The Dividing Line: VENGEANCE

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You thought you killed me you stupid simple piece of shit? Think again. Cole was standing over Bruce with an ax. As the blade came down to strike his old friend’s skull, Bruce is pulled from the dream. “Oh fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” Bruce jumped up out of his bed. He was shaking. Sweat was pouring from him. He ran to the mirror to check his body for any signs of the ax that was in Cole’s hand. In the back of his mind, he knew he'd fucked up. For some stupid reason, he didn't make sure Cole was dead before he got rid of his body. No matter how much he tried to convince himself that everything was okay, a feeling in the pit of his stomach told him that he would have to pay for what he'd done. He grew up with Cole. He knew what Cole was capable of doing. Of all the members of the Brotherhood, Cole was considered the deadliest motherfucker alive. No one knew he was dead. No one knew his so-called brother tried to end him. Bruce walked around with a tortured feeling in his soul. Every night he was chased and beat down until Cole put an ax through his skull. Honestly, he was terrified. If that cocksucker was alive, his life would end unless he found Cole first.

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Chapter 1

“Baby stop please.” He laughed as she tried to reach for him. Cole ran across the yard. Try as she may, she couldn’t catch him. Those long legs were impossible to beat. No matter how fast she ran, there was no stopping him. Angel had to reevaluate her options.

Holding her sides, she stood for a moment and caught her breath. After running around and wrestling with him for the last hour, she still couldn’t convince him to give her birth control pills back. She shook her head when he stopped right in front of her. What in the world was she going to do with this crazy man? Try as she may, she couldn’t get him to realize this wasn’t the time to have a baby. He refused to understand her point of view and insisted that he was going to throw away her birth control pills.

Cole and Angel had been together for a year. It was an amazing time spent learning one another. They never expected to connect the way they had. Every day brought a new realization of just how perfect they were for each other. It was as if heaven created them for the express purpose of loving one another. When he looked at her, his heart stopped. He never met a woman who moved him the way Angel moved him. Cole found himself trying ever so hard to please her. Intimacy, kisses, hugs, lovemaking, nourishment, peace, sustenance, and tranquility were exchanged freely between them. Not to mention, she didn’t try to change him in any way. She accepted his rough exterior. She simply accepted who he was and loved him. Cole was totally and completely whipped, and he knew it.

When Angel first mentioned marriage and children, she already suspected deep in her heart that she was pregnant. She really needed to know what Cole thought about the subject. Their relationship was very near and dear to her heart. She didn’t want to tell him about the baby if he didn’t want kids. It was cowardly, yes, but she didn’t know what to do. Of course, she didn’t believe in having abortions. Every day she prayed he would be happy.

Angel could picture a beautiful little café au lait colored baby. Curly blond hair like dad. Gorgeous blue eyes like dad. Overall good looks and brilliance like mom. She laughed just thinking about how beautiful and precious their child would be. How could she spring something this big on him without knowing how he felt about children? She knew they were in a good place, but he was still working through years of abuse, neglect, and being taught to hate anything that didn’t look like him.

She decided she would tell him everything after they made their supply run. First, she would get a pregnancy test. If she was pregnant, she would tell him the truth.

On the day they had a conversation about marriage and children, it never really crossed his mind before. Once the discussion was had, he couldn’t shake the idea of starting a family with Angel. The thought of her having his baby made his heart swell to the point of nearly exploding. He loved her so much. It was more than he could bear to think of a beautiful little boy, girl or both coming into the world from Angel and himself. Cole never really understood what true love was until he met her. He knew if she were to give him children, his world would be complete. He couldn’t imagine anything else that would be more perfect or precious.

Grinning and devising a plan, he found her birth control pills. He was headed outside when she caught him. The chase was on.

“Cole give them back now.” She demanded him to stop playing.

“Baby, please. I’ll be content if you just give me one maybe two. No, I will be 100 percent satisfied if you give me three kids. I promise you will never regret it.” He smiled as he worked tirelessly to keep enough distance between himself and his true love. If she caught up to him, it would be over. She was an unfair person in the art of negotiations. He knew if she got close to him, she would simply try to seduce him, and he would be done. Cole knew she had already taken her pill. If he stood a chance of getting her pregnant, he would have to make her stop taking her pills. No baby would come from wrapping those thick thighs around his waist until she gave into his demands.

The look on her face was a very stiff warning that he would be in a lot of trouble if he didn’t give her the pills. Angel knew she was his only weakness. She turned and walked back to the house. When she returned, she had changed into her sexiest candy apple red nightie and performed a nice little sultry dance for him right in front of the opened back door of the kitchen.

“I guess you don’t want any of this?” She teased him. Angel walked inside and turned on the radio. The music was a Hip-Hop song. She moved her body in a provocative manner, turned facing the inside of the house, and started twerking. Cole stopped immediately. The look on his face changed from light and playful to dark and dangerous. He was like a mad dog in heat as he crossed the distance of the yard. She ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Watching her body move sensually shut down everything. She wouldn’t say he was addicted to sex, but it was safe to say that he was addicted to her.

“Angel don’t tease me like that,” his groaned into the door.

“Give me my pills back and I’ll play ‘cowgirl’ for you. I’ll ride you like a bucking bull, then I’ll get on my knees, so you can ride me.” The sexually charged voice promised more than he could resist. She cracked open the door and reached out for the pills. Cole quickly surrendered them. The door slammed shut. He was about to take the door off the hinges when she came out and literally jumped his bones. She wrapped her arms around his neck. The kiss she laid on him said everything. He grabbed her juicy ass, lifted her, and took her into their bedroom. The only thing on his mind was filling her up.

Angel always managed to win major arguments because her man was such a sucker for her thick ass. She loved feeling his strong arms holding her close to his heart after they made love. There was no way she would quickly tell him that he already had what he wanted. For a month, she suspected that she was pregnant. If he had been keeping up with her pill usage, he would see that she missed a few pills and finally stopped taking them when she realized what happened.

As she snuggled his beautiful, strong, scary, yet sexy body, she knew she needed to tell him soon. Cole tried not to hurt her but sometimes he would get too excited, he would pound on her so hard she couldn’t stand or sit for some time. Her screams as he drilled her drove him insane. The sheer pleasure in her voice led him to fuck her harder.

She always encouraged him to aggressively demand more. Angel began to realize that she was nastier than she could’ve ever imagined. Cole taught her so much about pain, pleasure, and sexual desire. He also taught her not to be afraid to ask for what she wanted or to say no. They learned early on how to completely fulfill each other’s needs. For the sake of the baby, she knew they would be required to learn to enjoy one another in a manner which didn’t include too much force or pain.

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