To Train A Wild Rose

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Ro wakes to find herself naked, blindfolded, gagged and tied to a bed in a dungeon. The start of a wonderful new life? This novel contains explicit sexual scenes so I have no choice but to rate it as 'Mature’. By presenting it through the eyes of a relatively naive seventeen year old, I’ve tried to keep it erotic rather than pornogrphic but would appreciate feedback on whether I’ve succeeded. The whole book depicts an extremely dubious moral situation and I would appreciate feedback on that, too, particularly from female readers. I’ve tried to do a reasonably thorough job of editing but there will always be one more error. Do let me know. I hereby assert my right to be identified as the author of this work. It is not to be copied, reproduced or translated in any form without my permission. All the characters in this book are entirely fictional and bear no relation to any other person, living or dead. GarethN (C) Copyright GarethN September 2018

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 - The Dungeon




I slowly drifted up through clouds of foggy unconsciousness and found myself lying, flat on my back, on some sort of padded surface. My head didn’t… like… hurt, it just felt as if it was kind of stuffed full of cotton wool which made the whole thinking thing a bit tricky.

There was something round my wrists, sort of holding my hands up above my head. That felt like it was sort of padded too and I could kind of move my hands a bit so it wasn’t totally… like… uncomfortable… but it was really pissing me off… and, I guess, it was a bit frightening too. And when I tried to move my legs, I found that they were tied down in pretty much the same way.

I’d sort of assumed that I was in the dark until I worked out that there was something covering my eyes… and when I tried to let the world know what I thought about the whole thing, I realised that there was something stuffed in my mouth too. I mean, it didn’t really stop me from breathing but it did a pretty good job of shutting me up.

The last thing I remembered was setting out in the evening to go and… like… hang with my mates up at the skatepark… so my first thought was that this was their idea of a joke. I was going to be so pissed off with them when they eventually got round to letting me go…

Like… totally pissed off!

I tried squirming and struggling for a bit… like… fighting against whatever it was that was holding me down, but it didn’t take long to work out that it wasn’t going to do me any good. So I just lay there and was absolutely spitting nails type furious for a while.

But, in the end, I managed to work out that that wasn’t doing me any good either, so I tried to do some thinking instead.

OK… Let me introduce myself. We seem to have plenty of time here.

My name’s Ro… well… officially it’s Rose but nobody ever dares call me that except my mother on the odd occasion when she’s not too out of it on cheap white wine or too busy with the tenor section of her church choir to notice me.

My father doesn’t call me anything because he only exists as a monthly money transfer from a solicitor’s office. I guess my mother knows his name but she’s never got round to telling me it.

I’m at college where I’m studying… well, to be honest, I’m studying as little as I can get away with. The money from my father dries up when I leave so it’s worth my while hanging around there for a while.

The skateboard mates I hang with call me Ro or Roller but I don’t really fit in with that crowd because I don’t do the whole drink and drugs thing. If I want to see how making a couple of bad decisions when you’re off your head can really screw up your life, I just have to look at my mother.

But I do love my skateboard… I guess it’s pretty much the only thing I’m any good at.

It was a while later when I sort of sensed that a door had been opened. I was still stretched out on the bed thing… it’s not as if I could go wandering off anywhere. I felt my breath quicken… I sort of guess that, deep down, I was a bit scared but the whole murderous rage thing that was boiling away inside me was doing a pretty good job of squishing that down.

I sort of knew there was somebody out there but they didn’t say anything for quite a long time. The fear started to come bubbling up almost, but not quite, overwhelming the anger thing.

“Hello, Girl,” a voice said at last, making me jump a bit. It was a man’s voice and it sounded… like… totally calm… as if this was sort of a completely normal situation.

Who knows… maybe it was… for him.

I turned my head towards the voice, doing my best to sort of stare at the guy even though I couldn’t actually see anything.

He did a little bit of a silence thing for a while and then added, “Welcome to your new life.”

Of course I was pretty keen to let him know what I thought about the whole ‘new life’ idea but, as I couldn’t talk, he didn’t get to enjoy that particular stream of swearwords. I guess my totally rigid body gave him the sort of general idea though!

He did a bit more of his silence thing and, as he did it, I realised that the voice - with its calm authority and the slight hint of amusement - sounded sort of familiar.

“I am about to remove your gag,” he went on at last. If you raise your voice in any way it will be replaced and you will be punished. Nod to show you understand.”

I would have had a thousand answers if it hadn’t been for his stupid gag thing. And if I could see, I would have given him a stare that would have pretty much crumbled him to dust on the spot.

Instead I just lay there in this sort of silent protest.

“I know you can hear me and I’m going to give you one more chance. Nod if you accept my conditions for removing the gag.”

Who the fuck did he think he was? I had no intention of giving him the satisfaction.

“Very well,” the man said. Of course he still had his calm and slightly amused thing going on. “I shall give you a little longer to consider the matter and, all being well, by the time I choose to return, you will appreciate that you are going to have to be a trifle more cooperative.”

I heard him walking away but then he stopped and added, “Don’t go anywhere!”

And worse, even, than his jokey words was the fact that I could hear that he was smiling as he said them.

Of course the whole ‘thinking it’s funny’ thing was just too much for me and I sort of totally exploded in this wild convulsion of rage type thing. I thrashed and grunted and generally let him know what I thought of the whole situation.

