To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 46 - Unhealthy Hypocrisy

He kind of rolled to his feet and stepped out of the room, returning a few moments later with some towels and a basket of bottles. He dimmed the lights even more, so the room was… like… totally filled by the lovely, warm, flickering light from the fire.

I was a bit surprised when he whipped off his jacket, trousers and shoes but I sort of guessed he didn’t want to get them all rumply. Then he took some of the cushions from the chair and made a little sort of bed for me in front of the fire which he covered with the towels.

“It looks wonderfully comfy but a bit dangerous,” I warned him. “I might fall asleep!”

“Then I’ll just have to find some way of keeping you awake,” he laughed.

I guess I should have been a whole lot more suspicious of that laugh!

He sort of heaved me up to my feet and then kind of helped me to take my dress off over my head. “Babygirl!” he said when he saw that I was… like… totally starkers underneath. “Once more you are exhibiting a noteworthy absence of underwear!” He was sort of trying to sound grumpy about it but not doing a terribly good job of it.

“Oh yeah, I sort of forgot! I didn’t tease though.”

“Still extremely dangerous,” he said. “Anything might…”

He lifted one of my legs up and I sort of thought he was going to take my shoe off. But instead he prodded a finger inside my bits… which were all dry and definitely nothing like ready for that sort of attack. I guess it stopped just short of being painful but it certainly made me gasp.

“Come up!” he finished off and, even though I wasn’t looking at his face, I could tell he had this totally ginormous smile thing going on!

He kissed me gently on the lips and squidged my bare bottom a bit and made me lie down on my tummy. Then he knelt across me - which felt rather nice - and made a big show of opening a couple of the bottles from the basket and picking one.

He put a little splodge on his hands and held it out for me to smell. What do you think of this one?” he asked.

“Totally delicious,” I told him after having a bit of a sniff. There was definitely cinnamon in there - I knew that smell from our porridge - but there were other strange flavours going on there too which seemed to work with the fire to fill the room with this wonderful sort of exotic kind of warmth and got my skin all kind of tingly before he even started rubbing it in.

And then he started attacking my shoulders.

I’d never had a proper massage before and he was definitely a fair bit firmer than I’d sort of been expecting. It was basically as if he was bullying my muscles into relaxing. I just lay there, doing this funny sort of a groany thing at him, as he set to work on my shoulders.

I mean… don’t get me wrong… it felt… like… really gooood!

Just not soft and gentle!

And pretty soon he had managed to convince my shoulders that they weren’t going to dare be stiff any more, so he started doing the same thing to my upper arms which were definitely quite achy… and that was a bit closer to hurting at first but he didn’t show them any mercy… and soon they were feeling wonderfully warm and relaxed too.

And then he started to work his way down my back. He wasn’t quite as firm down there - I guess there’s not so much in the way of muscles there to be pummeled into submission - but it still sort of felt as if I was being squidged completely flat… and I closed my eyes as this deep sort of relaxation thing seemed to flow through my entire body and I pretty much felt as if I was sinking into the floor.

He even spent some time rubbing his hands up and down my sides which I would have thought would have been… like… stupidly tickly… but somehow his oily hands managed to tell me that he wasn’t doing the whole tickling thing and that all I had to do was relax and enjoy the experience.

Of course, he’d been gradually working his way down my back so I don’t suppose I should have been all that surprised when he reached my bottom. I guess I tried to tense up a bit but that was never going to work with the amount of pummeling that was going on back there and I was soon being squidged completely flat and helpless again.

But I did manage to tense up a bit when one of his oily hands started to rub up and down the central crack. “You still have an unhealthy interest,” I managed to gasp as my eyes shot open, “in my bottom.”

“You do not have the faintest idea of just how unhealthy, Babygirl!” he replied and I could hear that he was smiling. “Not the foggiest clue!”

He turned around so that he was sort of kneeling across my back and eased my legs apart, so that I was properly defenceless, and then he started doing something strange and rather wonderful to the wrong hole back there. I mean… I have absolutely no idea what he was doing… and I guess I probably didn’t want to know… and I’m pretty sure that if my brain had been working it would have been shocked and moderately disgusted but, by that time, pretty much everything I had that remotely resembled a brain had been… like… totally pummeled into submission and was just sort of sitting in a corner, whimpering slightly, totally overwhelmed by the amazing things he was doing to me down there.

Leaving me free to enjoy it…

And sink my teeth into my towel-covered bed!

I don’t know how long he kept on doing whatever it was he was doing but I rather suspect it would never have felt like it was long enough. I was sort of shaken out of this trance like thing he had got me in by him sitting up. “Enough of that for now,” he said. “I shall have to explore that matter some other time… in depth!”

I was still trying to work out whether he really meant what I thought he might mean but I was sort of interrupted by him attacking my upper thighs… and, a couple of times, his oily hands brushed lightly against my bits… and that was… like… totally distracting… and it would have been even more fun if he hadn’t been trying to squidge me completely flat at the time.

And from there, he pummeled his way on down my legs. He even gave my feet a bit of a rub down with his oily hands… and amazingly enough I managed to survive without exploding into hysterical tickles.

“OK, Babygirl,” he said at last, breaking me out of the trance like state thing he had pummeled me into. “Turn over now.”

So I rolled over… and was moderately surprised to encounter this rather large, quite muscly bottom facing towards me. It was wearing a pair of the rather smart boxer brief type things that I know he wears - white with pale blue stripes, this time - and it really looked quite interesting by the flickering light of the fire.

