To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 18 - The Last Shackle

Mr M was quiet for a long time as I knelt in front of him. “There is a way in which we can spend more time together,” he said at last, sort of talking really carefully, “however…” he left this long pause thing… “it will necessitate the removal of your final shackle.”

He paused for a bit as this total tidal wave of excitement type stuff sort of crashed around inside me and, when I’d… like… calmed down a bit, he did his staring into my soul thing and then asked, “If I remove that last shackle, Babygirl, can I trust you not to abuse the privilege?”

It was a serious question… like… the most serious he had ever asked me… so I managed to stop myself from giving him an answer straight away and made myself really think about it instead.

Was I prepared to give up on the whole running away idea to get rid of that last shackle?

And, as I thought about it, I was sort of walloped by this totally mad thought… I didn’t even want to run away anymore. I basically liked my new life in here… in fact, I preferred it to my life outside.

So I did the serious look thing back at him. “Yes, Master. You can trust me,” I promised.

So he lifted me up off the floor, kissed me gently on the cheek and popped me over so I was sitting on the bed. Then he shuffled his chair around so it was straight in front of me and raised my foot up onto his lap so he could unlock that last shackle for me.

But, as he did it, my dress sort of lifted up and I could feel his breath on my shaved private bits. I mean… the whole underwear thing is a bit tricky when one of your ankles is sort of attached to the wall so I was… like… totally starkers down there.

And then I sort of realised that he must have a front row seat for a viewing of… well… of my bits!

But, funnily enough, I found the whole thing more… like… sort of exciting than embarrassing and I let out this high pitched whimper of pleasure as another of his breath things sort of washed over my whole body.

In fact, looking back, I bet he knew exactly what he was doing… and exactly what funny things it was doing to my tummy… but he decided not to make a big fuss about it. I guess he was just giving me the chance to get used to those kinds of feelings in this totally safe and comfortable sort of a way.

That’s the sort of man he is!

I was so wound up by the whole thing that I sort of managed to miss the fact that he was done with the whole unlocking bit. “All done, Babygirl!” he told me, giving me this little kiss on my knee which sort of kicked off another little whimper.

He walked to the door and I started to follow but, when he stepped through, I basically froze. That bathroom had been my whole world for so long now that leaving had kind of become… like… totally unimaginable.

But when he saw me sort of pause, he turned and gave me this lovely smile thing and a bit of a kiss on the cheek. Then he took me by the hand and led me out of that bathroom.

Stepping through that door did all kinds of funny things to my tummy and I guess Mr M must have seen what was going on because he gave me a couple of seconds to get my head sorted out before giving my hand a bit of a squeeze. “Are you ready, Babygirl?” he asked me in his gentlest, most understanding, voice.

I smiled back and nodded. “Pretty much, Master,” I answered.

We were standing in this corridor with a couple of wooden doors which all sort of matched my bathroom one. He led me off, down to one end of it, and showed me into the first room. “Bedroom,” he announced. There was this large double bed and this long row of mirror-fronted wardrobes. I noticed that the curtains were closed which was a bit funny because we had just had lunch so it had to be the middle of the day.

But I was suddenly… like… all… wow! I’d just spotted this tiny, little bed in one corner. It had these wispy sort of curtains hanging up round it and the duvet had pictures of all the Disney princesses on it.

“A babygirl bed!” I sort of gasped as the memories basically came all sort of crashing back… well… not so much the memories… more the pain, really.

And my master must have seen what was going on because he sort of scooped me up and sat down on his bed and snuggled me. And these funny sort of wild sobby things kind of came juddering out of me.

And he held me until I could just about manage the whole talking thing again…

And then I told him how a bed like that was pretty much the only girly type thing I ever really wanted…

And how the man who was with my mum at the time had pretty much promised that he was going to get me one for Christmas - I guess he must have been one of the really nice ones…

And then how this guy was suddenly gone - and looking back I just knew that it would have been because my mum had got pissed once too often or fucked the wrong guy or something…

And I guess that was the moment I pretty much managed to work out that there was never going to be anything good in my life.

And then I sort of collapsed back into my master and cried a bit more.

At last I started to recover and was sort of shocked at my master. “You didn’t even tell me off for the whole ‘temperate language’ bit!” I sort of gasped at him through my sobs.

“There were extenuating circumstances…” he said as he carried on rubbing my back. “I deemed it much more important to allow you to continue without interruption,” he explained with a gentle smile.

“Thank you, Master!” I said, sort of snuggling my head into his shoulder.

“However, no precedent is set,” he added in this firm tone.

I gave him my finest confused puppy look.

He gave a bit of a chuckle at that, “Just because I let you off this one time doesn’t mean I’m going to let you get away with it again,” he explained. “Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master… and thank you… I guess.”

“You’re welcome, Babygirl… and ‘precedent’ is to go in your vocabulary book!”

“Yes, Master,” I said, trying to keep the whole sigh thing out of my voice.

But I guess I didn’t quite manage it because he did his squidging my thigh thing, making me squeak.

“So… you may sleep here,” he told me, “or back in your bathroom, should you prefer.” He had a bit of a smile thing going on… I guess he already knew as well as me that I would never dream of sleeping anywhere else… both in that lovely bed… and close to my lovely master!

“Here, always,” I answered, snuggling my head into his shoulder.

We cuddled for a bit longer then he led me back down the corridor and opened the next door. “Gym,” he said. “From now on, we can work out together, in here.”

