Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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Other memories.

They set out again after he had dampened down both of their shirts in the river, both of them now wearing only their shirts and their footwear. The day was advancing, and they would be the only ones on the Fell now for the afternoon, just as they had been for the last few weeks.

Their other clothes were rolled up on a tight roll stuck through the top of her bag. He carried that, and the tripod and camera after she had checked that the memory card, had space enough to record other events that they needed to preserve, at each of the places he’d first paused to rest with her, and in increasingly memorable ways on the way down that slope. If not, she had a spare memory card and batteries.

He turned to her when they got to that slope, as she moved into his embrace, with her arms going around him, under his shirt, moving it aside to check on him. He was coming back to life, so she had not killed him.

“I have something to ask of you, Sheila.”

“Anything.” She meant it and smiled. “Here, Peter? We can do it here, if you want to.” That wasn’t what was forefront on his mind just yet.

“Not that. Not yet. I want to piggyback you up there, just as I carried you down it. I want to feel your naked body on my back. Perhaps I can excite you again going up, as I did coming down. We will go only slowly, and it won’t be too strenuous for me.”

She countered. “No. We don’t have time, and we need to conserve your energy for more important things.” He knew what she meant the way she smiled at him.

“I’ll walk up there with you. I’m not tired, and I don’t want to tire you out too much if you intend to do what I think you do, with me, to mark each of those places in some way with another memory.” She saw him nodding.

“I want to help you do that too, I don’t want to exhaust you so much that I have to carry you down to the river and then have to go back for my bike to rescue you. That would not look good.”

The both smiled at that thought,

“I suppose not. However, I do want to mark each of those places, but not as we did by the river or I’ll be too exhausted to make it home. Then, when we get to that gully where you fell and where I first found you, I would very much like to mark that place as unforgettably as we did by the river.”

“Then we will, but you will need all of your energy for that, Peter, so forget about carrying me anywhere except up to bed tonight. It might be our last night alone together. Mom could get back tomorrow night, and I would like our last night alone together to be as memorable, for all of the right reasons, as all of them have been.”

She led the way, carrying the camera and tripod, getting him to pause for a few moments as she captured a few photographs of him, and swapping with him, so that he could photograph her in the same way.

When they got to the last place they had rested, he suggested how they would mark each of the three places.

“I’ll let you set up the camera for a photo very ten seconds, and then you should go up the slope a little way and then I shall join you and piggy-back you down to this place into the field of the camera, deposit you as I did each time, turn into you to face you and come over you to kiss you, which I wanted to do each of those times, and didn’t do.” He had other things in mind too.

“At the same time, I would like to go into you (she thought so) and capture that on film too, even if all the camera will see is my back and my balls, which may be hanging loosely to my knees by then with fatigue and so much use.” Knackered!

She laughed, trying to envisage that. He said the funniest things at times.

“I know that I am eager enough to do that, but what happens after that, depends on how easily I get to that final pitch again where I can come, but I doubt I will be fully ready to make love to you properly again, until we get to the gully, and I shall do my darnedest to save myself for up there. I want this day to go down in history for all of our descendants to marvel at, unable not to feel envy of the sheer sexual stamina that their horny ancestors showed in their love for each other.”

Everything he said, was funny.

She got the camera set up to take a photograph every ten seconds again, then they both went upslope, for him to carry her down as he’d described, turned into her, kissed her and then slowly went into her as she separated her legs more, for him, even raising them on either side of him to give him easier access into her. Then captured him caressing her breasts and kissing them at the same time, as he’d wanted to do that first time in each of those places, but hadn’t, even though he’d dreamt of doing that to her.

It was just as well she hadn’t been able to read his mind at those times.

They could correct the record this time, and capture all of that intent, for real, and on film.

They repeated that same action at each of the places they’d paused, the only difference being the change in background scenery, and that he was closer to coming by the time they stopped for the third time; which had been the first stop on the way down after they’d left the gully.

He held off, determined to save himself for when they got back into that gully again and they recaptured on film what they had done the first time, but with a few memorable changes in the choreography this time.

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