The Prince of Shadows

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It seems one forced party to sing at turned into a very unexpected meeting. One that left Alessandra very confused but yet hot and bothered for the man that was called the Prince of Shadows. Book 2 "Fine, hurt me for all I care. Beat me, and hear me scream in pain if that's what you think will get me to listen to you." "Oh Alessandra it isn't pain I'll torture you with. I'm going to pleasure you to the point your voice will be horse from screaming your moans. With each passing orgasm you'll beg me to stop until you pass out from exhaustion." - Everyone talked of him as distant, cold, and uncaring. His reach for anything he wanted unlimited to how he would get it. With a body and a mind he was a force to be reckoned with. A man that installed fear with just a passing glance to who he was. But what if they were all wrong. What if he was a man that was hurting underneath it all. A man that has lost so much and was always pass over without feeling. Alessandra had no clue who really lurked under his hard exterior. But it was a person she was working hard to fight. An attraction that would never last for all men always had an agenda in there mind. And she was no foul to believe the Prince of shadows, the leader of the mob, actual could have genuine feelings for her. Or so she thinks that she could survive the charm of Nathaniel Torrio and not loose her heart to him. Not bei

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Chapter One: The Start of a Life


Why did my life never thrown a bone to me. It’s seemed one thing after the next trouble and problems was all I got. What had I done in a past life to deserve this. An alcoholic dad that can’t seem to control his bad habit. Even worse he wasn’t spending his own hard earned money but mine at the casinos. He wasn’t the one going to school with a endless job to keep our old homes roof over our heads. It didn’t help that the little money I gave him to feed his only son and my little brother was spent other ways. In an instant would turn and gamble it away. A few times even taking loans that I in turn, had to pay off when he never had the money.

Tonight being one of those night were I had to play nice with the mob people in Rio. My father again taking a loan that was out of my range to pay in cash. The only other way was entertainment for them.

Not in the way your thinking thankfully.

No, they like to hear me sing. All the gangs knew me from the night club I sang at. They all wanted a private singer for there party’s that was classy but sexy to them.

Standing at 5′6 with tone long legs and arms. My long blonde hair curling to my lower back always having them pause once my eyes captured there’s. Many saying they were the deepest blue they had ever seen. My voice adding on to the appeal that could be low then raises to the ceiling with each song I sang. Jazz being my most popular along with the newer age music. All of them watching my hips on stage as I walked with confadiance along the waren wood floor. Thankful I wore wedges stepping over each crack that I would have faultered in with heel points.

“Alessandra!” Gretchen called being the manager of the strip club that tonight I was at by the gentlemen in the crowed.
Her brown muddy color hair in a tight bun matching her eyes zeroing in on me as she hustled up the side of the stage. A straight black skirt keeping her from taking larger steps as the blue blouse strained against her fake breast looking lower now in her forty-six waxy skin holding them. “Sing something more sexy and appealing for them to spend more. Get them in the mood.” She rushed in a hissing tone only for me to hear nodding my head.

She then ran around the back to the band to start a more erotic tone. The lights over head dimming making my crimson silk dress shimmer lightly in the yellow glow. My body moving to the new tone walking along slowly with a seductive sway of my hips. The men that technically were renting me to pay off my father’s debt throwing more money onto the smaller stages as the women on the poles slowly took there cloths off. There eyes turning with lust over there nude forms, where the few watched my every move.

It was several hours later into the morning when they finally let me go. There interest now wavering to the physical for the dancers. My entertainment no longer wanted finally. Relief taking hold of my heart that tonight I didn’t have to drug one of them to think they had had me. A method of the tounge to have them swallow a sleeping pill while they would kiss me drunk as a skunk unaware till they passed out.

I never went anywhere without my bracelet that held several of the white pills easy to accesses. It was something I learned to do in the first several teen years of my life after one night that took my innocents by one of these bastards. The man I would always remember drugging me to loose my motorskills but stayed awake threw the whole thing. His eyes and face I would never be able to forget to this day. An image tattooed to my mind forever.

Quickly I walked the early morning streets. The sun slowly painting the sky a blue hue. My feet taking me up the hills and to my small home that was once lovely when my mother was around. My father being the reason she was no longer with us. His greed greener then I would have thought selling her off to pay yet again for his debt in saving this pothetic house. My brother having no memory of her having been only two when she was taken.

Unlocking the wooden door, its hinges groaning in protest to open. The house eerie quiet heading straight to the bathroom. Quickly I pulled off my dress and bracelet turning on the shower for only lukewarm water to spill out. Washing my hair and body I turned the water off grasping an old waren towel to dry myself. The white fabric littered with blotches of several colours stained over the years. Drying my body and hair sliding on my bra and thong, I ventured out to my small room grabbing shorts and a t-shirt putting them on.

“Erin it’s time to get up for school.” I called opening the door next to mine. My nine year old brother turning over to rub his blue eyes like mine, ruffling his chocolate curled mop on his head. “Take a shower then head down for breakfast.” His eyes fully opening now, nodding his head turning to shut the door and heading down stairs.

