts. His sperm would dry better on her body, but it should have been inside her.

They would shower when they got back to the house, and this would be happening very often to her now as they progressed a little farther each time.

“So, what do we do, Peter?”

“We need to be patient, and to relax more. Play a little more intently and seriously over a longer period of time. Tonight. But mostly we need to relax together.”

He had a more risqué thought, that he knew would get a response from her.

“Or you could ask your mother what to do when a man comes knocking at your little door, when she calls tonight, and you could ask her how to let him in.”

She laughed and kissed him for his irrepressible sense of humor at such a difficult moment.

Her mother would have a fit!

“God forbid, Peter! Mom was struggling to relax and to sound normal this morning when we spoke. She must have been at this stage herself when she first met my father.”

It was always difficult for growing children to imagine their parents ever having sex, or being adventurous enough to be doing this, but they must have done.

“I already shocked her enough.”

“Then I could ask her.” He knew that would spark the same response.

Peter!” He was not too put out by any of this. She felt relieved that he could laugh and joke about this when she felt as though she had let him down.

“No. We’ll manage well enough all by ourselves, Sheila. All couples go through this problem and learn to adjust, but they don’t always take their time about it as we will. The first time can be memorable for the wrong reasons if it is rushed.”

He smiled at her and explained. “Sisters; overheard when they brought their tales back home from school and sharing what they had heard.” And not knowing that he was listening in to their conversations.

“I learned so much from them.”

She lay there upon him as they looked into each other’s face, liking what they were seeing, clearly understanding the feelings passing between them, just as they had in those first hours.

“Peter? When we go back to university...”

“Yes, my love?”

“What will we do? How will we stay together?”

“Simple. We live together and continue to build on this. When we graduate we will know by then what our future will look like, even if only one of us gets a job, at first.”

She laid her head on his chest as he held under her, his fingers playing in the delicate hair he could feel, and her moist warmth, caressing her there, keeping her close to him, and as they were.

“We still have that coffee and some biscuits to go at. We can sit here, as naked as we are, you in front of me, leaning back into me, and I can hold your breasts and touch even more of you as you are distracted, drinking from the cup, and then we can swap, and then you can explore me too while I am distracted (he would never be distracted), or you could just hold me as I kiss your breasts. We don’t have to dress immediately. There is no one to see us other than a few sheep and seagulls. We can try again, any time you like.”

She didn’t mind now, despite that initial failure. He accepted that it would be difficult for her and was not blaming her for anything. There was still something so very exciting about being naked together in the middle of such a wide-open expanse of moorland.

Her body was also being well-attended to in some wondrous ways.

Seeing that the afternoon was advancing, they helped each other dress, and pack things away,

They should get back and see to the calves and hens, then bathe together, where he could try again, if he wanted to—he would always want to—or they could shower together. There would be fireworks no matter which way they did it.

Once packed away, and making sure they had everything, though leaving a flattened patch of grass as the only evidence of what they had done together, they walked upslope, the mile or more to the corner of the Fell, pausing often and kissing, as his hand slid into her open shirt to caress her breasts, as hers in turn, touched at his shorts to find him still aroused and always ready for her. They had to pause at those moments and learn more about each other, constantly playing, touching, kissing, bringing them ever closer to that time.

An hour later they got to the ruined sheep fold, both aroused again, and both of the same mind.

She was the instigator this time, opening his shorts, pushing them to his knees along with his underwear, and held him, already erect again, stripping down her own shorts and panties, taking them off one foot, moving into him to kiss him.

She turned her back to him, leaning up against the old stone wall, putting her legs apart for him.

She felt him slowly move into the top of her legs and along her vulva as he had done before, but from behind this time, being interrupted for just a brief moment as he began to nudge into, and distend her vagina with her bending forward, presenting herself to him in a more open kind of way.

She stayed still, and let him enter her slowly, even if only a short distance again before coming up against resistance. He stopped, feeling her become tense

It surprised her that he had got into her at all, even as little as he had. She quickly woke up to what could be happening, when the discomfort became too much for her. She rotated her hips as he backed away and came forward again, sending him gliding over her vagina and along her vulva again, after the slightest of interruptions. This was how it would be; a little progress here, a little progress there, until he finally slipped into her.

Despite him briefly sensing that he could have entered her at that moment, he’d been thankful to feel her correct that slight problem before it became too much for her.

He’d made no attempt to just push into her as he could have done, though undoubtedly causing her intense discomfort and resentment at such inconsiderate behavior had he done that. He did not want to lose her trust by such foolish impatience.

He didn’t want it to happen like that.

When he was all the way forward and firmly up against her back, he opened her shirt, caressing and holding her breasts as he pushed along her, with her holding him up into her to touch up at her again, helping him, before she brought her legs together to trap him tightly.

This time she saw him come into her hand and then dribble onto the inside of her shorts.

Exhausted, even after such brief, but intense activity, he rested his head on her shoulder and kissed her on the neck as he recovered his breath.

They were advancing steadily and fast.

“I’m not sure how much more of this I will be able to survive, Sheila.”

He laughed in relief as she turned to him and kissed him properly as he pulled her into him.

She wiped her hand on her shirt this time before she returned to holding him and putting him back into her legs from the front, until he subsided.

Tamed, again!

‘Familiarity and frequency’, was what it was all about.

It would soon become second nature to her what to do for him.

His needs were very simple. Ejaculation; the male orgasm, was everything, but soon it would also involve him going into her properly.

Nothing much of any tension survived after that happened to him, until the next time he became sexually tense, which might be an hour or even two, depending upon her, and how adventurous she dared to be with him.

She was slowly losing her fear of him becoming disgusted with her if she became too aggressive as she wanted to be, or of him despairing of her if she dropped back into being too shy. She would not do that anyway.

He laid her down on the grass in the lee of the stone wall, and they played as they had before, with him mouthing at her, feeling her begin to relax more easily again, and letting his tongue deeper into her, feeling her become more excited, hearing her groan. Neither of them would survive much more of this.

Something would soon have to give, and she knew that it would have to be her that would do the giving.

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