To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 42 - Time to Meet Mr Buzzy

There was another little whirr and my legs were lifted up until they were pointing pretty much straight up in the air… and then a bit further so that my bottom was sort of lifted right up off the bed. I guess it was a bit uncomfy for a bit but then he lowered me back down and I found that he had stuffed some sort of firm cushion under my lower back…

And then my legs were sort of pulled wide apart!

And I basically totally tensed up… kind of waiting to see what he was about to do to me next. I guess I was basically holding my breath…

But he just sort of stepped away for a bit… kind of whistling gently under his breath… and it gave me the chance to think about how terribly, terribly exposed my bottom was now…

I could hear him unlocking something… I bet it was that cupboard under the sink… the ‘you’ll find out when the time is right’ cupboard.

I guess that meant that the time was right… like… right now.

Uh oh!

And, when he came back, he basically started exploring my bottom with his hand and, with all the feeling exposed type stuff, the resistance thing that my body had been trying to do at the thought of the punishment to come was starting to… like… melt away.

And then his hand was kind of drifting upwards, stroking gently over my bits… and then it sort of settled with, I think, his palm over my neatly shaved bump and one finger sort of reaching down to kind of stroke gently over my little pleasure button.

And I gave this sort of sigh as my body sort of totally gave in… I guess it kind of accepted that he could do anything he wanted with me… take me up into any sort of state he wanted… leave me there for as long as he wanted…

And there was nothing I could do about it.


Suddenly there was this sort of intense, stingy pain type thing across my bottom…

And as my hips tried to jump up at the shock, he just sort of gave me a bit of a squeeze down there and held me down.

And it felt as if he’d just turned on the squidginess tap in my bits… and all the whole arousal stuff that he’d been so carefully building up in me since the my ‘no knickers flash’ thing that morning, sort of came gushing out of me.


Another one of the stingy little explosions of pleasure-type pain… I had no idea what he was whacking me with down there but it certainly wasn’t his hand…

And then his hand dropped a bit lower… so that there were a couple of fingers running backwards and forwards just inside my soggy folds…


This time he didn’t bother to hold me down… he just let my whole jumping hip thing sort of squidge his fingers deeper inside me… I gave a little squeaky gasp of shock and… well… probably pleasure too as he did it.


I was sort of driving him deeper inside me with every one… and I think he was doing his stretching me thing with his fingers… and…


And I was sort of starting to lose count… and lose control of my body… and my eyes were closed inside my blindfold… particularly when…


Particularly when he started to kind of stroke me from the inside… and then he found this special spot that did its own whole new amazing kind of firework thing… and I was gasping…


And my hips were starting to do their own surgy type thing… and I could feel the whole sort of balloon thing building up inside me and…


But suddenly his fingers were gone… and my bits felt all sort of empty and lonely… and the whole balloon thing that had been building up so nicely inside me sort of collapsed leaving me all kind of desperate and frustrated…


I mean… the whacks were quite nice in a wildly painful sort of a way… but they just weren’t going to cut it without his fingers inside me or something… and they…


They were just leaving me even more frustrated.

And then his mouth was on one of my breasts and there was something… probably a finger and thumb… working away at my little pleasure button… and even though my brain was starting to have a horrible suspicion about where this was all going, it no longer had any sort of control over my body which was just sort of relaxing back into the experience, kind of desperate for more.

And then he was back, doing his appreciating my body thing with his hands and mouth and teeth… and I could tell that he wasn’t in any sort of hurry… but he was gradually building me up to another one of the brain numbing explosion things. And I was… like… totally helpless to resist…

And then his mouth was on that special point on my neck doing its kissy nibbly sort of thing which was making my breathing quicken… and then he sort of half bit down on me which made everything down below sort of clench together… but when I did, I realised that there was something inside me again… and that was making the whole clenching bit feel more intense…

Like… much more…

And another of his bite type things… and this time, he was deeper…

And deeper…

And even though my brain was sort of trying to fight it, the whole balloon thing was starting to build up again…

And building…


So close!

And then he was gone again.

And I could hear him walking away… and he was doing his whistling thing again… and, frustratingly - in amongst the whole dirty great mountains of other frustrations, I sort of recognised the tune but couldn’t quite work out what it was.


I could basically tell that my master was collecting something else from the cupboard under the sink… one of those toys he’d warned me about, I guess!

Uh oh!

“Time,” he said, “for you to meet Mr Buzzy.” And I could hear the smile in his voice.

Double uh oh!

There was this quiet buzzing noise from over by the washbasin but then it gradually drew closer… and closer… and at last it moved in between my legs… and everything down there basically totally tensed up… as I got more and more sort of nervous.

And my legs would have been clamped firmly together… but I was basically totally splayed open for his buzzing attention… so all I could do was lie there and groan and twitch… like… totally exposed and totally vulnerable.

