To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 10 - Bed Time

When we were done eating, he sort of taught me how to brush my teeth… I mean… he basically decided I was doing it all wrong, of course. Then he propped me up in the bed and he sat on the chair next to me and we just… like… talked.

I mean… that was a… like… totally weird experience. I basically can’t remember the last time anyone could be bothered to just… well… like… sit and talk to me like that.

“What was your favourite subject in school,” he asked.

“I hated school,” I answered without really thinking about it.

In spite of the blindfold, I could feel him doing his gentle disapproving thing at me and he was quiet for a few seconds. I sort of knew he wanted me to say something else.

“That wasn’t a very good answer, was it?” I said.

He chuckled at that one as he eased my nervous fingers down from my mouth. “Not one of your finer ones! Would you like another go?”

So I had to have a little think about what I really meant. “I didn’t enjoy school all that much because I never really fitted in there,” I answered at last.

“That’s a much better answer,” he told me, “and the fact is truly an indictment of your school policies.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” I said hesitantly. “I don’t understand.”

“Good girl,” he said, and even though I couldn’t see him, I could sort of tell he was doing this sort of staring inside my soul thing. “Thank you for telling me that. I appreciate it’s not easy to admit you don’t understand something.” He did one of his little silence things and then went on. “It means the fact that you didn’t fit in is a sign of failure on the part of that school. Any decent school should have adjusted so that it be possible for you to fit in… and then made quite certain you did so. Failing to fit in should not have been an option.”

He went quiet for a bit to give me a chance to think about this.

And then he sort of added, “I can see you are going to need a vocabulary book.”

“You what?”

He sort of did this silence thing until I guessed what he was going on about.

“I mean, I do beg your pardon, Your Mastership!”

“Less of that, please, Young Lady!” he said but he did do a bit of a chuckle thing before he went on, “I’m going to give you a little book and, whenever we come across a word that you don’t know… such as indictment… you are going to write it down in there, together with a sentence or two that demonstrates you now understand what it means.”

“Oh… OK… I guess.”

He did another one of his little pause things. “So what was your least hated favourite subject?” he asked at last.

“Oh… you know, it’s like… well…”

“Babygirl!” he interrupted me a bit sharply. “If you need to think before answering a question, take your time to do so. I quite like the ‘Sound of Silence’. There is absolutely no need to fill it with meaningless verbal garbage!

I giggled and said, “Sorry, Master.”

“That’s OK,” he said and patted my knee. “It’s another annoying habit of yours that I intend to break.”

I managed to stop Ro from giving that one the sort of snarky comment it deserved and instead thought about what he’d said. OK, so I kind of totally hated the way this guy was basically trying to… like… run my life for me but, I guess, if he was taking the trouble to actually listen to what I was saying, I suppose I’d better start paying a bit more attention to it myself.

My master was quiet for a bit - I guess he said he enjoyed the sound of silence. Maybe he could just see I was thinking.

“So your least hated favourite subject?” he reminded me after a bit.

I made sure that I kept my mouth shut for him as I thought. “I quite liked drawing,” I answered at last then paused again. “And sometimes…” I sort of felt a bit embarrassed to admit this but this guy was… like… cleaning the crap off my legs yesterday so I don’t know why I should ever be embarrassed in front of him again, “sometimes I found the…” I sort of had to force myself to shut up as I hunted for the right word… “the patterns that maths can make can be sort of beautiful. Does that sound stupid?”

“Not at all,” he answered. “It’s one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard you say.”

“Now you’re teasing me!” I laughed.

There was another of his long silence things that kind of drew attention to what he was about to say next. He does a lot of that sort of thing.

“I strongly suspect that you have just entrusted me with a secret so personal that you’ve never shared it with another living soul,” he said carefully. “Am I correct?”

I nodded but I didn’t really have to. We both sort of knew it was true. I mean… who else was I going to tell?

“Do you really think I’d tease you about something as significant as that?”

“No, Master.” And, in spite of all the horrible stuff, I felt this sudden sort of urge to hug him.

He left another long pause and I had to kind of resist the urge to fill it with meaningless words. “What do you like to read?” he asked at last.

“I hate reading,” I answered.

He tortured me with another of his silence things until I gave in. “I don’t particularly enjoy reading and I’d much rather wait for the film to come on telly.”

He left another one of his little pause things to let me know that he wasn’t totally happy with that answer either.

“And what would you really like to do, were you to have the opportunity?” he asked at last.

