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Chapter 10: Ruined

Now I’m freaking out. Now I have no one to help me and I have no money to figure it out on my own and no idea how I’m going to get the money from my parents.

I picked up my phone and saw the notification again. I unlocked my phone and went to the contact and clicked the call button for Sydney.

It rung three times before she answered the phone.

“You’re finally talking to me?”

“I have an emergency, where can you meet me?”

“Mitchell Park.”

I grab my backpack and put my stuff inside it. I run down the stairs, “I’LL BE BACK SOON, MOM!” I grab the keys from the wall and run to my car. This is the most energetic I’ve been for awhile.

I start the engine, put the car in reverse, and lifted the emergency brake, backing out of the driveway and drive the short 12 minutes there.

when I get there I park my car and hurry out to where Sydney is hanging pacing.

“Why did you call me if you are going to take forever to get here.” She says.

“I’m two weeks late.”

Sydney looked at me with a puzzled look, confused at what I was saying. I forgot I didn’t tell her I had sex with Collin twice, I was going to but everything I’ve been feeling I forgot to mention it.

“I had s*x with Collin, Sydney, my period hasn’t started.”

“You don’t know anything about s*x, Tessa! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just didn’t think I had too. I’m pretty sure he wore a condom,.”

Sydney grunted and hit her head, “Tessa, condom don’t necessarily keep you from getting pregnant! You have to take Birth control, and probably a morning after pill before you think about having s*x .”

“You did it so I thought it would be okay, I make it sound like something everyone should do. You make it sound like fun.”

“I do it because I know the dangers of sex, STD’s, pregnancies, and other things. I also know how to prevent them. I pay for a birth control shot every three months, I make my partner wear a condom so neither of us contract STD’s if we have them. You should’ve come to me Tessa.”

“What am I gonna do?”

“We are going to get you two packs of clear blue digital pregnancy test, and then you’re going to take it. If you’re pregnant you’re going to call to get a appointment to see everything they need to check.”


“I’m scared to flip it over, Sydney.”

“Lets just see.” she grabbed the pregnancy and flipped it over, her nervous face expression turned sad, as she read the result.

“Your pregnant.” she said handing it to me.

I saw the words, my knees feeling weak as I felt my entire life crumble apart, just for the pleasure of an apparent sin.

I collapsed to the floor, sobbing, weeping and rocking back and fourth the test on the floor, my face buried into my knees. I feel Sydney’s hand soothing me on my back, she says no words as she is there comforting me.

“He-he doesn’t want me to see him anymore, he told me that. What am I going to do Sydney?” I looked at her tears streaming down my face.

“You could always get an abortion, Tessa.”

“That’s worse than being pregnant, Sydney.”

“It’s an option, adoption is an option to, but you could just tell him.”

“I don’t want to tell him yet, I’m not telling anyone, there’s a few days tell my mom and dad go to Africa and then, and only then will I think about telling him.”

“Whatever you want to do Tessa, but don’t shut me out again, don’t kick me out again. I’m your best friend and I deserve to deal with these things, even if you think I shouldn’t.”

“I’ve missed you, Syd.” I hugged her.

“I f*ckin miss you too.” she hugged me back.



This is ultimately a fill in chapter even though it’s a main point in the story it is only a fill in, and completely different from the original since the original was all over the place.

More chapter coming tonight

written November 5, 2019

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