My Brother's Bride

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Zaan and Maahi are from different background, status and idealogy but in unexpected circumstances. Zaan has to marry Maahi, his brother's bride.. What will be the outcome of this unexpected wedding? Zaan khan, 23 years old guy who doesn't believe in love and marriage due to his past. Due to turn of events he get married to his brother's bride. Maahi wasl, 18 year old girl who has one goal in her life that is to pursue her career. She belongs to conservative family where she carve for freedom. She is arranged to marry Zaan's brother Maan but ends up marrying Zaan who despise her for no reason. Two people who can't stand each other. Have to stay together. Will they become support of each other or their hatred will increase? Can Maahi make Zaan fall for her who swore not to love again? What will be the outcome of this unexpected wedding?

Romance / Drama
Melodious Song
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Chapter One – Mysterious guy

Maahi’s pov:

I am from village Shanpur. Since my childhood My dream is to become doctor but in our families girls are not supposed to work. Their is only one goal for us that is to get married. My parents fixed my marriage when I was of mere 10 days to my father’s friend’s son. I have never seen him. I only know his name ‘Maan khan’. We don’t even know where they are but still my dad believes that I will get married to him. My life is full of restrictions. My life decisions were always taken by others. I wish I get freedom to live my life as I want.

I completed my studies in girls school and college. My whole life I am surrounded by only three men. One my Dad..two my brother.. Three my cousin Asad on whom I had huge crush. I get little nervous being around men but I have to overcome my fear as now I got seat in Mumbai’s best medical college. My father is very strict and traditional and my brother Aneekh never disobeys him. He loves me but can never go against dad for me or anyone.

My father was so reluctant about it but suddenly yesterday he told me that I can join in college and he will take me there but only after we meet our relatives who live in Mumbai.

When we got to my relatives house. The lady smiled looking at me and greeted us. The way she was accessing my every moment felt really weird. I am feeling so consicuous.

She said, “You have grown so beautiful..”

I nervously smiled and said, “Thanks”

She said, “I am Maan’s mother,

Ayesha Khan”

I was shocked we are in Maan’s house.

She told us to sit. I saw one guy was standing at door and pacing left and right. He looked tensed. Is he Maan?

He is handsome actually very handsome. His eyes are so electrifying blue which is very rare to find in India. He looks familiar. I have seen him somewhere but where?

We sat on sofa. Dad and Aunty started reminiscing the old days. I felt bored.

I heard door click sound. One man entered holding a girl in his arms. He left to upstairs after some time he returned alone and joined us.

Aunty said, “Maan this is your dad’s friend, Sahir wasl. His son, Aneekh wasl. His daughter Maahi wasl. ”

He said, “Assalamwalikum”

I replied, “Walaikumassalam”

Dad said, “You have become a man now. When I saw you last time you were a small kid.”

Who is he? Is he Maan..? I looked around but that guy who was standing at door was not there anymore. Where he went?

Aunty said, “We are thinking that no need of engagement. We will directly get you both married in two days. We will have simple wedding only with few people present”

What? Marriage in two days? What about my college? I am just 18 how I can get married now?

Tears started forming in my eyes. It’s not like I don’t know this is going to happen but I never expected it to happen this soon. In two days getting married to a stranger is worst nightmare.

That guy said, “Whose marriage?”

Ammi said, “Your and Maahi ’s”

So he is Maan. He is also handsome but I like the spark in the eyes of the other guy. Huhh...? What I am thinking? I lost my mind in shock.

Maan stood up from his place and said, “I am already married and I don’t want to get married again.”

He is married? I felt relieved but still it hurt a little. Why not? My whole life I was deprived from doing things just because I am going to be his wife but he got married so easily not even thinking about me for once.

Aunty said, “But I and Jiya wants you to get married. I already talked to her she agreed.”

I think Jiya is his wife but why she want her husband to marry someone else? What kind of wife is she?

Maan said, “So you put this thing in her head. Ammi what happened to you? Can’t you see you are hurting both me and Jiya?”

It seems like he loves his wife a lot.

Aunty said, “Whatever I am doing is for your own good. Maahi is very sweet girl Maan. You will be happy with her”

Maan said, “I am happy with Jiya.”

Aunty said, “You have to marry Maahi. For your Dad you have to do it”

Maan Said, “What do you mean?”

Aunty said, “Sahir bhai and we were neighbour when we are staying in village. your Father and I were newly married and he wanted to settle in city but we are not financially strong that time. Sahir bhai helped us a lot. When Maahi was born we went to village to visit them. There your father promised Sahir bhai then that he will get Maahi married to his son. While returning we got into accident and he left us” tears started flowing from her eyes.

Maan hugged her.

After sometime Aunty said, “Will you marry Maahi now to fulfill your Dad’s last wish?”

My heart started beating faster. No way I don’t want to marry him.

I don’t want to be a forced second wife.

Maan said, “No. If father would have been alive then he also would not have wanted me to spoil Jiya’s life. If I have not been married then I would have married Maahi but now I am already married and it changes everything. I love my wife and I don’t want to have a second wife.”

I was so happy that he refused. He is really good man. Loving husband as well.

Aunty got angry and shouted, “You will break your father’s promise. Jiya has become so important for you that you don’t care about your parents now.”

