To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 28 - Bath Time

I’d never been in his own private bathroom before, I mean…. he’d never said anything but it always felt like it was sort of his own personal space. It basically just wouldn’t have felt right, going in there without permission…

Besides… who knows what funny stuff you’re going to… like… find in a man’s bathroom!

I mean… I guess it wouldn’t have stopped Ro from nosing around, as soon as she got the chance… but I don’t suppose that I was that Ro anymore.

So I wandered into his bathroom and it was… like… totally… wow! He’d already run the bath for me and he’d chucked in some sort of posh bath stuff so the thing was pretty much overflowing with a thick layer of lovely-smelling bubbles. The room was lit by half a dozen mini candles in beautiful little blue glass holders and he’d even turned on some music for me - lovely, gentle Irish singing type stuff.

I quickly undressed, remembering to neatly fold my clothes away, of course, then I climbed in a bit carefully - it was almost too hot for me. And I lay back and basically let that lovely, jubbly, bubbly water just swallow me up.

The bath tub was… like… huge, I could pretty much float in the thing and, as I stretched out with just my face sticking out, I could only just reach the end with my toes… and I basically had to keep blowing the bubbles out of the way so I could breathe! I closed my eyes, sort of sinking into the experience and feeling the water gently cooking me - a bit like that lump of salmon in its water bath - and I could almost feel my stiff muscles relaxing.

And it didn’t take me all that long to work out why I had never bothered with the whole bath thing before. Back at home, you always wanted to get out of our horrible, damp, stinky bathroom as quickly as possible.

But I could definitely get used to this sort of bath.

I sighed and settled even deeper down into the water.

I was kind of pulled out of my totally wonderful snoozy type thing by a delicate little kiss on the nose - pretty much the only bit of me sticking out above the bubbles - and smiled up into my Master’s lovely face. I guess I tensed up a bit as he eased me up but he whispered, “Relax, Babygirl,” in my ear. “I promise that I’m not going to do anything sexual to you. All I’m going to do is wash you.”

So I managed to relax a bit and, after rubbing a lump of lovely smelly soap into a sponge, he sort of set to work on me.

He started on my shoulders, and he was pretty firm as he massaged the whole achy muscle thing away and I kind of squirmed into his powerful touch. But then he got more gentle as he worked his way down but I kept on doing my stretchy, squirmy type thing. It just felt soooo good!

And I was definitely getting into the mood and felt a tiny bit disappointed when his path downwards was blocked by the fact that I was sitting down. But that sort of thought was kind of driven away with a gasp when he raised my arm and sort of set off down my side… starting at my baby’s bottom smooth armpit. I mean… he was pressing hard enough to stop it from tickling but, for some reason, I still had to put my head back and let out this deep sigh thing as he worked his way on down, past my breast, and along the side of my tummy.

And, when he’d done the same on the other side, he sort of eased me back down into the water and lifted one of my arms up. And then, starting at baby small, he washed one finger at a time, giving every one of them a little kiss when he was done… which made me giggle, of course. From there, he washed down my arm but then… as I felt him getting closer and closer to my breast… I started to tense up again.

But then he did one of his tickly squidging my thigh things - making me jump and basically totally breaking the whole mood thing I’d sort of got going on.

“I told you to relax, Babygirl…” he told me, “and I promised you that nothing sexual was going to happen.”

And, before I could really recover, he’d already done my shoulders and was onto my breasts and then he was working his way on down my tummy. Of course he kept his word and his touch was just the same as it would have been a couple of weeks earlier… but I guess my body had got used to this whole new kind of touching thing by now… and I was kind of enjoying it in the new sort of a way. So I closed my eyes and sort of sank back into the feeling… and my mouth kind of fell open.

But then he abandoned my tummy bits and I had to sort of brace myself as he headed off down to the other end of the bath.

For some reason, since I’d been with Mr M, I’d got ticklish… like really ticklish… like quite totally stupidly ticklish… particularly my feet.

But, as he started to wash them, it sort of sent some really funny feelings shooting off up my legs that I’m pretty sure didn’t have all that much to do with a tickle… and which made me put my head back and sigh.