Passing the living room noticing the form of my drunk father in his shabby recliner. His breathing heavy but thankfully no sound for now. Entering the kitchen, I grasped bread turning on the burner to toast with an egg for a sandwich. Grabbing out two glasses I pour some water in both setting them on the small table. The sun now brighter coming in threw the glass window lighting the room.

“Ooh egg sandwich, my favorite.” My brother sang when I knew it was the only thing I could make in the morning for him.

“Eat up so I can walk you to school.” I retorted sliding it onto a chipped plate.

I hastily made one for myself so I had something in my stomach. Gulping the water down from my parched tounge and throat from singing all night. Once done and the plates cleaned I headed to the door with my keys back in hand and my bracelet once more on. Erin now having his bag on his back for school. We chatted about his lessons all the way to the front of the schools doors.

“Now I’ll be here right after school to take you to Lexi’s before I go to work.” I explained giving him a tight hug then sprinted threw the doors and out of sight.

I then headed back to the house. Taking my normal short cut that I only took by myself threw the abandoned warehouses. I wasn’t worried about people hanging around them because they were the mob kings buildings. None of them being watched having been declared to much of an expense to repair but wouldn’t sell the land I bet because of how far off the road it was.

Hastily I made it across the weed infested parking lot threw more bushes and under a fence. The trail made by my own memory to the back of my house. The wood panels having one loose to slip threw.

Opening the back door I noticed right away my father already gone to god knows where. Heading up the stairs I stepped into my room to fall onto my bed. The alarm clock being set for only fives hours later to sleep and then wake up to go to the computer cafe shop to take my finance class. Accounting being more the field that I would like to go in. I’ve seen some of the men at the club’s throw money around and knew that was what few of them did for a living. I was good at numbers and a hard worker if I was ever given the chance.

Most just saw a young women that couldn’t have brains with my looks. I knew I was a pretty women but I would never use my looks to get what I wanted. A few men even offering to be there assistant if I gave them more on the side. But I would never degrade myself do that. I couldn’t ever think of letting a man use me just for my own gain in life. That gave them power over me and I wasn’t going to let that happen again. I was stronger now and a lot smarter then my naive fifteen year old self.

Closing my eye I dosed off instantly to darkness. Sleep coming easy to me under my grey comforter and metal spring mattress I laid upon. But it only lasted so long feeling like the time had pasted in seconds then hours. My alarm going off blaring in my room to slam my hand on the top button. Rubbing my eyes I sat up throwing my legs over the edge of the bed. Shivers crawling up my legs once my feet connected with the concrete floor.

Slowly I pulled off my shirt and shorts to slide on skinny jeans and a loose white t-shirt. Grasping my book bag and keys I headed out. A few dollars in my bag to grab a bite for lunch. Taking the several curves of the unkempt road and sidewalks I made it to the computer cafe waving to the lady at the front desk. Throwing away my quick corner market sandwich in the bin beside the desk, I paid her for my time that I needed.

Finding a computer in the corner of the room away from everyone. I logged on to my college course website. The class was easy to do online, reading and taking test with writing notes in my binder for future reference. Three hours past quickly finishing my test for what I had read for the day. Logging off and yelling to the lady I was done for the day till tomorrow.

With a stretch to my body and fingers, I headed to my brothers school. By the time I was there it had already been let out for a good fifteen minutes. My brother smartly waiting for me at the front door steps. A few of his friends waving good bye as we made the walk to my best friends house. The girl was the bestest of friends I could ever have. Specially meeting eachother in the most unconventional way.

Lexi Michael was your typical fun girl. Straight dirty blond hair with large green eyes standing a few inches short then I, she was a beauty. She had found herself at a house party that I was singing at for the night. One of the men throwing her to the stage after having puked on him before he could have his way with her. All she could do was laugh threw the hits she took till he had realized she was demented and no fun to him. But in true she did it on purposes the smart little thing.

Later when I was done I took her with me to finding out she was used to the abuse. Her ex having loved to beat her and that these were the kind of party’s they would frequent. After that night taking her home she never when to parties again or mingled with the same people after a stern talking from me. From then on we were the best of friends. Finding more later that she was looking into taking child development classes after high school. Her parents thankful to finally have someone put her on the right path and offered to watch my brother after a late night incident with my father.

They were very understanding people that always wanted a son but her mother couldn’t have anymore children after Lexi. So now they treated Erin and I as if we where there own but I could never live with them. The idea of abandoning my childhood home and father was something I couldn’t do.

Lexi called me crazy but she didn’t understand. He was my last family and I couldn’t abandon him even with the things he did to us. His addiction a cause of our heart ships but I worked threw them all. Not once letting Erin see the true reality of our lives. All he knew was dad was depressed for mom leaving us. I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth and have him further hate our father. Even if he deserved every ounce of hate I couldn’t do that to Erin.

Lexi was already waiting at the foot of her parents two story home in the nicer area. Her smile turning radiant as I approached with Erin, his steps picking up to see her. She was standing in a cute tank top and jeans with her dirty blonde hair up in a high pony tail.

“How is my young man doing today.” She called kissing his cheek lightly as Erin beamed at her.