Maan said, “Ammi, it’s not like that. You should have told me about this before you got me married”

Ammi said, “When we are back after your father’s death. I was so busy in raising you and Zaan and to give you a good lives. It skipped my mind but Sahir bhai called me last week saying Maahi completed her Intermediate and she is coming to Mumbai to join in medical college. They want Maahi to get married to you as they don’t want her to stay in hostel.”

I was shocked so dad trapped me. He acted like he is agreeing for me to join in college but actually he brought me here to get me married.

Maan said, “Mom she is just 18 years old. We have age gap of 6 years. She can stay with us but I can’t marry her.”

He is right. 6 years is too much gap.

He seems too mature and sensible. I like my partner to be little childish.

Baba stood up from his place and said, “I have heard enough. Ayesha, Did you call us here to insult us? We have told everyone in our village that Maahi is reserved for Maan. We never accepted any proposals for her. How could you do this to us? You have no value to your husband’s words.”

What Baba is saying? Even now he wants me to marry Maan. He always thinks about society. I wish at least for once he thinks as my father then he will not be able to force me on a guy who is already married, Madly in love with his wife and don’t want to have second wife.

Aunty said, “See Maan what he is saying? This is want I receive in return for my love. You don’t care about mine or your dad’s respect.”

Why they are not understanding? They can’t force someone to get married. We can’t be happy even if we get married.

He walked towards me and stood in front of me. I looked at him and he said holding my hands, “Maahi. I know I have wronged you. I can’t rectify it now. Please try to understand my situation. I already have a wife. We love each other a lot. Even If I marry you I can’t love you like I love her. Your life will be spoiled. It’s better to get married to someone who have eyes only for you. Who will love you with his whole heart. You want to study medicine, right? I will support you. Once you are stable in your career. I will search for a compatible groom for you and get you married. you are too young to get married now. Please undestand.”

I understood Maan but I am scared of my Baba.

Baba came towards Maan and pushed him back. Baba said, “Why are you brainwashing my child? She is kid. she don’t understand what’s good for her?”

He said, “Exactly. She is too young

to get married”

Aneekh came towards Maan and held him by collar then said, “you can’t spoil my sister’s life. Everyone in our village and all our relatives knows that she is going to be your wife. Hoe will we face them? We will become laughing stock. You have to get married.”

Actually if you see properly bhai then He is saving me from destroying my life but who can make them understand?

I think I should back Maan so finally I gained courage and said, “I don’t want to marry him”

Everyone was shocked except Maan .

He looked happy.

I said, “Can’t you see? He is saying I can’t be happy if we get married still you want me to marry him? No, I don’t want to marry him”

My brother Aneekh said, “Maahi, Don’t you dare to speak between us? If you don’t marry him then we will break our relationship with you.”

I said, “It’s so easy for you to break our relation. You don’t care for my happiness. You only care for your ego. I will not marry him it’s about my life. I won’t compromise.”

Baba was about to say something when bhai stopped him and said, “Let’s go baba. She is no one of us. We have no relation with her.”

My heart shattered into pieces Just because I once decided what to do and gone against them. They want to break relation with me. Tears started flowing from my eyes. How could they do this to me?

Baba said, “But”

Aneekh glared at me and said, “Let’s go” and took baba with him. They left without taking me with them.

Aunty also left to her room.

I was about to leave as well but I stopped by hearing Maan calling my name. He said , “You can stay here with us”

I said, “No Maan. I have to leave. How can I stay here?”

Maan said, “Please I insist. All this happened because of me. Please stay with us. I am sorry your family got angry with you because of me.”

I sarcastically smiled and said, “Family..? They never treated me as family. I was always a burden on them. Today also they lied to me saying that they brought me here for my studies. They must be happy to get rid of me. Please can I ask one help from you?”

I am feeling very bad for asking him this at our first meeting but I can do anything for my dream.

He said, “Of course.. Anything. Tell me”

I said, “Can you sponsor my studies? I have scholarship but still I have to pay 20% of fee. I will return you the money after I get Job.”

He said, “Sure. No problem and no need to return”

I said, “Don’t take me wrong Maan. I am really in need of money otherwise I would not have asked for help. This is my dream to become Doctor but I don’t want favor from you. Please make proper agreement papers and I will return the money. Don’t say no otherwise I will feel guilty”

Maan said, “Okay. As you like.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you.”

He said, “Come I will show your room.”

I took my bags and followed Maan. I prefer to do my work by myself. He showed me guest room.

I said, “Actually I thought I would be staying in hostel once I join in college so I brought luggage.”

Maan said, “No problem. This is your room. Please let me know if you need anything. Now I have to go to my wife. She is alone and she is not well.”

I said, “You love her a lot. She is lucky”

He smiled and said, “You have not met her that’s why you are saying so. I am very lucky to have her. Yes I really love her and she too loves me a lot”

I smiled and said, “I am happy for you. Thank you for helping me. ”

He said, ” It’s nothing before what you have done for me. You reduced my guilt. Don’t worry I will find best groom for you.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you but right now I don’t want to get married. We will see once I complete my studies who knows I might find someone myself.”

One he left I got freshen up. I lied on bed and once again that mysterious guy who was standing at door came into my mind. Where he vanished..?

I hope this house is not haunted and I have not seen any ghost. I slightly felt scared but as I was tired I slowly drifted to sleep.

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