And when he was done with the main bit of my foot, each toe received its own little bit of attention… and its own little kiss… which kind of broke the mood a bit and made me giggle!

But the whole excitement thing started to build up again as he worked his way down that leg and, by the time his sponge had reached the inside of my thigh, I just had to put my head back and gasp again. But he pretended not to notice and just added a bit more soap and then washed firmly over my bits. I guess, like he promised, his touch was quite firm and it sort of told me that he wasn’t doing the whole sex thing…

But it was still, basically, rather nice and kicked off a funny sort of gentle surge inside me. I let out a long, slow sigh as he started working his way down my other leg.

At last he reached my other foot and he finished his washing thing with a kiss on each of the toes on that one too.

Or, at least he thought he’d finished but I had different ideas. I rolled over onto my tummy - and, being careful not to drown myself, sort of stuck my bottom out through the bubbles. “You’ve forgotten your favourite bit,” I told him with a bit of a giggle.

“Though I’m quite a fan of your delectable posterior,” he chuckled as he started rubbing his sponge over my bottom, “I wouldn’t go quite so far as to say it’s my favourite bit.” He might have said something else but by now he’d sort of reached the central crack bit and I’d kind of got distracted.

And he must have noticed how I was sort of reacting because he carried on rubbing his sponge backwards and forwards… backwards and forwards… and then he started sort of drifting downwards, kind of round the corner…

And then, of course, he totally shattered the whole mood thing by blowing one of his stupid raspberry things into the meaty bit of my bottom.

In as much as my bottom has any meat on it!

Of course my face went under the water and of course I panicked wildly, sending a small tidal wave splashing out of the bath and all over him - serves him right! I’ve never heard him laugh so loud and he was still laughing when he was done fishing me out and sitting me back up normally.

“That wasn’t funny!” I protested.

“I beg to differ,” he managed to answer… though he was still pretty much helpless with his whole stupid laughing thing. “I explicitly told you that nothing sexual was going to happen and you chose to ignore that statement.”

And I suppose it was a bit fair really. I mean… he had basically promised me that and I ought to have thought about the fact that… good or bad… he always keeps his promises.

Like, always!

He moved behind me, plopped a dollop of shampoo… coconut flavour… on my head and started massaging it into my hair. It just felt so good as he worked away at my scalp that I pretty much forgave him for the whole bottom-raspberry thing. Soon, without even really thinking about it, I was letting him know how good it felt by kind of rubbing my head back into his hands.

“Relax, Babygirl,” he told me gently, leaning over and kissing me on the nose, “just let it happen.”

At last, sadly, he was all done and using a shower head to rinse my hair. He helped me to my feet and sprayed the shower thing all over me - and that kicked off some fun sort of tingly feelings as the water squirted onto my skin.

He lifted me out, tied his bath-robe round me and wrapped my hair up in a towel. Then he turned me round and looked in my face. “Babygirl,” he said, “now would you like to wash me?”

“Can I… I mean, may I?”

He chuckled at that. “This one is a ‘can’… and it’s one that you have to answer. Do you think you are capable of just washing me - with no sexual contact?”

“I’ll do my best, Master.”

“And if I tell you to, you’ll leave the room straight away?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then there’s no need for fresh water, just warm it up a bit. There’s not enough of you to make a bathful of water dirty!”

I busied myself with the taps as my Master undressed. Even when I had finished, I deliberately kept my back turned to him.

“You may look, Babygirl, if you would like to.”

So I turned round and, by the glow of the candles, I sort of got to inspect the first naked, grown-up man I had ever seen.

At first, I basically avoided the main bit and kind of carefully studied the rest of him instead. I mean… I pretty much knew the overall shape from the time we spent together in the gym but the whole muscle bit seemed to stand out a fair bit more without his clothes on. There was a little bulge around his tummy bit - not quite the perfect bodybuilder shape, I guess, and his chest and tummy were really hairy.