But then I heard a quiet whirring noise and my wrists were slowly pulled up until my arms were stretched out a bit further above my head. It stopped just short of being painful… but it wasn’t exactly comfortable… and it certainly put a limit on how much I could… like… struggle.

“We don’t want you hurting yourself, do we?” he explained calmly… and then I heard the door close behind him.

Of course I didn’t have any clue how long he left me there but it felt like a stupidly long time.

I had time to think about Git Features’s voice… I really did think I recognised it from somewhere. For some reason, it made me think about pissing off somebody who thought I ought to be showing them a bit more respect.

Unfortunately that didn’t narrow it down all that much.

I had time to think about where I was. The room sounded all echoey… like… well… like a dungeon.

I had serious words with myself about having stupid thoughts like that.

I had time to think about how I was going to get away from Git Features.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t really come up with any sort of answers to that one.

I had time to realise that I was… like… totally starkers [naked] - apart from the blindfold and gag things.

And then I managed to work out that none of my skateboard mates… and nobody I knew from college… would do anything like that to me as a joke. They wouldn’t dare… they just wouldn’t dare!

And then I sort of managed to work out that I was in a fair bit of trouble here - a teenage girl tied up naked on a bed in a dungeon… It didn’t really leave all that much to the imagination.

And when I stopped worrying about that, I had plenty of time to think about the fact that I really needed the toilet.

I thought that there was absolutely nothing I could do about that… but, as it turned out, I was wrong.

And, after that problem had been solved, I had plenty more time to think about the fact that the thin pad I was lying on was even less comfortable when it was covered in piss.

But, of course, there was absolutely nothing I could do about that one.

At long, long last the door opened again.

“Oh dear,” Git Features said. He was still relaxed and jokey about the whole thing and I could have comfortably strangled him with my bare hands if they’d been free. “You seem to have had a little accident. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Suddenly there was this stream of warm water over my bottom bits. “Hips up,” he told me.

I remained flat on the bed - there was no way I was going to do as I was told.

He turned off the flow of water. “Girl,” he said, “I am not, by nature, a cruel man and have no wish to make you lie there in a puddle of your own urine. But, in order to clean you up properly, I will require at least some minimal cooperation from you. Now you are going to raise your hips for me. If you fail to do so, I shall leave once more. I do not wish to remain here. You smell.”

I hated him even though he was right. In fact, I hated him precisely because he was right.

But that didn’t change the fact that he was right. I gave a sort of sigh thing and then lifted up my hips for him and let him finish off the job.

“Good Girl,” he said when he was done.

I can’t think of a single thing he could have said that would have pissed me off quite as much as that.

“Hips up again!” he added in the same cheerful voice… just as if he didn’t know… or didn’t care… just how much he was pissing me off.

I turned my head to let him know that I wanted to glare at him again.

“You’re going to find that that plastic is extremely uncomfortable to lie on as it starts to dry,” he explained all sort of gently and patiently… as if I was some sort of little kid or something. “I was going to pop a towel underneath you.”

He might be doing his very best to piss me off but he was right again. I could have screamed with the whole frustration thing!

Except I couldn’t.

So I did as I was told instead.

He put one towel underneath me and then started to pat me down with another one. At least, I noticed, he wasn’t trying to cop a sneaky feel as he was doing it.

“All done,” he said, patting me on the leg. “Now, I’ve got some water here for you to drink but I need to take your gag off to do that. Do you promise to be a good girl?”

I thought about this for a bit but it didn’t take me long to work out that I didn’t really have any choice. I mean… I really needed a drink. I gave a silent sigh and then, sort of reluctantly, I nodded.

So at last I had the relief of that stupid gag being removed. I was quiet for a bit as I sort of wriggled my jaw and breathed deeply.

But then he made the mistake of saying, “Good Girl,” and of rubbing my hair.

That, of course, was too much for me… just too much. He couldn’t treat me like a dog! Who the hell did he think he was? The anger that I’d been sort of bottling up inside me just came sort of exploding out of me. I raged and screamed at him and was pretty much inventing new swear words on the spot.

But, of course, he just stuck the gag back in my mouth.

“Girl,” Git Features said in this quiet, calm voice that was much more frightening than… like… anger would have been. “I do not believe that you have properly come to terms with your situation yet. I am utterly in control and you are going to do as you are told. You have one last chance to be good.”

But, by that time I was just gone… like… totally out of it… way beyond any reason or discussion type stuff. I ignored him as I sort of fought against the gag and the restraints. Of course I knew it was hopeless but it didn’t stop me from trying.

I sort of vaguely heard him say something about being punished but I just wasn’t listening.

But then he just put a hand on one side of my head… all gentle like… and spoke quietly into the opposite ear… and, at the sound of his voice, I sort of froze.

“This is an unfortunate way for us to begin our relationship,” he said, “but you give me no choice but to punish you. You are about to be placed in a stress position. I strongly recommend that you do not try to resist as that would be distinctly… uncomfortable.”

As he spoke, I heard the whir of electric motors and the restraints on my wrists started to pull me upwards. The pull was gentle but I could tell that there was no point in trying to fight against it. He sort of helped me off the bed thing and then I was kind of pulled up to my feet. The pull only stopped when my hands were way up above my head, sort of making me stand on tiptoe.

OK… this was now officially frightening… What was he about to do with me? I wanted to say that I was sorry and promise to be good but, because of the gag, I couldn’t say a word.

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