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Chapter 4: Walking surprises!


All I could think about was Tessa. The way she looked, the way her lips tasted, the way she carry’s herself. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn’t get her out of my mind; it was driving me crazy.

She had long beautiful blond hair, beautiful blonde hair, golden brown eye’s, her body slim and perfect.

The words she said to me earlier were painful to hear. I can’t believe she doesn’t think I wasn’t captivated. I normally don’t think about any girl longer than the time we do it. But Tessa fills different and I’m bound to find out what it is.

My phone was ringing as I was just about to leave to go find the woman who broke my heart “Hello?”

“Is this Collin?”

“Yes it is, who am I speaking with?”

“Hello, Mr. James this is Emily from receptionist desk at Spalding Hospital. I have you written down for volunteer hours from 1:00 pm till 2:45 but you haven’t showed up. Is everything alright?”

“Yes ma’am everything is fine, I just forgot that’s all. I’m on my way now.”

“Alright Mr. James. We shall see you soon.”

This is going to be one boring day, I can tell you that.


“Who is on the list today?” I asked.

“Nickolas Reynolds in room A12.”

“What does he need help with?” there was nothing on his volunteer list, it just said volunteer.

“His family is coming and he wants to pretend like he hasn’t made any progress, but the nurses can’t do it. So that’s where your bubbly personality comes in.”

“Awesome. Thank you.”

I walked down the hallway, carrying my backpack on one shoulder, walking into Nickolas’s room.

I got one glance at his face, and it made me drop my bag. His face stinging me as it once reminded me of my dead friend.

“Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost.”

“You just look like my friend, he was killed in a car accident.”

“Didn’t mean to man, I guess I just have one of those faces.”

“So what exactly did you need a volunteer for?”

“I just need help conning my family. I mean I know I’ve put them through a lot in the last five years but I just want to piss em off and surprise them at the same time. I’m a jokester at heart.”

“Sure. I have no problem with joking around.”

“So let’s go to the rehab room and put me in a wheel chair and they’ll be there at any moment.”

I pushed the empty wheelchair to the rehabilitation room as Nickolas walked next to me, “So, Collin, what were your adventures this morning?”

“Well, it started off rough. Tessa, a girl I met at our college party told me off this morning saying that I was a player and that I didn’t mean anything that I said, but in fact, I meant every word. But all I know is her name.”

“She sounds like a pretty smart girl for not sharing any information with you.”

“Well I’m on a mission to find her. But I wanted to do my volunteer hours first.”

“I’ll help you since you’re helping me.”

“You got yourself a deal Nickolas.”

“Call me Nick.”

I shake his hand, and smile, placing the wheel chair towards the window.

We both heard the elevator beep, the doors opening, and a small family of three spill out.

“That’s them.”

I looked at the girl in the back, blonde hair curled at the bottom, she was wearing a pink jean thing with a grey shirt under it. She carried a purse on her left shoulder, her hands were moving across the screen as she was typing.

When she looked up, I saw her eyes, her face, and I instantly knew. It was the girl from the party.

Her smile faded into a rested face, she dropped her phone, and her face lost color. Tessa’s parents looked at her in a puzzling manor.

“It slipped.” she said as she picked up her phone.

“Hey guys.”

“What’s wrong?” Tessa asked.

“I seemed to not have made progress. I’ve tried so hard.” I hear Nick’s voice break like he was about to cry.

“But I want to try while you guys are here.” Nick says

“I don’t think that’s a good idea son” his dad says.

I looked at Tessa and her face turned red like she ate a pepper, I guess she does like me.

I went up to Tessa’s dad and greeted him well actually all of them. “My name is Collin James. If you guys could back up about twenty feet that would be great.”

They back up liked I asked. I walked behind the wheelchair taping Nick’s shoulder, I stood behind the wheelchair to move it out of the way, putting it back when they were done.

When Nick was getting up the mom started yelling “What are you doing you’re supposed to be helping my son!”

“I have been told not to.”

“It’s okay mom” Nick said.

As soon as Nick stood up he kind of limped forward to fool them. But as soon as he did he smiled looking at Tessa running right towards her.

They all looked shocked. Tessa was crying, his family was holding them

When she walked away, towards the window and I found an opportunity to talk to Tessa, I went up to Tessa; “Go to the little ladies room in about 15 Seconds.” I whispered. I poked my head in the ladies restroom making sure there aren’t any women in their, when it was clear I walked in. A few seconds later I saw Tessa walk into the restroom her phone still in her hand.

“Are you stalking me now? I can’t believe you’re pulling your player move to the next level like seriously I don’t want to sleep with you can’t you get over that? I--”

I kissed her lips, surprising her, but to my surprise she kissed me back.

She’s an amazing kisser.


This is only partly edited; I don’t want to change to much of the story line.

Edited June 18th, 2019.

rewritten October 12th, 2019

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