To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 26 - Game Theory

That morning, Mr M started teaching me about this thing called game theory. I mean… the whole thing of applying maths type ideas to something like games is basically pretty wild and whacky… but then he set me to work on kind of analysing the game of noughts and crosses [tic-tac-toe] and I sort of started to see where the whole idea was coming from. I guess that was a game you could sort of ‘solve’… just as long as you could come up with some sort of way of sensibly describing it.

And I was so fascinated by the whole idea thing that we were still chatting about it as he was tucking me up in my babygirl bed that night. I must have been pretty knackered with the whole brainwork thing though because I started yawning at him. At least I remembered to put my hand over my mouth so he didn’t have to get all stroppy at me!

“Sleepy time, Babygirl?” he asked in a tone that basically wasn’t a question. “It’ll still be there in the morning.”

I smiled and nodded as I settled back in my bed for my night night kiss.

Except, of course, I’d sort of managed to forget about the whole ‘physical intimacy’ bit.

And I felt as if I’d been zapped by about a million volts as his mouth locked onto mine in another of his ‘not a Babygirl’ type of kisses.

And then… like… wow! There were another ten million as I felt his hand sort of stroking my tummy… like… skin against skin. He must have slipped it in, under the duvet, and then up under my beautiful princess nightie. I just kind of flopped back… like… totally overwhelmed by this whole thing.

And my mouth must have kind of fallen open too because there was suddenly a spare tongue in there!

I suppose, technically speaking, this wasn’t actually the first time that I’d ever had an extra tongue in my mouth. Tozza had tried it on with me one time when he was pissed.

And when he had recovered from the knee in his happy sack, Ro had made it pretty clear to him that, if she ever found any bits of his body in there again, she was going to bite them off and eat them.

So it was just the one time. I mean… Tozza might have been a bit of a pisshead but even he wasn’t quite that stupid!

But this felt… like… totally different. When Tozza had done it, he was just… like… sort of taking liberties with my body.

But, with Mr M, it felt more like he was taking back control of something that basically already belonged to him… and I guess he was, really. I mean, that’s what him being my master… and me being his babygirl… was all about.

Rule seven: for you, I suppose… ‘The girl’s body belongs to her master…’ type stuff.

My brain kind of turned off as I sank back into the wild, totally overwhelming pleasure type thing. And then I found that my legs were kind of drifting apart… sort of inviting him in, down there, I guess, .

But he didn’t seem to want to make any sort of move in that direction.

And at last he stopped and, when I managed to look up, there he was… sort of hovering above me and smiling his most beautiful smile. “Good night!” he said, giving me one last, babygirl style kiss on the lips.

And, with that, he left!

I just lay there for a long time as these waves of totally wild stuff basically crashed through me. My legs were still sort of stretched wide apart and, in the end, I sort of had to stuff Mr Orange down between them. His lovely fur against my furless bits gave me a little bit of relief from the wild sort of yearning type stuff that was going on down there.

And, with Mr Orange lodged firmly in position, I managed to fall asleep at last!

The next morning, while we were doing our cuddle thing in his bed, we had another one of our distracted conversation lessons, but in German this time. And, at the end of it, I asked for another one of his kisses.

So he gave me another one of the non-babygirl type kisses as his hand carried on with the whole back rubbing thing. The wild excitement stuff sort of surged through me again and seemed to… like… totally take over my body and I sort of found one of my legs… like… basically wrapping around his back. I mean… I didn’t really think about it but I guess there was this totally overwhelming need thing going on and I just had to sort of squidge my bits into him.

But as I did it, my master broke the kiss quite sharply and sort of grabbed my attention with a sharp, “Babygirl!”

“Yes, Master?”

“I did not tell you to put your leg there!”

“Don’t you like it?”

“That is utterly irrelevant, Babygirl. Remove it instantly!”

I did as I was told though I guess he could see all my hurt and disappointment type stuff.

“Babygirl,” he said firmly… though he did sort of take my hand to let me know that I wasn’t in… like… proper trouble. “This is not a democracy. Here, as in all things, I am your master. You are only to put your leg where I explicitly permit you to put it!”

He had to hang on for a bit because I was finding the whole thinking thing a bit tricky but at last I managed to answer, “Yes, Master.”

