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Chapter 12: It's you.

Saturday of all days. I used to like the weekend, a break from my busy day to day schedule, but it kind of seemed to take a turn when I got pregnant. It’s one of the most boring days recently. It seems like I have nothing to do, no one to talk to or hang out with.


I sat up from my bed very quickly, getting up off of it and dressed into my usual, leggings and a crop top of some sort.

“Mom! Dad! I’m going to visit Nick, I’ll be back in a few hours!” I yelled running down the stairs, grabbing my keys from the wall.

“Tell us how he’s doing when you get there okay, Tessa?” My dad said as I closed the door.

I turned the car on, backed out of the driveway, (so on and so forth).

Through voice command I told the car to call Nickolas, that way I wasn’t distracted using my phone while driving and navigating a some-what busy city.


“Nick, it’s me, I’m coming to your house, I hope you don’t mind, Sydney won’t pick up her phone and I have no one to hang out with, you were the last person I could think of.”

“Well thank you. I really appreciate your love, Tessa.” he said laughing.

“No come on hang out with me.” I looked in my side mirrors getting ready to merge onto the freeway. “It will be fun, you hanging out with your little sister, what better way to spend your time, am I right?”

“I can think of a million things to do instead of hang out with you, but I think it will be okay.” He said again laughing, “But, I have a friend over, he needed company.”

“It’s going to be a couple hours before I get there, is your friend still going to be there.”

“Yes. He’s staying here until I kick him out.”

“Fine. But I really want to hang out with you.”

“Bye.” his friend said after he snatched Nick’s phone.

*a couple hours later*

I knocked on Nick’s door, waiting for him to answer, when the door opened, I was completely stunned.

“Collin?” my voice cracked, the tears building in my eyes.


“So, you two have met?” Nick came up his arm hanging around Collins neck.

I looked down to the corner of the door as I bit my lip, avoiding eye contact from the both of them.

“You didn’t tell me your sister was coming or I would have left, man.”

“It’s not like you guys have feelings for each other we’re all friends here.”

I saw Collin look away and Nick immediately took his arm off Collin’s neck and backed away. He looked betrayed, and my heart sank. I couldn’t believe Nick found out he wasn’t supposed to find out.

“You were talking about my sister that day? The girl at the college party?”

“No, Nick it wasn’t like that, I wasn’t intending to date her. I actually have feelings for her.”

“She’s sixteen! She’s my sister.”

“Nick, we aren’t even seeing each other, we broke up. It wasn’t ever going to work out.” I said.

“She can make choices for herself. It’s not like I forced her to have s*x.”

“What?” Nick tilted his head, the anger in his voice, and his face was evident.

“Sh*t. I didn’t--”

“You couldn’t keep your big mouth shut could you, Collin?” I looked at him, my fist clinched.


“Dude chill, she’s not pregnant, or dead. She’s perfect, she’s exactly like she was just with a hymen.”

I am pregnant. I’m just not ready to tell anyone yet, especially if he doesn’t want to see me anymore.

I didn’t know they were talking to me, until I heard them calling my name, my thoughts taking over, escaping my mind for the time they’re talking to me.

“Tessa? You aren’t pregnant right?” Collin asked.

“Nope. I had my period like 2 weeks ago.” I lied and smiled.

Please forgive me Collin. I’m so sorry I’m lying to you but I know you don’t want to be apart of this child’s life, I mean I don’t really want to be apart of it’s life but I have no other choice.

“See nothing to worry about, Nick.”

“Just get out of my house. Both of you.”

“But Nick--” I was stopped by Nick interrupting

“I said get out.” He slammed the door in my face, Collin already left, but not far enough for me not to talk to him.

“Are you really just going to walk away from me like that?!” I yelled, running to him.

“You haven’t contacted me since that day you came to my house. I thought you were done with me!”

“You told me you didn’t want to see me anymore! That we were never going to work out! Of course I wouldn’t contact you!”

He slammed his lips into mine and I couldn’t resist it, I kissed him back, knowing that’s what I’ve been wanting since we broke up.

“I wanted you to fight back, but you didn’t. You just gave up.”

“I’ve never had a relationship before. I thought you just give up after you break up.”

“But we’re not normal.” he kissed me again, but I think we should’ve waited until we were in a private place.

“YOU F**KING CREEP! GET AWAY FROM HER!” My brother shouted as he ran toward us; but me being the idiot I am, ran in front of Collin blocking Nickolas from hitting him.

“Move Tessa. I’ll go through you to get to him.”

“I kissed him. It wasn’t Collin that kissed me. I love him Nick, please, please just let me love him.” I begged.

Nick stood there his face going relaxed, but the tears dwell in his eyes as he admit defeat. I felt a hand grab my upper arm, turning me around.

“You love me, Tessa?”

“Of course I do. I wouldn’t have given you apart of me unless I did, Collin.”

nick stepped to Collin, spreading us apart. “If you hurt my sister, so help me God I will not spare you for her. Mark my word.”

“I understand, Nick. I won’t hurt her, nothing will happen that would make me hurt her.” Nick stuck out his hand for their camaraderie.

I roll my eyes, and cross my arms. I can’t believe that’s all guys have to do to be friends again. For girls to be friends it takes a million things, including sanity for us to be friends again.

Nick turned towards me and pointed at me, “If I find out I’m having a niece or Nephew anytime soon, you’re not off the hook either.”

Are they suspecting I’m pregnant?

I saw a yellow BMW pull into the parking lot and saw someone who looked similar to Sydney, “Is that Sydney’s car?” I asked pointing to it.

“Why would your friend need to come out here.”

“She said that she’s seeing someone in Denver but why would they be--”

“Tessa, don’t you think we should go out and do something together? I want to talk about a few things that your brother shouldn’t be here for.”

“Yeah okay, but I told my parents I wouldn’t be here to long.”

“Don’t worry about it, Tessa. I’ll tell mom that you’re staying awhile. Catch up with him, but if you feel awkward at any moment you come back here, and I’ll take a hike with Collin.” he said turning around and walking back to his apartment.


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