To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 39 - A Short Country Walk

We went down to the ‘safe room’ bit together and made a start on lunch - baguette with raw vegetables and dips. And I guess it would have been kind of fun apart from the fact he kept doing his eyebrow thing at me which sort of fired off these extra blasts of squidge.

“Are you sitting comfortably, Babygirl?” he asked when he saw me sort of squirming in my seat at the end of the meal.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you,” I grumbled in reply.

“It just seems so perfectly apposite!” he smiled. “The teaser gets teased! If you’re a good girl, I might just… kiss it better before bedtime!” he said, doing another one of his wiggly eyebrow things.

“In the meantime…” he gave this little giggle which was… like… totally unlike him… “you’d be well advised to put some knickers on. Any more little… accidental flashes… and I might be tempted to…” he dipped a finger in the Guacamole then licked it off in such a sexy way that basically turned my bottom bits upside down… “tease you a little more!”

I felt another… like… totally unbearable surge of squidge and basically had to clamp my thighs together.

“I’ll finish off here,” he told me as I started to tidy away the dips - trying to get them out of his way, I guess. “You go and put on a few more clothes - I was going to take you out in the garden… unless you want me to spread the yogurt dip all over your nether regions and then slowly… lick… it… off…”

“Please stop it, Master,” I begged. I was pretty close to tears of frustration. “I promise I’ll be good.”

He gave me a little nod. I mean… it didn’t quite promise that he would stop altogether but it did basically tell me that he would give it a rest for now.

“And no naughtiness, Babygirl!” he cautioned me as I headed towards my bathroom. “Remember the restraints, the toys and the cold shower!”

With a shudder, I scurried off to do as I’d been told. I even put on the pair of trainers that I had hardly looked at since he’d bought them for me. There never seemed to be any point; I always preferred bare feet.

My master had finished by the time I returned and gave me a hug. “Much better,” he said. “Much…” he gave my bottom the sort of little squidge that I would have hardly noticed any other time but which now had me pressing myself into him and pretty much sinking my teeth into him in total frustration… “safer.” Then he gave my bottom this casual sort of a whack bit and led me back upstairs.

At least with the whole frustration thing that was going on, I didn’t have any problems going out of the door.

This time, he led me down the corridor to a little lobby bit at the back of the house and I got this totally weird feeling in my tummy at the thought of… like… going outside after all this time. But before I got the chance to get properly nervous, he went all ‘masterly’ on me and told me to stop and close my eyes.

I was a bit puzzled but of course I did as I was told… and he helped me to put on this coat… which was… like… totally random even for him… but then he turned me around a bit and told me to open them again.

And when I did as I was told, I found myself looking into this huge mirror… but I hardly noticed that because I suddenly saw that I was wearing this beautiful, short, black, soft leather jacket… like… totally the twin to the one he had put round my shoulders that very first evening.

I was… like… totally stunned and these tears sort of formed in my eyes and I hardly noticed that he was kind of leading me out into the garden. “How did you know I always wanted a jacket like this?” I managed to ask at last.

“I saw the look in your eyes when you were sitting in the car, stroking mine,” he explained. “Your feelings on the matter were unambiguous!”

I grabbed him round the tummy and held him tight for a very long time as I thought about everything that had happened since that evening all those weeks… well, months… before… about how he had totally… like… changed my life… in fact, about how he had totally changed me.

“Thank you, Master,” I managed to say at last. “Not just for the jacket but for… like… everything.”

“My pleasure, Babygirl,” he replied as he wrapped me up in his arms and snuggled me tight for a bit longer.

But at last he sort of squidged my bottom and broke the mood and I could look around.

His garden was basically enormous - more like a park, really. There was this huge neat lawn bit with plants and flowers and stuff round it and then it seemed to go on into these… like… meadows and woods and stuff. In fact there were so many trees around us that I couldn’t see any other houses or roads or anything.

He led me across the lawn and through one of the meadowy bits to a spot where the trees weren’t quite so close together so you could sort of see out. There was this bench and we sat down together and just enjoyed the lovely view for a while.

We were up on this kind of a ridge bit, looking down into a little valley with a road sort of winding along it and, when I followed the road with my eyes, I thought I basically recognised it… but I couldn’t quite place it.

We sat there quietly for a while but I guess that the whole being outside thing made me think about things I’d not thought about in a long time. “I’d sort of like to know how my mum is getting on,” I said before I realised that maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that sort of thing.