But at last my eyes were drawn sort of… well… downwards. “Is it… erm…”

“Five seconds, Babygirl,” my master told me, walking over and hopping into the bath. “Then ask your questions. And you are not allowed to be embarrassed.”

So, when the five seconds were up, I took a deep breath. “Is that… sort of… well… excited?” I managed to ask. Only his ‘no embarrassment’ thing let me get a grip on the stupid schoolgirl type thing that was basically threatening to bubble up from inside me.

“It’s not fully aroused,” he answered, passing me the sponge and soap. “It will get a little larger and much harder.”

“But it will never fit!” I protested before I could really think about what I was saying… what I was suggesting.

“It always seems to work,” he assured me. “And should we choose to take our relationship in that direction…” he put this heavy kind of stress on the word ‘should’ and left this masterly sort of silence type thing to make sure I understood that it wasn’t a done deal yet… “I’ll just have to ensure that, on the first couple of occasions, I take things very gently.”

I went quiet for a bit as I thought about what he had just said… he was letting me know that, if the sex thing ever happened, he’d be taking care of me there too. I don’t suppose he really had to say it… I basically already knew it, really… that’s just the sort of man he is… but I guess it was kind of nice to hear him come out and say it.

“But you’re allowing yourself to be distracted!” he said in a pretend grumpy voice. “Woman! Get to your washing!”

I gave a bit of a gasp of… well… I suppose, outrage at that. So I took the soggy sponge and wrung it out over his head. He came up spluttering… but still chuckling.

But as I started to wash down his dirty great slab of a muscly back, a funny thought occurred to me. “This just isn’t fair,” I told him. “There’s about fifty times more of you to wash than there is of me!”

“It’s hardly my fault that you’re such a tiny slip of a thing,” he replied. “I’ve been doing all I can to feed you up!”

I ran through pretty much the same washing procedure as him and I even remembered to do the ‘little kiss’ thing on his fingers and toes which made us both giggle. Except I decided to leave his sticky out bit until the very end… basically gathering my courage, I guess you might say!

But at last I sort of ran out of other bits to wash so I rubbed a bit more soap onto the sponge and then started to move it on down his tummy. I tried to get a grip on the ‘feeling embarrassed’ stuff… like he made me do with the whole ‘talking about my periods’ thing with him, I guess… and I suppose that having him force me to do that made it a teeny bit easier for me to do this.

I jumped a bit as his thing started to move under my sponge… twitching and swelling up even more until it was sort of sticking up out of the water. It looked quite funny, I suppose, and this little bit of a giggle thing sort of slipped out.

“Are you doing that on purpose?” I asked

“The system is more or less autonomous,” he explained though he was definitely having a bit of trouble with the whole talking thing. “I don’t have all that much conscious control…” Then he kind of stopped talking but it didn’t feel like one of his normal silence things - he’d closed his eyes for one thing. He just seemed to have forgotten how to talk as I started to wash up and down his length… and around the funny top bit… and down around the bally bits down below. It was all pretty fascinating and I sort of forgot about all the embarrassment stuff as I watched his thing getting bigger and harder as I washed it.

“Babygirl,” he said at last, breaking the mood and gently taking hold of my wrist and firmly easing my hand away. “Regretfully I have to insist that you desist. Should you continue doing that, the consequences will be… dramatic!”

“I don’t mind,” I said, giving him my traditional sort of puzzled puppy look.

“Well I do. Buzz off please, straight away. There’s a good girl.”

So I dropped my sponge and obediently buzzed. I knew I wasn’t in trouble but he was using his ‘master’s voice’ thing and it basically had my body doing as it was told before my brain bits got involved!

But he did manage to give my bottom a little bit of a squidge as I buzzed.

No matter what he says, I still say he’s got an unhealthy interest in it!

And it was only as I was making my way out of his bedroom that I managed to work out what sort of a dramatic thing it was, that was going to happen if he hadn’t stopped me.

I mean… how was I supposed to work it out? It’s not as if I’d ever had anything to do with that sort of stuff!

So I guess it was a good thing that he stopped me before it was too late…

I think…


So, quietly dying with embarrassment, I trundled along the corridor to my bathroom.

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