Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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That Evening.

When they got back off the Fell, later that afternoon, Sheila dug out some of her father’s clothes for Peter to wear when they went over to the Inn for dinner that evening.

There was no need for anything formal. A clean shirt and trousers would do wonders for him.

She watched him strip and try them on until they found ones that fitted him comfortably.

Her mother had thrown nothing out that had belonged to her husband, unable to let go of him. She would not need to know that Peter had worn these clothes. Sheila would replace them before her mother got home and took offence or was hurt by it.

She would wear a dress; something she had not worn all summer and see what Peter thought of her as a properly attired, mature woman, rather than as a Fell-wandering, tom-boy botanist whom he’d seen dressed only in shorts; or naked.

Naked, would always be better as far as Peter was concerned, but seeing her in a dress would also be a turn-on for him too.

He laid the clothes out on the bed and pulled his shorts back on, and his shirt.

“I’ll do the calves and hens, get the eggs, check that fencing again, and then we’ll shower, get dressed, and go.”

If they got sidetracked in the shower for another half hour, it would not matter.

Sheila wore a bra this time as well as panties, though it took them some difficult negotiation to get them on her, with some reversals and a lot of touching and kissing.

He fastened her bra for her, as she kept re-adjusting it on her breasts, complaining about it still being too tight.

He watched her drop her dress over her head.

There was a lot of gentle teasing with that too as he helped her, not letting it down around her until he was ready for that to happen, and then zipping her up and fastening the small hook at the top.

She had expected all of those small interruptions.

She straightened her dress upon herself, smoothing her hand over it to take out any small wrinkles, and examined her image in the mirror, turning first one way, then the other, before she turned to him for his approval.

He looked her over approvingly.

“Wow!” was all he said, as he openly admired her, causing her to blush with pleasure. “Maybe I should phone Annie and cancel our reservation. I suddenly feel as though we should be doing something else altogether with the evening, rather than just eating.” He was captivated again.

“I’ve never seen you in a dress before. My sisters are going to go wild when they see you.”

He mischievously touched under her dress, setting her giggling and squirming. She was very sensitive under there.

He would always want to do that too.

She didn’t wear make-up, but she would have to wear a bra tonight, with such a low neckline dress, or Annie would notice.

He kissed her on the neck. “I’d hoped that panties would be optional, tonight.” He was almost pleading.

“No one would know but me, and I would be tormented all night, knowing that you had none on. I would like to be tormented. You know how I would vote. It would always be ‘yes’, to leave them off.”

Sheila countered. “No. Not with Annie’s eagle eyes. I’m already in enough trouble with her and my mother.”

He backed off. “Yes, I suppose we should try not to be too obvious. Your mother is going to kill me for sure, anyway, the way I feel about her daughter and what we have been getting up to and will be getting up to even more after tonight. I hope.”

“She won’t know.”

“Au contraire, my love. She’s your mother. Of course, she will know. Mothers always do. They have a nose for such things.”

“While we’re gone, we’ll leave the windows as they are, wide open, and we should put the light on at the end of the garden, over the shed, to encourage the moths to congregate there. Where the moths are, the bats will soon be. When we get back, we’ll close all of the windows before we put any lights on inside.”

The Inn was still busy when they arrived, but there was an empty table reserved just for them, and Annie came over to speak briefly with them before the waiting girl that Annie employed, brought their food over.

After a spicy soup, they had a glass of wine with their dinner: whole Dover Sole, mini roast potatoes, and diced vegetables, relaxing over that as they touched fingers across the table, and then finished off with a dessert of a caramel puff pastry, with various fruit fillings and drizzled in brandy, followed by Irish coffee. It was almost the perfect ending to an almost perfect day. Only one thing was needed to make it better and that was not far off now.

An hour and a half later, they thanked Annie for looking after them so well tonight and through the week too, and left, wanting to get back home and continue what they had begun on the Fell that day, and had taken a little further in the shower.

It was a warm evening, but the weather forecast had been for cooling temperatures overnight, followed by a blistering hot day tomorrow.

Once they’d left the lights of the Inn behind, the evening closed in around them. They linked arms and strolled back along the quiet road as the light began to disappear. Their arrival back home should be timed for about 30 minutes after sunset to give the bats time to escape the house.

With their growing confidence in each other, their emotional thoughts were not hard to guess at.

This was one of those times where conversation was not needed to interrupt the silence of a delightful evening as they just enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s company.

They stopped often, and listened to the mooing of distant cows, or they could hear the grazing of sheep just over the stone wall alongside the road, with the gonging of a bell around the neck of the lead sheep which would also be diagonally hobbled, to stop it climbing walls and leading the small flock astray; and the gurgle of running water in a drainage ditch close to them.

Venus was rapidly following the sun down below the horizon, and a few of the brightest stars, including the planet Mars, were becoming visible in the clear sky.

They paused and turned to face each other to kiss as they stood in the middle of the road. They would hear any car approaching, and see its lights long before it got near them.

His hands rested beside her hips, his open hands smoothing around her with minimal pressure, hoping to feel the seam of her panties at the legs. He had been tormented by thought of them all evening. He had never seen her in a bra, either, other than initially, that same morning and that evening.

