To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 38 - To Float

I sort of splashed inelegantly over to join him. He grabbed me and squidged me into his side.

“You’ve never learnt to float, have you?” he said.

“Nooooo…” I had no idea where this was going but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like it.

My Master turned me round and held both my hands until I was looking him in the face. “Do you trust me, Babygirl?” he asked.

“Of course, Master… completely and totally and in every possible way…” But then, of course, I couldn’t help sort of adding… “except with my bottom!”


I guess I should have seen that one coming!

“Then I am going to hold your head and you are going to lie back in the water,” he told me. “You will completely trust me. You will not panic. I will not allow you to sink.” He was staring into my eyes and doing his master’s voice thing to me so my body was sort of obeying him before my brain had the chance to work out just what a stupid idea it was.

He put one hand under my chin and the other round the back of my head and sort of lay me back in the water until there was just my face sticking out.

Then he hovered over me. He was smiling but his eyes were still doing his master’s thing and telling me that I was not going to panic.

And I guess that look was enough to make me lie there until my non-thinky sort of bits… the ones that basically ran the panic department… managed to get a grip on the idea that he was holding me and I was… like… totally safe.

And I guess that, slowly, they managed to sort of work out that the whole floaty type thing was working… so they let me relax a bit… and I could smile back up at my master who was kind of hovering above me with his loveliest smile.

And then, as I relaxed a bit more, my eyes sort of drifted closed and I let out this long sort of sigh thing as I basically started to enjoy the feeling of the water holding up my weight.

I gave another little smile as the hand behind my head started to sort of play through my hair which was kind of floating around in the water like seaweed… but then I had another mini panic thing when I managed to work out that the only thing holding me up was the hand under my chin. It basically seemed to be… like… totally impossible that that could work.

But then I managed to sort of get my head round the fact that it pretty much had to be possible… seeing as how it was working!

I was so totally… well… immersed in the whole delicious feeling bit that I sort of lost track of time and I hardly noticed when Mr M sort of adjusted his grip so there was just this one single finger under my chin. I mean, my brain bits knew that it couldn’t possibly be doing any good but I guess that, by now, my non brain, panic bits had sort of given up and accepted that the whole thing was working.

At last his two hands went back to holding my head again and he raised my face out of the water a bit so that he could give me this lovely, soft, gentle kiss on the lips. I opened my eyes and smiled up into that familiar, much loved face.

“Master,” I told him seriously as he sort of lifted me out of the water and helped me to stand up again, “when you decide it’s time to train your next wild rose, you’ve got to let her use the pool.”

“Babygirl,” he replied, looking me straight in the eye. “What makes you think I’m ever going to finish training you?”

As he said it, I managed to sort of work out that this was what I’d been worrying about ever since he’d started going on about the whole swimming thing - that this was somehow going to be… like… the end of the whole thing between him and me.

I felt this… like… totally overwhelming surge of relief type stuff washing over me. “Master,” I said, “I don’t think I will ever want to leave you.”

“And, Babygirl,” he replied, “I am certain that I will never want you to go.”

I jumped on him and sort of wrapped my arms and legs round him in this totally enormous hug thing. It was only after he had started kissing me and running his hands down my back that I sort of remembered that we were both totally starkers. And, as his hands started to investigate my bottom, I sort of let myself drop back so my top half was floating on the water though, for safety’s sake, I did keep my legs wrapped around him and my hands hanging on to his shoulders.

And, for a while, he carried on exploring my bottom bits until my breath was coming in these short stabbing bursts.

But all too soon he stopped. “Enough of that, Babygirl,” he said, squidging my bottom a bit. “We need to eat.”

“Eat me, Master!” I gasped without really thinking.

He gave me one of his head on its side frowns for a second but then it kind of turned into a funny sort of a smile.

And, I guess that, if my brain had been working, I’d have been… like… much, much more suspicious of that smile.

He carried me over to the side of the pool and sat me on the edge then, sort of easing my legs apart, he started attacking my bottom bits with his tongue.

And, this time, he really did seem to want to make me do the whole exploding thing… like… as quickly as possible. ‘Maybe he really is hungry,’ I found myself sort of thinking as I collapsed back onto my arms, with my legs still dangling in the water.

As my body started to sort of open up for him, he moved his mouth to my little ‘turn on’ button and I guess he started sort of squidging fingers into me. I mean… I’m not exactly sure what he was doing down there…

But it sort of felt tighter than it had ever felt before…

And it felt like, whatever he was doing down there, it was sort of stretching me out kind of extra wide…

And I’m pretty sure that whatever it was, it ought to have felt really uncomfy…

Except that it didn’t… like… feel uncomfy. It just felt totally gooood!

And he kept sort of pumping up the whole intensity thing… and the speed… and the stretching… and well… everything.

And my head kind of lolled back… and my breath was coming in these wild sort of uncontrolled gaspy things as he drove me higher and higher… and I could feel the balloon thing starting to grow inside me. There were these funny, sharp, little sort of yelp things which I guess were probably coming from me as I got closer and closer and…

But suddenly his hands and lips and everything basically abandoned me and everything down there was… like… totally soaked by this dirty great tidal wave of freezing water. I shrieked and then just sat there… sort of gasping… for ages. I didn’t know which was worse… the desperate, yawning frustration thing… or the feeling of total… like… betrayal.

