Slaying Goliath (Complete)

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Chapter 10

She stood there hating herself for being so weak. She had been heading for the train station. She had every intention to catch that train and go home. But somehow, she’d ended up here, standing on his door step. And now he was looking at her with that ‘what-the-hell’ expression.

She closed her eyes and turned, ready to run up the stairs.

“Stay,” his voice was rougher than normal, but she could just make out the word.

She hesitated. As she stood there, one foot on the first step out of there, his arms turned her around and brought her into his embrace. She breathed. It felt like the only breath she’d taken since she left him this morning. Everything else had just been an imitation of breathing, of living. He had her inside and the door closed before she realised that her feet were still attached to ground.

She looked up into his eyes as he stood there looking at her. The world was probably still revolving around the sun, the moon was probably still suspended in the sky and the clocks were still probably ticking out time, it just didn’t feel like it. He lowered his lips to hers. She closed her eyes as she yearned for the kiss she’d been dreaming of all afternoon.

“Hey Belinda,” Drew’s voice had them both turning swiftly with guilty expressions on their faces.

She blinked as her eyes focused on the room. There were three large men staring at her. She recognised Drew and the other two were in the photo. She edged closer to Josh and wished she could hide behind him. This was embarrassing. She’d turned up here like the desperate creature she was, unable to last a moment longer without his touch. They knew it. They knew why she was here and what she craved. Their broad smiles made that obvious. They must think she was nothing more than a lust driven harlot.

Beside her Josh was making some frantic motions with his hands.

“Keep your shorts on Jay,” the Hispanic man smiled, “Hi Belinda, I’m Mark, I’m the one who taught him all his moves. You can thank me later.”

“I’m Sam,” Sam gave Mark a shove, “I’m the Brains of the outfit which, given the competition, doesn’t say much. It’s great to meet you.”

“Hi,” her voice was shaky.

“And, of course, you remember me,” Drew waved his hand at her, “How could you forget me?”

Josh was still gesturing with sharp movements. She didn’t turn to look at him. She was pressed into his side and he had one hand around her moving behind her back and the other was out from his chest. She didn’t need to understand sign language to recognise what he was telling his friends.

“Well,” Sam stretched, “It’s getting late. Maybe we should be going?”

“I don’t know?” Mark’s eyes twinkled as he ignored Josh and spoke to his other friends, “If we left now Belinda might think we’re rude. She’s only just arrived.”

“Come on,” Drew laughed, “There’s a great bar with live music that I found last night. The barmaids have the hugest jugs, jugs of beer, I mean. I think we should leave before the Jay-man blows a gasket. Being a recent expert on that phenomena, I’m telling you it’s best we go.”

They all laughed, and Josh huffed and gave up on his signalling. He wrapped one arm around her and gave them all the finger with the other one.

“Sorry Belinda,” Sam said shyly as he grabbed his stuff and headed for the door, “It was good to meet you.”

“I’m sorry too,” Mark took her hand and kissed it while avoiding Josh’s backhand, “Upgrades are available if you find this one faulty.”

“Good to see you again,” Drew waved again, “Let me know if he doesn’t treat you right. I’ll happily kick his ass for you.”

Josh let go of her and with both hands he shooed, swatted and kicked his friends out of the door. Then he closed the door and rested his forehead on the surface for a second before he turned to her.

“Warning, Biohazard area,” the yelling could be heard through the door, “Infectious Sex Zone! Penetration Warning! Enter with extreme caution!”

He bashed both fists on the door causing an eruption of laughter from the other side. He had his eyes closed as he turned and leaned against it. Then he cringed and looked at her with so much embarrassment on his face that it made her laugh. His lips curled, and his face creased with his smile.

“I like your friends,” she covered her blushing cheeks, “Are they always like that?”

He nodded and then shook his head with it bowed in defeat.

“Your voice isn’t good today?” she asked and then watched him shake his head, “Does it hurt? Do you want me to go?”

His forehead creased as he shook his head. He bridged the gap between them and he kissed her. His arms wrapped around her pulling her into his warmth as his mouth caressed hers. It was everything she’d been dreaming of. He had her coat off as he pushed her against the kitchen bench. He was wearing a pair of soft grey training pants that made the fact that he was hardening rapidly obvious. She had been aching for his naked form all day, and now she didn’t hesitate. He was kissing her as his body told her what he wanted. She wasn’t interested in being shy or coy with him anymore. She wanted what he was going to give her, and she didn’t mind that he knew that.

