To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 36 - The Use of Restraints

With a whir of the motors, my master eased me into the position he wanted.

He shuffled my bottom down so that it was at the very end of the bed and then my legs were pulled apart, sort of sticking off the end. My arms were pulled above my head, held kind of loosely, just up, out of the way.

So that I was totally helpless and in his power!

And just that idea on its own was enough to send this great big surgy, sexy, shivery type thing through my whole body.

I heard him moving down to the end of the bed… like… between my legs and I could feel myself getting more and more excited before he even did anything as I realised my bits were all just there… like… totally helpless and exposed… basically waiting for him.

He started with these sharp, sort of pecking, babygirl-type kisses all over pretty much everywhere down there: my inner thighs; my tummy; each of my toes; even my hairless hairy bits. Everywhere, that is, except for the most important bits that were sort of screaming out for his attention.

And then, suddenly there was something scratching over my lower lips down there and I managed to work out that it had to be a fingernail or something.

And then I realised that there must be this dirty great tidal wave of squidginess going off down there and I was about to feel embarrassed… but then I remembered about the whole ‘welcome doormat’ thing and realised that all I had to do was lie back and enjoy it.

And, given I was… like… strapped down to the bed, that was pretty much all I could do anyway!

So I just sort of sank back into the total experience thing.

And the fingernail gradually sort of turned into a finger, running backwards and forwards, just inside me. I put my head back and this odd sort of high pitched, waily thing came out of me.

And slowly… slowly… he used that finger to wind me up… and I could feel the balloon thing swelling up inside me as he drove me higher and higher. And it was much easier this time… now I sort of knew what was happening… and I guess I wasn’t fighting against it. So I just let the excitement build… and build… until…

But he must have been watching me really carefully because, just as I was about to go over the edge, he backed off. “Don’t stop,” I begged him. “I need it now!”

He ducked under a leg and came up to the level of my head, sort of sealing my lips with this passionate kiss thing.

At last he let me come up for air. “Here, Babygirl, as in all things, I am your master,” he reminded me. “And, if you recall, you are here to be punished. It is for me to determine when… or indeed whether… you are to be allowed your release.”

I gave a bit of a gasp at that… like… totally shocked that he might even think of using something like that as a punishment!

“So, for every word you say from now on without my explicit permission, I intend to push you to the brink one more time… and then pull you back… without allowing you said release!”

I gave another gasp at that but managed to avoid saying anything and just closed my eyes… and my mouth… very firmly as I made up my mind that I was going to be a very good babygirl indeed and not say a single word. I was just going to lie there and let him do whatever he wanted with me.

Not that I had all that much in the way of choices!

“What is more…” I flinched as he gave the inside of my thigh this little pinch thing with his fingernails, down by my knee. Everything sort of clamped together… “given that spanking is no longer available as a punishment option…” another pinch, a little bit higher… and this time there was definitely a bit of a surge thing… “I’m going to have to become a little more creative…” those pinches were gradually working their way up… “so next time… should there be a next time…” it was getting very close to my bits and it was making it… like…. totally impossible to… like… concentrate… “I’m considering strapping you down like this and seeing whether I can keep you on edge for a couple of hours. You may speak…”

“You wouldn’t!” I said in a sort of a double gaspy type thing… firstly because of that thought… and, secondly, because he’d just done one of his pinch things to my bits.

“So, am I to consider that a personal challenge?” he asked.

“No… that’s not what I meant,” I gasped before Ro could say anything stupid. Though I’ve no idea how I was managing to talk because he was still doing his pinching thing to my bits and I kind of needed to sink my teeth into something. “I mean… you’d never be so cruel to your little babygirl! You’re much too kind a master!”

“I may be a kind master…” those pinches were working their way up towards my little pleasure button and I was making this funny growling noise in the back of my throat… “ but I think you know that I never shy away from making the difficult punishment decisions when they are required… so think on, Babygirl! Think on!”

Then I gasped as something squidged over my tummy - it felt… like… shockingly cold on my skin which, I guess was pretty much on fire with all the excitement stuff that was going on. It took me a couple of seconds to work out that it must have been more of that lovely lotion stuff.

And, as a hands started squidging the stuff around all over my tummy, his mouth set to work on one of my breasts - and, for some reason, it was already pretty sensitive even though he hadn’t done anything with it yet.

He started sort of sucking really hard on the nipple and I guess that any other time it would have really hurt but now it just felt soooo good. I sort of arched my back… trying to push myself up towards him, I guess… but of course he was never going to have that! He scratched a finger nail down my side with his free hand, shooting an explosion of something through me… I’m not quite sure whether it was pleasure or pain… but it certainly had me flopping back down onto the bed.

And then he attacked my other breast.

But suddenly, any other thoughts were sort of swished out of my mind as his circling, lotion covered fingertips brushed against my cleanly-shaved bump, down below, sending this wild pulse of pleasure stuff shooting through me.

“So, you like that do you?” Mr M said as he moved his palm down there and started doing this firm massaging thing over my furless bits. I couldn’t get any words out but I did sort of manage this sort of slow nod by way of reply.

The feeling of him rubbing me like that was… like… so totally intense that I hardly noticed him moving again, back down between my legs, but suddenly there was this amazing new sensation thing going on down there as something was rubbing me… backwards and forwards… backwards and forwards… along my length

But it just didn’t feel like a finger… it had this… like… wonderful mixture of soft and firm. And in the wild state I was in, it took me kind of ages to work out that it had to be his tongue… I mean, I know he said that he thought my stickiness was delicious but I never thought he meant it… like… literally.

