To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 47 - Wet Feet

I was a bit confused when I woke up the next morning. I was… like… in this strange bed… and there was this funny sort of light.

But then I managed to work out that my master was next to me so the other stuff basically stopped mattering as I… like… snuggled in, even closer to him.

And I must have dropped off again because I woke to find him climbing back into bed. “I come bearing gifts beyond price,” he told me. I was going to ignore him and snooze for a bit longer… but then I sort of realised that the ‘gifts beyond price’ were a Café au lait… and the rest of the bowl of cherries from yesterday… so I decided that waking up wasn’t such a bad option after all!

“Thank you, Master,” I said as I sort of snuggled sideways into him and wrapped myself around my coffee.

“I had to go downstairs anyway to tidy up,” he explained. “Whilst Mrs Braithwaite will doubtless be able to surmise the events of last night, I wished to give her at least the opportunity to diplomatically not notice.”

I was still more than half asleep so it took me about ten minutes to work out what he was going on about but he didn’t seem to be excessively stressy about that and he popped a cherry into my mouth as my brain did its chugging thing.

And then I sort of remembered what had happened last night… or what he had done to me… or what we had done together, I guess. I sort of wanted to feel embarrassed about it but quickly realised that there was no point and, if I tried, he was just going to tickle me or something. So I just snuggled even deeper into his side and said, “Thank you for last night, Master.”

“I’m not sure that thanks are appropriate but, if they were, you’d be very welcome,” he replied.

“No, I mean, thank you for making it so specially lovely for me.”

“I love you, Babygirl. That’s what I do.”

“And I love you, Master!”

“How are you feeling down there?”

“A bit…” I had to think about it… “well… not exactly sore…”

“Well used?” he suggested.

I giggled and nodded into his side.

“I’ll pop you in a warm bath when you’ve finished your coffee,” he promised. “That should help sort you out.”

I sort of squirmed into his side. It sounded wonderful. “I do feel… well… what was it you said… gloriously, marvelously, deliciously sticky down there!”

“I’m not sure that even I would go for the delicious bit this morning,” he admitted, making me giggle.

“So, my early morning squidge isn’t good enough for you?” I let Ro say. I knew he’d let her get away with basically anything this morning.

“I’ll not have a word said against your dew-fresh, early-morning squidge,” he told me, “and, were your nether regions not somewhat tender at the moment, I would currently be vigorously enjoying the delights offered by that selfsame squidge. But I do consider myself something of a connoisseur in the squidge department and ‘morning after the night before’ squidge, rather like a light white wine that has gone over… tends towards the distinctly disappointing!”

“I suppose that’s a nice way of telling me that my bottom bits smell!”

We snuggled together for a bit as we drank our coffee and he fed me with cherries and I went quiet for a bit as my mind sort of… like… wandered a bit and I found myself vaguely wondering whether he would now be expecting me to collect Mr Orange and the couple of extra bits that… like… belonged to me and bring them up into my new room.

“Tell me what’s the matter, Babygirl?” he told me, snuggling me into his side. “No regrets about last night, I trust.”

“Oh no, Master,” I replied promptly. “That was perfect. It’s just… well… waking up here sort of brought it home that we’ll be moving out of the… the downstairs bit…”

“The safe room,” he prompted and we shared a smile as I realised that that was what this was all about. I really did feel safe down there.

“It’s not going anywhere,” Mr M told me with a smile. “And, if you feel more comfortable down there for another couple of days… or even weeks… that’s where we’ll stay.”

“Thank you, Master,” I said and I felt myself relaxing as I sort of snuggled… like… deeper into his shoulder.

“In fact,” he went on, “I don’t know whether you recall but I’m going to be away next weekend for a couple of nights - Rebecca has invited me up for her graduation ceremony. You’d be more than welcome to accompany me but I rather suspect that it’s just a touch too early for you…”

I thought about this then nodded. I was sort of getting better… but I wasn’t… like… quite ready for the whole big bad world thing just yet.

