To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 5 - Shaving my Bits

I don’t know how long he made me… well… basically hang around like that. I mean…it felt like ages - but then I guess it would. There was this wild strain in my calves but every time I tried to sort of relax them, it sent a shooting pain through my shoulders. And then my whole body started… like… trembling which made the whole thing miles worse.

Then he was there again, sort of easing me back down and helping me over to the bed. He made me lie down on my tummy and then I was… like… totally shocked when he started… like… massaging me.

I’d normally have kicked up a proper stink about that - I mean, who wants a strange man rubbing oil into their shoulders, particularly when he’s just left you dangling from the ceiling by your arms. But I wasn’t really in much of a position to refuse.

And besides, it just felt soooo good.

“Have you learnt your lesson now?” he asked as he continued to work away at my shoulders. “I have a very low tolerance to insolence.”

“Yes, Master.” I gave a bit of a sigh as I said it but I was very careful not to sound as if I was being cheeky!

“And you’re going to try much harder from now on?”

“I guess so, Master,” I answered with another sigh. And, surprisingly enough, I realised that I meant it too.

I sank into the pleasure of the moment as he continued his massage and I briefly wondered whether he would carry on down my back and…

‘What are you thinking!’ my brain bits sort of screamed at me. ‘This guy just hung you up like a roast chicken. What do you think you’re doing, enjoying this?’

But, somehow, I just couldn’t help… like… enjoying that delicious massage.

“Good girl,” he said, finishing off that bit of the massage with a kiss between my shoulder blades which sent a funny sort of tingle down my spine. He then set to work on my calves, and I gave out a little gasp of something halfway between pain and relief. As he rubbed at my feet with his oily hands it sort of tickled, but sort of didn’t. And, as he continued to work my calves, I sank into a rather nice, dreamy sort of state.

“Done,” he said all too soon, snapping me out of my dreams with a light slap on my bottom.

“Master!” I squeaked.

I sort of wanted to tell him that he couldn’t keep doing that but there didn’t seem to be much point as it was pretty obvious that he could!

“Babygirl!” he replied and I could sort of hear his smile as he said it.

That name! If anyone else had dared to call me that, they would be in so much trouble… but, from him, it was almost as if it was OK. He seemed to know so much about everything… and so much about me…

And, strange as it seemed to say this about someone who’d just left me dangling from their ceiling, he really seemed to care about me too.

He unclipped my wrists and one ankle again then helped me to sit up, “So, shower and shave,” he said.

“Do I really have to shave… like… down there?” I didn’t even want to say it.

“You have to learn to do exactly what I tell you when I tell you,” he explained calmly. “You need to accept that you don’t have any choice.”

“But I don’t want to!” Even I could hear that I sounded like a six year old as I said it.

“I’m sure you’d rather do it yourself than have me do it for you.”

I couldn’t really argue with that. I gave a sigh as I sort of gave up on that battle. I didn’t even really mind all that much, I guess. It just didn’t feel right that he should be making me do it.

“Of course, to sort yourself out, you will need to be able to see so, once I’ve left the room, you may remove the blindfold. However, I expect you to have replaced it by the time I return. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, Babygirl, now get moving! You’ve got thirty minutes to make yourself even more beautiful. Then I’ll have some breakfast for you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

As soon as I heard the door shut behind him, I whipped that stupid blindfold thing off my head.

But, of course, I still couldn’t see anything at first because, after being kept in the dark for so long, the light was… like… totally dazzling.

I guess I should have thought of that.

But, after blinking around for a bit, my eyes sort of sorted themselves out and I could have a look around. I was in this big open-plan sort of shower room… or I guess the word is a wet room because there wasn’t any cubicle or anything, just this huge open space. I guess that, if your bathroom is big enough, you don’t need a shower curtain or anything. There were tiles on the wall and floor and there was this large wooden door - and you could just tell that it was… like… proper solid wood.

Not like the cheap plastic stuff I knew from my mum’s place.

There weren’t any windows but there was this long mirror which ran along one wall which sort of worked like one and made the place look even bigger than it already was. Below the mirror was a sink and a table top with cupboards and shelves below it. There was this space-age shower thing with a drain in one corner and a toilet in another.

I was sitting on this high, narrow, thinly padded sort of bed thing on wheels… the kind of thing you’d expect to see in a doctor’s surgery or something… and there was a simple wooden table and chair next to it. Four steel cables, ending in leather-padded shackles, disappeared into one of the walls. Of course one of them was still padlocked to my ankle.

I mean… I knew nothing about that sort of stuff, of course, but even I could tell that the place was quite stupidly posh. Git Features was obviously not short of cash! Everything just had this kind of quiet, elegant thing going on from the bright but comfortable lights to the way the fittings seemed to grow kind of… like… naturally out of the walls. I really loved the beautiful dark grey tiles… especially the way that the light sort of sparkled out from crystals deep inside them.

I had a quick nose around in the cupboards under the sink bit but there was nothing exciting there - just towels and stuff… except for one which was locked… that one got me all curious, of course!

And then I had a careful look at the shackle thing round my ankle - steel, padded with leather. I sort of guessed I’d need an angle grinder to shift the thing and, if my experience with power tools from my technology classes in school was anything to go by, I’d probably slice off half my foot if I tried. I sort of vaguely tried yanking the thing off but that achieved… like… absolutely nothing…

Apart from a bit of a bruise on my heel, that is.

So, with a sigh, I sort of gave up on the whole running away idea for a bit and sort of accepted that I didn’t have any choice but to go along with the whole ‘good girl’ thing…

For now!

All the showering and shaving type stuff had been neatly laid out on the table top for me so, with this huge sigh, I went to do as I’d been told.

