To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 33 - Wild Rose

But instead of… like… attacking me, my master just put a single finger in the middle of my forehead and started gently stroking me there. After the wild excitement of the whole tummy bit, it basically felt pretty gentle and intimate and really rather lovely, I suppose. I was basically so surprised that my eyes sort of popped open and we shared this beautiful smile as he slowly traced his finger down over my nose.

But then he… like… totally shocked me by popping his finger into my mouth. I was just too astonished to even resist.

“Suck on it, Babygirl,” he told me and for a moment all I could do was stare at him. I mean, this guy had had me doing some pretty freaky stuff in the past but this was basically totally way out, even for him.

But he was using his ‘master’s voice’ so I didn’t really have any choice and I started sucking on the thing. It felt really weird at first… but then, for some reason, I started wondering if this is what it would feel like to have another bit of him stuck in my mouth.

And, with that thought, this funny sort of shiver thing passed through my whole body.

And then he sort of eased his finger slowly out of my mouth… until there was only the tippy bit left in… and then he pushed it in, a bit more firmly… and I just knew he had exactly the same picture in his head as me… in and out… My eyes drifted closed again… in and out… as I sort of sank into this freaky experience… in and out… I started to kind of investigate his finger with my tongue as I continued to suck on it… in and out…

And I was sort of sinking down into this weird sort of a state… like… totally fascinated by what this finger thing was doing to me. But then he basically broke the mood by… well… by pulling his finger out, I guess. There was this funny bit of a popping noise which made me open my eyes and we shared another one of our beautiful little smiles.

But then his soggy finger drifted on down, over my chin to my neck. He’d already shown me that my neck was quite stupidly sensitive but the slippery sliminess thing brought a whole extra dollop of sensitive to the party. My eyes closed again and my head stretched back as I had to sort of fight to keep my hands behind my head.

And then slowly… so slowly that I hardly noticed it… his stroking finger worked its way on down. It paused for a while between my breasts and that kicked off this whole sort of yearning thing with them so, without really thinking, I sort of tried to stretch round to rub myself against him.

But a single, “Babygirl!” was enough to tell me to lie still. I really didn’t need him to do his, ‘In this, as in all things, I am your master’ bit to me. I knew it, really.

So I just lay there like a good babygirl and basically yearned quietly to myself.

Slowly… slowly… his finger crept on down to my bare tummy - which was still all slimy and slippery from where he had been trying to eat me earlier. That should have been really horrible, I suppose.

But it… like… totally didn’t feel it.

He spent a little while tracing circles around my soggy belly button before his finger started drifting downwards again… and as it drifted, it kind of pushed the whole pleasure thing up to a totally new level… particularly with me all… like… splayed out like that for his… well… his drifting pleasure… and with my hands behind my head…

It took me an embarrassingly long time to sort of guess where he might be heading but, when my body finally managed to work it out, that whole thought even sort of overwhelmed the wild pleasure stuff that his stroking was already shooting off inside me… and I could feel everything down below sort of clenching up.

He didn’t get stroppy about it though. But he did basically pause his journey south for a bit…

But he didn’t pause the whole stroking thing for a moment.

And I don’t know about you but there’s a limit to how long I can stay all tensed up when there’s somebody sort of gently stroking my tummy… just at the top of where my knickers would be…

If I happened to be wearing any, that is!

And, of course, as soon as he felt me relax, his finger started creeping on down again.

And then his wonderfully stroking, massaging finger reached my furry bits… or, rather, my non-furry bits… and I suddenly understood what the whole shaving thing was all about. The amazing feeling as he rubbed his finger over my baby’s bottom smoothness, down there, made all that embarrassing, frustrating fuss worthwhile. There was this low growling type thing going on in the back of my throat - both with the pleasure… and, I suppose, with guessing… hoping, maybe… what was coming next!

And then, with an unforgettable explosion of something… I basically wasn’t sure exactly what… his finger arrived… arrived at my special little button… and my whole world seemed to just zoom in on that one finger. I was sort of vaguely aware of him having to hold me still as my body thrashed and jerked, but basically, at that point, nothing apart from that tiny spot really seemed to matter.