“Doing good today. I aced that science report we did together.” He explained joyfully as she vigorously clapped with a hug.

“Good because mama has a surprises in the kitchen just for you.” She said leaning down to his height as he ran around her and into the house making us both giggle after him.

“I see hanging with you has really improved his study’s.” I remarked as her green hazel eyes turned on mine with a sad glint to them for me.

“He wants to work hard to make you proud. I’ve even heard him say he wants to grow up fast so he can get a job to help you.” She explained as my smile dropped instantly.

“He shouldn’t have to think that. I don’t want him to grow up too fast. He needs to have his time as a kid and be free.” I said depressingly wishing I could change how our life was and do better for my brother. Wishing he never had to worry about food or a roof over our heads.

“Just think more about my parents offer. You wouldn’t be a burden if you moved in...” She started already shaking my head to her.

“I couldn’t do that to you. But Erin for the nights I’m working... if it’s not to much...” I started think not for me but for Erin. His childhood was more important then my want to support us by myself. I knew I wasn’t doing it to the fullest and the Michaels could give him a better life. One where they could take care of him.

“It’s never to much Sandra...” She rushed taking me into her arms instantly as I wrapped mine around her. “You are both always welcomed here.” Her voice sharp with finality wanting to cry.

“I know... I just need to think about it. But for now, I’ll have Erin stay with you. Just till I can figure things out with my father.” I explained as she pulled back, her eyes turning to slits instantly.

“He left again didn’t he.” She practically growled as I nodded my head. Her irritation at my father understandable when she witnessed his problem first hand and what I have done to get him out of his debts.

“The moment I got home from dropping Erin off at school he was gone.” I supplied as she hissed out a breath making me smile by her annoyance of a good friend.

“You should just leave his ass to rot. Stop saving him, Sandra. He’s not worth it.” She gritted out, my heart clinching for the pitiful man that if was hurt I knew I would blame myself for not helping him. Worst killed and I would regret it for not saving him.

“He’s still my father Lexi. I can’t just turn my back on him.” I defended as her arms crossed before her chest with a sneer on her pretty face.

“I understand but he’s putting you threw hell. For god sake your singing for pig head gangsters as working off his debt ” She clipped out making me cringe.

“It could be worse. At least I’ve never had to entertain the prince of shadows. The big boss apparently.” I claimed as her eyes turned to slits once more.

“The mob leader that everyone acts like is king of the fucking country. Mister sexy that suddenly has disappeared.” Grinding her teeth having had the unfortunately chance of meeting him in person by accident. All she could say about him was he was as hot as sin but completely scared the shit out of her when he only had walked by her at a house party. Apparently it wasn’t a very fun visit for him and was business. Of what she didn’t know but knew was bad news.

“Ya but I hear that his brother has been making a mess of things and is a crazy partier. Words getting out across the group’s he’s off in another country dealing with people more savage then him.” Thinking about the few conversations I had over heard last night inbetween songs.

“I doubt that but anyways. Moving on to better topic. How is the demo going you recorded.” She questioned taking a seat on the steps as I sat beside her sighing.

“I only sent it out to one music record company. No response yet.” I replied folding my arms on my knees.

“Just remember when your big and famous don’t forget about little old me.” She grinned as I nudged her shoulder with mine playfully.

“Never. Now I have to go home to dress for another long night.” I sighed standing back up turning to her as she followed suit.

“I wish I could help you. If only I wasn’t seventeen and twenty like you. I could get into all the club’s.” She stated giving me a hug shaking my head.

“You would be to much and would no doubt be in trouble every night with some guy.” I retorted now that she was a stronger person she didn’t take shit from no one now.

My chat having changed her outlook of her life for the better but then some times I felt I had created a monster when she started to take defence class. A coffee shop guy having had his arm dislocated just because he wanted to ask her for her number. Problem was to get her attention he had placed his hand on her shoulder. Bad news for him and us no longer allowed at that shop.

“Guys love me until they take things to far and I can become there worst nightmare.” She said darkly making me giggle as I walked off her steps waving good bye.

“No better words spoken about you darling. Now I’m off chicka. I’ll see you later.” Seeing her nod as I took to the side walk then back threw many off the streets till I found my path to the abandoned buildings.

The silence was eerie but nice at times seeing as the sun was starting to set with bright colours. Reaching my house the sky had turned a deep orange giving the inside a sinister glow over my father’s angry drunk form. The living room a mess of papers and anything that had once been away now along the floor. A glass bottle smashed in the corner as his eyes locked on my entrance.

“You bitch! Where is my money!” He roared. His steps staggering obviously drunk trying to make it to me.

“I don’t have it. I’m just coming home now from dropping Erin off.” Rounding him slowly closer to the front where the stairs were. Keeping as far out of his reach to grasp me from his wobbly self.

“You been whoring out haven’t you! My son fucking that Lexi bitch I bet. My boy has balls for an older women while my daughter is a worthless whore! Can’t even make a dime with that pothetic body.” He growled now holding himself upright on the wall as I slowly stepped onto the stairs. His eyes wild watching me till I made a break for the bathroom.