But then I had to stop thinking for a bit as this shuddering wave of pure pleasure kind of juddered through me… And the world seemed to shrink into that tiny spot as his tongue seemed to be pushing deeper and deeper inside me.

My hips kind of wanted to… like… jerk up and down but they couldn’t because my legs were off the end of the bed and I couldn’t find anything to push against… so I had no choice but to lie there and take it… and then I felt the whole ‘sea of pleasure’ thing - I was starting to recognise it now - building up inside me again and, for a moment, I wondered whether my master was just going to push me to the edge and then pull me back again…

But then I basically managed to work out that, even if he was, there was nothing I could do about it. I mean… he was just… like… so totally in control of my body. So I just sort of relaxed and let that sea swallow me up. And this time it was nothing like as scary as the first time. He was my master. He would look after me. All I had to do was… like… totally trust him and everything would be fine… everything would be wonderful.

And his one hand moved down a bit so that his thumb was just stroking over my little pleasure button… and his other hand moved round so it was rubbing me firmly over my bottom bits…

But I basically hardly noticed them as… like… separate feelings… they were all sort of combining into one and just kind of building up the total ‘sea of pleasure’ thing.

And then I could feel it coming. And my master must have felt it too because, as it drew closer, he eased off the pressure a tiny bit… leaving me just sort of balanced… like… totally on the edge.

And this kind of hopeless whimper thing came out of me when I thought he was going to keep me hanging on again

But this time he only… like… eased off for a moment… he was basically reminding me that he was my master and that he was… like… totally in charge… letting me know that he could choose to give me the release thing or he could take it away. It was totally up to him.

The whole rule seven, ‘The girl’s body belongs to her master, to do with as he pleases,’ bit.

And this time he chose to be kind to me… with the tiniest of nudges, he pushed me over the edge.

And the next thing I knew, he was up by my head again, kissing me passionately… almost violently whilst, down below, he was still sort of gently stroking my bits… basically easing me back down, I guess.

I tried to return his kiss… trying to show him a little bit of my own passion, I guess… but he moved back, just out of range.

“Hush, Babygirl,” he said in a low voice, almost a whisper. “Just relax and let it happen.”

So I lay back and allowed myself to just sink into his attention as the wonderful feelings washed through me. I was totally in my master’s hands, totally in his possession.

And I wanted nothing else in the world.

It was only when he started to breathe across my ear that I sort of managed to work out that he wasn’t taking me down off the last high but building me up to a new one. My breathing sort of fell in time with his but while his was smooth and gentle, mine was all deep and juddery. My bottom bits were becoming all squidgy again, and that meant that whatever was doing the stroking down there could get a bit faster… and a bit firmer… and basically much more intense. Without any real thought from me, my body started to give out this whole bunch of meaningless little cries as he steadily built up the speed.

And this time there was none of his messing about. He seemed to want to bring me to that second astonishing, shuddering orgasm as quickly as he could.

And I was totally helpless to resist…

Even if I’d wanted to!

And when it was all over, I found myself nuzzling my head against my Master’s body as he started to wind me down with the help of the gentlest of gentle strokes to my bottom bits.

“Are you going to… like… going to do me?” I asked. I suppose I was a bit afraid that it might hurt but, after the spanking, I don’t really know why I was bothered.

“Not on this occasion, beautiful Babygirl. Now is not the time!”

Then with some final rubs and kisses and slow, tender strokes, and with this bit of a twinge of regret, I guess, I managed to work out that it was all over. My master gently carried me across to the shower and I leaned with my back against him as he rubbed soap all over my front and bottom bits and I sort of lay back against him in this long moment of… like… totally perfect bliss. He turned me round and started to wash down my back then over my bottom, which was still pretty sore, before plunging his soapy hands down, between my legs, and drawing this deep sigh of… like… content.

And then I sort of noticed he was naked… and without really thinking about it, my hands sort of dropped down towards his muscly bottom.

But he was never going to let me get away with that. “Babygirl,” he said firmly. “I tell you what you may… and what you may not… do with your hands.”

I hurriedly moved them back up but, within a couple of seconds, they had sort of slipped back down again. It basically seemed so… like… natural.

“Babygirl!” I could hear the smile in his voice, “if you don’t behave, there’s a real danger that I’m going to take you right here in the shower!”

“I don’t mind,” I heard myself saying.

“That’s utterly irrelevant. And, anyway, you’ve been told. If your hands slip below my waist again, I’ll be obliged to turn the shower to cold - for both our sakes.”

That sent my hands scurrying back around his neck.

“Hands on the wall and legs apart,” he told me and, when I did it, he knelt down to wash my feet. Then he slowly… slowly… worked his way up until he was working away at my bits - front and back - and I guess it ought to have been… like… basically totally exciting but somehow his hands managed to tell me that nothing else was really going to be happening tonight.

Mind you, he seemed to spend more time than was really necessary washing me down there…

But I wasn’t complaining…

And I guess I was really squidgy…

And we both knew he was, ‘a big fan of the aforementioned squidge’!

Then, sadly, that lovely shower was over. He wrapped me up in his beautifully soft towels and carried me through to his bedroom where he plonked me into his own bed and snuggled me gently into his shoulder. We were quiet for a long time as we both… like… enjoyed the warmth and comfort of that snuggle.

“Is Babygirl allowed to love her master?” I asked at last in this dreamy, sleepy sort of a voice.

“Babygirl is required to love her master,” he replied and I could hear that he was… like… sort of smiling.

“That’s good,” I said, snuggling even deeper into his shoulder.

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