To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 40 - Lord of the Manor

He led me into this really grand sort of living room thing at the front of the house. It looked as if it belonged in a palace or something. There was a shiny wooden floor and the walls were a beautiful shade of pale blue with these really pretty white coloured, framing type bits and there was this amazing chandelier type thing in the middle of the ceiling. The sofas and armchairs and curtains and things all matched and everything but somehow…

He let me wander around the room for a bit and then asked me what I thought of it.

“It’s amazing…” I answered, “like… really beautiful, but…” he had taught me to tell the truth so he was going to have to live with it… “it doesn’t look… well… terribly… like… comfy.”

He leaned down and gave me a little kiss on that special spot on my neck making me all sort of squirm. “Thank you for telling the truth,” he said. “This is the formal reception room. I mostly use it for business meetings and that sort of thing.”

I gave a little nod. I guess that sort of worked.

Across, on the other side of the entrance hall, there was this incredible dining room that kind of matched the reception room. The beautiful, long dining table was made of some amazing wood that seemed to sort of glow with a reddy colour through the brown. It looked as if it was big enough for about a million people. And of course all the chairs matched.

“I could imagine having one of our posh dinners in here,” I told him without thinking.

“And our sherry in the reception room beforehand?” he suggested.

I had to have a little think about that then nodded. “Yeah. That would work.”

Then he led me through to the back of the house and showed me into what he called the lounge. And I much preferred this one to that stuffy room at the front. There were two sort of full length window things that looked like they might open up as doors and they had this totally amazing view out over that wonderful garden. It even had a fireplace - a proper fireplace by the look of things - there was certainly a basket of proper logs next to it. And on either side of it was this pair of sort of upright armchairs that looked just… like… totally perfect for reading.

The carpet felt like you were walking on pillows and best of all was this wonderful looking sofa. It was about a mile long and stretched in an L-shape round half the room. “This is more like it,” I said as I let myself sort of collapse back onto it and, even when I tried stretching out full length I couldn’t reach the corner.

“Babygirl!” my master said. He sounded… like… totally shocked. Then I realised.

In my excitement at the whole new house thing, I’d sort of… like… totally forgotten about the ‘not on the furniture without permission’ bit.

I sort of tumbled off the sofa and collapsed into my kow-tow thing.

My master said nothing for a bit but I could hear him sitting down on the sofa close to my head.

“Head up,” he said at last and I was pretty relieved to hear that he wasn’t properly grumpy. “Come here.”

He pointed to a spot next to the sofa and I crawled across to join him. “Do you have anything to say?” he asked as his hand started to play through my hair.

“I’m sorry, Master,” I said but he had started to… like… run a finger sort of down my spine and it was making it really tricky to… like… concentrate. But I took a deep breath and kind of forced myself to go on. “In my excitement at the new house, I’m afraid I forgot about the furniture aspect of rule four.” I even managed to do the talking posh bit. I knew he liked that

“I see,’ he replied as his finger reached the top of my jeans and worked its way inside. “Then I shall be at pains to remind you…” His whole hand was inside my jeans now, sort of rubbing over my bottom… “in… excruciating… detail tonight.”

“Master,” I protested, “you’re enjoying this!”

“This evening, I’m going to have this succulent body naked and splayed out before me…” he explained as he carried on gently rubbing my bottom. I guess it was probably a good thing I was wearing knickers or there’d basically be a puddle on the floor by now or something… “utterly at my mercy… to subject to every depraved and twisted fantasy my warped imagination may foster… for just as long as I wish…”

He smiled down at me before adding, “What’s not to like?”

And, even though I knew he was sort of teasing, it just didn’t seem right that he should be enjoying that sort of idea quite as much as he was.

But, then again, I kind of guess that I basically shouldn’t have been enjoying it quite as much either!

“Come on, then,” he said, giving my bottom one last squidge. “Let’s go and take a look upstairs. He led me back to the entrance hall thing then up that magnificent carved wooden staircase to this corridor bit on the first floor. “This,” he announced, showing me in through the first door, “is going to be for you.”

