To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 44 - My Face In The Water

With that thought, my master led me back to the house and straight to the pool. And in no time, I’d undressed and let him do his ‘no face, jumping in’ thing with me.

The day before, he had basically let me get away with my whole washing machine thing in the pool but not this time. He went back to doing his normal sort of mega fussy thing and had me working away with floats and stuff so I could think about the stroke and everything! And he wouldn’t even let me do my favourite ‘hanging around in the shallow end’ bit so I was… like… totally pooped by the time he let me stop.

But then he did the lovely floaty thing with me again… except this time he let go of me … like… completely let go and… amazingly… I just carried on floating. I lay back, eyes closed, just sort of… well… like… sort of floating in the delicious experience. I did have a tiny bit of a panic thing when I started trying to work out how I was ever going to get back up on my own but, when I opened my eyes, he was hovering just above me and, when he saw me looking, he sort of eased my face out of the water and kissed me on the lips. Then he helped me up and I wrapped myself around him and gave him an enormous hug.

He snuggled me for a bit then he squidged my bottom to get my attention. “Do you trust me, Babygirl?” he asked.

“Of course.” That really wasn’t one of his trickier questions.

“Then I’m going to hold your hands and you are going to put your face in the water for me. I won’t let you go.”

“My face?” It sounded like a totally stupid idea.

He nodded.

“In the water?” I basically couldn’t believe he was asking me to do this.

“It’s a trifle tricky to go snorkeling without!”

“You’ll be here?”

He popped me back down on my feet in front of him and took hold of both my hands so he was looking into my eyes.

“I will not let go of your hands,” he promised me.

“But…” I sort of spluttered… but I couldn’t think of any sensible reason why I shouldn’t.

“You are going to trust me and you are going to do it for me, Babygirl.” It was his master’s voice. I don’t know what it was about that voice but it basically went straight through to the very heart of me. I sort of had no choice but to obey when he was using that voice on me.

Even if it meant doing something totally stupid… like sticking my head under water!

“OK, Master,” I heard myself answering.

I mean… I basically didn’t believe it but I sort of heard myself saying it

So I leaned forward, with my nose just above the surface of the water, and I was pretty much trembling with fear.

“It’s OK, Babygirl,” he said in his quiet, calm, ‘I am totally in control of the situation’ voice. “I’ve got you. You know that you can trust me completely.”

And he must have hypnotised me or something because I closed my mouth and eyes and nose and everything… and then I just did it!

I just… like… stuck my face into the water!

Bursting back out, I was totally… like… WOW!


I was just… well… basically amazed at myself… at what I had managed to do… at what my trust in my master had let me do, I guess. I sort of grabbed him and he grabbed me and he lifted me out of the water and sort of twizzled me round like a helicopter!

“Well done, Babygirl,” he said, setting me back on my feet and looking straight in my eyes… sort of straight into my heart. “I am so proud of you. I really do truly recognise what an enormous psychological barrier that was for you.”

He allowed me a couple of seconds to get my head back together and then said, “So, do you think you can manage three seconds?”

I looked at him as if he was… like… totally mad but I sort of guessed that, if I could manage half a second, three couldn’t really be all that much worse!

So he took both my hands and gave me another one of his ‘you trust me’ smiles.

And this time it didn’t feel anything like as scary as I ducked my face under the water… and I held it there as my master bopped our hands up and down for a count of three - and I even managed to hold it there for another couple of bops.

“Well done, Babygirl,” he said… like… totally squidging me again. “If you can manage twenty, I’ll sit you on the side of the pool and finish what I started yesterday.”

I mean… who could resist an offer like that?

“Take a deep breath,” he reminded me as I got myself ready.

So I did as I was told and then stuck my head in the water again.

And this time there wasn’t even a tiny little bit of panic… basically it all felt pretty much under control.

In fact, I was so totally relaxed that, after a bit, my eyes kind of drifted open. I mean… I’d never really thought about it before but you can sort of see alright under the water. And then I noticed that one of the things I could see was Mr M… and that he didn’t have any trunks on… and that I basically wasn’t an awfully long way away from… well… from him… and he looked all… like… shriveled up and tiny compared with when he’d been in the bath!

And, for some reason, on the count of twenty, I just had to duck down towards him and give him a tiny little kiss.

But then I came up all coughing and spluttering. Giggling under water, I learnt, is not a terribly good idea.

“Babygirl!” he said when I had remembered how to breathe again. I mean… he was a little bit shocked but I could tell that he basically thought it was pretty funny too and that he wasn’t… like… properly grumpy! He kind of hoiked me out of the water, chucked me over his shoulder, trapped my two hands and carried me to the side, whacking my bare bottom as we went.

Then he sat me on the edge and eased my legs apart.

“I hope that wasn’t meant to be a tease, Babygirl,” he said. He was still sort of trying to sound grumpy but he wasn’t doing a very good job of it!

