Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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A woman's ticking clock.

“Ah, yes. Urgency! That woman’s clock in her body slowly running out of time.” Especially with that other word she’d also used; ‘pregnancy’. He paused in touching her.

“Time slipping away, and all that. Strike, while the iron is hot... or as I am... stiff as a flagpole for you. I would guess that you are at that most fertile part of your cycle, and neither of you could let that singular opportunity escape and let all of those millions of my sperm go to waste, as well as another four weeks off that ticking clock of yours if I became morally-shocked, hesitant and difficult.

“I would never have been difficult, Brenda. feeling as I do about the both of you. I am also a man, and do not have a moral compass where a beautiful and needful woman is concerned, especially when I am in love with her as I am with both of you. You want to become pregnant and I am eager, willing, and able to help you with that, and proud to do so too.

“You are certainly not nudging into that mid-life crisis thing that my mother did; not for many years yet; you are too young for that, so I am right. You both conspired to do have that happen, to get you pregnant as soon as possible, and with me as the father. I wonder when you were going to tell me? Or was it meant to be a surprise? It would have been such a nice surprise. It will be such a nice surprise.”

She hadn’t been sure of that. “I hope you can forgive us, Peter, but we didn’t want to waste any time, after we both saw what happened to you, to me, between all of us yesterday, and you triggered it. You know what happened. We were shopping together, and you played a game with us, pretending we were sisters and were so alike that you were not able to tell us apart. I even saw love, for both of us, in your eyes.” She vividly remembered seeing that, and knowing what it meant.

“You did indeed. I was being honest when I said that you looked like twin sisters to me. It was not a game. I was shocked, so was Sheila. She saw it too.”

“Sheila and I talked about that, Peter, when you did the calves last night, and we both began to believe it. That you had difficulty telling us apart because you did not want to tell us apart. You saw us through the same eyes, because you had similar feelings for both of us.”

“The same feelings, Brenda. Not similar feelings.” He was emphatic about it.

She nodded. “It was an unexpected surprise, but it made me begin to think, as it did Sheila, of what might be possible after she’d heard me speaking of her father and I, regretting not continuing to raise more children after Sheila was growing, and as our own financial situation had improved.

“I think my telling her that and assuring her that I had no desire to get married again—having met you and fallen in love with you as Sheila had, though I didn’t outright tell her that.”

She blushed. “I didn’t have to tell her; she saw it for herself. She saw your reaction to me, too. That was what triggered all of this deception. She knew what was happening between us, out of my control, and out of yours too, able to observe us both all of that day and that evening, and also knowing how much I dreamed of what I had lost with her father, with us having only the one child, her, and then with me falling into despair that I would soon lose her too, because of you.”

Those recollections still pained her.

“She knew my feelings and regrets and she also saw how you and I were drawn closer to each other. She got the idea last night when we sat and talked together before we retired, and noticed how relaxed we all were, laughing, talking about everything and what a wonderful day it had been, and how well we got on together. How you and I looked at each other.”

Her eyes could not meet his, even though he was kissing her and even still gently touching her between her legs, along her vulva, sensing her feelings as she moved them farther apart for him. She was becoming restless. No man had touched her like that for far too long.

“We should have included you in this, Peter, before it happened. I know that, but we daren’t. We intended to tell you eventually. What will you think of me, of us, for that?”

He laughed and turned it around. “Never mind that. What will you, think of me?” He kissed her, helping her move his zip down now that they both knew where this would go.

“I think, Brenda, that we should both just accept it as a wondrously complicated state-of-affairs that will defy any rational explanation. And when the children come along, as they will, I will be happy if others assume that they are Sheila’s and mine, and that you are looking after them as their grandmother.” He saw how she cringed at that thought; a grandmother at 37 or 38-years old? Unthinkable! Better if she bore the children herself, so that she could be a mother, again. Yes, that would be immeasurably better.

“Or you can say they are yours, and damn what anyone thinks or suspects. They will certainly be loved. Two mothers and a father.

“Or you can marry me.” He liked that idea that had begun to form some moment before: ‘for better or for worse’.

“Yes, that’s the answer. I shall commit bigamy and marry both of you. Who would be harmed by that? One marriage here, another, somewhere else, and we can hang both certificates in our bedroom over the bed.

He chuckled as he continued to caress her and kiss her. “Worse has happened in many families, Brenda. We all have skeletons rattling in closets, and no one will be harmed by this. Sheila won’t be; it was her idea; you won’t be, I hope, as you went along with it; and I won’t be, as I am still here and wanting this to continue, as any man would.

“Sheila doesn’t have to know that I found out just yet. This can be our little secret, yours and mine, just as you and Sheila have this same secret from me. I shall say nothing.”

“Pregnancy by proxy. Motherhood by proxy. Though no one will ever be able to say that you are not your childrens’ mother, and I shall not deny paternity of them. So, now that we have got those little details out of the way, what are we waiting for?”

It was in Brenda’s hands now, just as that erect part of his soon would be; after just a little more with that zip, and then his undershorts. He was already leaking, and damp, as she would soon find out.

“We must take advantage of the opportunities granted to us, Brenda. You want to get pregnant as soon as possible, and you are at the best time to conceive. Me, being the scurrilous rogue that I am, I would be honored to help you do that, and will contribute what I can, as much as I can, and as often as possible to bring that about with your help, and we should get started soonest, or there will soon be a million more of my contribution in that endeavor of making you, a mother and I, a father, go to waste before I get them into you.” He pulled her closer to the edge of her seat.

“You and I can continue making love today, and every chance we get, whenever, and wherever, to get another life started in you here.” He touched her on her abdomen.“That is if you would not mind, if you would not feel as though I were rushing you or taking advantage of you.”

How could he think that?

She blushed. “I would never feel like that, Peter.”

He laughed. “This is too delicious for words to describe. I have a million sperm that so much need to find a cozy, moist, warm sanctuary to nestle in. Here.” He touched her again. “So, what should we do about that? Rather than waste any more time talking about it, I need your help, Brenda, please.” He looked at her. “How long do we have before Sheila returns?”

“She took the car and eggs over to Annie. She’ll visit there for a while and talk. They always have a lot to talk about, especially now, with all of the news that Annie will drag out of her. She may even get breakfast over there.”

“Lots of time, then.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss her lips and then kissed her between her legs, setting her fidgeting, gasping in excitement and anticipation. Not even her husband had kissed her there.

“There is no need for it just to be during the evening, Brenda. We can go at it like rabbits during the day too, now that we know what each of us knows and feels.” He hesitated. “Except it will become obvious when you become pregnant, as you will, and very soon, if you are not that way already.

“Also, it is not something that will stay hidden for long; especially when I start to fall asleep over breakfast and lunch and dinner, and must take an afternoon nap too, after you both wear me out.”

She giggled.

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