She knew that he was curious about her all of the time, no matter how much they had already done together, and he would always want to touch and learn new things about her and refresh his memory of others. Men were that way. Especially Peter. She smiled up at him, sensing what he was thinking; trying to detect about her as he ran his hands over her. He was the one who began the conversation again.

“That was an interesting day, today.”

For many different reasons important to both of them.

“Do you remember asking me a day or so ago, if we might be moving too fast with each other, Sheila?

Her head leaned onto his shoulder. “A few days ago. A lifetime. Yes, I remember.”

“What do you think now? Have we moved too fast? Are we moving too fast?”

She thought about it for a few moments.

“I think you have been too patient with me, Peter, but then you were, from the very beginning. I am almost ashamed to think of how afraid of you I was when you first approached me sitting in that pond, dazed, miserable, soaking wet, and not remembering what had happened to put me there. And look at us now.”

He pulled her closer. “I was patient—I had to be—while being very impatient waiting for you to make up your mind about accepting my help as you sat in the cold water after dragging me to sit in it with you. You fought me away.”

“I didn’t!” Her words said that she didn’t want to believe that she had done that, but she remembered it very clearly.

“You did. But when you realized that you were hurt, I was allowed to prevail and got you out of there. I didn’t know what to think of you at first, but there was something about you even then that got through to me.

“I didn’t know what I had walked into when I took off your shirt and saw you, saw your wonderful breasts standing out in all of their glory, closing down all rational thought in me for a few seconds. I had never seen anything so perfectly stunning, so startlingly beautiful. At that moment you were a vision of complete loveliness, as well as being intensely disturbing.”

“While I was terrified and embarrassed.”

“Understandable! I had to get you dry, so I tried to ignore them, except I couldn’t. I made one gaffe after another trying to get you to relax in that highly charged situation. It took a while, but you gradually did.

“You moved from being a defensively shy young woman, to one who was concerned and horrified what I would do next, as you became aware that I could not easily contain myself as I helped you.”

She was still blushing. It was not too dark to see that.

“You were so determined to override me, Peter, and have your way with me…”—she blushed and corrected herself (the other would come, later)— “…get your way, but only gently. I remember every word that you said, to try and persuade me.”

“I was clumsy and stupid, talking of your breasts so soon, but to be honest they were all that was on my mind, and mostly on yours too. and I so wanted, needed to help you, but all I did was to scare you.”

He smiled. “You were shy with good reason. You could see through me and knew all about me and my intentions when you saw that I couldn’t even control my own body around you.”

She stared up at him. “You scared me only at first, Peter. I soon got over it. You got me dry and helped me eventually, when I let you, and you were all kindness and understanding. I think I began to understand you then, and to understand you even better as you carried me down to the road.

“I was curious, the way you looked at me each time we paused, and you put me down. You wanted to kiss me. Even to do more than kiss me. I was concerned, seeing that, but I was not concerned in a bad way by then. I was more interested in trying to understand what was already happening to me.”

He interrupted. “It was happening to me too. It already had. I’d fallen in love with you in those first minutes. I wanted to kiss you from the moment I carried you out of that pond.

She put her head onto his shoulder. “I thought I would die when you undressed me, never sure where you would stop, once you discovered that dreadful thing about me and my bra.”

“Not dreadful at all. Wonderful. Truly wonderful. I was captivated by both you, and them.

“Seeing my sisters’ modest breasts had never prepared me for you. I thought I would die of excruciating and uncontrollable desire before I could overcome your fear and persuade you that I was not what I really was, even though I was. At that moment, I was the most dangerous thing ever to enter your life. I very nearly got into your panties then too. I wanted to take them off you and get them dry too, but if I’d done that, you might never have got them back.”

“Peter. You are incorrigible! And you’ve already been in my panties many times, just not in that final way yet.” But it was not far off, now.

“I’d lost all of my fear of you on that descent and was already falling in love with you. It came together for me when you left me by the river. You had to go, but I didn’t want you to leave me, and you didn’t want to leave me either, but you had to.

“You were so kind and gentle, and so much more…interesting and captivating than I had ever thought possible of any man.”

“So were you, for me, Sheila.” His mood was obvious.

“Damn. I’m feeling horny again.”

This was a good time to say what had been tormenting him ever since they had left the house together.

“I should take off your bra and panties, my love, as I wanted to do all of the time we sat there and ate, but couldn’t, and we can refresh our knowledge of each other. I haven’t touched you all evening as I wanted to, with you being dressed. This is the first evening we have been dressed together, and I am feeling deprived in so many ways, especially of seeing you as I have grown used to seeing you.”

“Peter!” She feigned being shocked again, setting him blushing. “I wondered how long it would take you to get around to that. It was on your mind all evening; I could sense it, but you can’t remove my panties.”

“Oh. Yes. I suppose, despite what we have done with each other, that this is the wrong place and time. Too public, even though no one ever travels this road, but it will soon be dark.”

“I don’t mean that Peter. You can’t take them off me, because I don’t have any panties on, for you to take off.”