And, in spite of all the pummeling that was happening to my thighs, I must admit that I was significantly distracted by the whole rippling muscle thing that was going on… like… right in front of my eyes…

And I guess I was starting to sort of see where he was coming from with his whole ‘unhealthy interest’ thing.

And when he paused for a moment to shuffle a bit further up my body… and shuffle that fascinating bottom even closer to me… I basically couldn’t help myself any more. “Master,” I said, “please may I have your permission to be totally hypocritical with the whole unhealthy interest bit?”

I was pretty pleased with myself for remembering the word ‘hypocritical’, particularly at a time like that - it was one of the ones from my vocabulary book.

And I even managed to make him laugh!

“Permission granted…” he replied. “But you will, of course, pay for it.”

That was only fair, I guess!

So, as he went back to pummeling my thighs, I reached out a hand and started investigating that fascinating bottom.

It wasn’t really fat but it was certainly huge and distinctly solid - heaps of muscle type stuff going on… which was rather… pleasant… It gave me something to sort of dig my fingers into… sort of in time with his whole pummeling thing down below. And slowly that fascinating bottom moved even closer as he worked his way up my thighs.

And then, suddenly, it was sort of almost on top of my face as his mouth descended onto my bits… and it got a bit tricky to work out exactly what I was doing because I was… like… totally distracted. But it was basically nice to have a bit of him in my hands for a change so I could let him know how gooood he was making me feel.

I was sort of vaguely aware of something very solid inside his pants occasionally prodding me and I… like… rather fancied getting my hands on that too… or maybe my mouth… but I managed to stop myself because I didn’t want to distract him from whatever it was he was doing to me down below. I could even feel the first twinges of the balloon thing starting to build.

But suddenly he stopped, twizzled around and leaned down to kiss me on the lips… and I could sort of taste me on him which was… like… totally weird but nothing like as horrible as I thought it ought to be.

Then he sat up and smiled down on me and his oily hands started running over my breasts which was really rather nice, even though they didn’t need a massage!

“Can I?” I asked, reaching my hand down towards the thing that had been doing all the prodding… “I mean, ‘may’!” I corrected myself when he gave me a dirty look!

I mean… who else in the world was going to start giving grammar lessons at a time like that?

He gave me a bit of a smile, sort of telling me he basically knew how totally over the top he was being, but then he sort of rolled off me and said, “One moment.”

He stepped across to the fire and chucked a couple more logs on it and, when he returned, he whipped off his pants… and I guess he’d have looked pretty funny with just a shirt on and his bits all exposed… except that he knelt down next to me and I kind of got a bit distracted. He started to unclip his cufflinks and I tried to help him with his buttons… except, of course, that they weren’t buttons. They were some funny metal clippy type things and I couldn’t work out how to get them undone.

“Shirt studs,” he explained gently, leaning down and giving me a kiss. “I’ll show you how to operate then another time.”

And he wasn’t laughing at me, of course, it was just something new I had to learn.

I… like… totally loved my master!

He whipped his shirt off over his head and threw it across onto the chair. “Now, where were we?” he asked with a bit of a smile.

So I reached out and started to run my hand gently up and down him… sort of exploring him, I guess. He let me play with him for a bit, smiling down on me and stroking one hand gently through my hair.

Then he reached for a bottle from the basket and squirted about a million gallons of squidgy stuff into my hand. “Try rubbing that in, Babygirl,” he suggested in a funny, gaspy kind of a voice. I could sort of tell he was having problems with the whole talking bit.

“Yes, Maaa…” I began but then I totally forgot how to talk as he started rubbing a huge extra dollop of the slimy stuff into my bits… and I’d sort of thought that I was already quite squidgy enough.

Apparently I was wrong.

And I certainly didn’t have any complaints about the wonderful things he was doing with that extra mountain of squidge down there.

But, even though he was making it pretty tricky to concentrate, I tried to do the good babygirl thing and keep rubbing my own mountain of slimy stuff into him…

Even when I felt him squidging his slippery fingers right up inside me… I don’t know how many he managed to stuff in there but it felt as if there were about eight - but that seems pretty unlikely as one of his hands was busy doing some rather wonderful squidgy sorts of things to my breasts.

And even when I felt the balloon thing starting to build up inside me again.

Not even when he moved round so that he was kneeling between my legs.

But suddenly I sort of realised that he was leaning over me… pretty much lying on top of me. “So, are you ready, Babygirl?” he asked in a quiet voice, almost a whisper.

“Whaa?” I replied, sort of distracted from my rubbing job.

“Are you ready to lose your maidenhead, Babygirl,” he asked. He paused for a bit but then he laughed and shook his head.

“You really don’t remember what you said to me when we’d just eaten our cake this afternoon do you?’

I somehow managed to do my confused puppy thing which was quite an achievement, considering that he had just eased his tippy tip bit just inside me.

“You told me that you would be entirely comfortable if I were to take your virginity tonight.”

“Oh yeah!”

I mean… how on earth did I manage to forget that? It’s basically just not the sort of thing that anyone is ever going to forget.

Like… ever!

I blame the wine!

“So are you still entirely comfortable with the idea?”

I forced myself to sober up for a bit and then looked him in the eyes and replied, “Yes, Master! Totally comfortable.” At that moment, I’d let him do anything he wanted with me.

So, by the flickering light of the fire, I felt him sort of gently squidging himself inside me. I mean, it wasn’t exactly comfy but there was not really any pain. And, as he gently started to rock his body, the whole uncomfy bit quickly faded to be replaced by these mounting waves of totally perfect pleasure type stuff.

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