Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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At the river.

Once they’d crossed the main river again, much farther up it, they walked down the road, holding each other close, pausing to kiss and touch, as though not having a care in the world.

Fortunately, the road was empty. It rarely boasted more than one or two lost tourists a day, or even in a week over the entire course of the summer. Tourists; the lost, or the merely-curious, travelled this road at the height of the season, and none, once summer had gone, except when the local farmers took their sheep off the Fell for winter.

Had they seen anyone approaching, it was only a short distance off the road to be out of sight as they got dressed.

They both slowed and stopped.

“This is where I left you to bathe your foot. Right there.” He pointed.

She recognised it. They walked down, and off the road. Sheila sat down where she had sat after he had left her there, and looked up at him, inviting him to sit with her again or to do whatever he wanted to do with her, knowing that he would soon join her. He had recovered over the last hour and had begun to pay her more attention inside her shirt each time they had paused.

Her shirt parted from her, revealing her breasts poking up at him invitingly again as they always did, just like that first time. She shyly moved her legs apart—surprised that she had any feelings of shyness with him left to struggle with, watching him watching her, knowing how sight of her body would get to him as inevitably as night follows day. She could see that it did.

He had presence of mind to set up the tripod and reset the camera first, as he had seen her do. He let it take the first three photographs of her sitting there, not quite in mid-frame, before he reset its position to miss nothing, and then walked over to join her.

He sat facing her, beside her, his leg over hers again, just as he’d sat with her a few days before, reaching out this time to touch and hold her breasts as he had been sorely tempted to do that first time, and then to caress her between her legs as she moved them even more for him, and leaned back farther, inviting even more.

She reached out and undid him, knowing that he had been aroused ever since they had set out that morning. He would always be aroused for her, watching her, following her or leading the way, often looking back or walking side by side with her, never tiring of touching her.

He raised himself on his hands as she asked, feeling her undo his shorts for him and strip them, and everything down from his legs, seeing him spring to life again. She reached out and held him, pulling him firmly toward her as she laid back even more for him.

“Come onto me, Peter. You can go into me if it’s not too soon for you again.”

It would never be too soon.

‘As long as a man is fully erect for you, it is not too soon. Even if he had you just a short time before. Some men will never get enough of your tits and will always want to fuck you as many times as you will let him, or can encourage him.’

Those personal things about boys and what they did, or wanted to do to them, that her school friends had talked so brazenly about at the edge of the school grounds came back to her mind. The vulgar way they spoke had not meant much to her until now.

Her mother had never known about that extra-curricular education Sheila had been getting at that school, but most schools were the same.

He peeled off his shirt, laying it on the rough rock under her back, as before, and then did the same for hers, seeing her lie back on them more comfortably, and came up and over her again.

There was no hesitation and no need to worry about hurting her. That time was behind her now.

She got him started into her as the camera blinked off the memories that only they would ever see.

He relaxed down onto her breasts looking into her eyes to be sure he was not hurting her and then kissed her on her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her mouth and then under her neck as she groaned beneath him, feeling her transfer her hold to his back, remembering what he had told her about ‘distractions’, and pulled hard at him, while not digging in with her fingernails to cause pain, though that would also distract.

It did slow him down, which was all she intended.

The longer he went on this way, the more she could relax and concentrate upon her own tingling feelings as he moved within her, while he focused as much as he could on not becoming so tense as to drive himself along without any chance of retreat from that feeling that would tip him into coming too soon. He always came too soon.

Talking would be distracting too, if he could pull his mind back far enough.

“This place…” he tried to hold his thoughts together… “was where… we both… fell in love…. We both could see that about each other, though we didn’t say much.”

She reached up to his head and smiled, knowing what special agony he was going through trying to hold off coming.

“Don’t worry, Peter. You should focus on one thing at a time and just come if it is too much for you to hold off, and I think it is. There will be many such times like this. Do not deny yourself. We can do it again as often as you want to before we head back. We can also talk afterward as we lie together. We still have so much to talk about.”

With her permission given, he let himself go, galloping to that inevitable conclusion as he came once more, but differently than he had before. It was almost gentle, and he did not freeze as he came, but just kept on coming, and coming and coming, like those advertisements for that battery powered rabbit that just kept on going.

The pleasure of it was almost painful. His balls would ache tonight and every night for a while after the number of times they had done this in the last few hours, and there would be many more days and nights like it. Many more. His balls would never feel the same. He might have to dangle them in a basin of ice water after this.