That shower was… like… totally amazing… basically a warm Niagara Falls - I just stood there for a bit and, as the warm water hammered down on my skull, it kind of battered all the horrible stuff out of my head and, for a bit, I could just pretend that it wasn’t all happening.

But I knew that I couldn’t stay like that forever - Git Features was pretty much bound to start getting all stressy sooner or later - so I gave a bit of a sigh then went over to collect the shaving stuff and got on with it.

And, when I emerged from Niagara Falls, about three days later, I kind of noticed my reflection in the mirror and found myself vaguely wondering what Git Features saw in me. I mean… I’m pretty short and I’d always been… like… totally scrawny - there was never all that much food kicking around at home - and, with my flat chest and newly shaved private bits, I looked as if I was about ten years old. The only thing that didn’t really fit the whole ten year old bit was my hair which was all short and spiky; I’d dyed it a metallic blue a couple of weeks before but the fair roots were sort of starting to show through. My fingernails were still bitten right back, of course, making my hands all kind of ugly and embarrassing. It was a filthy habit and I really hated it but, for some reason, I just couldn’t shake it.

At least with me starkers and with my bits all shaved, there was no chance of anybody thinking I was a boy. I mean… it kept happening when I had my clothes on!

My favourite bit of me had always been my eyes which were a bright blue and had this sort of hard glint thing going on. But I couldn’t help thinking that they might’ve lost a little bit of that hardness over the last couple of days leaving something a bit sort of softer and… like… a bit more vulnerable.

And maybe I didn’t hate that new look quite as much as I thought I ought to.

Anyway, by the time Git Features turned up again, I was done and was sitting on the bed thing, waiting for him. I was wrapped up in a towel and had put his stupid blindfold back on, of course.

“Good, Babygirl!” he said, giving me a kiss on the forehead. “Prettier than ever. Hop down and take that towel off so I can check up on you.”

Even though I had been running around starkers ever since I’d arrived, I felt pretty embarrassed as I sort of exposed myself for Git Features’s inspection… but I just about managed to do as I was told without getting stroppy. I even lifted my arms up and turned round for him, when he asked.

“Beautiful,” he said and then he put a hand on my bare shoulder and gave me a kiss on my cheek. His praise and… I guess… his kiss, made me feel a whole lot better than I thought they ought to!

But I could have kissed him back when he told me that he had brought me something to wear and, in my excitement, I sort of exploded, “Master has given Dobby clothes!”

“I’m sorry?” he said…

Uh oh!

He didn’t have a clue what I was going on about.

I sort of froze… me and my stupid big mouth… My tummy did this horrible clenching type thing as I realised I might just have talked myself into another one of his horrible punishment things. “I’m sorry, Master,” I sort of gasped. “It was just a joke… a silly quote from one of the Harry Potter films.”

But he must have seen how frightened I was because he sort of scooped me up in his arms, sat down and gave me this lovely snuggle which sort of told me that everything was going to be OK.

“Relax, Babygirl!” he said. “You’ve really no need to be afraid. I know you’re new here but I hope you don’t think I’m unnecessarily cruel or arbitrary.”

“Not cruel?” Ro exploded before I could stop her. “You leave me dangling from the light fittings by my earlobes and then say you’re not cruel!”

I sort of froze when I realised what I’d just said but, instead of getting cross, he just laughed

“Babygirl,” he explained patiently. “So far I have only had to impose the stress position punishments three times: twice when you’ve chosen to disobey my explicit instructions and once when you physically attacked me. I promise that I will never punish you for something that you can’t reasonably be expected to realise is naughty…” He paused for a bit before adding… “so only fair and reasonable cruelty!”

I thought about this then nodded. I didn’t much like the fact he was joking about this sort of stuff but I suppose what he was saying was kind of reassuring, really.

“And that Harry Potter quote wasn’t even naughty, was it? A bit flippant, maybe, but certainly not naughty. So you really don’t have any reason to be… nervous…” He took my hand, which had sort of wandered up to my mouth, and placed it firmly back down on my knee. “Maybe we can watch that film together some time so I can understand the reference.”

“That would be nice, Master,” I said out loud. But, inside me, Ro was sort of screaming, ‘Start watching films? How long is this Git Features planning on keeping me here?’

He carried on snuggling me for a bit and then, as he started to rub my bare back, I sort of forgot about everything else. I gave this deep sigh thing and kind of melted into him as waves of something that wasn’t totally horrible swept over me.

“Come on, Babygirl,” he said at last, patting me lightly on my bottom and sort of breaking the mood. “Let’s get you dressed so you can enjoy your breakfast whilst it’s still warm!”

He helped me to slip some sort of dress on over my head - I mean, I never wear dresses but even I could work out that jeans were going to be… like… a bit tricky with that stupid thing fastened around my ankle - then I sat on the bed and allowed him to feed me breakfast: scrambled eggs on toast. The scrambled eggs had little bits of bacon chopped up in it and I quickly decided that this was a very good moment to stop being a vegetarian. I couldn’t imagine Git Features being desperately understanding about that sort of thing.

And anyway, all that whole veggie stuff had always been more my mother’s thing than mine.

And it’s an embarrassing thing for an alleged vegetarian to admit but I really love the taste of bacon. That breakfast was totally scrumlicious!

At least it looks like Git Features can cook!

There was this amazing cup of some sort of milky coffee drink to go with it. I mean… I’d never been the greatest fan of coffee but I was sort of willing to make an exception for that stuff. He told me it was called ‘Café au lait’ and, in between sips, he even made me learn to say the name properly… like… in French

And, because the stuff was so delicious, I sort of went along with his stupid game.

Not that I had a whole lot of choice, I guess.

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