The snazzy exercise bike was in there together with various other bits of kit which all looked kind of fun. But when Mr M saw the way I was looking at them, he gently twizzled me round so I was looking him in the face. “Quote Rule four, Babygirl,” he told me.

I could tell he was all serious but not grumpy so I wasn’t worried.

“The girl will go nowhere that she is not explicitly permitted to go and will not touch anything that she is not explicitly permitted to touch,” I responded sort of automatically. I mean… when Mr M taught you something, you kind of stayed taught!

“Good girl! For the time being, you are not to come in here unless I’m with you. Some of the equipment could be dangerous if it is used incorrectly. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master.” He was doing his looking after me thing again, of course. “And thank you, Master.”

He shut that door and then led me across to the last one that was straight across from my bathroom. Then he twizzled me round so that he was looking straight into my eyes… and basically straight into my soul too. “The way out!” he told me. “You… do… not… touch.” He did this funny stress type thing on every word so it was pretty clear that he meant what he said.

He left a bit of a pause for me to get my head round the idea then sort of added, “Now you say it.”

“I do not touch, Master,” I responded in this small voice.

“Good girl.” He gave my hand, which he was still holding, a bit of a squeeze

At the end of the corridor there was this large sort of a multi-purpose living room type thing. There was this beautiful white, leather sofa and, in front of it was this lovely sort of glass table thing that was kind of filled with beautiful coral stuff or something… and that bit of the room was sort of flooded by daylight from above.

Then there was a bit of an office area thing. I mean, most of it was sort of cleverly closed up and hidden away behind these folding wooden panel bits but I could see an office chair, tucked away in a bit of a cubby hole, together with a few books and nicknacks and things on a top shelf.

And my heart did this sudden surgey type thing when I saw that my rose picture was up there too. I mean… he’d even put it in a frame!

There was a small but super-tidy looking kitchen bit with a little dining table just in front of it.

And there was this one corner that I could see was sort of set up… like… just for me with a little bookcase and a beanbag chair! There was even a tiny desk and chair set for me to do my work stuff at… and it was all done out in this pastel pink sort of a colour.

I mean… Ro wanted me to hate it, of course. She just didn’t do the whole girly pink thing. But I didn’t care. I thought it was… like… totally perfect!

But then… suddenly… like… wow!

My eye was sort of grabbed by the view out of a huge window that ran pretty much all the way along one wall. We were up high in some mountains - and they had to be really high because we were pretty much up in the snow. There were these jaggedy looking peaks up above us and, way down below, there was this valley that was pretty much full of trees - I could even see a couple of deer down there in a bit of a clearing.

“It’s beautiful,” I gasped. “Where are we?”

Of course Mr M didn’t bother answering. He just smiled and picked up a phone off his desk bit and, with a bit of a tappity tap type thing, this totally stunning tropical beach appeared.

He watched me for a bit with a smile on his face as the cog wheels in my brain sort of chugged around. It took me an embarrassingly long time to work out that it had to be some sort of super snazzy television thing but, when I got there, we shared a laugh.

He did a bit more of his tappity tapping type stuff and this amazing night-time science-fiction type city appeared. If that had been there at the start, even I would have been able to work out that it wasn’t real. I mean… the flying cars were a dead giveaway… and so were the two moons!

“Can we have the mountains back… please?” I asked. “They’re really lovely.” I mean… it wasn’t quite following his silly rule things but he might just let me get away with it. That was starting to happen a bit… as long as I was sort of careful.

“Ask the question properly and I… may… think about it,” he replied with a bit of a smile.

“Please may we have the mountain scene again?” I tried. Don’t say ‘can’ when you mean ‘may’ was one of his favourite ‘I’m going to keep nagging you about this forever so you might as well get used to doing it right,’ things.

“Why, certainly, Babygirl!” he replied with a beaming smile as he flicked the view back to the mountains. “It’s from a camera high in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, just above Yosemite. It’s my favourite too.” I could basically hardly take my eyes off the scene. The deer had wandered off but some little animals that looked a bit like rabbits had hopped into view.

“Babygirl,” my master said. “This is ground control to Babygirl!” With a chuckle he touched another button and the screen went blank.

“Oh, sorry, Master!” I looked at him and sort of managed to work out that he had been wanting to talk to me and I’d been basically ignoring him. So I dropped into my kneeling down thing to show him I was paying attention now.

“That’s OK, but I can see I might as well not bother talking when it’s on!” He did a bit of his hair ruffling thing to let me know that I wasn’t in proper trouble.

“To avoid any ambiguity, the only places you are permitted to go without my explicit permission is that corner over there with the beanbag and desk…”

“The babygirl corner!”

“The babygirl corner,” he agreed with a smile, “and, of course, back in your bathroom.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master!”

But then I basically couldn’t contain myself any more. I jumped to my feet and sort of wrapped him up in this totally ginormous hug.

He hugged me back and kissed me on top of my head. “Ok, Babygirl,” he told me. “It’s quiet time for you and I need to get on.”

He scooped me up, carried me over to the sofa and plonked me down. Then he took this lovely blanket type thing with loads of crochet type stuff on it and snuggled me up in it. And I guess he must have sort of worked out that I would be way too excited to fall asleep on my own because he sat with me and stroked my hair until my eyelids started to droop.

Then he went over to his office bit, flipped down a desk and turned on a computer that sort of magically appeared from behind it. And, as I fell asleep, I could kind of look out over that wonderful scenery and listen to the tappity tap of him typing.

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