Like… at all!

And then his finger slipped even lower, kind of running backwards and forwards… backwards and forwards… just inside my squidgy folds. This excitement was just as great but somehow deeper… more intense… plunging right through to the very heart of me!

By now, my body had even stopped the whole struggling bit… like… totally overwhelmed by the spectacular passion things he was kind of dragging out of me. It was so wildly intense that I almost thought of asking him to stop. It was almost too much for me.

Except my body just wouldn’t let me do it. It made me just lie there and take it… as if it was waiting for something… and as if it knew that my master was the only one that could give it to me.

And, slowly… slowly… he started to… like… ramp up the speed… and then there seemed to be… like… two hands at work down there… sort of rubbing and squeezing and massaging me… and driving me up to these… like… totally wild peaks of pleasure with his unbearable, unstoppable, merciless rhythm. There was this funny sighey, gaspy sort of thing going on too, which I guessed probably had something to do with me… and I bet I was becoming pretty noisy.

My hips seemed to want to crash around under the wild, shuddering explosions that were going off down there but my master still had me trapped in place so I had no choice but to just lie there and take whatever he chose to do with me! But my legs stretched even further apart, basically begging him for more, and he couldn’t stop me from arching my back…. thrusting my bits further up towards him, I guess.

And as he built the totally wild passions up even higher, I just sort of let them wash over me… round me… through me. I was sort of floating, helpless in this… like… crashing sea of passion. It all felt just so, well, totally enormous… almost too much for me, I suppose… almost frightening.

My eyes opened and I looked up. My master was looking down at my bits but, when he noticed me looking at him, he turned and gave me this wonderful smile - the one that told me that I was his babygirl and that he was my master… and that he was always going to look after me… and that he was never going to give me more than I could take.

And, knowing that, I could just sink back down into that wild, churning sea and let it sort of close over me.

With that moment, he seemed to slacken off his rhythm just a touch. It wasn’t quite as frantic any more but… well… slower… deeper… and, somehow, more intense. And suddenly I sort of realised that there was something inside me - a finger, I guess. I threw my head back and opened my mouth in this funny sort of silent scream thing.

And then his finger started to kind of ease in and out…like… totally gently at first but, basically, unstoppably… in and out… in and out… in and out… And this enormous thing started to build up inside me… it felt like a dirty great big balloon or something… and, in a funny sort of a way, it almost felt separate from the wild things that my master was doing to my body.

And then, suddenly, the pressure down below seemed to get a whole lot bigger. My brain bits… which were kind of looking on from the side lines… as if the whole thing was sort of happening to someone else… managed to work out that he must have squidged a second finger in, down there.

It felt really tight… as if it ought to be a bit… well… like… a bit uncomfy, I guess.

Except that uncomfy was in no way the main thing going off down there… in fact, with all the firework type stuff he was kicking off, the whole uncomfy thing hardly got a look in!

And all the time, as his unstoppable rhythm kept on building, that wild balloon thing inside me kept on growing.

And then his other hand was running over my body, squeezing my breasts and stroking my tummy and generally building up the crazy balloon thing until it had sort of swallowed up all of me… had swallowed up the whole world. It was as big as it could possibly be but still it kept growing. It was all just too much for me - just too much.

And then that hand was working its way down towards my special little pleasure button… and just as it was on the point of arriving, I heard my master’s voice, kind of breaking through all the wonderful things he was doing to my body.

“Relax, Babygirl!” he was telling me. “Just let it happen to you!”

And, even though I hadn’t really noticed I was fighting against anything, I must have been because, at my master’s word, I basically let the whole thing sort of go… and the balloon thing totally shattered into a million pieces… and it kind of felt as if it was taking the whole world with it.

I mean… I thought I’d had… like…. orgasms before, when I had felt the need to take matters into my own hands… like… in the privacy of my bedroom.

I mean, they were basically quite nice, I guess, in their own little way…

But they were nothing… and I mean absolutely nothing… like the real thing.

