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"I'm not the good Christian girl you raised." I take another deep breath, I'm starting to shake. "I'm-I'm pregnant" *this book is completed but currently undergoing a serious revision* "Get out!" My mother spouted. Tessa Reynolds is a Sophmore in high school. She gets straight A's she's never missed a day of school, and she's never had a boyfriend. But one night she is forced to go to a party to be the sober driver, she didn't want to go until she met Collin. What will happen when they meet? Is it love at first sight? Or is it total hell? Collin Jefferson James is a 21 year old and a senior in College at University of Denver. He was never the type of guy to talk to strangers. Especially at parties. Until he meets Tessa. He was curious about her. And he is amazingly surprised that a gorgeous girl like her wasn't in the party drinking. Let alone being a sober driver. Just his luck. Go along the journey with Tessa and Collin when you read "An Unwanted Life"

Romance / Other
Audrey Croe
4.8 10 reviews
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This book will be back shortly...

At this time I have decided to rewrite/edit this book only based on comments, my progress, and the lack of proper grammar/story skill.

For which I don't want to leave this book open for other people to read and get confused, etc.

I am sorry for those who were and still are eager to read this book and found that this, and the warning chapter are just up.

But what's not to love about an upgrade? This won't be like a regular book where I post a chapter once a week or what not. This will be a "Post when I'm done with it" kind of thing.

Now; being that the second book a continuation to this one I also have to unpublish that one as well. Please forgive me for that I have to do this.

Until I publish again,



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