“Now go to your bathroom and get yourself ready for the day. I need a couple of minutes on my own here.” He sent me on my way with a kiss on the forehead that basically took most of the sting out of the telling off.

A couple of days later, on the Saturday afternoon, my master and I were back in the gym. We were supposed to be having an ‘active recovery’ session and, because he had bought himself another one of the snazzy exercise bikes, we could go for this sort of bike ride type thing together.

Except, of course, with the two of us kind of cycling side by side, we soon had this bit of a race thing going on… and there wasn’t quite as much of the whole recovery bit about it as there really ought to have been.

But it was still kind of fun though!

In a totally knackering sort of a way!

At last we were done. He won of course. I had to let him because he’d get all grumpy if I didn’t…

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

“Keep going,” he told me sort of casually… much too casually, when I think about it. I should have been… like… loads more suspicious but I guess I was basically too knackered. “There’s something I want to try.”

I didn’t notice anything but then he… like… wow… there was this dirty great explosion of pleasure stuff as he stuck his hands in through the armholes of my vest and started firmly sort of massaging my breasts.

And I pretty much stopped breathing as I kind of totally flopped back into him… but at the same time I tried to sort of keep squidging my… like… totally astonished breasts into his hands.

“I’ve been wanting to do this ever since you started wearing those vests,” he told me as he carried on with the whole massage thing.

For a long time I just leaned back into him, sort of enjoying the wild sensations he was firing off inside me. But at last my brain started sort of working again. “So when you were going on about men with their tongues hanging out…” I managed to gasp. “You’re one of them, aren’t you?”

“Yep!” he said… and he even did his stupid popping thing with the ‘p’… and I guess I’d have been… like… totally outraged or something except he’d started doing this amazing tweaky type thing with my nipples. I mean… I don’t know exactly what it was because my eyes were tightly closed. My arms kind of reached behind me and I sort of grabbed him round the thighs and luckily he let me get away with it this time - I’d have probably fallen off the bike or something!

“You’ve been sort of eying me up all this time…” I asked in this hazy sort of a voice, “I mean, with the whole shaving bit and everything?”

“I’ve been appreciating the aesthetics of your delectable body,” he replied at last.

“Oh!” I sort of wanted to be stroppy with him but there was this whole wave of gratitude stuff going on too because he hadn’t… like… put any pressure on me until I was… like… totally ready.

“Did you really not realise I was doing it?”

“How was I supposed to know?” I replied. I guess I’d have been a fair bit more grumpy about it if he wasn’t still doing those astonishingly wonderful things to my nipples. “It’s not as if I have much experience of people ogling this skinny body of mine!”

“Arms up,” he told me and of course I obeyed without thinking. I guess I was a bit surprised when he pulled the vest off over my head but instead of carrying on with his work on my breasts, he sort of turned me around so that I was looking at myself in the gym mirror.

And I was… like… totally astonished by what I saw. Maybe they had swollen up a bit with all the lovely attention he had just been giving them but I had these… like… breasts… I mean… proper woman-type breasts… on a proper woman-type body.

I sort of vaguely wondered when that had happened.

“They’re just the sort of ones that Ro always wished she had,” I sort of heard myself saying.

“Then she had exquisite taste,” Mr M replied.

“But I thought men went for…” I sort of held my hands out to show what I meant.

“Anatomically impossible barrage balloons…” he suggested with a bit of his eyebrow stuff.

I sort of had to giggle a bit at that.

“I suppose that some men like that sort of thing,” he put a fair bit of stress on the word ‘some’ to let me know that he wasn’t one of them. “But these beauties suit you to perfection. They are compact, perky and fun to be around!” He leaned round and gave me a couple of gentle, little, babygirl style kisses… one on each of my nipples… which fired off another round of the wild fireworks thing through my whole body.

Then he helped me down off the bike - which was basically a good thing because my legs had gone all wobbly - and he sent me along to my bathroom with one more babygirl kiss… on my lips this time.

And, once I made it under the shower, I needed to spend a long time washing my lady bits!

Like… really long!

Because they had got so squidgy, of course… not because it felt so good!

But, for some reason, I found myself thinking about my master as I was washing them!

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