I don’t know how long I was out of it but when I returned to Planet Earth, my master was still kind of rubbing a thumb, or something, gently over my sort of totally astonished bits, down below, and gradually… gradually… the wildness of the whole thing eased back until my brain could sort of start working again. I relaxed back across him as waves of perfect wonderfulness simply thrummed through me.

And at last I sort of worked out that my master was talking to me. “Open your eyes, Babygirl, he was saying in his loveliest, gentlest voice. “Look at me.”

He was my master so I managed to force my eyes open… and when I looked up and saw him looking down at me, this wave of totally amazing closeness and affection type stuff sort of washed over me as he carried on stroking me down below.

And then I had this sudden flash of understanding… this must be the love thing that I’d heard so much about.

“Too much?” he asked me with his perfect smile - he knew he’d won.

But I guess, in a way, I’d sort of won too!

“Maybe just enough for now,” I admitted with a smile.

He smiled back and he just held me like that as we shared the perfect moment.

“So have I tamed my shrew?” he asked at last.

I had to have a little think about that, and a little think about the person I used to be. I mean there were plenty of bad things about Ro but I didn’t think that was one of them. “I was never really a shrew, was I?” I asked at last.

And he had to have a little think about it too. “I don’t suppose you were,” he agreed at last. “But you were a Rose… a wild one… with plenty of prickles!”

I had to laugh at that. I guess that one was basically true, really… and deep down inside me, Ro didn’t mind that description at all.

He was quiet for a bit then asked, “So have I trained my wild Rose, then?”

I was quiet for a while as I thought. I knew there was no need to rush to give an answer.

“Maybe,” I had to admit at last. “Just maybe.”

And, for a long moment of perfect togetherness, we just shared that look as he carried on stroking me down below, gradually slowing and gently sort of easing me back down.

And then he scooped me up, wrapped the crocheted blanket around me and cuddled me tight for a very, very long time. I curled up in a little ball, not really thinking, just enjoying how perfect the moment was.

“Shower and then bed,” he said at last, waking me from a lovely little doze, “or you’re just going to fall asleep right here.”

“I am sort of… well… horribly squidgy… like… down there,” I admitted.

“You’re not ‘horribly squidgy’!” he told me with a bit of a laugh, reaching behind my curled-up knees and running his fingers over the super-sensitive, squidgy bits that were sort of sticking out behind me from between my legs and causing my breath to kind of stutter. “You are gloriously, marvelously, deliciously squidgy. I’ll not have a word said against your exquisite squidginess. I’m the world’s biggest fan.”

“You’re not really!” I laughed. I basically couldn’t imagine anything more… like… horrible.

“Babygirl,” he said and, though his voice was still gentle, it had a tiny bit of an edge to it. “You know that I will never lie to you so please take care not to inadvertently question my word.” He took the edge off his telling off with a little kiss.

“I’m sorry, Master. I guess what I really meant to say was, ‘I find that quite tricky to believe’.”

“It’s OK. I appreciate that. But yes, I’m really rather keen on your squidginess! Remember that the purpose of the aforementioned squidge is to provide lubrication, should I ever decide that it’s time for me to… well… squidge myself up there! So, in a way, it’s like a doormat with the word, ‘Welcome,’ on it. What’s not to like?”

I had to giggle. I didn’t see this silly side of my master often enough.

Then he stood up and popped me down on the floor for a moment whilst he folded up the blanket and collected my clothes. Then he carried me into the bathroom and chucked me under the shower. He even aimed the shower head at me so that only my tummy and bottom bits got wet and so he could basically wash off my squidginess… my glorious, marvelous, delicious squidginess… without getting my hair wet!

And when I was done, he snuggled me up in one of his huge fluffy towels and dried me off. Then he helped me to put on my princess nightie, carried me through and popped me into my babygirl bed.

I basically wasn’t in much of a mood for talking and he totally understood that - we both knew he’s a big fan of the whole silence thing… as well as of my squidginess! He just sat there with me, holding my hand and sort of feeling very close. And, before long, my eyes were kind of drifting closed and he left me to sleep after snuggling Mr Orange into my arms and giving me this single, perfect babygirl kiss.

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