He put a hand gently on my leg, sort of telling me that I was allowed to worry about her. “Nothing much has changed with regards to her situation,” he told me. “Except that she’s now receiving an anonymous grocery delivery every week.”

I put my arms around him and hugged him for that. I knew that I was never really going to be able to help her - I mean… in the end, she was only ever going to be able to sort herself out - but it was still kind of nice to know that he was doing what he could to… like… take care of her for me.

We sat together in silence for a while, sort of enjoying the lovely view, but then Mr M had to remove a finger from my mouth. He kissed the naughty hand and then held it tight so it couldn’t misbehave again!

That was a bit odd; I thought he’d pretty much manage to break my whole disgusting fingernail chewing thing!

“Are you feeling a touch nervous then?” my master asked.

When I thought about it, there was something distinctly odd about being outside after being shut up in those few rooms for so long. “I do sort of feel a bit… well… uncomfortable.”

“And that’s not just what’s going on inside your underwear?” he teased gently.

“Master!” I tried to slap him playfully with my free hand but he caught that one too and sort of pulled me up, onto his lap. I cuddled my head into his shoulder and put my arms around his neck while he stroked my back gently and gave me a couple of Babygirl type kisses on the top of my head.

And, in spite of the whole ‘being outside’ thing, I felt really safe.

We sat like that for a couple of minutes and then, because I felt so totally snuggly and safe with him, I said, “I wish you were my daddy.”

I was a bit hurt when he did his ‘exploding with laughter’ thing at that one but then he explained, “There are certain aspects of our physical relationship that would not be entirely appropriate if I were your biological father!”

“Oh yeah, I sort of forgot.”

“I rather suspected you might have!”

After another couple of minutes I was just starting to sort of feel uncomfortable again when my master asked, “Back inside?”

“Sorry, if you don’t mind.”

“No problem,” he answered. “I didn’t think you’d last this long. We’ll do the same thing tomorrow for a bit longer. Maybe take a stroll round the rest of the grounds.”

As we walked back towards the house, I had this proper view of the place for the first time. “You live in a mansion,” I sort of blurted out.

“Technically it’s a Manor House and so I’m the Lord of the Manor!” he said with a smile. “The title comes with the house,” he explained when I gave him my confused puppy look.

“Are you really rich then?” I sort of asked without thinking.

He reached down and gave my bottom a bit of a squidge to sort of remind me that I wasn’t supposed to ask that kind of question but then said, “That software package has been really quite successful in predicting the short term price movements of certain commodities so, yes, by most people standards, I am moderately wealthy.”

I guess it was a bit… like… totally obvious really, when I thought about it - there just didn’t seem to be all that much point in thinking about that sort of stuff when I was shut up, down in his cellar.

“So, would you like the guided tour of the rest of the house?” he asked when we had made it back into the safety of the lobby bit and were taking our shoes and coats off.

“Yes, please!” Now we were back in the house, I was feeling much more comfortable. I jumped up at him, wrapped my arms and legs around him and gave him a sort of mega hug.

He hugged me back and it was all sort of lovely. I guess I was just relieved to be back inside.

But then I sort of started accidentally nibbling at his neck…

I mean… just a bit…

And he slipped a hand inside my jeans and started stroking gently over my bottom… and because I was still pretty wound up from earlier, he soon had me melting in his hands again.

“You seem to be forgetting, Babygirl…” he was now scratching a fingernail along the central crack bit through the thin material of my knickers and I was much more interested in what he was doing than what he was saying… “that you are still in trouble for your earlier…” he suddenly did his raspberry thing into my neck… making me squeak and totally breaking the mood… “misdemeanors.”

And I was about to get… like… totally grumpy with him when he said, “Babygirl, remember restraints… toys… and the consequences of any surliness.”

And, for some reason I cannot possibly imagine, that thought seemed to send this small tidal wave of squidge down into my knickers and I sort of wanted to… like… scream in total frustration. But knowing that it would probably result in another ten hours of sexy-type torture stuff was quite enough to make me behave.

“You’re really horrible to me!” I said… but I did make sure my voice stayed all sort of light and bouncy.

“Yep,” he agreed. He even did the stupid popping ‘p’ thing.

I pretty much wanted to bite him for that!

“Come on, Babygirl,” he said, taking my hand. “Let’s go and have a look around the house before you get yourself into even more trouble.”

And he put a worrisome amount of stress on the word more!

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