The room was basically perfect for me - not too big… and quite simply but stylishly decorated… but there were enough cushions and frilly type stuff to show it was a girly sort of a room. There were cupboards and wardrobes and a dressing table with all sorts of slightly frightening-looking make-up type stuff and there was a mini shower room just for me! There was even a book shelf with quite a few interesting books already waiting for me and this serious looking desk bit for me to work at.

But, even though it was so… like… totally lovely, I couldn’t help feeling a tiny bit disappointed when I managed to work out that I wouldn’t be sleeping in the same room as my master…

But, if that was what he wanted, I was going to be a good babygirl for him and not complain.

“And, as this is your room, you set the rules in here,” he explained. “So you may use the furniture and so on without permission and I would not normally come in here unless invited.”

“Thank you, Master,” I replied. I guess that was a nice surprise.

Then he led me to the far end of the corridor and showed me his room - clean, efficient and… like… totally tidy. I mean… I wouldn’t really have expected anything else from him.

Then he led me back down the corridor to a door that was in between the two. “And this,” he announced, opening the door, “is our room.”

I stood there, sort of… like… totally stunned for a bit. Of course he’d known exactly what I was thinking when he showed me my own room first… in fact… I bet he’d done it on purpose!

That’s the sort of man he is!

Mean and cruel and nasty and horrible…

And… like… totally lovely!

I put my arms round his tummy and hugged him

And then I looked around our room.

It was beautiful… totally… like… open and airy with huge windows looking out over the garden. It had this bit of a chinesey type feel or something going on and the first things that caught my eye were a couple of pictures on the wall - one was a tree and the other was a landscape… and they were both drawn with only about a dozen black lines on white paper and I couldn’t get my head around the way that the artist had managed to tell me so much about it all with just a couple of… like… simple lines.

Then I looked at the bed which was huge but quite low on a sort of shiny, black, wooden platform thing. And next to it was pretty much the only other bit of furniture in the room - this sort of wooden cabinet with drawers and cupboards. Like the bed, it was painted this beautiful shiny black with little splashes of colour on the front which, when you looked at them right, sort of turned into a picture of some birds.

“It contains some of the toys I warned you about earlier,” Mr M explained simply, when he saw me looking, “for when you’ve been very bad… or very good! You are not to investigate on your own.”

I think I might have given a little bit of a groan at that thought as my tummy tied itself in knots… particularly when I realised what the brass rings that were fastened around the bed were for.

And I’d thought they were just decorations!

Silly me!

By the time I had recovered, he had opened up a sort of door type window and guided me out onto a little balcony that was just big enough for a couple of chairs and a small table.

He invited me to sit and we sat together for a long time, enjoying the wonderful view out over the garden.

And, in the calm, I finally managed to work out what had been puzzling me since he’d been showing me round. “Master,” I said, “if you don’t mind me asking…”

“Ask away!” he smiled.

“You have such a lovely home. Why do you spend so much time downstairs in the cellar?”

“Two reasons,” he explained. “Firstly, I’ve always kept my office and computer system down there for security reasons. “I could probably sort that out now with a secure communications link but, up until now, it’s never been enough of a priority.”

I nodded. That sort of made sense.

“And secondly, up until today, that’s where I’ve been keeping my most prized possession…”

He paused for just a moment, giving me the chance to demonstrate my world famous ‘confused puppy’ look.

“Though this is all very pleasant in its own way,” he went on, “I still wouldn’t swap it for the company of my babygirl!”

And when I finally managed to work out what he was going on about, I stepped around the table, sat on his lap, put my arms round his neck and we just sort of snuggled for a while until, at last, we were disturbed by the buzz of his phone. He sort of nodded an apology to me then plucked it out of his pocket. “Ah!” he said, “Dinner is on its way! Go on back down into the safe room. I’m sure that, for tonight at least, you’ll feel more comfortable eating back down there.”

I hadn’t thought about it but he was probably right. It didn’t feel too bad, up here in the house, particularly when I was all snuggled up on his lap like this, but I did sort of like the idea of going back down for a bit.

He gave me this lovely little kiss on the cheek and then popped me back down on my feet.

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