To Train A Wild Rose

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Chapter 9 - Loads Of Delicious Food

By the time my master reappeared, I was able to recite those stupid rules word for word - I mean… it basically wasn’t all that tricky when I had those chocolates there to… like… encourage me. “Perfect timing,” he told me. “I have a couple of sandwiches here so you can have the chocolates for your dessert. Do you fancy ham with mustard or cheese salad?”

I hesitated for a moment. They both sounded… like… totally delicious.

“Or half of each?” he suggested and I had to smile. I guess he was starting to see the way my mind worked! “Mouth open!” A bite sized lump of cheese salad sandwich was popped inside.

It was the taste of the bread that sort of hit me first… I mean… it sort of had a taste… not like the cheap white stuff that we always ate at home. Then the tang of the cheddar sort of came through. I mean… I thought I knew what cheddar tasted like… but I’d never dreamt that it could taste like this… and I just knew that this is what the stuff was supposed to taste like.

And, I also knew that I’d never want to go back to eating the nasty plastic stuff again.

The whole taste experience thing was sort of finished off with a crunch of lettuce and the sweet, fruity sharpness of some kind of chutney and I enjoyed the thing in silence for a bit… like… totally overwhelmed, I suppose, that something like a cheese salad sandwich could be made to taste so totally different…

And so totally delicious.

But my enjoyment was sort of interrupted by you-know-who. “Mouth closed when you’re chewing, please, Babygirl,” he told me and I felt properly narked at being told off like a little kid.

“I’m sorry,” I sort of mumbled.

“And you really ought to know that you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full!” he added. He sounded more… like… disappointed than anything.

That made me feel… like… totally grumpy… telling me off for my disgusting table manners…

Grumpy and embarrassed!

Even though I sort of knew he was… like… totally right.

In fact, I guess that made it even worse!

“You do not need to worry about it excessively… on this occasion!” he kind of reassured me… and he sort of took the edge off the whole telling off thing by giving my hand a bit of a squeeze. “It is my working assumption that you are not in the habit of taking luncheon in delicate society,”

And, in spite of my whole grump thing, I had to smile a bit at the funny way he said it.

“You can, however, rest assured that I intend to keep reminding you about this sort of thing until it is no longer necessary,” he told me. His voice was serious but I could tell he was sort of smiling again. “And by the time I’m done with you, your impeccable table manners will be fit for entertaining the Queen!”

And, even though I was sort of being told off, the silly way he said it was making me giggle, it sort of made me think too and he must have seen that I was struggling with stupid rule number eight about ‘questioning purposes and motivations’ so he said, “You may ask your question… though I do not promise to answer it.”

I made sure I had finished what was in my mouth then asked, “Is that what you’re planning to do, then… turn me into a posh person?”

He paused for a moment and popped another lump of that delicious sandwich into my mouth so I would have something to keep me busy as I waited. And I quietly enjoyed the lump as he thought.

“I don’t believe that I could ever change who you really are,” he answered at last. “Nor would I wish to try. I really rather like that ‘real you’. But what I can do is make up for some of the shortcomings in your upbringing and education… and thereby allow you more control over how you present and express yourself.”

I had a little think about that as I finished my mouthful, sort of taking care to keep my mouth shut for him, of course. I suppose he was right really, my education and upbringing did have some dirty great shortcomings - growing up with… like… a borderline alcoholic, single mother will do that for you. Did I hate him mucking around with my life like this? Maybe a bit, I guess… but nothing like as much as I would have sort of expected to.

And he did sort of say he liked me, didn’t he? Which basically had to be a good thing…


Didn’t it?

I made sure I carefully finished what was in my mouth before I asked my next question. “But why are you doing this?”

He was quick to answer that one. “That, Babygirl, is one of the questions that I’m going to choose not to answer at this time.”

Before I had a chance to say anything else, he popped another lump of sandwich into my mouth - ham, this time, with this sharp bite of mustard that kind of made my eyes water. So I sort of had the chance to think about what he had said as I chewed. It was a bit frustrating, I guess, but I’d have to live with it. I mean… it wasn’t as if I had all that much choice… really.