Her hands lifted his shirts and he completed the job, breaking the kiss for just long enough to yank them off. He dropped them on the floor while he fought her clothing. She had changed at work and was wearing a different outfit to the one he’d removed from her last night. The buttons were smaller on this one. She would have assisted but there was something she wanted to do before she lost the nerve. Her hands went down his sides, past the elastic waistband and edged the tented fabric downwards. She had to expand the waistband enough, to prevent him catching on it, as she lowered them off and they joined his shirts on the floor.

He stood naked and aroused in front of her. The lights were all on and the music was still playing. She stepped away from him and just stood there and admired him. He didn’t move. He didn’t object. He did try to reach out, but his hands dropped to his sides when she shook her head.

“Take a step backwards,” her voice was raspy as she commanded him.

He did as he was told he was now leaning against the end of the kitchen island. The cupboard side was flush with the benchtop here creating a smooth surface which ended at his waist. His hands gripped the granite surface at either edge as he waited for her.

“Don’t move,” She nodded to each hand, so he knew that this meant no touching.

She stepped in and hovered closed to him but not touching, moving out as he arched his body to hers. Then he forced himself still when he learnt that was what she wanted. With his body immobilised, she moved her mouth to the base of his neck. She hovered her lips over his skin, just brushing them across the odd spot, threatening to kiss at some places and sucking on him at other spots. She started at his neck but moved systematically downwards. She kissed him, teased him, and used her teeth to surprise him when the moment took her. She worked down his chest, keeping him guessing as to how much of her she would give him. His breath became shallow as she made it to his bellybutton. She licked that. Running her tongue around it and into it. He sucked in a sudden breath and his erection jumped. She continued her downward journey. His hands were clutching the benchtop so hard his knuckles were white.

Then just to tease him, she skipped over his groin and used her fingers to make circle patterns on his knee caps. She shrank to her knees as she watched him. His chest was moving with each breath as his eyes begged her. She looked at his manhood and then looked back at him, with a questioning look. His face touched on desperate. She wished she could make him beg but then realised that he was already begging. He might not be vocal about it but his whole body was screaming at her to take him. She was planning on stretching this out and playing with him for longer but now that she was finally here, she found that she couldn’t wait. She wanted this as much as he did.

She dragged her fingers up the sensitive skin on his inner thighs forcing his feet outwards and lowering his pelvis. She cupped his balls as she opened her mouth and moved so that he was inside it without sealing her lips or touching him with her tongue. With him inside her mouth she breathed around him.

He made a sound that sounded like a ‘Please’. She clamped down on his and sucked his hard, he body jerked as if shocked and he groaned a long sound. Her hands came up and wrapped themselves around him at the base. She couldn’t take him all into her mouth. She moved her head in and out and used her hands to replicate the sensation to his base.

Then she worked her tongue over him exploring every ridge and pushing it into against the skin to rub the steel beneath. She kissed him along his length, sucking him and pulling at the skin. She ran her teeth over him just lightly as he sucked in his breath. Then she took his length again, pushing her mouth up and down it while keeping her lips tight.

Impossible as it seemed, he became harder. His hips now moved each time her mouth sucked him in, she could feel his body tensing and she responded by tightening her hold of him at his base. That undid him. His hands were now in her hair. He held her head as he thrust himself into her hands and her mouth. Then, when she thought she couldn’t hold on any longer, his length pulsed. She sucked hard as his body shuddered and she felt the seed pulse through his plumbing and he erupted into her. She swallowed down his love until there was nothing left. His hand left her hair and he fell backwards against the kitchen island. She sat back on her heels and watched him.

His eyes were wide with surprise, that wasn’t what she expected. She didn’t think that this would cause him anything other than pleasure. Then he pushed off the benchtop and lifted her up and now she was perched where he had been. Her bottom was on the cold granite as he shoved up her skirt, caressed a breast, and ripped off her stockings. Then he pulled her underwear down.

He kissed her and pushed her backwards so that she was lying on her back on the benchtop. He lifted her pelvis slotting his hands underneath to ensure the angle. Her clothes were half on, half off. Her skirt bunched at her waist, her pantyhose torn but still clinging to her legs, her blouse was partly buttoned, and she had one breast out of her bra. In this dishevelled state, he kissed her between her legs. He opened his mouth and sucked her. They were in the centre of his house, on the kitchen island, and she was being ravished by a naked man with her clothes in disarray. It was dirty. It was hot.

She dung her fingers into his hair as she moved herself against his persistent tongue. He did to her what she’d done to his chest. His breath teased her, blowing cold air when she didn’t expect it, then kissing, then racking his teeth over sensitive spots causing her to buck away, all while his tongue applied pressure and played with her. He was cruel as he made her beg. And beg she did. She pleaded with him as his face deprived her of what she needed then roughly gave her only a sample of what she wanted.

