To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 32 - The Shrew

That ‘Shrew’ play basically got to me much more than any of the other ones we’d watched. It seemed, basically… well… much closer to home. I couldn’t help kind of comparing what Mr M was doing with me and what Petruchio was doing with Katherina.

And when the play was done, we both just sat there quietly for a bit, kind of thinking about what we had just watched.

And, of course, because his hand was already resting there, my master carried on gently rubbing his thumb along the inside of my thigh - I guess he must have been doing it for most of the play. It was just a casual and friendly sort of a thing and I’m not even sure that he’d noticed that he was doing it… and a couple of weeks before, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.

But, I’m really… like… sensitive down there… and, I guess, over the last couple of weeks, I’d sort of been getting used to him touching me in a totally different way.

And I suddenly sort of managed to work out that, without either of us really noticing, he’d managed to get me totally… like… riled up!

So I turned to him, draped my arms round his neck and made pathetic whimpering noises at him. I mean… I knew he wouldn’t like me asking for stuff like that… and I wouldn’t really have known how to ask, even if he’d let me… but I could sort of give him hints!

He laughed but I guess he must have understood what I was going on about because he kind of wrapped me up in his arms and started running his hands over my back.

Then he kind of eased my hair back, out of the way, and his mouth moved down towards my neck. I sort of flinched a bit because I thought he might be about to do one of his stupid raspberry things to me - I mean… they were kind of fun in a silly, yucky sort of a way but that definitely wasn’t what I needed right then.

But he started to do his kissing and licking and nibbling thing instead… and he slowly worked his way round until he reached that special spot, just underneath my ear. I did this funny sort of sighey, gaspy sort of thing and I guess I must have been digging my nails into his back.

I was so wound up in the whole thing that it took me a moment to notice that he had stopped and, when I opened my eyes he was giving me his best, loving smile - and he was sort of looking down on me. He must have lowered me down into his ‘cradling the babygirl’ thing whilst I’d been all distracted.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked and I gave this embarrassed sort of a nod. It didn’t seem like the sort of thing I ought to admit to enjoying.

“Then let’s try this!” he suggested with a smile.

He eased my head end even further down so that I was sort of arched across him with my head and my feet on the sofa and my bottom propped up on his lap. And it was only when my master said, “Hands behind your head, Babygirl,” that I realised that I had them sort of trapped down between my thighs… trying to protect my private bits, I suppose… as if that was ever going to do me any good with him!

I managed to do as I was told - but it was quite a struggle!

“Are you feeling a trifle… vulnerable like that?” he asked me.

I sort of nodded. My heart was beating quite fast and the feeling was making it a bit tricky to talk… but, at the same time, it was setting off this weird achy sort of a thing… like… down in my lady bits.

He let me suffer like that for a little while but then he made the whole ‘feeling vulnerable’ thing… and the ache… a whole lot worse by folding my t-shirt up, leaving my tummy all bare. “That’s better!” he said and, even though my eyes were closed, I could hear him smiling.

And all I could manage was this funny sort of moany type thing by way of reply.

I had hardly noticed that he had left one of his hands sort of resting on my tummy - hardly noticed, that is, until he started gently stroking my side… like… just above my hip bone. That produced another of the moany things… but this one was distinctly juddery.

“You are freely offering that delectable body of yours to me, to do with as I please, aren’t you, Babygirl?” he asked.

And I found myself giving him this little bit of a nervous nod by way of reply. I mean… I didn’t quite believe it but I guess I sort of was.


“Though, of course, in line with rule eleven, you may say stop at any stage.”

I gave another nod but we both knew that there was no way that I was ever really going to do it. I mean… my body was just never going to let me!

He looked down at me for what felt like a very long time, sort of inspecting my exposed tummy - enjoying the sight… and enjoying the way this was all making me feel… I guess. Then he lifted up my bottom even further so my back was arched up even more towards him.

And then there was another wild explosion of totally astonished pleasure type stuff as his mouth descended onto my tummy. At that point, I basically had to fight really hard to keep my hands up, out of the way… all my self defence sort of things made me want to grab his head or something so that I could at least pretend that I had some sort of control over what was going on. But I was a good babygirl and I managed to keep them up there.

And anyway, I guess I knew that, really, I didn’t have any sort of control at all. I was totally in his power.

And a bit of me - some weird little bit, buried deep down inside… a bit that I’d never really noticed before - totally loved that feeling.

