Slaying Goliath (Complete)

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Chapter 7

She could hear Josh and Drew in what must have been his spare room. She moved to the apartment door. She should say goodbye to him before she left. She hovered. She didn’t want him to think she was waiting for him to talk her into staying. It would be embarrassing if he thought she wanted to take advantage of the situation and stay the night, in his bed. But if she ran out he might think she was running away. She didn’t want that.

“Hey,” she mumbled as he came out of the spare room and saw her standing at there, “I should.”

That was as far as she got. He walked up to her and kissed her. It wasn’t a brush of the lips. His arms wrapped around her waist and his lips sought hers. She dropped her coat and bag, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. His kiss was slow but deep. There was no desperation in it, instead it spoke of a yearning. She might have been imagining it, but it felt like it wasn’t the kiss of someone who wanted a quick one-night affair. It felt like the kiss of a man who wanted to explore every facet of her and then do it again. She wasn’t experienced with this type of kiss, but it made her feel like she was the only woman in his world.

He lifted her up without breaking the kiss and carried her the short distance to his bedroom. Her case and coat were left on the floor. Only once the door was closed did he break the kiss. He stood there holding her and looking into her eyes. She breathed as she waited for him to take control of her, her body and possess her.

He didn’t move. He just waited and watched. What was he waiting for? She trailed her hand down his face, rubbing her fingers over the rough but soft stubble. And then started on the buttons on his shirt.

“Sure?” his voice was rougher than the gravely tone she was becoming used to.

“Yes,” she leaned up and kissed him as she released his hair from the elastic band that imprisoned it.

That was enough for him, his lips were hot and hard as he sought her with more desperation. His hands slipped her jacket off and then she felt her skirt loosen and slip from her hips. His warm hands caressed the cotton full briefs that covered her bottom.

She wasn’t doing as well as him. The buttons on his shirt weren’t easy and her hands weren’t steady. He kissed her down her neck as he helped her. Then he pulled his whole shirt ensemble off with one movement over his head.

He stood there breathing as she saw his chest naked for the first time. He was stunning. His chest was all corrugated muscle coated in warm naturally tanned skin. His skin was smooth, hairless and without blemish. He was perfection. He looked like he should be the centrefold in a magazine. He was unlike any man she’d ever seen.

He was watching her eyes hungrily devouring his body and for some unknown reason he looked worried by her expression. He looked unsure, like he was expecting her not to like what she was seeing. How could a man who was so hot be insecure about his looks?

She reunited her lips with his to reassure him, by showing him how much she appreciated him. She pushed herself against him and felt that thing in his jeans pressing against the fabric as it made itself known. He was fighting her blouse as she undid the button, slowly worked the zipped down and released the thing. His pants fell to the floor without much effort. She looked down at the way his boxer shorts contorted as he slid the blouse off her and stood there looking at her breasts.

His fingers ran over the lace bra as he groaned softly. She was too afraid to touch anything below his waist. That protrusion was beyond her. It scared her. He was so large.

He undid her bra and gathered her breasts up in his hands running his thumbs over her nipples. The electric buzz from the touch had her breathe in a short inhale and then release a low moan. He closed the gap between them by wrapping his arms around her and pulling her against his skin. His kisses were now consuming, and his body moved in time with his tongue. His thrust his tongue into her with rhythm that made her moist and wanting. His tongue was demanding and rigid as it took control of her mouth, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

She tried to edge him back towards the bed, but he wasn’t co-operating. Instead he picked her up and pushed her against the smooth plastered bedroom wall. His hands were on her thighs and her legs didn’t take much encouragement as they opened and let him step in between. He lifted her higher so that her legs wrapped around his waist and then he pinned her against the wall, his arousal encased in his boxers pressed against her cotton underwear leaving her suspending her between the two hard obstacles, the flat wall and his sharp need. His hands held her pelvis, keeping her from responding, as he slowly ground his hips against her.

He let her lips go but left his face lowered to hers. He watched her, his face so close to hers, as he slowly moved against her through the layers of undergarments. He knew what he was doing. He pressed against her applying pressure in the right places then he’d rotate his hips just a little, the resulting friction was driving her crazy. His movements were small and controlled and weren’t what she’d expected. No one had done this to her before.

He wasn’t just taking her for his own pleasure, he was playing with her. He was watching her like she was the mouse and he wasn’t ready to devour her yet. She didn’t know what to do. Her hands were on his shoulders. She wanted to pull off the underwear and have him now, have him inside her. But the sensations he was generating within her, had her. She couldn’t move. Moving would take that pressure away.

Her body was on fire. That one point of compression was enough to have her breathing like she was running a marathon. He could do this to her with so little effort, he could make her feel so much? What was he doing to her? How was he able to do this?

All the cells in her body were yearning for something. There was a tight pain in her groin that seemed to be screaming at her. There was nothing she could do as it multiplied, and she was left helpless as he watched her with those silent eyes.

