To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 2 - Punishment

“Girl?” he said. I jumped a bit because he was suddenly just behind me, sort of whispering in my ear. “Are you starting to appreciate that I am serious when I make a threat? Nod if you are.”

I nodded, though I didn’t know whether he would be able to see, I was… like… trembling so much.

“And do you wish you could go back and be a good girl as I told you in the first place?”

Another nod.

“And do you promise to be good from now on?”

A desperate nod of agreement.

“Well, I’m afraid you have to learn something, Girl. I never… ever… make idle threats… or, for that matter, empty promises. I warned you that you would be punished, so you are going to be punished. Do you understand?”

Again I tried to nod but, by now, the trembling thing was shaking my whole body.

“Good Girl,” he said, stroking my hair gently, almost tenderly. “But, because this is your first time, and because you’ve promised to be good from now on, I’m not going to be too harsh on you.” He stopped his stroking and stepped away and I tried to get myself ready for whatever he was about to do to me.

But nothing happened.

Nothing continued to happen.

I thought I heard the door - had he left me like this?

Well, if that’s all the punishment was, it wasn’t too bad… well… I mean, it was a pretty uncomfortable way to stand but it wasn’t as if he was hitting me or raping me or anything.

But then, after not very long at all, my calves started to… like… ache from the whole standing on tiptoe bit. I tried to relax them but I was left dangling from my wrists and I started swinging in this really horrible sort of a way as my feet left the floor.

And then… after a couple of seconds of dangling like that, my shoulders felt as if they were about to be ripped out of their sockets. So I struggled to get my feet back on the ground.

And then I had no choice but to balance there on tiptoes as my legs sort of burned and screamed.

I don’t know how long he left me like that. I mean… it felt like a really long time - but I guess that’s not all that surprising when I was sort of… well… hanging around like that.

But suddenly he was back again, easing me down onto the bed thing. “I know that your shoulders must be aching so I’m prepared to leave your arms loose,” he told me. “Do you promise to be good?”

I nodded. I didn’t really have all that much choice, did I?

“Now I’m going to remove your gag. Do you promise to be good about that, too?”

Another nod. I felt… like… totally defeated and crushed. I kind of wanted to cry but the hopeless, hollow, empty feeling seemed to sort of swallow up my tears.

He put an arm round my shoulders and sort of helped me to sit up then he fiddled with something behind me so I had some sort of backrest. Then he took my gag off and I felt this mug of water pressed to my lips.

“I can do it myself!” I said, raising my hands to the mug.

“Girl!” he said and he sort of pulled the mug out of my reach… and there was this whole… like… warning thing in his voice. “Hands down on your lap, please.”

“What do you think…” I exploded.

“The use of your hands is a privilege that you have not yet earned,” he explained calmly.

I pretty much had to bite my own tongue off to stop myself from giving him the answer that that deserved… but I really needed that drink… and I knew that the only way I was going to get it was to play along with him for now. So I dropped my hands back down into my lap and went back to doing the good girl thing for him.

“Good, I’m pleased to see that you’ve decided to cooperate… for the time being.”

The fact that he seemed to know what I was thinking was really pissing me off too!

But I still kept on doing the ‘good girl’ thing and let him give me the rest of that drink.

“That’s better,” he said when we were done, patting me gently on my knee. He seemed to be doing quite a lot of that sort of thing… but it just felt like he was trying to be friendly… rather than using it as a sneaky way of touching me up. “Now what do you say?”

“Thank you,” I replied with a minimum of good grace.

“Thank you…” he prompted.

“Thank you, Sir,” I mumbled. That was it… I was… like… totally defeated… like… crushed.

“Good try,” he told me encouragingly, “but you are going to call me ‘Master’.”

OK. That was officially too much for me. “I’m not going to call you ‘master’!” I exploded. “Are you out of your tiny little mind?”

“Yes you will,” Git Features told me simply.

It was his voice that really got to me… the total self confidence thing he had going on. I hated it. I hated him. This wild rage just… like… exploded out of me again and I launched myself at him, flailing with my fists. I heard the mug smashing as he sort of backed away from me. At least I managed to get my teeth into something… I think it was his arm… before he got out of the range of my restraints.

“Ow,” he said in his normal sort of calm, quiet voice. “That hurt.”

“Good,” I snarled as I continued to rant, scream, spit and struggle.

“That was really rather unfortunate,” he told me with a bit of a sigh. Infuriatingly, he sounded just as calm and unruffled as ever. “You appreciate, of course, that you are to be made to regret that temper tantrum.”