And then Mr Buzzy touched me

It felt like I’d been stung by a bee…

But in a good way.

I let out this shriek and my hips sort of leapt wildly in the air

Another touch… another shriek… another of the wild spasm things…

And another… and another…

And then, for a bit, he just used it to play with my squidgy bits down there… and every time he touched it against me, there was another shriek and another sort of the wild spasm things from my hips…. I just couldn’t help it. I just didn’t have any sort of control over my body any more.

And then he was easing the thing just inside me… and I was doing this funny growling thing as this whole wave of pleasure threatened to… like… totally overwhelm me… and my breathing started to quicken… and I was getting so close and…

But, when my master saw how close I was, he whipped the thing away!

And, as he started playing it gently along my inner thighs, my breathing came back a bit more under control… but that wasn’t what he wanted either and he moved it back in towards my bits again.

And even though I knew it was just going to end in total frustration, the pressure shot back up to explosion level again.

I have no idea how long he kept the whole thing going… it was as if he wanted to hold me just short of my peak… like… basically forever! I knew I was supposed to be being punished… and I was trying to suck it up, like a good babygirl, for him… but at last it all got too much for me. “Oh stop it, please, Master,” I gasped.

“Oh, OK,” he said. He turned the Mr Buzzy thing off with a sharp click.

“No, I mean, don’t stop. I mean go…”

“Sorry, Babygirl. According to the terms of rule eleven, you’re only allowed to say ‘stop’, not ‘go’.” I could hear the smile in his voice as he said it. He turned the thing back on.

But I had gone way past the point of logic. “Please, Master,” I begged. “PLEASE!”

“First… we need to… conclude… our discussion on the… vexed… matter of… Babygirl trying to… tease… her… master… sexually…” And, with every one of his little pauses, he sort of nudged his horribly wonderful Mr Buzzy thing against a different bit of my body: toes, earlobes, breasts, belly button… pretty much everywhere, I guess, except for my squidgy bits that were kind of wildly screaming out for their release.

“I’m sorry, Master, I won’t do it again. I promise.”

“I don’t think you will,” he said. Now it felt as if he was using the thing to smear my squidge along my groove sort of all the way round to my bottom. “Because if you do, I’m going to put this little toy here…” he laid it along my slit with its tip just touching my most sensitive little button…. and then he left it there for a couple of seconds until my body was just on the point of convulsing when he whipped it away again.

“Aah!” I gasped. I just… like… totally needed to squeeze my thighs together… or press myself onto something… or, preferably, have him put the thing back where it belonged. But it was all impossible. I was… like… totally in his power.

“Put my toy there,” he went on, “and leave it there until you have written a five hundred word essay on why you shouldn’t tease…” another momentary touch had my hips spasming off the bed, “your master.”

I mean… that was just totally stupid; I couldn’t be expected to think in that state, let alone write.

I managed to work out that it wasn’t a terribly good idea to tell him, though.

“Now you say it,” he told me, rubbing the thing gently at the entrance to my wrong hole… which seemed to have attracted more than its fair share of the squidge.

And, when I say, ‘the wrong hole’, at the time, it felt awfully, dreadfully, horribly right.

“If I tease my Master again he will… aah!” I guess he’d sort of eased the thing gently inside me. I would have expected it to hurt like mad but in fact it did just the opposite. It sent this wild spasm of some sort of pleasure type stuff shooting from back to front. I gasped for a bit as I tried to pull my head back together enough to get some words out. “He will put his toy on me and… aah…” another little prod… another little explosion… “get me to write…” prod… “a five hundred… word essay… on why I shouldn’t… tease him.”

He stepped away for a couple of seconds, whistling that same stupid tune quietly under his breath. ‘Vivaldi,’ I thought and was pretty shocked at myself… firstly because I recognised Vivaldi… and secondly, because I was… like… able to recognise anything at all in that state.

“Very good,” he said as he started stroking the thing gently along my inner lips with just enough pressure to bring me back up to the brink. “Do you think you have sufficiently learnt your lesson?”

It seemed to take… like… basically forever before I could get my head back together enough to talk. He was making it really tricky by using Mr Buzzy to trace this line thing up and down my bits. “Yes, Master,” I managed to gasp at last.

“In that case…” he put a hand firmly on my neatly shaved bump and blew sharply on my bits. As my hips jumped wildly upwards, I sort of squidged myself into his hand kicking off this desperate sort of double gasp thing. “Would you like me to finish off what I started this morning, down in the pool?”

“Yes…” another blow… another double gasp… “please…” another… “Master.”

He applied his mouth to me and this time it felt as if he was sticking his tongue right inside me. Within seconds, the wave began to break over me and, as it did, my master applied Mr Buzzy to my special sweet spot.

And, for a long, long time, nothing else mattered. I

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