He exhaled in surprise at learning that, and then became silent as though in shock, caught speechless for once.

She sensed how that confession affected him.

“I left them behind at the house. I took them off before we left, while you were checking that the windows were all open. I intended to tell you at some crucial moment and see how you responded, but that moment did not arrive until now.”

She smiled and laughed at his shocked look. “I heard what you said before we came out, about how exciting it would be if I were not wearing any, and with us being the only ones to know of such daring.”

“Sheila!” He was the one who laughed now. He kissed her. “You should have told me. You know what I’m like. May I?”

“You may, Peter. You don’t have to ask. You’ve touched me there enough times without asking my permission before.”

She stood still as put his arms around her and slowly unfasted her zip all the way down to below the small of her back, unclipped her bra, and then slid his hands down behind her inside her dress. He paused at her cheeks, smoothing his hands over them, sighing deeply, his eyes closed, before he moved deeper down, between her legs, to torment, and to be tormented by touching into her there again, as she leaned in close to him with her legs apart, allowing him to discover her again.

She knew how she was affecting him. She took her cue from him and slid his zip down too, knowing what she would find; holding him, beginning to raise her dress at the front to bring him to her between her legs as they had done so often now.

He sighed even more heavily and kissed her again.

The road was empty.

He helped her slip her dress down off her, and removed her bra, putting it over his shoulder as he brought her dress up again onto her shoulders, folded her bra and put it into his pocket.

“How exciting. Yes. Just as well I didn’t know. I might have been unable to concentrate on eating. It was hard enough sitting across from the most beautiful girl in the world, without reaching out to touch her everywhere I shouldn’t touch, never mind thinking about her sitting opposite me with no panties on at all.”

“You can touch me now, Peter.

He did so.

“Annie would have noticed too much when I kept dropping my knife or my napkin to see you under there if I’d known.”

She gurgled. “You did drop your napkin, Peter, but you didn’t notice my secret. I kept my legs together. I didn’t want you upsetting the table in surprise and alerting Annie to what we were doing. I sat demurely, and blushed, keeping this little secret to myself all evening, and knowing how excited you would be to learn of it when I either showed you, somehow, before we left, or in the bar if we stayed for a drink and I could lead your hand to find out, or I whispered it to you, as now.”

He slid his hands deeper into her dress.

She continued. “Annie noticed the way we looked at each other and touched hands as we ate, but not about the other. I already told Annie I was in love, so she was being far too attentive to us.”

They’d both noticed that.

“It doesn’t matter, Peter. I think she already knows everything, anyway, or can guess by now. She told me she came over today while we were out and put several things in the fridge for us for tomorrow. I know she went upstairs, and she must have seen the state of our bed and the numerous tell-tale stains on the sheet.

“Someone had used the bathroom while we were out on the fell, and it must have been Annie.”

She leaned in and kissed him as his hands moved around to her breasts again.

“I knew that I shouldn’t tell you what I had done about my panties before we got there, or you would be able to think of nothing else as we walked to the inn, always wanting to lift my dress and inspect and touch all the way there. Had you been conscious of me not wearing them all the time we were there, you would have lost your appetite, and Annie would have noticed that about you. I wondered how long it would be before you had to say something about my panties.” She leaned into him, leaving all decisions up to him as he grew more excited with her.

“Peter? You do know where we are don’t you?”

“Where? Who cares?” He was beyond caring.

“We are in the middle of the road, and there will be someone drive along it soon enough and catch us in their headlights.”

“What should we do?”

“I’ll leave it up to you, Peter, but we should not tempt providence.”

He thought about it. “We could walk home the long way, across the fields. It’s dark enough now that no one would see us. It’s even warm enough for us to remove all of our clothes.”

He rethought it. “Tempting, yes, but…we might shock some cows, and one cannot be sure where one is lying down to continue, and then there are those big night-time beetles that flit around in the dark homing in on cow-patties. And we might drop something important to show that we had been there.”

They were all good points.

He backed away from her and fastened the hook and eye at the top of it to hold it up on her while leaving it unzipped, then zipped himself up with difficulty, before she did it for him. She might catch him in the zip with him the way he was, and neither of them wanted that trauma to deal with at this delicate moment.

They still held each other and kissed.

“I think we should save all of our energy for when we get home, Sheila. I’ll take a rain check on the naked-walk, thing. Tomorrow on the fell, if it’s warm enough. There will be a few more warm days before Autumn closes in on us.”

He smiled down at her, knowing that she would see enough in his face. “We’ve come a long way haven’t we, you and I?”

She leaned into him and put her arm around him. “We did move quickly, yes, Peter, but not too quickly for me. If anything, we are going too slowly. I only asked, that one time, to find out what you thought, and I already knew what your answer would be.”

They walked home, holding each other close. His hand was resting on her bare back, very low down inside her still unzipped dress, and she had her arm around him, clutching at the belt of his trousers, pulling them closer together so he could continue touching her, talking, laughing.

No one else existed.

It was an exercise in discipline. Both wanted to stop and do more with each other, or to walk faster. However, they had all night ahead of them.

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