Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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Let's get on with making the pram a new baby.

He moved closer to her, between her legs, and moved them farther apart, raising himself, as she moved his shorts down his legs, then his undershorts, bringing forth the beast.

She took hold of him, seeing him for the first time in daylight, all of him, and feeling how hard and excited he was for her. And this, all of this, had been in her body several times this morning. His ivory lance, seeking refuge yet again within her. This was hers now, for the moment. She held him with one hand, and held his balls with the other, marveling about this magnificent entity that she had once been shocked to see in its raw and rampant majesty. She took care not to be rough with them. She knew about them; the origin of life; the source of a new life for her.

She gave voice to her thoughts. “And all of this was in me last night, Peter?” She believed it, remembering it, feeling it, but it still amazed her.

“All of it my love, every last throbbing inch of it. Three times over, and there will be several more times today too if we do it right. Even after you become pregnant, and you soon will, with so much sperm using you as a battling ground as they decide a champion, I will never want to stop making love to you.”

“Then you won’t ever need to stop, Peter.”

They were wasting time. “We don’t need any of these things in our way, do we?”

He took everything off her, pushing the robe off her shoulders, and lifting her nightdress over her head as he kissed her breasts and her, repeatedly.

He kicked off his shorts and underwear as she watched him, growing ever more focused and eager for her, with her never letting go of him, bringing him back to her as she swiveled, and laid down along the bench beneath him, directing him forward to go into her slowly with her guidance and help, and once she had him begun, watching in amazement, able to see him doing this for the first time as all of him slowly disappeared into her body without any difficulty, as he looked into her eyes, making sure he was not hurting her.

“I’ve got all of you, Peter. Again.” She sounded both surprised and happy.

He gave a firm push to make sure. He would always have to do that, resting his hands on her breasts.

“Almost all of me, my love. All of the beginning essentials anyway, except for one. The final one.”

She knew what that one was; when he came.

“One step to go my love, and then you will indeed have all of me again, and for the fourth time; maybe two million sperm in total after this, but who’s counting?”

She would.

She pulled him close to her, pulling him deeper into her as he moved more over her with her sobbing on his shoulder and muttering his name, over and over again as he felt the excitement building up in them both again in this magnificent moment of pure insanity. She was as amazed as Sheila had been, that all of him had gone into her so easily without her complaining.

He came, within a couple of minutes, becoming tense as he pushed into her so hard he moved her along the bench, but it was not hurting her. He breathed like a race horse having just run a race; his hot breath flooding over her face and across her naked body as he kissed her, pushed again, several times, groaned, and embraced her just as fiercely as she embraced him, alway wanting to drive deeper into her to deliver everything as deep into her body as possible.

She was still sobbing, barely able to believe that this could be happening to her so soon again, and that she was allowing it to happen, and knowing that she was once more, loved, and feeling, without any doubt, that she was certainly being loved. And it was wonderful!

They kissed just as excitedly as they had that morning, and he stayed within her as they recovered, smiling at each other, caressing each other. He was still moving within her, not ready to leave her yet.

He slowly came down from that high and chuckled.

“History repeating itself. Sheila and I first made love exactly here, on this same bench last Thursday evening, just over two days ago. It is unbelievable how much has happened to me in just the last week.”

He laid over her with his hands under her shoulders, keeping his weight off her, kissing her, looking deeply into her eyes as she gazed into his.

“When I come out of you, Brenda, and I will warn you when I do that, lie here for a while, and close yourself tightly here”--he touched where he was still in her--“to hold my sperm in you for as long as you can where it can do the greatest good, although, if things go as I expect and want them to, there will soon be a lot more of it in the same place.

“I’ll get a cushion for under your head, and a bigger one to raise your hips to keep my sperm in you for as long as we can, and then I’ll make us breakfast. We don’t need to get dressed. What would be the point?”

She had no need to say anything. Everything she had ever wanted was being looked after for her. Her life now had meaning again, and Sheila had found where she needed to be.

“I hope you won’t mind if I come back here, exactly here, from time to time to check on you and to refer to you again, to refresh my memory of where I am now. I want to get used to this interesting situation.” He looked down at her as he slowly withdrew from her, concentrating, holding his breath as though it would be a painful kind of experience for him.

“Going... going... gone?” He sighed as he left her, and relaxed, as though it had been something of a mild shock.

She felt him coming out of her, unable not to watch, and to marvel at it all as he appeared. He was glistening in the sunlight, just as he had glistened in the firelight that evening he had been in Sheila, and when he had pulled out of her.

He looked down upon her naked body under him.

“Ah, yes. What a feast laid out before a starving man.”

He kissed her and caressed her breasts as she held him above her, supporting him off her, not wanting him to leave her yet; wanting him to go back into her. Which was just as well, as he didn’t want to leave her either, so he slowly went back into her.

He explained. “I’m feeling greedy, Brenda. Why don’t we give it another ten more minutes to soak, and let the stragglers get a chance at you, after they stagger out of me? ‘Get a move on you laggards’.” He smiled as he encouraged them verbally on their way as he pushed into her again, smiling and kissing her.

She had to laugh. This was what she remembered of her first life; the eagerness, the never-ending excitement; the amazing and constant loving everywhere throughout the house and garden; the gentle humor.

“If Sheila is not back by the time we’ve eaten, we’ll make love again, and as often as we can. We may as well get as good a head-start on you conceiving as we can, and sheer numbers of my eager sperm will help do that. One of them has to win this race.” She liked to hear that, but two million? Why couldn’t she feel them and what they were doing inside of her? What a pity she couldn’t hear or feel them battling away inside of her as they decided a winner within her body.

