Tales Told out of School. 9: A Fell-top Miss-Adventure.

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Learning more.

Sheila calmed her momentary panic at seeing him do that, and watched him even more attentively now as he moved around, unable not to watch him, seeing how narrow his hips and buttocks were, relative to hers.

He always kept his back to her. She knew why, but she wasn’t as scared as she had been, and she didn’t understand that about herself.

She had never been able to examine any naked male so close before; not even her own father, though all she could really see was his back, apart from his shadow, in profile, on one of the large slabs of rock beside him.

Holy hell!

He was well-muscled, like a Greek-God statue, but he was vibrantly-alive, warm, hard, flesh; and not cold, lifeless marble.

She would have liked to have seen more of what all of the fuss was about, concerning a naked man, but he did not turn to face her as part of her wished he would.

He’d told her that his sisters had seen him, naked. Of course they had, showering with him, so he said; so he hadn’t been embarrassed to be seen by them, or to see them, but he might be too shy to be seen by her, just as she would never choose to let him see her that way.

Except he had seen most of her. If not all of her. Her panties were not heavy enough to count as 'cover'.

At least he couldn’t see her curiosity about him now, or how she was watching him.

He stretched, moving his foot another rock to find a new place for his undershorts to dry upon, and she saw… that again…a shadow on another rock--his shadow of that... enormous thing--and then she saw his testicles hanging there beneath him in a tight little sack, and that, 'something else', again, indistinctly, as he moved, trying to keep his back turned to her all of the time, but not always succeeding, occasionally giving her a glimpse, albeit fleetingly, of something else that would always concern her as it would any woman. She knew about that part, though she had never seen one, ‘in the flesh’; or aroused. To be like that, if that shadow did not lie, he must surely be aroused.

She closed her eyes, even if only for a moment or two as she tried to remember to breathe. She opened her eyes again to see him struggling to put his underwear back on, revealing even more of himself as he lost his balance.

When he turned to look at her, she had her eyes closed again, but he had seen her head move. She had watched him!

He came back to sit behind her again. It was safer that way, and less likely to shock her.

They talked easier now, gradually relaxing together, even if she was still uneasy about him.

When her clothes were dry, he dressed her, taking a less embarrassing approach this time.

He stood behind her, peeling his shirt down her arms, and then putting her own shirt on her and raising it, closing it around her with her help this time before he leaned over her and did up the buttons.

She didn’t react this time as she had the first time. covering her breasts in confused concern. She had no need to do that now.

It amounted to the same thing in the end as far as he was concerned. He still saw her breasts in their entirety with him standing behind her, leaning over her, feeling so privileged. He then gave her shorts back to her after lifting his from her, helping her on with them, pulling them up on her, supporting her as before, seeing everything about her again. Her panties moved around again as he teased her shorts up on her. They relaxed away from her at the side from her leg, opening up to give him a glimpse of more hair and even more than that, as he’d hoped they would, before fastening the buttons.

He’d go mad at this rate.

She’d noticed none of that, just happy to be getting dressed.

He put both socks on her, but only one of her soft boots, leaving her injured ankle covered only by a sock. He could carry the other boot, or she could.

She watched him in turn as he pulled his own shorts back on; sitting on a rock to do that, seeing even more of him as he stretched and then straightened himself up, standing, to pull them up, revealing too much of himself for just an instant. The front of those undershorts hadn’t been sewn up, and he had appeared; poking straight out of them for all of about three seconds, long enough to give her palpitations. He was aroused! Oh god! Surely that could not be normal?

He calmly adjusted himself without saying anything, pulling himself back under cover, and zipped himself up.

Why was she not panicking now as she had before? What had she learned that allowed her to be so calm?

Something had changed between them, but mostly with her. She was more curious about him now, than scared.

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