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Chapter 1: Invited to party Sober

I was currently in a history class, using my phone under the desk like every sophomore student; scrolling through the endless pictures on Instagram that I couldn’t care to like.

I wasn’t always this rebellious when it came to ignoring teachers rules but I couldn’t help to think about prom. I haven’t been asked but I don’t really care; I’m the nerdy girl but, I don’t wear the pig tails or the glasses although, I do focus more on life, volleyball, and school way more than I do boys.

I’ve never had a boyfriend, I haven’t had my first kiss, and I definitely haven’t had S*x. for, I would have to have a boyfriend to do so.

On the other hand, I can’t stop scrolling through the promposals on my Instagram feed, wishing someone would do something like that for me.

“Tessa, is their something more important on your cellphone than what I’m discussing in class?”

My face turned red, and I was unable to form any kind of excuse out of my mouth. Everyone’s head turned toward me as they diverted their attention from Mr. Thayer to me.

“As I was saying before Ms. Reynolds here chose to interrupt, the class discussion or as you all call it, a presentation is this Friday, and I want you guys to really-” he get’s interrupted by the bell ringing, everyone pretty much packed and standing up. “WORK HARD ON IT!” He turns around to his desk organizing papers for the next class.

“Mr. Thayer, I’m sorry for that, I promise it will never happen again.”

“Look, Mr. Reynolds, I understand that this is your first offence using your cellphone in class but you have to understand that I have rules, and you are one of the best students I have, you’re always ahead on your assignments and you never miss a due date, I can’t give you special treatment because of that. So make sure that I don’t see you using your phone again.”

“Thank you, Mr. Thayer.”

I walked out of the classroom with less than two minutes to get to my next class, which is plenty of time for me to get their.

“Sooo...What is my favorite Volleyball player doing today?”

“Let’s see, I just had History and now I have AP English and the Calculus after that. Oh can’t forget lunch how about you?” I say as we walk to AP English together.

“I didn’t mean that! I meant after school, what are you doing after school?”

“Sydney, I really can’t go to the party you’ve been begging me to go to. It’s literally right after a volleyball game and then I’ll be up until 6 AM like usual when I find you running out with clothes in your hand, telling me to start the car.”

“How did you know I was asking you about the party? Are you telepathic?” I set my stuff down at the round table and face Sydney as the bell still hasn’t rung.

“No. You never stop talking about the stupid party. You know it’s not my scene but you somehow always get inside my mind and I go anyways.”

“So why not go, then? You know you will.”

Maybe I should. I don’t have to drink or anything. I just have to be there. Make sure Sydney doesn’t get into any trouble because that’s what a good friend is for. Right?

“Fine. I’ll go but, you owe me on this one I don’t care if you’re to busy. You owe me.”

“YES! Anything for you, Captain.”


He was standing right over their, talking to the cheerleaders, his smile so captivating, so impulsive, his eyes make you want to do anything at his command.

He’s so hot... Like it might kill me if I keep looking at him.

“Earth to Tessa!” Sydney says waving her hand in my face.

“Sorry. I was distracted.”

“I know, I think the whole school was watching you undress Asher.”

“I wasn’t undressing him; I was just admiring him.”

“So how do you do the four classes and lunch thing?”

“I wanted to graduate next year and I’m pretty far in my credits so I split up my classes four this year and then four next year. Then I do all the electives for the second quarter.”

“I wish I could do that. But, we get to graduate together! How cool would that be?”

“What time is it?” I asked

Sydney grabs her phone and looks at the time “It’s 12:50”

“I have to go! I’ll be late if I don’t. See you later Syd.”

I hurry up and change into my volleyball clothes and rush into the Gym.

“Captain.” the coach says looking at me.

“Hi. Let’s stop standing and get to volleyball.?” I said as coach smiled at me, nodding her head in approval.

“Kelly, you are the setter on the right side, remember that you have your hitters on each side of you. Use them both. Don’t stick to one.” coach yelled.