She was desperate, pulling at her clothes, tugging his hair and grinding against him. He lifted his head and his tongue licked her for a final time. He looked at her wet opening with a look of satisfaction. He pulled her to the edge of the bench and kissed her with his mouth that tasted of her own flavour, as he rubbed his erection into the slick place he’d created. He thrust into her hard, with no hesitation, and that was it. She spasmed and screamed out his name then bucked against him drawing out the feeling. He sniggered a laugh as he thrust himself against her making her whimper as she came again. He continued to do this until she couldn’t feel her bones.

“Condom,” she whispered as she breathed and tried to unclench her fingers.

It was clear that he’d forgot, his eyes went wide, and he withdrew. He moved her, sitting her further in, safe from falling off, and was gone. She undid the buttons on her blouse while she waited. She lifted her eyes just in time to see him running back into the room. Running with a glistening arousal, wet with her come. That was enjoyable to watch.

He didn’t seem to notice her admiration. He rolled the condom on, roughly dragged her back to where he needed her and then he was in her. There was no play. He thrust into her like he had no choice but to fill her with his raw need. She leaned back her palms flat on the bench as she arched her back and pushed her hips outwards. She stilled, clenched and felt her body explode. She cried out his name again and, as she did, he slammed into her and reached his own conclusion.

He didn’t let her recover for long. He swept her up and carried her to the bedroom before removing all her clothing until she was as naked as him. Then he took his time.

He made love to her again. He held her, pinned under him, and did it with slow controlled teasing and a thrust/withdraw pattern that drove her insane. He made sure she couldn’t cheat and impale herself. She was drenched inside and outside by the time he released.

But he wasn’t finished with her. He made love to her with relentless energy and stamina. There were a litter of condom wrappers on the floor by the time morning arrived. They lay next to each other in the morning light.

There had been some sleep, during the night, but she’d woken while it was still dark with his hard length nudging her. She’d waited until he rolled onto his back, still asleep, then she’d sheathed him and taken him, sliding herself down on him. He woke up as she made his dream a reality and together they finished it.

He had fallen back into a drowsy sleep after that. She moved out of the bed as she looked at the time. She needed to shower but if she did that here he would wake up and there would be more sex. She didn’t have the time for that. If she left now she’d be able to have a hot shower at work and get to that breakfast meeting.

She felt sore, but the tenderness felt like an awakening instead of a pain. There was a part of her that hoped that this night had cured her of this craving. That all this sex would make her less hungry for it. But now that she was searching for her clothing she knew that was false hope. She would be just as useless today as she was yesterday.

He ran his fingertips down her naked back.

“I know,” she said, “I don’t want to go either.”

He indicated towards the condom packet a frown on his lips as he skimmed his fingers over her abdomen.

“Don’t worry,” she smiled and leaned over to kiss him, “I’m on birth control and I’m clean. They did blood tests with the visa. Not that I needed them. That was a first for me too.”

She didn’t need to hear his side of the conversation as his eyes told her what she needed to know.

“I know,” she smiled again, “I know you would.”

He kissed her and tried to draw her into his arms.

“I have to go,” she breathed out, “You know that. I’ll miss you too.”

“Saturday, I’ll be back then,” she frowned as his fingers edged around to somewhere that wasn’t helping with her leaving, “No, not tonight, I need sleep and I need to pack. If I come back tonight I won’t do either.”

“Don’t be like that,” she turned as his fingers moved away from her, “You know I’d be here if I could. Once this week is over and done with then you’ll have me all to yourself. Yes, I promise.”

She kissed him but pulled away from him when it was clear that he was trying to pull her back into bed with him.

“Now let me get dressed,” she evaded his graspy hands, “Before I tie you to the bed. And no, that isn’t a promise!”

She found her clothes between the bedroom and the kitchen. The pantyhose were a shredded mess, so she didn’t bother with them. She was dressed and putting her shoes on in the kitchen when she looked up and found him out of bed. He was standing naked in his living room scribbling on his jotter pad.

I need to tell you about what I do for a living.

“I know,” she said as she put on her coat, “You told me, you dance. I’d like to see you dance. Could you show me one day? I bet you’re amazing.”

But that’s not everything.

“Josh,” she kissed him, “I promise I’ll make time next week. I’m sorry but if I don’t go now I’m going to miss an important meeting.”

She picked up her bag and let herself out of his flat. She knew he was still standing there naked and holding his pad and pen, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. She ran all the way to the office, showered, dressed in the last set of clean clothes she had, and was only a few minutes late.

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