“And I also imagine that, whilst I’m away, you’ll be more comfortable sleeping down in your Babygirl bed.”

Again that made total sense. I smiled. He was doing his ‘thinking about me’ thing again.

“I only carried you up here last night because I was less than enthusiastic about carrying you down those stairs into the safe room.”

“I could have walked.”

“You had dropped off to sleep and you were, by the same token, less than enthusiastic about waking up.”

I had to giggle at that. I basically only had the vaguest sort of memories of the time after all that totally wonderful sexy stuff was over… but I did remember it being the loveliest, snuggliest time ever.

“OK, if you’ve finished, I should go and chuck you in the bath. You’ve got a busy day ahead of you. I thought you might like to have a go at putting the restraints on the minions…”

For some reason, he called the bits of his computer program that ran around making guesses for him his minions… and the restraints were the idea that we had talked about a couple of days before about stopping them making some of the more stupid guesses…

And he was going to trust me to make changes to that important bit of his program!


Go me!

“And then we need to get you going on some Spanish grammar… then there’s your swimming practice this afternoon. I want to see you swimming forty lengths without stopping within a couple of weeks.”

Forty? The day before I’d only managed twelve and I was totally pooped by the end of it!

“And then, this evening, I thought you might enjoy some more of my ’sweet lovin″… perhaps a trifle more vigorous than last night…”

I had to smile at that. I basically knew he had been… like… totally gentle with me the night before.

“And if you’re a very good babygirl,” he went on, “I might even spank you!”

And I knew the idea was all kinds of wrong but it still sent a little pulse of ‘dew-fresh, early-morning squidge’ down into my protesting bits!

And before I could stop sort of playing that idea through in my mind, he had… like… eased me out of bed… doing our favourite ‘leaving the bed looking untouched’ thing… and carried me off into the bathroom.

And then, a couple of days later, he abandoned me to go and see this Rebecca person. Ok… my brain knew I could totally trust my master… but when it came to the thought of him spending time with other women, my brain bits basically didn’t get all that much of a look-in!

At least I wasn’t totally on my own, this time. My master had given me a phone so I could talk to him a couple of times a day… and then there was Mrs Braithewaite who came in every day to keep me company.

On the first afternoon, the two of us spent a couple of hours, sitting in front of the dressing table in my new room, as she sort of taught me how to do the whole make-up thing.

And, basically, we spent the whole time giggling.

And I couldn’t help sort of wondering if this was what it would have been like to have a proper mum.

And I guess the whole makeup thing wasn’t all that tricky… she just had to keep reminding me not to overdo it! And I sort of decided that I was going to do myself up for my master, when he came home… maybe I could even get a bit of a posh dinner ready for him!

Then, on the second day, she took me off in her car to collect her grandchildren from school.

That was fun and, even though there were plenty of questions, they were along the line of, ‘What’s your favourite dinosaur?’ and ‘Do you want to be a Barbie princess?’ rather than the ‘Where have you been for the last six months?’ which I wouldn’t… like… have had a clue how to answer. I mean… ‘Locked in a cellar by a master who punished me for breaking any of his stupid rules - but in a good way,’ would have just kicked off heaps more questions… and probably a visit from the police.

But I was still sort of relieved when Mrs Braithwaite brought me back up to the house after tea. I mean… Ro had always been a bit of a loner and, even though the kids were totally lovely and the grown ups had obviously been told that they had to… like… avoid tricky questions, it still sort of felt good to escape back to the familiar comfort of those few rooms downstairs.

And, anyway, Mr M had left me with a dirty great pile of school-type work to keep me out of mischief.

The next afternoon in the pool, I set off, totally determined to get the forty lengths done for my master. I had to… like… hurry a bit at the end because I could see that Mrs Braithwaite was keeping on looking at her watch but I just made it before she had to rush off to collect her grandchildren. I was… like… totally over the moon and just couldn’t wait to tell my master. I was pretty much skipping as I hurried down the stairs to phone him. I mean… he was going to be so pleased with me!

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