I could hear his feet stomp up the steps clumsily. His once muscular arm now thin banging on the door relentlessly. The smell of vomit and alcohol seeping threw the cracks as he breathed against the door. Calling me ever name in the book.

Hurriedly I showered quickly having replaced the door with a sturdy wood a while back because of his behaviour like this. His weak state not stronge enough to break as he pounded against it. Getting out I dried quickly grabbing my spare dress under the sink and clapping on my bracelet once more. Sliding on the black velvet dress I could hear his pants now heavier. Almost at the point he was going to give up like he always did. Putting on light makeup and red lips stick I waited till his foot steps started to recede down the stairs. Next was the creeks of his recliner, followed by a grunt of words before he opened another bottle to gulp down.

It wasn’t long till I could hear his light snores. Unlocking the door quietly grabbing my black wedge shoes. I headed back down slipping out the back as to not make to much noise from the front door. That was the next door I planned to replace. It’s hinges growning with each move it made. Erin hearing it open easily late in the night when father would come home.

That was the one thing I never worried about with him. Erin was his pride and joy. He would never hurt a hair on his head. Granted he has only slapped me once before but thankfully never Erin.

Shaking off the bad memories I rushed to the jazz night club. Another establishment that I actually worked at part time. The owner Mirah Cruz a curvaceous women of thirty two but still looked more in her mid twenties. With tight black curls and chocolate eyes she was stunningly tall having two inches on me. Her skin always smooth like gold bronze glowing in the low lighting of the bar. Lips of burgundy smiling always when she was in her element and her bar was just that.

It was a lively establishment with a large dance floor. Instruments cluttering the back of the stage with light hung high above. The bar rustic but clean to a high finish on all of its wood surfaces. This place was the locals spot with the few wondering tourists sitting at the round small tables. A tea candle in the center for ambiance that set the room in a romantic but fun space. The walls cluttered with nicknacks and random stuff to set it apart from any bar you would ever step into.

“Mirah! I’m sorry I’m late.” I rushed flying into the back as she ordered about the two waiters she had.

“Just get on stage now! Those buffoons aren’t doing any good with out you.” She yelled giving her a quick kiss on the cheek seeing a smile widen more now as I threw back the stage curtains with my entrance.

“Well hello ladies and if we could call you gentlemen.” I teased huskily to the small crowd that started to clap happily to my arrival. The old silver mic instantly close to my lips ready for my voice.

The band kicked into my usual starting song. With in an hour the small alley street was flooding in for the night crowd. The liquor pouring and beer flowing as I turned on the stage. My velvet black dress flaring out with each sway of my hips. The dance floor filled, swing dancing with there partners. Even one young man boldly jumping to the stage taking me in a dance happily knowing the steps easily for the tempo till I had to retake the mic.

It wasn’t until another half an hour till my first break. Taking the bottle from the waiter for me, I gulped it down in the back of the stage. An old radio playing the new music while the band and I relaxed. My skin feeling feverish from dancing with my heart beating heavily. The water a refreshment being cold to cool me as much as I could.

“What is a beautiful lady like you doing all alone back here.” A wannabe husky voice said. It’s owner only looking to be my age or so in a silk navy button up shirt. The sleeve rolled up showing his muscular arms clad in nice new jeans hung low on his hips. His hair a dark chocolate contrast to his lightly tan skin. Dark blue eyes staring back at me that was disconcerting by there ominous hue.

“She’s taking her break and only employees are allowed back here.” I clipped out taking another sip of my almost empty water as I sat on an old empty wine barrel.

“So you are the amazingly sexy Sandra I’ve herd of.” He grinned that to most would look appealing but, looked creepy being as he held no attraction for me. His looks to boyish and a tone of a obnoxious ego.

“Only my friends call me Sandra.” I quickly retorted, throwing him a glare only to bring him closer to me with a few more step. Apparently I was giving him an invitation to talk closer up, stopping before me.

“Well tonight I’ll be a really good friend. Your daddy dearest told me where we would find you tonight. Before he took a hefty loan from me might I add.” He retorted placing both of his hands on the barrels edge leaning in close enough to smell the lightness of a alcoholic breath under its mintiness. He features looking even younger to be around my age up close now. “Just a few simple words and you were mine for the night and to do with as I please.” The man growled lustfully, looking me up and down with desire in his eyes that I was all to used too.

“I’m working tonight and I’ll pay what he owes you. How much.” I said standing to push him back as he stumbled a few steps in surprise but caught himself quickly.

“You’ve been paid for, now sweetheart your coming with me. The little owner here has already given you the rest of the night off for me.” He sneered as four more men suddenly materialised in all black beside me. Instantly red flags going off to there appearance that these were people truly not to mess with.

“Who are you?” I breathed eyeing the new men that were in sharp suits with each having a gun on there hips under there jackets. There expressions blank as if this was a business transaction to them setting off more warning bells in my mind.

Slowly as if to impress me with his name leaned in close once more to my face with a soft voice. “Its Drake Torrio my dear, the mafia kings brother. And if I like you, I my just make you my new flavour of the week. ” He purred skimming his nose over my cheek then suddenly grasped my waist roughly with a squeal. My mind trying to cope with what he had just declared as I was roughly taken with his hand sealing over my mouth.