“What the…”

“Careful, Babygirl!” he sort of interrupted me in his… like… official, warning voice.

And, in spite of everything, I knew it was basically a good thing that he didn’t let me finish that sentence.

I was still gasping but somehow I kind of managed to get a little bit more control. “What do you think you are playing at?” I asked in this cold, controlled sort of a voice.

“Punishing you,” he answered. He sounded too cheerful about it for my liking… like… way too cheerful.

Without really thinking about it, one of my hands sort of slipped down towards my bits.

“Quote rule seven, Babygirl!” he instructed me sharply.

But even though he was trying to sound serious, I could hear that he was basically sort of laughing inside.

And, of course, that didn’t make me feel any better!

“The girl’s body belongs to her master, to do with as he pleases,” I quoted. It was probably the one that gave me the most trouble when I was learning the stupid things but he’d never made a big fuss about it…

Up until now!

“So, Babygirl, should I have reason to believe that you’ve been abusing my property…” he paused as he started slowly tracing a finger up and down over my bottom bits, kind of letting me know what bits of his property he was talking about… and pretty much making me scream with frustration… “we’ll be down in your bathroom with the restraints… the cold shower… and a number of toys that I think you might find… stimulating! I believe it should be possible to hold you on the cusp for well over an hour!”

“You wouldn’t!” I gasped… like… totally shocked at the idea.

Mind you, there was this weird sort of a twitch thing going off down below as he said it.

“Have I ever failed to follow through on a threat?”

I gave him as stubborn and angry a look as I could get away with. “So, why am I being punished?”

“Why don’t you see whether you can work that one out for yourself?” He sort of hoiked himself up on his arms and kind of stepped casually out of the pool - and I guess it would have been… like… a pretty impressive sight if I hadn’t basically been wanting to bite him with the whole frustration bit - then he picked me up and carried me across to the shower.

“For begging you to eat me?” I guessed. I knew he didn’t like me begging for stuff… especially the sexy-type stuff.

He managed to do his ‘very hard stare’ thing whilst turning the shower on. Any other time, I’d have been impressed.

And I suppose he was right, really. The very worst I would get for that sort of begging would be a slap on the wrist.

He started washing me in his usual sort of firm type of a way. My body sort of desperately needed more but his touch made it… like… totally clear that nothing like that was going to happen. Normally just having his hands on me like that would have me squirming in pleasure but now it left me wanting to scream with frustration.

To distract myself, I tried to work out what this was all about.

“Oh yeah!” I said as he was just finishing rinsing me off. I guess he must have noticed after all.

“Correct! ‘Oh…’ as you so astutely observe… ‘yeah!’ Now go and get yourself dried off and dressed. It shouldn’t take you too long… with just my t-shirt to put on… and a troublesome absence of underwear!”

“May I wash you?” I kind of offered with this stupid sort of coy smile thing.

“I think that, in our current situation, the word ‘can’ is more apposite,” he answered with a smile of his own. “Do you think you are capable of washing me in a non-sexual manner? And I suggest you carefully consider your response in the light of the restraints, the toys and the cold shower.”

“Maybe not,” I admitted with a bit of a snark. He sent me on my way with this not quite gentle pat on the bottom as I left him to shower by himself.

But, even though he was right, I was still pretty grumpy so I quickly dried myself off and popped the t-shirt back on. I was just on the point of sloping off downstairs when my master wandered out from under the shower.

“Stop!” he said when he saw me leaving.

I did as he told me but I guess I didn’t quite manage to totally hide my snarkiness.

“Sit!” he said, pointing to a chair.

I waited for him as he quickly toweled himself off and got himself dressed. “Two things,” he said, looming in front of me when he was done. “First, do you consider my punishment to be unfair?”

He gave me this look thing that sort of forced me to think about my answer.

“I don’t suppose so,” I answered with a sigh. “Not really. I mean… it’s not very nice but I guess it’s not really unfair.”

He sort of exploded with laughter at that. “If it was very nice, it could hardly be considered a punishment, could it?”

And I had to smile at that one too. I mean… it was basically a bit tricky to argue with his logic there!

“And secondly, rules for the pool. You never swim alone, of course, and you have to be careful on the steps down to the cellar when you’ve been in here. Those tiles can be terribly slippery with wet feet. I’ve nearly come a cropper, going down them, a couple of times.”

He squatted in front of me and lifted my feet up one at a time to dry them. When I realised I was sort of revealing myself to him in all my glory, he did his twitchy eyebrow thing. “So, shoes on, next time you come in here,” he informed me firmly.

“Yes, Master.”

“And maybe some knickers would not go amiss, Miss!” He blew sharply on my bits causing another surge thing to rip through them… and I knew it was just going to leave me even more frustrated. I sort of squirmed as my body sort of tried to both cross and spread my legs at the same time.

Then he carried me out of the conservatory thing before popping me back down on my feet.

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