To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 4 - Testing the Limits

He was back again when I woke the next morning. Even though I still had his stupid blindfold thing on, I could still sort of tell he was there… maybe I could just hear his breathing.

At least, I hope that he was back again. Having him sitting next to me the whole night would have just been too creepy…

As if there wasn’t plenty of creepiness about the whole thing anyway.

“Good morning, Babygirl,” he said when he saw I was awake. “The earth says hello.”

I didn’t have a clue what to make of that so I just ignored it.

I had no idea what sort of time it was but it felt like much-too-early o’clock and I sort of wanted to be grumpy at him but he started running his hand through my hair and it kind of put me off. I stretched and squirmed… sort of enjoying the contact. I’d been pretty much ignored for most of my life so this casual, friendly sort of attention made a nice change.

But then my sort of inner Ro bit reminded me about how wrong the whole thing was and about how I was meant to be thinking about escaping… but it didn’t take me long to work out that I was going to have to play along with him for a while… at least until he allowed me a bit more freedom.

But I must have flinched back from him a bit, because he said, “You’ve just been thinking naughty thoughts, haven’t you? Were you, by any chance, thinking about running away?”

There was this… like… sudden sinking feeling in my stomach and I sort of froze in panic. Git Features seemed to know exactly what I was thinking! What did I have to tell him to avoid another one of his horrible punishments?

“Answer me, Babygirl,” he told me, firmly but with no anger. “You won’t be punished for telling the truth but you will be punished for lying.” His hand continued its stroking and he must have felt me trembling.

“Yes, Master,” I said at last. “I was thinking about running away.” I was sort of praying that I could trust him but I knew I basically didn’t have any choice. I already knew he could tell when I was lying.

“Good, Babygirl,” he said and I could hear his smile. “Thank you for telling me the truth. As I said, you will not be punished for telling the truth. I promise that you will never be punished for that.”

I was… like… so relieved that I felt this funny sort of wave of warmth spreading over me and, without thinking about it, I kind of found myself sort of rubbing my head against his hand.

“You will, of course, not be allowed to run away and you will be punished severely if you do anything so silly as to try.”

I did vaguely wonder why he was talking to me like a six year old… I guess that’s just another one for the ever expanding ‘things that are pissing me off’ file.

“That’s one of the rules that you’re going to have to learn today,” he told me but I was having a bit of… like… difficulty concentrating on what he was saying because, as he spoke, he had started gently rubbing my back. For some reason, this was sending funny tingly type waves through my body.

“Enough of that,” he said suddenly, patting me firmly on my bottom and breaking the spell. “We’ve got lots to do today; we have to start getting you trained up. Now, before we start the day, I want you to shower and to shave all the hair off your body…”

I managed to stop myself from saying anything but he must have noticed me reacting to his words. “Babygirl!” he said and there was no mistaking the warning in his voice.

I froze. For a moment I thought he might hit me.

But I quickly managed to work out that’s not what he’s like… he’s much more… like… controlled than that. “What do you think will happen if you show signs of willfulness?” he asked.

I could guess the answer to that one. “You’ll punish me, Master.” As I spoke, I could sort of hear the whole defeat and resignation thing in my voice and I hated it… like… totally hated it. “But you can’t make me…” I sort of trailed off. I didn’t even want to say it.

“If you think about it, I have you completely in my power, Babygirl. I can make you do anything I want.”

I’d been doing such a good job of keeping my inner Ro bottled up but that was just too much for her. “Then why don’t you just get on and fuck me?” I snapped. “That’s what this whole thing is all about, isn’t it?”

He was quiet for a moment and I sort of froze. What had my stupid mouth done now?

“I would not normally answer any questions of that sort…” he answered at last, “and certainly not tolerate one asked in that manner… but I recognise that you are frightened so, on this occasion, I am going to be…” he left a bit of a pause thing… “exceptionally understanding.”

I let out the breath I had been holding. I had not talked myself into one of his horrible punishments.

“Firstly, I do not… ‘fuck’,” he told me.

I sort of flinched when I heard him saying that word in his posh accent… and I sort of knew that I wouldn’t be using it again… and it wasn’t just because he was sort of letting me know that he was going to get… like… seriously stroppy about it… there was a bit of that going on but it was more than that. I could tell that he was sort of disappointed at me for using that stupid word.

And, for some sort of crazy reason that I didn’t understand, I didn’t want to disappoint him like that.

It was almost as if what he thought mattered to me.

“I can promise you,” he went on, “that I have no intention of abusing you in that manner.”