In seconds we were out the back door to see an all black mercedes waiting. The door being open by one of his man as I was thrown in. My head bouncing off of the black leather seat. Before I could even call out Drake was sliding in, slamming the door behind him as his smile grew when his eyes landed on my legs. The dress now flowing around my hip giving him a perfect view of my ass and thong.

“Humm. Such a perfect ass you have.” He said reaching out to grab it slapping his hand before he could touch as I righted myself. The car lurching forward to unknown destination that I had a feeling I was not going to like.

“One that your not getting a feel of ever.” I gritted out sliding more over into the door of the car glancing out the window to see it was tinted to dark to see much of the streets and only the lights that we passed by. Trying by memory with each turn where we were headed too.

“Oh by the end of the night that gorgeous body will be mine for the taking.” He breathed close to my ear making me shutter in disgust that he seemed to take differently feeling as his hand grasp my thigh tightly. “Your daddy told me that your a very pleasing little girl. One that everyone can enjoy.” He continued nudging his nose into my hair as I shook him off me into his side of the car with a glare.

“My father knows nothing about me! I am a singer not a whore as he had in tailed for you I presumed.” I clipped out only for a smile to grow on his stupid face.

“Feisty, even better. I hear singers have really good throat control with strong lips.” He mused as I gasped in outrage to what he was insinuating.

“If you think I would pleasure you with my mouth, then you are delusional. In less you want to loss it that is.” I smiled at the end darkly. His hands instinctively covering his manhood from me as suddenly the men in front started to chuckle.

“Drake let’s just let the girl sing. Maybe later you can convince her to have fun privately.” The driver said but in a tone that I didn’t understand as the passenger started laughing out right like it was a huge joke. Probably an inside one that seemed to poke at his ego.

“Shut up John! Just you watch. Come morning this little thing will be sucking me like a popsicle stick.” He gloated as I cringed. Making a note now not to ever have one again or I would probably puke at the idea of thinking it was this guys junk.

Yes he was handsome. He had looks like you would see on the cover of a GQ magazine. But he just had no appeal to me by his attitued that screamed rich dick that got anything he wanted if he threw money at it. His pastor as if he owned everything and whatever he said was pure gold. When in true was pure crap. My eyes rolling not deming worthy to retort to a pitiful comeback as my eyes caught onto my surrounding. The feeling of going up hill having been present for a while as my heart started to accelerate.

Shit this guy said Torrio right, and by the direction we where heading I had a feeling we where going to not a nice house in the city. But to the mob heads personal residence! I was going to the Prince of shadows house! Why did I even have to open my big mouth about it today. I swear I was cursed or must had done something stupid in a past life to find myself in situations like this! Thanks dad, now I was to actually entertain these idiots and pray to any god up there to come out alive.

“Don’t worry my brother isn’t home.” Drake suddenly said coming back to the present to feel that I was trembling in my seat. Fear setting in at the idea of the shit that I was in. Did he honestly think that would make me feel better. The top thing on my mind that I was thankful for was that I had left Erin at Lexi for if I showed up dead I knew he would be taken care of.

“You... you live here...” I stumbled out as the car came to another gate opening up to a grand mansion.

“Grew up in this house too. The shit is old. Everything custom made and hand crafted for my parents taste which was shit. To antique looking for my taste. But my brother being smart added some modern things.” He boasted sliding out the open door for him as mine was taken from my grasp. My nerves shot with my mind spinning that I was actually going to most likely die tonight. Stories of people that have been here show up dead the next day if they were a nobody. Me included in that category.

But at least for the last few hours of my life I could admire the better side to what some people have. The building a massive two story that looked old by its blackened tops and large round columns. Wide door windows on the second floor with balusters that looked ancient but sturdy. The lower level more a white with a large wood door as the front under a iron chandelier. The walls thick with vines of purple flowers and other plants along the green grass out to the brick circle driveway.

“It’s beautiful.” I breathed taking it all in as I stepped out noticing how high up we really were. The air crisp with the crickets playing in the night air.

“For art lovers. This shit is basically a historical monument or something as my brother puts it. The man for some reason has a thing for stuff like that old crap and all.” Drake explained as his arm possessively wrapped around me into his side like a death grip, pulling me towards the front.

“He must have impeccable taste then.” I retorted as the music inside seepted threw the cracks of the door as they opened upon our closer proximity to the front. A flud gate of sound piercing my ears till it lowered once we stepped more into the room looking a step down to the party in full swing already.

“To bad you don’t get to admire all that shit when I put it all in the safe to PARTY!” He roared to the large front room full of nicely dressed people. Stroblights and lasers going off with a stage in the far back in front of an enormous fireplace. Long drape framing the long windows that were closed but could see a pool glowing threw in the back. “EVERYONE THIS IS THE SEXY SANDRA HERE TO SING FOR US!” Cheers ringing out noticing a few people I recognised from clubs and magazines. A model I’ve seen before making out with a government official that was on the news just weeks ago.