“So,” my master said when we had finished our sandwiches, “there are three chocolates here with your name on. Would you like them now or later?”

“Now, please! In fact…” I’d had a chance to think about this when I’d been finishing the sandwiches and working out what I felt about him telling me off for my disgusting table manners. “Would you like one of them?”

“Why, thank you, Babygirl,” he replied. He leaned across and gave me a very pleasant kiss on the cheek. “Which one would you like me to take?”

I guess I should have seen that one coming, really, but I hadn’t and I just didn’t know what to do. They all just looked so delicious!

But he must have sort of guessed why I couldn’t make my mind up. “Or how about I take a nibble out of each of them?” he suggested.

I could almost have kissed him. Except that, suddenly, my mouth was full with the first of those delicious chocolates.

When we had enjoyed all three of them, he told me that I had to lie down and have a bit of a rest. I mean, I never sleep in the afternoon like that and I was… like… a bit narked about being put down for an afternoon nap like a toddler… but it was another of those ‘it’s not worth having a big row about’ things so I lay down on the bed and, even though I was a bit grumpy with him, I couldn’t help sort of enjoying the feeling as he smoothed the sheet over me.

“Would you like some music?” he asked.

“Yes please, Master.”

“This is Schubert,” he told me as some violin type music filled the room. Though not the sort of thing I would have dreamt of listening to in a million years, it sort of made a nice change from the usual silence of my bathroom.

He’d even found a pillow for me and, as I lay there, listening to that kind of flowing music, I decided that I quite liked it.

The next thing I knew I was being woken with a gentle back rub and a kiss on my cheek. Amazingly enough, I had managed to nod off, after all.

“Right, Babygirl,” he announced, “it’s time for your afternoon exercise. If you hang around here all the time doing nothing but eating chocolates, you’re going to get all fat and tubby!”

Even though I had been eating quite well with him, it would be a long time before I was anything like tubby and so, without really thinking, I stuck my tongue out at him. I blame Ro!

Of course I had a bit of a panic when I realised what I’d done… he was probably going to dangle me upside down out of an upstairs window, or something, so, I guess, I was sort of relieved when all he did was give me a little smack on the bottom… that was just a bit too hard to be fun.

“Please remember rule five, Young Lady!” he told me. He was… like… trying to sound all strict but I could hear he was sort of laughing too. “But, as I was teasing you, I’m prepared to let you off… on this occasion!”

He told me that he’d brought in his exercise bike and he gave me some cycling shorts and shoes to put on… and then he put a shackle on my wrist and took off the one from round my ankle.

Then he had to… like… set things up…

And it was… like… totally embarrassing… but I kind of enjoyed the feeling of his hands on my body as he sort of adjusted everything.

“Start gently!” he warned me when I was set. “You are not to stop for an hour… and there’s a beeper to let you know if you’re going too slowly. Would you like some more music?”

“Yes please!”

Some dad-style rock music filled the room. I mean… again it wasn’t the sort of stuff I’d have ever listened to but it sort of fitted the mood really well as I started on the cycling stuff.

It wasn’t all that bad at first. In fact my master had to pop in a couple of times to warn me that I needed to ease off a bit… and, by the end, I was really glad that he’d done that… by then, I totally hated that stupid beeper thing!

And when I was done, he even let me have a bit of time on my own to shower and sort of collapse onto the bed and grumble about my cruel master who made me get all knackered.

But then he appeared with a couple of bowls of pasta with this sort of simple but delicious tomato and oniony type sauce.

So I decided that I might just forgive him for his cruelty - it was sort of as if that whole nice food thing made me a bit more… like… forgiving!

Of course he wouldn’t let me eat it by myself - I’m sure I could have managed just fine, even with the blindfold. I really didn’t understand this thing he had about feeding me. It was sort of as if he wanted to treat me like a baby!

And I guess it was another of those things that I didn’t really hate quite as much as Ro thought I ought to!

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