And, for some reason I didn’t even nearly understand, I believed him. I thought about this for a moment and then sort of exploded, “Then why have you got me locked up in your stupid dungeon?”

He laughed at that… and it wasn’t even an evil laugh. It sounded all sort of warm and friendly. “You’re not in a dungeon…”

“It sounds like one!” I interrupted. But now that I was saying it out loud, even I could hear that I sounded… like… stupid.

“If you think about it, I gave you a couple of warm showers last night. I don’t believe that even the most sophisticated of modern dungeons come with hot and cold running water.”

I guess he was right. I mean… I… like… kind of hated him for it but he was right.

“You’re in a bathroom,” he went on, “and as long as you behave yourself, you’ll get to take the blindfold off in a little while and be able to see it for yourself.”

“And what are all these sicko punishments about?” I asked.

“Punishments, because we both know you would not do as you’re told without some sort of incentive; stress position punishments, because I really rather like you and I have no wish to cause you significant harm.”

He gave me a couple of seconds to think about this but then asked, “Are those all your questions for now?”

“I guess,” I answered.

“In that case, before we go any further, we need to clarify the tone in which you address me. Firstly, you are not to raise your voice and, secondly, I am certainly not prepared to tolerate any more of that sort of unladylike language from you. Do I make myself abundantly clear?”

“Whatever…” I responded without thinking. I guess after the little talk, I was… like… a tiny bit less frightened of him.

“Girl!” he said. “I’ve been very indulgent with you so far this morning but that is stopping right now. Any more insubordination and you will be punished.”

His voice had gone cold but the Ro bit of me could hear he was not quite as cross as he was pretending to be.

So maybe she hesitated a moment too long before giving him the, “Yes, Master,” answer he expected.

And she might just have added a tiny bit of a sarcastic tone to it, too.

Sometimes I just don’t understand that bit of me - the Ro bit. I sort of knew that I was… like… letting her get me into trouble but I just couldn’t stop her. I guess I was basically still pretty pissed off about the whole thing, especially the shaving bit.

And, besides, if he wants to enjoy my sparkling company, he shouldn’t wake me up so early!

“I’m afraid you leave me no choice but to punish you again,” he said. “Give me your wrists.”

“Shan’t!” I snapped back at him and I obstinately kept my arms by my sides. At least I had the common sense not to attack him again. I mean… I was grumpy with him but I wasn’t… like… totally stupid.

“Girl,” he said, still in his calm, controlled voice… I really wished that I could get him angry… like… just the once. “You still have one ankle that is attached to a steel cable which runs over a hook in the ceiling to a winch. What do you think is going to happen if I wind in that cable?”

I only had to think about that for about half a second before I did as I was told. I mean, I didn’t know what he had in store for me but it probably wasn’t as bad as being dangled upside down by an ankle. With the, now hated, electrical whir, I was pulled into his latest torture position. My wrists were fastened together behind my back and pulled upwards until I was forced to bend over… and then higher and higher until I was forced to stand on tip-toes again.

He moved around until he was squatting down in front of me and started rubbing his hand through my hair. “You were deliberately testing the limits of my patience, weren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” I admitted with a bit of a sigh. It wasn’t as if I had much choice.

And anyway, I guess it was true, really.

“Well, I can assure you that your test was successful. You have determined what that limit is, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” I guess he was right on that one too.

“And you’re about to find out that the consequences of overstepping that limit are really rather unpleasant, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” I guess that, sooner or later, I was going to have to learn to control Ro’s stupid, big mouth.

“Do you promise to be very much more careful in future?”

“Yes, Master.” I gave another sigh. I could sort of hear that he wasn’t… like… properly cross with me this time and I should probably try to keep it like that!

“To avoid the necessity of further painful experimentation… the next time you are deliberately insolent, you will be put into this position.”

He hoisted my arms a little bit higher so my toes were hardly touching the floor and I felt like a roast chicken having its wings ripped off. I let out a yelp and gasped at the pain. He left me like that for several seconds and I felt myself starting to whimper.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Master,” I gasped. “Please… I’m sorry.”

“But on this occasion…” He eased off the tension in the cable a little bit so at least the balls of my feet were on the floor.

“On this occasion, I believe a gentle caution will suffice so I shall be lenient with you. You can just ‘hang around’ like this for a short while. I strongly recommend that you use the opportunity to carefully consider your attitude and behaviour.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,” I gasped. I mean, it was a bit less painful but my shoulders and calves were already starting to burn

Of course, as he walked away, he couldn’t resist giving me a sharp slap on the bottom. I guess, to be fair to him, it was pretty much perfectly presented for his slapping pleasure.

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