Drake then pulled me further into the room as if I was his eye candy spinning me out. Then pulled me to a stage with a dj spinning on his table. His smile widening as he took me in like I could be his next meal. Giving him a sneer that was prominent, taking the mic he was holding out to me aggressively. The electric music he was creating toning down as a familiar new age song started to blend in and raise.

“YOU ALL READY TO MOVE!” I called into the mic knowing if I was stuck here at least I could have a little fun myself. Even spotting a music producer on the upper level cat walk looking down with intrest. My smile curving teasingly as I walked confidently along the stages edge. “THEN LET’S MAKE THIS A NIGHT TO NEVER FORGET!” More cheers ringing out as I turned to Drake who was smiling with pleasure with a nod.

Spinning my finger to the dj he kicked the sound up a few knotches as the speakers blared out under the stage. The lights rotating to the music as I let myself fall into my paradise of singing. My lungs taking in air greedily as I sang to the ceiling. Everything in me raising on high to make the best of this night. Sing as if it were my last with passion. Every bone in my body vibrating with my voice feeling a high of pleasure that I could only feel when I was lost in the song. My heart beating to the tempo as I put on a show for all to enjoy.

“Damn women you have fucking lungs on you!” Drake applauded pulling me from the stage giving me a break for what I was hoping thirdy minutes or more. My body shaking with emotions that I always had on stage with perspiration from dancing to the beat.

“Thank you. It’s nice to hear a stranger that has no real taste for music say that.” I dead panned singing the selection of songs he had me sing were all horrable. None of them were about real emotions but just getting it on and subduction with lust. No real feeling in the lyrics beyond the physical.

“Whats your name darling.” A man suddenly asked in a all white suit with thick chains decorating his large form as Drakes arm suddenly became stiff around me. The man looking to be in his thirdy but was greasy looking with thinning brown hair on his almost bald head.

“She isn’t for you. A real singer doesn’t stoup to your level just to make a break. My girl is going to be at the best studio there is.” He clipped out before I could say anything, my eyes rounding at what he had just declared. But then reality knocked into my head that he was just staking his claim to me. The man eyeing me up with a dark gaze as if I was already naked.

“To bad. I would have love to wrap those thighs around me. Recording her sounds of pleasure I can garanty would get you on the map by me.” He said suggestively with a smirk as Drake scuffed once he walked away back into the crowd.

“Damn ass, coming into my house and try to steal from me.” He growled as I just rolled my eyes. It unfortunately not going unnoticed as he spun me harshly taking my chin to glare into my eyes tightly. “You may think low of me. But I would never put a women in danger just for the hell of it. That man is dirty in getting what he wants. If he ever approaches you to record for him. Don’t no matter what he offers. I garanty you it isn’t worth it and will only ruin you later in life for any chance in any business.” He gritted out quickly, letting my chin go as if I had burned him. His eyes looking murderous for blood suddenly as they scanned the crowd.

“Thanks for the warning. It’s not like I’ll be alive tomorrow. And why do you even care what happens to me. I’m just a rented singer for your entertainment.” I scuffed pulling from his grasp that surprising threw his anger wasn’t tight to cause pain but gentle as if not to hurt me. My feet moving me from the crowd in search of a more breathable area. Drake just a step behind grabbing onto me quickly.

“Because I value women even if no one thinks it. I may appear to be callous but I do draw a line at somethings. Special never laying a hand on women in a violent manner. I was raised better then that.” He said fercily as if the idea of a man hitting a women disgusted him to the point he looked enraged just speaking it.

“Good to know some mob men have morals.” I retorted dryly pulling from his grasp as I went down a hall that openned up to a side patio. The outside lite with tea lights as some people chatted around the small garden.

Suddenly my arm was grabbed again as he turned me quickly to look at him with a look I couldn’t describe until he started to speak once more. “Not all of us are horrable people. Just because we live a dangerous life and have blood on our hands doesn’t mean we can’t have emotions.” He defended as I smiled wrapping my arms around me titling my head to him.

“You could have fooled me. Men like you only know how to cause pain. You look for weakness in people and exploit it for your gain. Even if you hold anything dear to you later on you will just break it like a porcelain vase. Shatter something so beautiful easily without thought. That is all men truly do in the end. They take what they want then throw you to the side when you are of no use anymore. Just for the fun. Tonight I’m here just for your amusement that you bought for the night. Nothing more nothing less. That’s all I’ll be to you. A passing amusement never to think of again after tonight. A night that I may never see the morning again.” I said harshly as I watched his face turn with uncertainty as he regarded me like most did after I said my out look of life. A look of pity that made one wonder what made me look at life so darkly. So unfufilling. Well not everyone’s life was hearts and flowers and men never were the kind to show any generosity towards me for any manner of instance. It was always about what they wanted and how to get it.

“You have a very cynical veiw on life and men. I don’t know what has happen to you in the past, but I can garanty you that not all men are always about self gain. Some men actual would worship the ground you walk on if you would let them.” He defended letting me go gently as I took a step back my head turning to look up to the stars that were visable from this high up. “And I have no plans of taking your life for any reasons. So come tomorrow you will be safely on your way home from here till the next time I need you.” He said rolling my eye on how easily he thought to demand my presents. No thought of if I would even want to come back here again or even for entertainment if I had a choice. Which proved I didn’t really if he wanted it.

