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So here is the thing dear readers;

This book IS NOT shaming teen pregnancies and it definitely is not shaming Sex. I mention this because there was one comment that was confusing at first when I read it but the more I read it the more I started to understand and by no means will I let comments hurt my feelings and nor will I let them dictate how I write but I will take advise and that’s what I did with that comment even though it mentioned no thing of writing a warning page this is all on my will.

This person (comment will be deleted so no one comes after this person) but was genuinely offended that I made a pregnancy seem like it is rare and this person if stated some facts.

But I am not changing the entire plot of the story just because it isn’t lined up with today’s statistics, which is why I’m making a warning because I do not want to offend anybody and I don’t want to be harassed because this is the way in my city/state.

I am a nice person but I do not take inappropriate/rude/harassing comments lightly and I will take this job seriously. I have gotten great comments that make me laugh, smile, and tear up all in happiness and got nothing but polite feedback, but if a reader doesn’t like what they’re reading and comment that my story is shaming teen pregnancies and sex I have to take action no matter if I feel like it wasn’t that rude of a comment.

So please take this warning as a nice message even if I sound upset because it has upset me that I have to go to the extent of writing this so that way no one else is offended.

I’m genuinely very sorry if I sound rude; I promise you I’m a very happy and nice person 😊

Enjoy book 1 of 3 in the Unwanted trilogy 😊

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