He kissed her and came down from that pinnacle, feeling as though he suddenly was no longer tight within her, but almost loose, as though she had relaxed enough to accommodate him more easily in that tender, sensitive space of hers.

Sheila’s eyes were dancing, and she was laughing, gurgling, breathing as hard as he was. Her breasts were different, with her nipples firm under his chest as he relaxed upon her.

“I was close to coming myself, Peter. At least I think that was what it was. What a feeling that was!”

He stayed where he was, feeling how moist, soft, and warm she was around him, and then he revived, knowing what he must do for her. He moved to lie beside her, removing himself from her though he didn’t want to, gasping at the shock of it as he came out of her comforting, embracing warmth too soon, but he had heard what she’d said and knew he should not leave her like that.

He kissed her as he inserted his first two fingers into her. She had relaxed and opened up in an unexpected way, allowing him to easily go deep into her without any obvious discomfort for her. He moved his middle finger up onto the wall of her vagina, knowing that he could help her if he could locate where that magic spot was for her, and for many women, if it truly existed; that legendary ‘G’ spot; an erogenous area on the vagina wall.

He knew when he’d found it when she suddenly flinched, and the way her breath caught. The flush on her face increased and her eyes closed as he gently rubbed at that location, bringing his other arm behind her head, under it, to reach over her farther shoulder and touch her breast at the same time, taking that nipple firmly between his thumb and first finger, squeezing it, until she brought her own hand up onto his, and at the same time, guided him to let him know what she wanted.

“Do that harder, much harder, Peter, in both places.” She was becoming breathless.

His mouth closed over hers and they kissed frenziedly as she moved around as though being electrocuted, stiffening, relaxing, crying out even as he kissed her, struggling to breathe through it all as he smiled down at her, feeling the pleasure he was giving her at last, focusing solely on what he was doing for her, while feeling his own temperature rising again.

So soon? He would be able to go back into her at this rate and come again, but there would be a price to pay for that and his balls would pay it. But what the hell; the pleasure would be worth the pain.

Within moments she cried out and shuddered convulsively as though suffering a seizure, and her eyelids fluttered as she breathed out in a long-drawn-out way, taking some time to get back to where she had been, reviving and convulsing again as he continued to touch and apply pressure and rub, but more gently now and in widening circles.

Her legs were closed tightly together on his hand, holding him there in her.

They lay there, oblivious to everything going on around them.

A busload of tourists could have been standing long the roadside applauding them and cheering, and they would not have noticed.

She opened her eyes. “Wonderful! And this is only beginning for us, Peter! I am not sure how much more of this I can survive.”

Nor did he. “Yes, my love. Just imagine where we can go from here.”

They recovered over the next few minutes, slowly becoming more aware of their surroundings once more.

He stood up from her and helped her stand into his arms as he kissed her and held her up, lest she fell over, as naked as they both were. She didn’t even notice him running from her, down her legs.

“I hope you have lots of room on that memory card in your camera. We lost track of time.”

They both walked over to the camera, heedless of their nakedness, and she checked it, after stopping it from snapping even more of them both as they approached closer to it.

“There’s still enough memory, but when you set it up, Peter, you must have moved it into continuous play.”

She looked at him and laughed disbelievingly.

“How lucky could we get, Peter? After those first few stills of me, lying back inviting you onto me, we got all of that between us as a continuous film clip; a movie, and where we both achieved the most wonderful experience.

“Where to now, Peter?" She looked around, realizing where they were and oblivious for too long to everything else around them. I suppose we should get dressed even just a little, before we do anything else.”

"I’ll damp both of our shirts down again, and we’ll go back up that slope I carried you down. We need to make other memories up there if we have the energy for it. But first we can relax here and eat some more of our lunch to get our energy back. Or make love again."

He dug out their lunches and moved their shirts back so that they could sit against one of the boulders.

They ate and drank, as they recovered, saving some of their lunches for later in the day.

She turned from her semi-prone position, to lie between his legs, touching him, seeing that part of him for the first time in a relaxed and exhausted state.

“You knackered me, my love.”

She laughed, never having heard that expression before, reaching out to cushion his balls in her palm. “These have been working over-time Peter.” She leaned in and kissed them.

“They have. They’ll soon recover, and so will the other guy. I can guarantee it.”

She hoped so.

He wouldn’t tell her about ‘lovers’-nuts’. They could laugh about that, later.

She kissed him on the end of his penis and looked up at him.

“I think I have fallen in love with both of you now, Peter.”

He laughed. “Just as well., my love. You are going to be seeing a hell of a lot more of both of us.” He could guarantee that, too.

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