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Chapter 8: Rendezvous

I haven’t heard anything from Collin. No texts, no calls, no voicemails, and definitely no visits.

“He hasn’t talk to me ever since that date, Sydney, maybe you were right.”

“Maybe he’s busy taking test to graduate or something, don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it! It’s been two weeks since we’ve had...”

“Had? What?”

“Had a conversation! I’m going crazy because I keep thinking I did something wrong, kissed him wrong, didn’t talk enough, I just want to know what I did!”

“Tessa why are you worrying so much? This isn’t like you to worry about anything unless it comes to school things. What going on?”

“I told you whats wrong.”

“Collin lives two hours away why not just go see him?”

“I don’t know Sydney! That’s what I was trying to say. But you never listen to me it’s all about you! Everything is about you!”

“Girl, you need to calm down. No need to be so stressed about stuff. Go see Collin if that’s what you really want to do.”

“I think I’m going to be sick.”

I ran to the bathroom, into a bathroom stall not even having time to close or lock it, puking everything I had for lunch today (I’ll spare you the details) in the toilet. After all the remains of the food I ate was gone, I was still dry heaving.

“Tessa are you okay?” Mrs. White walked in saying

“I’m fine, I think I just ate something bad.”

“Okay, well as protocol, you’ll have to go to the office and get a pass to leave. I hope you feel better before practice tonight.”

“Don’t worry about me, coach. I’m sure it will go away.”

I hate throwing up. I don’t care if I have the common cold but to throw up, it’s just not something I like; I don’t think a lot of people like throwing up.

I walk to the office and saw Sydney in her gym uniform along with myself. I felt my blood boil looking at her. She just makes me so angry when she does things for me, I don’t need her or anyone’s help!

“I don’t need your help! Why do you think I always need your help!”

“I was just coming to check on you, what’s your problem?”

“You! I’m sick and tired of my life evolving around you! You always want me to go to YOUR parties, and drive YOU around! Did you ever think about what I wanted!”

“Just this morning you were saying how good of a friend I was! Why are you suddenly acting so bit--”

“ENOUGH!” the principle yelled in his deep voice. Startling both me and Sydney.

“You two need to break up this argument, and you need to get to class miss Torrez.”

“Gladly.” She said storming out of the office, heading back toward the Gym.

“You Ms. Reynolds need to leave and rest. You’re our star player and you need to win this game for us tonight.”

“That’s what you’re worried about? Losing a game? Don’t worry Mr. Spencer, I’ll win the stupid game for you.”

*later that night*

“Where’s your head at?” I yell to the libero. “You’re just standing on the God damn court waiting for the ball to come to you! You are the libero for a reason! You go down and get the ball when no one else can!”

I get ready for the serve to come over to our net, my head pounding, my heart racing. The referee tells the server on the opposite team using the hand gestures, she spins the ball three times, she throws it up and jumps serves, landing over the line the ball going over the net, right towards me.

I get myself under the ball and my platform slightly slanted to get a small pass to the setter so she can set me or the other outside hitters to spike/tip over the net.

I go over to the left side of the court when she sets I get ready to spike but the ball goes to the right side outside hitter and spiked it right in the center of the court, earning us our match point.

We all gathered and cheered for our win, I’m glad no one was mad at me for yelling at the new libero. I felt awful that I did that, I feel a little misty-eyed, forcing myself to end the cheer and pull Macy aside from the group.

“I’m really sorry I yelled at you, Macy. I’ve just been getting angry for no reason and the fact that I lashed out on you isn’t something I should do as your captain, that’s the coaches job.”

“Look, Tessa, it’s okay. I get that you were just trying to help and you’re only a Sophmore and everyone looks up to you, just don’t yell at me again, please.”

“I won’t, are we good?”

“We’re great.” She walked away collecting her bags, as I do the same.”

“You played great, Tessa.” A voice said to me as I walked out of the gym.

I recognise that voice, making me drop my bag and turn around.

“What are you doing here?”

“Sydney texted me.”

I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes, “Of course she did. Look I don’t want you here, better yet just leave me alone, you’ve done enough to diminish how I feel about myself, and now you show up on demand of my EX- best friend.”

“I thought you would want to see me? I thought we had a good thing going, Tessa? What happened?”

“You happened!” I got closer to him, making sure no one could hear what I was about to say “I lost my virginity to you not but two weeks ago. We had s*x and then, I don’t hear from you, I text you and you just look at them and don’t reply.”

“Tessa, it’s finals week I’m taking test and doing school work, when I’m not doing that, I’m studying and go to bed late. I’m sorry that I made you feel as if I was using you but I genuinely like you, I wouldn’t use you like that.”

“Well, we’re done. I’m done with you, and Sydney, and everyone else that’s associated with you and her.” I pick up my bag and walk away to my car, leaving Collin standing there and my heart broken, and the urge to throw up... again.


i’m starting to be grateful that I’m taking the time to rewrite this because I’m not rushing it. This version I hope you guys will like, and I do have the previous version.

I’m also adding NEW chapters of her in school and being pregnant. Chapter nine is going to be different (completely new, never written before.) and I will let you know at the end of the new chapters if they are new or re-written or even changed, all chapters will be edited some will be different, some will have the original content but added at the end, some things will be completely erased.

Re-written and edited starting oct 23, 2019 and finished November 4th, 2019

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