“You’d better not let Sheila hear you calling me your love just yet, Peter, or see you touching me familiarly either, and especially not doing this to me during the day, or she will know.”

He kissed her. “Why not. it’s true. I’ll watch myself for a while, but that is how I feel for both of you.”

“Or letting her see you kiss me like that.”

“Yes, my love, although an attentive and kind son-in-law would kiss his mother in law, though perhaps not so passionately on the lips, or every chance he had, on her breasts, or touch her as often as he could, between her legs. Nor should he be making love to her, as we will be.” He chuckled, tormenting her as he kissed her and touched her breasts as he moved steadily within her to let her know he was still there.

“I will always want to touch these, Brenda, and to kiss you everywhere, as well as this other we can do, that we are still doing, just as I do for Sheila.



“If there will soon be more of you in me, and there will be, I can help you with a few things. I would also like to refresh my memory of you, just as you planned for me. You don’t have to come out me, and we can work together, and I mean together, like this, if I am not too heavy for you. It will not matter if I lose a few of your sperm here, and a few there, now that we know there will always be more going into me.

“Oh, listen to me, how brazen I have become!”

He stood up with her still upon him, feeling her legs go around him and lock behind him. They made breakfast, locked together like that as they played with each other, touching, caressing, making her giggle and squeal like a shy schoolgirl again, as though never having been touched in those places, and now having found love again.

She had been transported back twenty years to become even younger than Sheila was now.

They sat together as they ate, once breakfast was prepared.

He retreated from her only to help her turn and sit upon his lap facing partly away from him as they talked, and touched, slowly going into her again, just as he and Sheila had done when her mother had gone up to bathe, that first evening.

She leaned to one side, putting her arm around his shoulders half turning to him, encouraging him to kiss her breasts, as well as to touch them, and also to touch gently between her legs, even with him in her there, learning more and more about each other.

“There, I will stopper you like this, Brenda, and that will hold more of me in you, and then I’ll very likely leave you with more of it before very long after all of this excitement, and before we go out to do the calves.”


He kissed her on the neck and fondled her breasts as he continued to try and move always deeper into her, always pushing, but couldn’t, as he was already as deep into her as he could go.”

“How is it that you are so mature and confident about all of this?”

He thought about it for a few moments, as he analyzed other, building feelings.

“Am I? If I am, I think it has something to do with my being surrounded by so many older women; all of my sisters, and my mother. I tend to appear outwardly unflappable, even when I am panicking inside, because of them. If I showed any hesitation or weakness with them, I was ruthlessly played, so I soon learned. My father is the same, and I know he wouldn’t swap his life and what he has, for all of the riches in the world. He has everything he wants, and so do I. Now.”

He expressed surprise. “And, I’m coming again, Brenda!”

She felt him slide forward under her and straighten his body out as he thrust himself up into her, coming. She even felt him coming that time.

When they separated again a few minutes later, Peter gave her a napkin to hold between her legs.

“I should go and do the calves. They’ve been neglected as we had our fun and games. I’ll soon be back.”

“I’ll help you do them, Peter. I’ll have to take over again, once you and Sheila are gone.”

“And then we can shower together. A first for you and me. Oh, the excitement!

This was almost too much for her to grasp so soon. “What do you think I should wear out there, Peter?” She knew where his mind was, the way he could not resist touching her, but waited to see what he would say.

“Nothing, my love. Absolutely nothing, other than wellingtons. That should be about right. We should be totally naked to do that, just as Sheila and I like to do it, but that might be a little too much too soon, and the morning is cool.”

He could imagine what the cold air would do to her nipples. He wanted to see that.

“Or you can wear one of those heavy, work shirts, unfastened, but nothing else, and the wellingtons of course, and I’ll wear the same.

There were shirts that had finished their cycle in the drier, and the two pairs of wellingtons by the back door.

He followed her up through the garden.

“You look uncomfortable about something my love. Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?”

“You did not hurt me, Peter. You are running out of me and down my leg, and it tickles.”

“How strange. Sheila complained of exactly same thing the other night. I wonder where that came from? Don’t worry. You will soon have a lot more of it to complain about as we return to the house. There will be a lot more than just calves to see to up there you know?”

They turned into each other and kissed.

“We should have brought that napkin with us.”

He helped her over the style at the corner of the garden, as her shirt fluttered open. He took care that she did not fall when he touched her under it, as she went ahead of him, and as he could not avoid doing, finding that she helped him down on the other side, touching him in a similarly personal way as his shirt parted. He would never subside after that.

He took her hand again and led her over to the enclosure where the calves were, as he told her about the calves breaking out, and the repairs he had made to the fencing.

“They must have been after fallen apples, Peter. There are a few windfalls. The pears will soon be ripe too.”

“There are other things ripe in this garden of yours, Brenda, now that you are here.” He held her from behind, covering her breasts with his hands, and kissing her, feeling her lean back against him.

“And if you are particularly ripe, as I know you are, in this cycle of yours, there are other fruits of mine that I shall leave with you in a short time. That will be something else for you to hold onto that will ripen in the right place with a little bit of eager help from us both to deliver it deep within you.”

She bent over to pick up one of the fallen apples feeling him close behind her, knowing how that would affect him. With just a slight adjustment, he could be into her.

She read his mind and helped him find her as she pushed back onto him, feeling him go into her very easily as he pulled back on her breasts. Oh, the memories that were coming back to her!

No, it was not too soon to do this again.

God only, knew what the calves thought of all this.

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