A Fateful Encounter

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After escaping a lycanthropy testing facility, Owen runs for all he's worth. During his escape, Owen was shot with a silver bullet coated in wolfsbane in hopes of slowing him down to recapture him or to ensure his death. Owen managed to stay ahead of his pursuers long enough to reach civilization. Delirious from pain and blood loss, Owen decides to hide out in a seemingly vacant house in the middle of the night. Roman Anderson is a doctor at the local Hospital. After pulling a double at work, Roman comes home with every intention of crawling into bed and going to sleep for the next 12 hours. Instead he finds a trail blood through his house and man with yellow eyes that changes his life.

Romance / Fantasy
Amber King
4.7 43 reviews
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Chapter One

Owen~ June 8

I had lost track of how long I had been running, but the effects of the bullet that was lodge in my side were begins to take its toll on my body. My vision was beginning to blur due to the severe blood loss. My movements were slowing, and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I lost consciousness.

My breathing was shallow and labored as I stumbled through a small town. I could hear the shouts of my pursuers getting closer. I had to get off the streets and fast.

I was surrounded by houses and decided one of them would be as good a place to hide as any so long as I wasn’t seen by its residents. I picked the one closest to that had all the lights turned off and made my way into the backyard.

I had to stop halfway and lean against the house when the world started spinning. I closed my eyes for a second before looking down at my side where I had my hand firmly pressed to try and stop the bleeding. I groaned as I peeled my hand away to look at the bullet wound. It may have been small, but that wasn’t really the problem. The problem was what the bullet was made of. Pure silver laced with wolfsbane. A deadly combo.

Not only was the wound smoking from the silver burning my skin but there were trills of blue smoke as well as the wolfsbane poison spread into my bloodstream. I had to get the bullet out, but that was going to be damned near impossible to do by myself.

I took a shaky breath and pressed my hand to wound once more before moving towards the door again. To my surprise and by complete and utter luck the back door was unlocked. I pushed the door open and shuffled inside before shutting the door again and leaning back against it. My head rolled back against it as I caught my breath. My eyes began to close, and I felt my strength draining fast. I snapped my eyes open and sucked a sharp breath as I pushed off from the door. I was going to die if I didn’t get this bullet out.

I looked around the dark house I had entered. I was standing in a small kitchen to the left, there were twin sinks and lots of counter space with a few appliances here and there. The counter made an L and continued for a few feet then ended with stove and a fridge beside it. Cabinets lined to the wall above the counter. A table sat in the middle with 4 chairs arranged around it. To my right, there was another small table that was littered with random things. Change, odds, and ends, nick nacks, little trinkets, you name it. Directly in front of me, there was a walkway that led to what I assumed was the living room based on what I could see. I also had a clear view of the front door which stood at the far left side of the wall. On the right side of the fridge, I saw another walk was that I assumed was a hallway.

Decided to make my way farther into the small house and headed down the hallway almost immediately I found the bathroom to my left. Think it was my best bet for finding medical supplies I staggered in. There was a nice sized shower on the right with a towel rack on the wall directly in front of it. There were a sink and toilet further inside the small room along the right wall as well. In the left corner sat a set of metal shelves that were decorated with different things.

The world suddenly shifted hard, and I leaned against the shower door to keep from falling. When the world stopped moving, and my vision cleared a little bit, I glanced and the door where I had put my hand and saw the smeared bloody handprint, I had left behind. I stepped away from it and glanced behind to see a nice trail of blood I had left on the floor.

Moving away from the only thing I had to support myself turned out to be a bad idea. The world began to spin again, and I soon found myself on my back on the floor. I’m sure I had let out some kind of strangled sound when I fell, but I couldn’t hear it. My head was pounding, the gunshot wound was burning worse now, and I couldn’t bring myself to move anymore. It was getting hard to breath. I stared up at the ceiling for a little before my eyes finally drifted closed. My strength was all but gone when I heard the click of a deadbolt sliding back and a doorknob twisting before what I guessed what was the front door opened.

I would have been trying to get out of there, but my body wasn’t responding anymore. I couldn’t even open my eyes anymore. I could feel my consciousness fading. The black void of nothingness was calling to me. The pain was becoming unbearable, and I was all too willing to let the void take me. To end the miserable life I had led so thus far.

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