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Chapter 5: Caught Hiding in the bathroom

Chapter 5

What are you doing Tessa? Why are you kissing this stranger? You’ve never kissed a guy, had a boyfriend, or even thought about one. But as soon as this guy comes into your life you drop everything your parents protected you from. What you shielded yourself from.

I broke away the kiss, Collin, tried to kiss me again when I said “I can’t do this.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not a college student, I don’t play on a college volleyball team. I’m a high school student at Centennial and play on the varsity high school team.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that at the party?”

“I didn’t want to get kicked out. I’m not an alcohol drinker, I’m not a party person. My life is planned out, I go to bed at 8:00 and I wake up at 5:30 in the morning. I study as soon as I get home, I do schoolwork that isn’t due, I study college and Olympic volleyball games so I can be a better player.”

“Go on a date with me.”

“Didn’t you just hear what I said? I’m not a college student.”

“And? Age is just a number, and if you fooled me, then you can fool any adult in the world.”

“I don’t even like you. You’re a player and there isn’t any good reputation with dating people like you. Not only that but my parents don’t want me to date until I’m like 40.”

“Well, first of all, you’re reading and watching way to many drama shows. I am not a player, and I have dated and have had a lot of s*x but I’m old enough to. I’ve been having s*x since I was 14, but it doesn’t make it okay for me to assume girls like you are just going to drop their pants looking at me.”

“Girls like me?”

“Well, I mean…”

“Just stop before you get yourself into any trouble, Collin.”He smiled and put his hands in his pockets,

“So, hypothetically speaking if I were to accept your date, how would I get by my parents being that I can’t date until I’m probably 40.”

“Your friend, Sydney. I’m sure you’re allowed to go to her pretty much whenever, so if she agrees of course, I could pick you up at the end of the block or something?”

“That’s a pretty good idea but… what happens if we get caught? What if they ask for my ID or something, like it’s a really good possibility people will think I’m twelve.”

He shakes his head no, and looks at me “You definitely don’t look 12, you look way older than 12.”

I heard one knock three times and then my mother’s voice “Tessa are you all right in there?” My mother said behind the bathroom door.

“Oh no!” I whispered yelled, pushing Collin into a stall; “Yeah, just a sec mom!” I continued pushing Collin into a stall whispering; “If she spots you in here Collin, we’re both dead!”

“Is it okay if I come in?” My mom opened the door without a response from me. As she walked in, I shut the stall door and heard Collin slip on the toilet.

“Mom you could’ve waited for me to say something!” my mom looked away instantly. “I told you I had to use the bathroom.”

“Can you please put your shirt back on, Tessa?”

“I can’t get my bra unhooked from it, I’ve been trying to get it but it won’t budge.”

“Let me help.” She reached her hands out as she was coming over to fix the bra I purposely got stuck. “Why is your shirt down in middle of the bathroom?”

“Well I tried doing it in the stall but there wasn’t enough room for me to do that.”

“This is so inappropriate, Tessa! What if someone walked in and saw you!”

“Mom, you’re joking right?”

“No, I’m not! Someone could just open the door, walk in, and look at you and see your breast!”

“Mom, first of all, I really don’t have any boobs, second of all my bra is covering them. This is also a girl’s bathroom.” I stared blankly and heard a chuckle from the stall, and my mother glanced at me.

“What was that noise?” my mother looked behind me and under the stalls looking to see if another person was in them.

“Tessa Penelope Reynolds that is not funny!”

“Mom, come on. It is funny. You’re worried about nothing.” shrugging my shoulders.

“Fix your hair it’s a mess. Your father and I will be leaving soon, you can spend time with your brother, or something just be back at the house by midnight okay?”

My mother exit’s the restroom and that’s when that captivating voice caught my attention.

He clears his throat with a cough. “Well now I can say I’ve seen you without a shirt. I personally like smaller boobs.” I smack his arm making a whacking sound. “So how about that date?” he said with a smile.

“Where are you going to take me?”


“You know the town better than I do.”

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