He started slowly… sort of popping these tiny babygirl-type kisses all over my bare tummy. I guess any other time it would have been… like… totally, impossibly tickly but the fact that I was so helpless was basically turning the whole tickle thing into these sex-type pulses and I could hear myself giving these moany little murmurs of pleasure.

Then I suddenly realised he was… like… licking me… running his tongue in slow circles over my tummy and round my belly button! Of course my brain was pretty disgusted at that idea - I mean… I really ought to think it was horrible - but my body just didn’t care about anything like that as the sexy pulses just sort of grew and deepened.

And by the time he started attacking me with his teeth, my whole brain thing had pretty much given up on me… like… totally overwhelmed by the wild surge type things that were going off down below. It was just sort of sitting in the corner and whimpering as he wound me up higher and higher… kind of licking and sucking and nibbling at my tummy.

And then he started working his way downwards… down past my belly button… and down… and further down… until he was actually running his tongue backwards and forwards… like… just inside the waistband of my shorts.

But then I guess he must have seen how wound up I was getting… and how noisy, I guess… so he paused and sat up. “Is that too much for you, Babygirl?” he asked with a smile as he ran a hand gently through my hair.

“Never!” I managed to gasp in reply.

“Never?” he responded with a bit of an evil grin and a fair amount of eyebrow work. “Are you quite sure about that? You do appreciate, of course, that I will be obliged to consider that a personal challenge!”

“Never!” I repeated… or, at least, Ro repeated. She was… like… totally incapable of ever standing back from any sort of challenge like that! It had got me into trouble loads of times before.

“Oh good!” He gave this enormous smile.

Uh oh… It looks like it’s just got me into trouble again!

“Time to get these clothes off, then!”

Double uh oh!

Within moments my t-shirt was taken off, over my head, and he was easing my shorts down. “No knickers,” he observed slightly sharply. I’d never really got back into the habit of wearing them after the whole ankle shackle thing. “One of these days…” he drew a rough outline of a pair of knickers on my thighs and tummy with a finger, making me gasp, “that sort of carelessness is going to get you into big… big trouble!”

Of course he neatly folded my clothes and leaned across me to put them on the coffee table but when he sat back up, I realised that he was giving me this pretend dirty look again.

But this time, I didn’t have a clue what I’d done wrong.

“Hands!” he had to remind me.

“Oh yeah!” Somehow they had managed to find themselves back down between my thighs again… I can’t imagine why!

“Should you allow them to stray again, you’re going to find yourself in the bathroom with the restraints on your wrists and ankles.”

“You wouldn’t!” I gasped, sort of appalled at the thought.

But only kind of sort of!

“I would have thought that, by now, we would have established with some degree of certainty that I will absolutely follow through on any and every threat that I make!” he said. He was still smiling but that didn’t make his threat any less… well… threatening.

And there was this picture in my mind of being tied down to the bed in there… and of him doing all sorts of nasty, sexy type things to me. Of course I knew it was a horrible picture…

And yet, in some kind of freaky sort of a way, my body seemed to rather go for the whole idea and there was this really odd bit of a yearning need thing going on… and it seemed to be centred around my lady bits which, with no clothes and no hands to protect them, were feeling pretty… well… exposed!

“Maybe a gentle reminder is called for,” he said with a smile that didn’t make me feel any more comfortable. I sort of gasped as he lifted one of my legs and hooked the knee over the back of the sofa… and then he took the other leg and put it down on the floor so that I was totally spread out for him. Of course that didn’t do anything to help with the whole exposed feeling…

Or the whole yearning bit.

One of his hands went down to rest on my knee and the other went up and started gently stroking through my hair as he looked down and… well… sort of appreciated my body, I guess. I started to get a little bit more comfortable with the whole thing… and kind of managed to remember that, basically, I totally trusted him, I guess… and when he smiled at me, I kind of automatically smiled back.

“I’ve been wanting to get my hands on you like this ever since…” he paused for a bit then went on, “well, since that day that you decided it would be wise to play chicken with about half a ton of car.”

The thought that he had waited all this time for me to be ready for him brought an extra surge of warmth to my tummy. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. “Don’t forget that rule eleven applies, Babygirl, he reminded me.

“Thank you, Master,” I replied. I guess it was sort of nice to know, even though I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to need it.

He sat up and my eyes kind of drifted closed and I sort of felt myself tensing up as I waited for the whole savage, sexy type attack on my body that I knew was coming.

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