I get into my Libero position as I wait for the ball to be served. My hands in the ready position as the other team served, hitting the ball straight into the net.

This might be a short game... Or a long game.


I walked out of the locker with my gym tote on my shoulder walking to my mothers classroom.

I never actually ask her to go to a party, I say I’m going to a friends house, but I watched a show the other day and it was pretty much the same thing but they got caught and I hate lying to my mom anyways so yet, another lesson learned. This probably isn’t going to go the way I want it to but I’m crossing my fingers.

I knocked on the door to let me into the classroom being that the new school policy is to lock the door for safety reasons. I don’t mind, as awkward as it is, it’s not the end of the world.

She opened the door with her fake smile as she let me in the door, the rest of the class staring at me as I walked into her classroom.

She was the freshman’s french teacher, and even though my mom has a degree in world language I have no idea what she’s saying most of the time. Besides the basic words that we learned from beauty and the beast.

The final bell of the day rung, all of the students left after about 20 minutes. Some students had make-up tests, some had to talk to her about their struggles and some were just waiting for their parents and didn’t want to wait outside, but I finally got the chance to just think about how I was going to ask her in best way possible.

“Hey, mom?”

“What’s up, Tessa?”

“I know I’m not supposed to ask but I wanted to ask anyways.”

“Go on.”

“I want to go to the party that Sydneys going to, we won our game tonight and I kind of want to celebrate obviously minimum drinking and I’ll give you the reports I just thought I would ask since it’s better than lying to you. Although I have a feeling you’re going to say no, since you constantly told Nick he couldn’t go to a party because of what happened to Jason.”

my brothers Nickolas and Jason are twins. They were best friends but also very much enemies. They were polar opposites, my brother Nickolas was the high school quarterback, obviously when you’re the quarterback and you have all the hot looks then you become popular but my other brother Jason was the complete opposite. He was in a band, the singer, and they get a different kind of attention, girls, drinking, s*x, and of course, Jason liked it that way.

The only thing that came to partying, my brother Jason was coming home on his way home to tell mom and dad something, when, a drunk driver, his best friend rammed into him from the side, t-boning him and killing them both, my brother died instantly, Kyle died at the hospital from his injuries and the alcohol.

When my brother Nickolas found out about Jason’s death he became an alcoholic, lost his football posistion, and the scholarship to Oklahoma university and he tried killing himself a few times. My mother sent him to a rehab and he eventually got better, but he had spouts of wanting to save people which isn’t always a bad thing but when it came to someone rubbing the gas station he was working at he got shot in the back. My mother was defistated, she felt so bad that she spent thousands and thousands of dollars paying for surgeries so my brother could walk again and he’s been in rehab for a little over a year.

I miss him.

Coming back to real life my mother was still thinking; but just when I thought she was going to say no she did the opposite.

“Yes. You can go.”

“What?” I said choking on my spit.

“If you get into trouble don’t come to me and cry, because I know for a fact that your father will blame me for letting you go. I can’t deal with it, so if something happens, you’ll just have to deal with it on your own.”

“I understand, I just am kind of amazed you’re letting me go.”

“It might not happen again. Just go have fun, okay?”

“Thank you, mom!”

I left the room, a smile on my face, as I walk to my car.

“What’d she say?”

“She surprisingly said yes, it actually shocked me.”

“Sweet, well go home, get a shower, get some nice-ish clothes on and then you’ll be picking me and a few other people up.”

“Syd, do your parents know that you’re having sex and stuff?”

“They don’t care. Jesse and his stupid Soccer is their main priority.”

“Well, s*x shouldn’t be your number one priority. Maybe if you did a sport or something they might actually pay attention to you.”

“I get my monthly payment from them and that’s all I want, see you soon, Tessa.”

“See you soon.”


This is completely rewritten (besides a little original things here and there) It’s also way longer than the original 561 words.

Chapter one edited on 10-1-2019 to 10-11-2019

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