“Or just walk all over me. To control me and bend me to there will like all have. Mister demanding. Nothing that you say will ever change my mine but it’s nice to know I’ll live another day now. You speak kindly when right after it wanting to use me again easily with no thoughts to my feeling about it. All you care about truly is copping a feel with someone else that surely wont be me.” I retorted stubberly leaning against the concrete baluster. The night air cooling off my heated skin nicely.

“Do you have no love in your life?” He said sinserly stunded by the question that he truly seemed to want to know by his tone that sounded closer then I wanted. Emotions I kept bottled away wanting to crack and spill out by his pitiful tone for me. Already having said to much to this arrogant stranger that no doubt could us this conversation to his advantage in some way later if needed.

“Love, as for someone else. Yes, my brother but for a romantic intrest never.” Again my mouth running away with me before thinking. “It’s a useless emotion that can get in the way of doing things you know is right but can’t because of your damn feelings that stop you.” I clipped out thinking of my father instantly. The man that has put me here tonight but still I couldn’t leave him. My conscience annoyingly grating at my mind as my heart beated in pain of what would become of him without me. The only thing that was holding my little family together that slowly felt was crumbling day by day. And I didn’t know how to stop it.

“Your wrong.” He clipped out harshly turning to see how seriouse he had become. “Love makes you stronger. Hell I’ve seen what love can do before my eyes. It can turn the harshest of men into a devoted person just to one women. I’ve seen what some men would do for the ones they love fercily. Yes we maybe of a breed of men that take it to another level with guns and blood. But it makes us know when to hold on to it tightly and fight for it with our lives. An emotion to cherish more above all. In our world of the mafia, love can move mountains if wanted. Even I, if I had a women that I could call my own and love. Then I would worship her as if she was a goddess. I would show her everyday what she means to me. But alas I haven’t found the one yet, but I know I will at one point in my life and it will be beautiful.” He explain sharply making me smile amused by his words that would sway anyone else but me.

“For someone that doesn’t like art you sure have colourful words to speak about an emotion I don’t think you can truly understand.” I mocked as he shoved his hands into his packets regarding me softly as he turned to look up to the stars now beside me.

“One day when you meet your match you’ll understand.” He said in a philosophical tone that had me roll my eyes at him.

“One that is none existent. But please tell me when you do. I didn’t realize men like you can be so deep then the usual shallow mind of being pompuse.” I clipped out only for him to chuckle.

“You are something else. Who ever is your match will defenantly have a lot of work cut of for him to break down those high walls.” He stated tugging at a strand of my hair titling my eyed towards him.

“I’m hoping not.” His eyes amused with a smile shaking his head.

“Lets get you back on stage. All this serious talking has build up a thirst to get drunk. Now move women and get those lips working again.” He demanded making me smile genuinely at his playful tone as I let him lead me back into the stuffy house now. Everyone grinding to the electric music.

You could tell it was getting late by the many wasted people. The once white carpet now stained with several drinks. The walls and furniture looking no better. Even spotting a hole were I’m betting someone got angry or was thrown into it. But all of that was to the side as I made it back to the stage. The mic once more placed into my hand by the creepy dj. Again another song I’ve herd at the strip club played as I sang the song flawlessly. Drake this time out of site guessing he was going to find a new conquest for the night after our chat.

I’m thinking talking to a women that didn’t believe in love doesnt turn you on. The physical not even a remote intrest to me that he must of realized was not worth perusing. I wouldn’t bend to him for what he wanted and now he realized how true I was to our earlier chat in the car. So without further aldo once the crowd started to thin I was off the stage as if it was on fire. My excape in sight open to run freely from here. But it only lasted so long when the man from earlier came out of no where, latching onto my arm.

“Where are you going gorgeous. The fun has just begun.” He said darkly with a low tone to his deep voice. An arm coiling around me tightly as my instinct to fight kicked in.

Thrashing violently in his arms I tried to kick his legs that were pulling me back threw a dark hall. Moans and panting coming from several of the close doors till we came to a set of stair. With all my might I head butted him. Grasping onto the banister tightly I looked to my only option with him at the mouth of the stairs. Quickly I ascended up only for him to catch my ankle painfully falling onto my side into the carpet stairs. Unfazed he started pulling me down, burns starting to form along my legs and arms as I tried to grasp out at anything before he had me back all the way down the stairs.

Turning to look down I noticed two other men flanking him. There lips curling with there tounge coming out to lick them as they eyed my bare lower half now with lust. My heart kicking in fright by what there minds were conjuring up to do with me. With one last effort I kicked out with a reach of my hand to one of the railings post grasping tightly to pull with all my strength out of his grip. With an extra kick I made its mark into his face hearing a yell of pain from him.