But I didn’t get round to giving him any sort of answer. I was distracted by the whole whir of the electric motor thing. I sort of froze as I managed to work out what was going to happen next and my stomach did this horrible twisty sort of thing. My wrists were pulled upwards again and my body didn’t have any choice but to follow them.

I mean… it’s not the first time that my mouth has got me into trouble… but it’s not normally for biting people.


My arms were slowly pulled up above my head again and I had to sort of follow them. And once they were far enough up so that I couldn’t fight any more, the scary man put his hands on my shoulders to sort of guide me up.

I flinched as his touch reminded me that I was naked and… like… totally in his power. He could do anything he wanted to me… anything. This sudden, horrible wave of fear surged through me, sort of blasting all the anger stuff away and leaving this horrible empty feeling in my stomach as I sort of started to work out how much trouble I was in. I mean… his stupid tiptoe thing, last time, had been bad enough… and he hadn’t even been really angry with me then… and now I had bitten him. I just couldn’t… like… imagine what he was going to do with me now.

This time, instead of being pulled straight up above me, my arms were sort of held wide apart above my head. But that was not the end of it. With a bit more of the whirring, my ankles were slowly pulled apart, forcing me to sort of shuffle sideways with my feet until I was standing in this uncomfortable star straddle thing, sort of stretched out in an X shape.

And then my wrists were pulled up even more, forcing me back up onto my tiptoes.

He left me like that for a long time and I just knew that he was giving me the chance to think… to think about what I had done to him… and to think about what he was about to do to me.

Of course I felt unbelievably exposed, all sort of spread out for him like that and I suddenly found myself imagining him doing all kinds of horrible sex things to me.

And, all of a sudden, I wasn’t the tough little Ro anymore. It was as if she’d sort of scurried off into a little box inside me, leaving me… like… totally alone and properly frightened. My whole body tensed up and I was sort of holding my breath.

“That was extremely unfortunate,” he said at last and, with the horrible pictures my mind was painting, his voice made me jump. He still sounded all calm and controlled and things but that didn’t fool me.

“I’m sorry,” I spluttered. “I didn’t mean…”

“Silence,” he said. He didn’t shout. He didn’t have to. His quiet voice was much, much more frightening.

And, for once, I did as I was told. I guess I didn’t want to piss him off any more than I already had.

“Are you seriously trying to tell me you didn’t mean to bite me?” he asked.

“No,” I replied. I felt very small and vulnerable now. “No, Master.” I didn’t really think the ‘Master’ bit was going to do any good but it was worth a try.

“And did you promise to be good if I left your hands free?”

“I suppose…” I began but, in spite of the blindfold, I could feel his eyes sort of… like… burning into me and somehow that forced me to… like… totally submit to him. “Yes, Master,” I finished weakly.

“So what is going to happen now?”

“You’re going to punish me.” Behind the blindfold, I was starting to cry. I just couldn’t help it.

“I would have been much more tolerant if you had simply been obstinate about calling me ‘Master’,” he explained patiently, “but to break your promise and abuse my kindness is truly disappointing.”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Master. Please will you forgive me?”

“I have already forgiven you, however…”

He paused and the room seemed to be filled with this… like… totally overwhelming silence thing and, for some reason, I just had to fill it. “But you’re going to punish me anyway?” I suggested, though it was hard to talk because my throat was doing a funny trembling thing.

“That’s correct,” he answered. “Now open your mouth.”

I sort of meekly did as I was told and he put my gag back in. Then I hung there for a while, trembling and whimpering. I suddenly needed to go to the toilet… like… really badly but there was nothing I could do about that.

“Girl,” he said suddenly. He said it quietly but it sort of made me jump because I hadn’t realised that he had stepped around behind me. “You need to learn two things and you need to learn them very quickly.” His hand started gently stroking my hair and that was much more frightening than if he had been hitting me or something. “I will never break my promises to you,” he went on, “and I will not tolerate your breaking your promises to me. There will always be consequences if you do so… extremely unpleasant consequences.”

In spite of everything, my stupid brain sort of noticed that he seemed to be a whole lot more pissed off about me breaking my promise than about the biting him bit. But my thinking about this was sort of interrupted by him stopping stroking my hair and stepping away. It… whatever it was… was about to start.

I tensed up and, behind the blindfold, I found myself closing my eyes.

But nothing happened…

And still nothing happened…

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