I had to have a little think about that, I mean… all the big plans and ambition type stuff had always been for other people and not me. “I used to think that I might quite like to go travelling some time…” I told him, “abroad and stuff and I kind of thought…”

But then I came to this sort of awkward halt when I realised what I was saying and how it didn’t really fit in with being kept locked up in his bathroom.

“Babygirl, I do not intend to keep you here forever,” he told me.

“How long…” I began but then I shut myself up pretty sharply, remembering his stupid rule about ‘questioning purposes or motivations’.

“Good Girl!” he said, when he saw that I’d managed to control myself. “You wanted to ask how long I intend to keep you here, didn’t you? But you realised that it would break rule eight.”

I nodded.

“I’m going to keep you here until you no longer wish to leave,” he told me. “Then, if you would like, you and I could go travelling together.”

I wasn’t expecting that answer. I mean… I didn’t have a clue what I was expecting… but certainly not that.

He left another one of his silence things, giving me the chance to think, I suppose. “Do you speak any foreign languages?” he asked at last.

“No,” I answered.

“What on earth did they do with you in school?” he almost exploded.

He left another of his silences. “You do appreciate that I’m not angry with you?” he asked at last.

“I’m sort of starting to get it, Master.”

“It just seems such a waste…” he explained. He gave a bit of a sigh that seemed to say quite a lot about my education. “An intelligent young woman with an interest in travel… and yet they singularly failed to teach you any foreign languages!”

“There basically never seemed to be any point in bothering with all that sort of stuff,” I tried to explain. “I mean… I could sort of see that I was never going to get out of that hole I was living in so what was the point.”

He chuckled at that. “A couple of things, Babygirl. Firstly, I strongly believe that there is no such thing as useless knowledge. Every single thing you learn makes you a more complete person. Do you understand?”

I sort of had to force myself to think about what he was going on about because I knew he was just going to get all stressy if I didn’t. When I was done, I gave him a nod.

“And secondly, I intend to spend the time that you are with me filling in some of the more glaring holes in your education.”

I had to have a little think about that and realised that, whether I liked it or not, I was going back to school. Strangely, the idea didn’t sound as totally horrible as I thought it ought to.

“And guess how I will react if I ever encounter the ‘no point in bothering’ attitude!

“You’ll be singing and dancing and having a celebration?” Ro suggested before I could shut her up.

I managed to make him laugh so I didn’t even get the slapped wrist that that one really deserved.

“There might be a certain amount of dancing involved but that will mostly be you with your sore bottom!”

And I had to laugh at that one!

“I mean… I did learn a little bit of German,” I told him after another one of his silence things. “‘Wo ist das Bahnhof?’ and that sort of thing.”

“Der Bahnhof,” he corrected me without really even thinking about it.

“Do you speak German then, Master? If it’s not prying.”

“Feel free to ask any sensible questions of that kind; I’ll let you know if I think you’re prying. And yes, I speak German and French fluently, passable Spanish, Greek and Russian and enough Welsh to be able to understand the place names.”

I don’t suppose I should have been all that surprised at that, really.

It was only during the next one of his silence things that I noticed that he’d sort of casually said I was intelligent. I mean… I’d always kind of known… but there just never seemed to be any point in making a big fuss about it. I mean… it was never going to do me any good… usually it just got me into trouble!

But I guess it was kind of nice to have somebody else notice. It’s not as if it happened very often.

And it made me feel kind of special.

We talked for a little while longer but the silences were getting longer and before I knew it, I gave an enormous yawn.

“Hand over your mouth when you yawn, please, Babygirl,” he said.

“Sorry, Master!”

And I just knew this was another one of his ‘I’m going to keep nagging you about this forever’ things.

“And what is more, it rather suggests that you are ready for your beauty sleep,” he said.

I sort of wanted to grumble about that but, as I’d just yawned at him there didn’t seem to be all that much point!

He lay the backrest of my bed flat and kind of settled me down and then he sort of loomed over me. “Kiss a kiss,” he said.

And so the weird, bossy man… like… kissed me full on the lips when I was lying in bed and, for some reason, it wasn’t… like… creepy in any way. It was just… well… sort of… nice.

“Goodnight, Babygirl,” he said.

“Goodnight, Master.”

I’d been too busy through the day but I’d sort of promised Ro that I was going to spend the time before I fell asleep thinking about how this total git had kidnapped me and how he was keeping me locked up in his bathroom and how he was doing all these sicko punishment things to me.

But, instead, my mind kind of kept drifting back to that kiss and to how sort of… well… lovely and warm it had made me feel!

Treacherous mind!

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