Without a glance back I hastily ascended up the stairs. This time reaching the top to see other doors. The only one darker then others was the cat walk at the end I didn’t know was there. But it looked like a good place to find a room to hide in. Hastily I took my chances running to the end meeting a curve to the only door at the end. It was a massive two door entrance with a lock on it that unfortunate for me was sealed.

“Where are you bitch! You will pay for braking my nose!” The man yelled bringing a silent smile to my lips then fell with the sounds of footsteps heading closer.

These double doors were the only ones at this side of the house. Using what little mind I have clouded by panic I felt myself for anything. My hand suddenly unclasping my bracelet for a spare pin I placed in it. Fishing it out I got to work on the door. Picking one not being my first time after my father thought to change the locks on me a few time. Even breaking into the warehouse a few time for shelter if needed. So learning how to pick successfully hearing a click was music to my ears. The sounds of harsh yelling over the fading music as I slipped into the dark room locking the door behind me quietly.

Breathing out a sight of relief noticing the room was quite and no one was in it of what I could see. The doors being thick enough with carpet high underneath I was safe to turn on a light switch on the wall. Instantly my breath was taken away by the luxury of the room but not in a modern way.

No. Everything looked antique. The lights that turned on looked to be tiffany laps with there stain glass design casting colours along the cream walls. Brilliant paintings hung over various items. Cherry wood nightstand stood on both sides of the beautiful canopy bed of the same tree no doubt. It’s post a curl to the wood with gold silk hanging down contrast to the black comforter and pillows of the bed. The mattress looked to be bigger then a king size just as enormous as the room with a large desk in the corner framed by book cases behind over looking what was rios city lights in the distance threw the glass door windows to what I guessed a balcony.

Coming towards it for a better like. I noticed a picture on the desk of a little girl with black raven hair and bright green eyes wondering who she was. Her smile wide with laughter but a tease almost in the curve of her pink lips so young looking only a few years younger then my brother perhaps. It was the only personal thing I could see in the vast space. A living room seating on the other side before a large tv with a door to what I was hoping a bathroom beside it.

Taking the guess I walked in to be right once I had turned on the light. The bathroom just as amazing as the bedroom. Granite tiles of cream and gold flakes under my wedges. A beautiful mural on the ceiling of a blue lightly clouded sky with a large round light in the center like a sun. The border of a concrete baluster matching the outside with plants hanging around it. A jaguar on the edge with a few colourful birds flying over. It was a beautiful painting looming over the whole bathroom and a large bathtub with jets to the back. The shower all glass with what looked to have dots in the ceiling where I’m guessing the water came out in the center.

Seeing as I would never get the opportunity again to enjoy such luxury I stripped down naked. Sliding out of my shoes I searched the cabinets for towels finding nice fluffy black ones. A shower was in order after sweating and those men grasping me, making me shiver is disgust at what could have happened to me by them.

Shaking it off with my cloths now on the floor grabbing a towel. Hanging it on the door I stepped inside. My feet stepping onto the smooth surface turning the crystal knob on high. As expected the water came down like rain from the ceiling smiling as I looked up into it. My hair drenched in seconds with hot water warming my skin effortlessly.

Basking in the hot steam of water, I turned to look for soap. Spotting a bar on a tray of the wall. Grasping it lathering it on my skin instantly igniting a lemon zest scent that was captivating. Rubbing my skin till it was completely clean I put it back grasping shampoos that smell fruity but with a spice. Another scent I surely liked coupled together filling the bathroom as I rince it out of my blonde hair.

Turning off the water once I was done. I step out drying myself off with the softest towel I’ve ever felt. The fabric instantly soaking up the small droplets on my skin sliding it off to pat my hair as dry as I could get. Walking to the sink I looked under in the cabinets for a toothbrush, finding it with paste brushing my teeth. Turning behind me to the other doors in the room was a walk in closet. I knew I was being intrusive at this point. My thoughts turning when I noticed all the nice suit and by size couldn’t be Drake. Style deffanantly not his for they were for a person that could only be intelligent and have good taste. The only other possibility was his old brother.

The King as they call him here or his personal favorite, Prince of shadows. By the size of his cloths though he was a big man. Finding a nice white shirth with gold buttons putting it on over my bra and thong buttoning it up. The shirt reached an inch above my knees. The sleeves having to fold several times to rest on my forearm comfortably.

Coming out of the bathroom I almost felt it a crime to ruin the nicely made bed. Several pillows artfully placed as I wonder when the last time it had been slept in. Several of the men’s conversations over the last week he had been gone for a while.

Figuring I would be safe to say he wasn’t coming anytime soon turning off the light quickly. I patted back to the bed, lifting the thick comforter sinking into the plush mattress, snuggling into the abundance of pillows surrounding me. The sounds of the music faint still going with no doubt people still drinking. The men wanting me for fun now probably forgotten of me and found more excepting pray.

Closing my eyes I moved till I was comfortable. My body never feeling so relaxed as another scent fill my nose. A smell I couldn’t describe that just was alluring to my senses then the others. Breathing in deeply I feel into a deep sleep. One I haven’t had in years without the worries of my father disturbing the house or sirens in the distance. Everything was nice and quite as I slept dreamlessly for the first time in years.

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