His look was intoxicating. The lust in his eyes reached out to her. The silence in his face spoke louder than any words. She could see the need for what they were about to do written in the creases as his mouth twisted with the slow effort. This gorgeous man wanted her. Josh wanted to make love to her. His eyes were yelling with this longing for her.

Why wasn’t he pushing into her? Why wasn’t he satisfying himself? Was he waiting for her to do something? Was she doing something wrong?

His hips moved sharply twice bring her attention back. He must have seen her thinking about everything, and that wasn’t what he wanted, he wanted her attention. He rubbed himself along her with long strokes. She couldn’t concentrate, she couldn’t be distracted by anything other than his need and her yearning desire to satisfy it. He pressed against her pointing himself at the place that was burning and made soft nudges through the fabric. His face moved in and his stubble rubbed against her cheek. His body was pressed against her and his erection was teasing her.

“Mine,” he growled into her ear.

After the blanket of silence, his one-word declaration undid her. She cried out as her body bucked against him. Her hips rocked as stars burst behind her closed eyelids. Her body came apart and she felt herself slump against him. She’d never felt so sated and so out-of-control. She didn’t know how he did it, but she wanted more. She needed more.

With her body flopped against his and her face in his chest as she just tried to breathe, he picked her up and moved her to the bed. He lay her in the middle as he removed her underwear and freed himself from the cotton that imprisoned him. His bulk fell outwards. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. It was hard, thick and long. She felt her breath hitch as she admired the way it seemed to defy gravity and logic. Something that big shouldn’t be able to do that.

Everything about him was different to what she thought she knew. He looked different. The other men in her life weren’t as big, that was expected, she’d guessed that she would find that. But she’d thought she’d know what she’d find when Josh took off his pants.

He stood there letting her look at him. No other man had done that, they had preferred to do this in the dark. They didn’t give her the opportunity to examine them, they’d been too eager to have it over and done with. Even so, she still thought she knew what a man’s body looked like. She had been expecting to find a dense bush of dark hair in his private place. She thought that was normal. But Josh wasn’t like that. He was smooth, hairless, everywhere. There was no hair on his chest, groin area and even his legs were smooth. His genitalia sprang out from his hairless skin.

She reached out her hand and ran it around the base. She didn’t know what to expect. He groaned and pushed his hips into her hand. His skin felt like her legs did after they’d been waxed, silky and clean. He waxed? Wouldn’t that be painful? He moved his hips again, dragging its length along her open hand, her fingers curled out of reflex, and he pushed back. With the hot steel in her hand she ran her fingers over it, feeling the smooth warm skin casing. She would have explored it more, but it moved, did a little bounce as she held it.

Her eyes came up to his. His eyes were roaming her body as she lay naked and splayed out in front of him. Her hands instinctively covered her breasts. He growled a low sound, his eyes narrowed, and his lips curled just at the edges. With the grace of a predator he crawled onto the bed and knelt between her thighs. She felt herself blush as he reached out and took her wrists and, without hurting her, moved her hands off her chest and held them stretched out to the side.

“Mine,” his rough voice declared again.

She blinked back her surprise at hearing the word again. Was he claiming her, caveman style, or was he just telling her that she had no right to cover up what he was about to enjoy? She was about to query his motives when he let go of her wrists and lowered himself forward. His mouth found her nipple. His stubble and his long hair brushed against her skin as his tongue licked. The electric current he generated had her twitching as it zinged within her breast then travelled all the way down to the soft knot between her legs. Every lick and every time he ran his teeth over her nipples she felt a corresponding shock down there. He wasn’t even touching her lower regions and she was on the point of another orgasm. She arched her back giving him more access and pushing the breast he was currently working on against his rough face. His teeth gripped, and his head shook small short movements, at the same time his fingers reached between her legs and lightly pinched the other pink knob. That was too much for her. Every muscle tensed then exploded and fireworks happened.

“What are you doing to me?” she breathed the words out as he smirked his appreciation.

The smile disappeared, and his eyes turned as hard as diamonds. He watched her with an intensity that made her want him desperately.

“Josh, please,” she begged in a whisper, “Josh, please take me.”

His face relaxed and his lips curled as he reached over to the side table and pulled out a condom wrapper. He pulled the plastic off while sitting back on his heels then, with her watching, he rolled the latex onto it, sheathing himself, and smoothed it down to the hairless base. Then he took one long look at her before he kissed his way back up her body. He kissed her then lifted his face from hers. His eyes held hers. From his focused gaze, she was guess that he wanted to see her expression as he entered her.

His hips moved slowly. He captured her eyes as he lowered himself down with gradual care. She wanted him. She needed him now. She’d had enough of this slow stuff. She lifted her legs, wrapped them around him while knotting her ankles together behind him. Then, when she felt him where she needed him, she lifted her hips, and with one decisive thrust she took him. He was clearly not expecting it, his eyes widened, and his mouth fell open. He’d been holding himself above her as he edged forward. Now her hips were off the bed and hanging mid-air impaled on his arousal.