“No, Master,” I said, using my best ‘sweet and innocent little girl’ voice with the whole ‘exaggerated head shake and eyes wide open’ thing. “He was just there and he looked all sad and lonely and I wanted to give him an ’icle kith.” I even put on this bit of a lisp thing for him. It was… like… totally sad and pathetic, I know, but it was sort of making him laugh and, if it was going to get me out of trouble, it was basically worth giving it a go.

“Are you sure, Babygirl?” he asked… and then he did this blowing on me thing.

And somehow the cold of his blowing on my wet bits combined with the heat that was sort of building up down there and did this really funny kind of a thing to me and basically left me gasping. I sort of tried to say “Yeth Mathter,” but it basically came out as this funny high pitched squeak. The whole ‘little girl’ thing was starting to slip a bit!

“And you’re going to jump in the pool tomorrow?”

Another gust of wind; another squeak.

“Yeth, Mathter!”

“Is there anything you wouldn’t agree to, just at the moment?”

Another one.

“Can’t fink of anyfing, Mathter.”

“Very well, then. I shall… on this occasion… choose to give you the benefit of the doubt.”

“Tank u!” I gasped but then his mouth came down on my bits and I basically stopped being that sweet and innocent little girl.

When he was done, he carried me over to the shower and washed me and it was all lovely and cuddly.

And then I tried to wash him but I kept on getting distracted so he gave me a whack on the bottom and sent me across to one of the seats to wait for him.

And, probably to get my mind off sexy type thoughts, he started telling me about the ‘German institution’ of ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’… afternoon tea, I suppose you’d call it in English.

And I was just scurrying away to go and put the kettle on when I was sort of frozen in my tracks by the word, “Stop!”

And I didn’t even have to look round to know I was in… like… proper trouble… and even though I didn’t know why, his tone was enough to have me in my kow-tow before I had a chance to think.

He left me like that whilst he finished his shower and, when he was done, he said, “Head up!”

And even the fact that he was still naked did nothing to make the whole thing any less… like… serious.

“Do you know why you are in trouble?” he asked. He wasn’t angry but he was very, very firm.

“No, Master. I’m sorry.”

“Then have a think about it. We discussed the matter only yesterday.” He turned away and started to get dressed.

And, with that clue, it only took me about three seconds to work out what he was going on about. But of course I waited in silence until he turned back to me and gave me a nod.

“I’m sorry, Master… shoes.” I kind of wanted to drop back down into my kow-tow thing to avoid his glare but he sort of forced me to keep meeting his eye.

And he was silent for… like… basically forever.

“If I ever have to remind you about this again, I’m going to put you over my knee and spank you,” he told me at last. “And it won’t be fun and it won’t be erotic. It will just be very, very painful.”

But, in spite of everything, my bottom bits still sort of twitched at the thought.

Unfortunately he noticed. “You are completely incorrigible!” he said sharply… but even though he was trying to stay serious, because I knew him so well, I could tell there was a bit of an amused thing going on too but he was… like… covering it up very carefully.

And I knew much, much better than to try and make anything of it.

“But, be that as it may, you have to appreciate that I am completely serious about this. If the spanking is not enough to convince you, then you’re going to find yourself in a punishment position before your bare feet can touch the ground…”

He waited for a moment to check that I was giving the right sort of reaction to that one.

“You have to appreciate that I have absolutely no tolerance for you jeopardising your well-being in that manner. Do I make myself completely clear?”

“Yes, Master.” No other answer was… like… possible. It just wasn’t a discussion sort of thing.

It also reminded me, in case I needed another sort of a reminder, that, even though so much had changed in the last couple of days, one thing was definitely going to stay the same.

He was still… like… totally my master.

With that, he lifted me up off the floor and plonked me on a chair. Then he knelt down in front of me, dried off my feet and put my shoes on for me.

I mean, it felt all sorts of uncomfortable having him do something like that for me after being told off - and I bet he knew that and was using it as a kind of extra little reminder…

But it still felt a bit sort of lovely too.

Then he gave me a bit of a hand to stand up and sent me on my way with a firm pat on the bottom.

“Go and put the kettle on!” he called after me.

“Yes, Master,” I called back, kind of relieved to be given permission to run away. But when I got to the door I sort of had to stop and turn round. “Thank you for looking after me, Master,” I said.

He just gave me a little bit of a smile.

Looking after me was what he did!

One of the few good things about being told off by Mr M was that there was basically never any of the… like… left over grumpiness type stuff. He told you off, did whatever punishment you needed and then you both got on with your life. That was that.

So things were good between us again as we did the ‘Kaffee und Geburtstagkuchen’ thing, back down in our downstairs home. Then, afterwards, he went over to his desk to look at the results of his test run whilst I wandered over to my babygirl corner to work on the small mountain - montaña - of Spanish vocabulary that he had given me to… like… keep me out of mischief.

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