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Chapter 6: Lustful eyes and Secret locations.

For the next two day my parents have allowed me to go to Sydney’s for which both of those days I will be going on dates with Collin.

“Sydney I’m in a state of emergency, I don’t have anything cute, I’m stuck with all my leggings and sweaters, I have no dresses, skirts, or even heels.”

“Okay, calm down, we can fix this. When you come over we can go shopping for some more girly things that look like you. Then you can go on a date with me instead of that old pervert.”

“He’s not that old he’s only 21, Syd.”

Sydney isn’t a fan of Collin, she thinks he’s just after s*x and once he gets it he’ll move on. In most cases she may be right, but I want to try things out with him. He’s got my attention, full attention and if Collin stays if we have s*x (which is highly doubtful) she’ll be wrong for the first time in like, ever.

I walked outside putting my bags in my car, my parents were out there making it easy not having to look for them.

“Okay guys I’m headed off now.”

“Don’t have sex, don’t date boys, and definitely don’t do drugs.” my mother added.

“Mom. I’m fine, Really don’t worry about me, My mind hasn’t been on boys since I left fifth grade.”

My mom got up from the ground walking towards me “That’s my job Tessa.” putting her hands on my shoulders.

I left my parents house with a few hours to spare just since I know Sydney is going to want to shop for everything under the sun, her only reason to like Collin is that I get to go shopping with her. Yes, I said that right; I get to go shopping with her.


“What?” Syd asked.

“This is is way to much money, my parents look at my credit card history and they’ll suspect something is up. I normally shop in the clearance section anyway, it has cooler things for a cheaper price.”

“Don’t look at the price, you like it you buy it.” she said with a smile.

“But I can’t pay for this stuff Syd.”

“My parent’s have a butt load of cash that they don’t need. Don’t worry about it.”

She looked around and spotted a rack across the mall running towards it and pulling me with her; she grabbed a dress grabbing it from the rack “Oooooo look how cute this is!”

“Yeah it would be... If I was a stripper Syd. Look how short that dress is!”

It was a thin strapped black dress about nine inches above the knee and shows a bunch of cleavage, lace starting below the boobs, ending at the waist.

“You wouldn’t catch me dead wearing that dress!” I yelled

“Exactly we’re buying this and you’re wearing this to your date tonight.”

“Do you know where I’m going?”

“Of course I do.”

“Tell me”

“No.” she looked at the dress again, then looking me up and down “He won’t be able to get his hands off of you if you were to wear this dress.

I grunted. I hate, and I mean hate, dressing up nice, I love to be comfortable it’s the only way I get out of the house. The two homecomings I went to I wore a red short dress skirt, a dress crop cami, with a red leather jacket. I mean I just sat down at the table and ate like 12 small slices of hamburgers.

“Go try it on!” she said with a smile.

I grabbed the dress from her hands and stuck my tongue out at her up until I reached the fitting room. Removing my clothes to put the dress on.

When I looked in the mirror, I almost screamed. The loss of recognition of my body, and my dress wear, I almost fell in love; almost.

“Oh. My. God. Tessa you look beautiful!” I swear I saw her shed a tear.

“So you like it?” I asked.

“Like it? I wanna marry it!”

“Will he like it?”

“He won’t be able to contain himself.” she continued saying “Hurry up and change, I picked out your other dress but we need to go and get you ready at my house. My parent’s won’t be there for awhile.”


“No. I don’t want to look all smoked out for him Syd. I don’t want him to actually lose self control, I have to make it a little hard for him to want to touch me.”

“But- I have this perfect look for you. I promise you’ll love it.”

“Fine. but this won’t happen again.” I stated.

She turned the spiny chair around so I don’t look in the mirror as she’s working on her ‘masterpiece’

About two hours later Sydney turns the chair around, and I became speechless. It really is a master piece. My lips were a dark red, my eye shadow was a light nude with some pink, and my hair was in a braided crown, four little strips of my hair were dangling down.

“Oh my God Sydney, why haven’t you told me you were this talented?”

“Because you never let me dress you up. I offered during prom but you told me you just wanted to eat those snack burgers or something. It shocked me when you said I could do your hair and makeup but I wasn’t going to dare to ask again.”

I heard a honk outside, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a limo pull up in front of Sydney’s house.

“Is that him?” I began to panic.

“Yep, that’s my que to give you this.” she opened her purse, grabbing a book out of it, handing it over to me.

“I bought this at the book store a few days ago--”

“You went to a book store?” I asked with a surprised look on my face.

“Shut up. I bought this because it was screaming at me, and I thought this would be perfect for you, since you tend to finish a book when you grab it.”

I grabbed the book reading the cover, my mouth fell open as I looked inside “Sydney I will not read this, my parents will kill me. I thank you for going to a book store and maybe I’ll ask when I’m out of my parents house but I can’t read about s*x positions, you don’t even want me to have s*x!”

“It’ll be right on my book shelf waiting for your hands and pure eyes to fall on it.” she hugged me telling me to get out of her house in the nicest way possible.

I opened my door and was greeted with a tall, handsome, hot Collin.

“God, you look beautiful.”

“Why thank you Sir.”

He grabbed my right hand and lead me to the limo, getting in after me.

“Did you purposely try and make it so every man will look at you?”

“No. I made it so your eyes won’t stare at any other woman.”

“Well than looks like our destination changed.”

“Where are we going?”

“We’re going where no one will see us and we’ll still have an amazing date.” he said leaning over to kiss me. And I polity accepted.

He knocked on the window and told the driver to go to a different location. The pit in my stomach soon left when he came over into my seat, attaching his lips to mine.

I really hope Sydney put water proof lipstick on me.

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