He sucked in a deep breath and then swore a low word as he brought his hips down fast pushing himself in deep. She cried out as he stretched her and having him finally inside her burst the bubble of yearning inside her. It wasn’t like the other orgasm. This one didn’t collapse her. This one made her hungry. Her ankles came loose, her feet finding themselves braced against the mattress, she pushed her hips upwards again slamming against his skin ensuring that every inch of him was now hers. She did this again, with his holding his position, and again until she found what she was looking for.

“Mine,” she breathed the word as her body felt another flush of fire.

He sniggered a small laugh as he nodded his head. Then he kissed her, wrapped his arms around her and rolled her on the bed. They stayed joined at the hip but now she was on top of him and straddling him. She’d never been in this position before and didn’t know what to do with her hands. She sat there looking at him with wide eyes.

His hands moved to her hips and he rotated them as she sat. That felt good. She continued the movement as his hands went up to her breasts. He played with them as she moved. His eyes followed them bouncing as she rose and fell. Then because she felt self-conscious about them flopping around, she leaned them into his palms and found that that angle worked well for her. With his hands cupping her, she let him take her weight and rode him with a determination she didn’t know she had. She wanted him like she had never wanted anything before. Nothing else mattered but having him. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the fact that he was inside her. She was making love to Josh, and he wanted her, he was this hard for her.

The tension built up inside her. She felt every stroke like a match against striking paper. His arousal touched and rubbed her deeply, threatening to set her on fire. She rode him, pulling him and pushing him, as she sought to draw him along that point of combustion over, and over, again. He was going to set her alight and she needed that. She wanted to burn. She needed it. She started to ride him harder, embracing the friction between them as she raced towards her undoing.

She felt everything. She wanted everything. She wanted the feeling to last forever but at the same time her body was screaming for the end. She couldn’t stop. She was breathing heavily and was exhausted, but she couldn’t slow her pace. There was nothing else but that goal.

Her body drove her onwards and when she couldn’t take it anymore she opened her eyes and saw his silent gaze. His eyes were on her as he watched her in her desperate state. And she felt herself combust. She cried out, louder than she could have anticipated, ceased all movement and felt her every muscle clench as the wildfire swept over her. His hands went to her hips and he gripped them tightly as he moved himself, thrusting upwards with three hard unyielding strikes. This made her ignite again, and again, each felt like the match scraping and lighting again, and again. She groaned and then she fell.

He caught her, and they rolled again. She was underneath him with his bedsheet beneath her. He didn’t wait for her to recover. He supported his body, holding himself over her, and then he captured her lips. Then he was kissing her and there was no control in these caresses. His mouth latched onto hers with a desperate need to be deep inside her with every part of his body. She kissed him back with the same raw desire. Her body was nothing more than a bundle of nerves firing, and her every cell cried his name. His hips plundered her, slamming into her as his chest scraped against her breasts and his mouth consumed her. The harshness of it and the frantic need to possess her, drove her over the edge again. She pulled her mouth away, as her head pushed itself backwards, arching her back, pushing her breast into him as she cried out his name.

This time he waited, he nudged his hips and laughed his silent chuckle, as she closed her eyes and tried to remember how to breath.

“Mine,” he declared triumphantly a third time.

“Not fair,” she whispered.

He laughed again, his eyes glistening with his delight. He was enjoying watching her unravelling.

She looked at him. He rocked inside her but seemed in no hurry to finish. This man was her new definition of everything. He was hypnotic. He was perfect. She reached up and ran her fingers over his face memorising it. Then she trailed her finger tips down to his throat to where the scar was. It was a deep mark at the base of his throat, tracheotomy? Her eyes came back to him. His face was serious. Josh was perfect.

“Mine,” she whispered.

He groaned softly but didn’t drop his eyes. With their vision locked he began to push himself deeper into her. This was different. She met each thrust with her own, but their eyes didn’t leave each other’s face. His rhythm increased, and she matched it. They danced together, slamming into each other without breaking eye contact. Faster and faster they drove, until one thrust couldn’t be distinguished from the next, then she held herself, opening her thighs wide to welcome him. His control evaporated, and she saw the naked raw need in him. His skin was glistening, and his breath was haggard, as he became more and more erratic as he sought his own release. Her insides were so sensitive and the necessity of this was so intoxicating that she lost the race and her body spasmed again. This time, as she clenched, he roared a guttural sound and drove himself into her with one almighty lurch, then he withdrew to his tip and slammed himself into her one final time, holding himself deep in her space while he released. During the entire event he didn’t loose eye contact.

He collapsed on her, rolling her in his arms. They lay together on the sheet. He touched her face as her eyelids became heavy. She wanted to stay awake, but her body wasn’t co-operating. She drifted to sleep lying in Josh’s arms.

“Mine,” was the last raspy word she heard as she fell.

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