Wanting The Doctor

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Chapter 21 - Ramifications

They end up on the bed, they kissed and talked. She told him about herself as he held her close. She could feel the change in him. It was as if the persona was gone and the man beneath was free. This Tom was relaxed, open and curious about her past. He wasn’t completely different to the man she knew but she could still see the subtleties.

“An accountant?” he laughed with a soft chuckle, “Someone warned me about accountants, now who was that? Oh, that’s right, it was you!”

“I’m not just an accountant,” she sighed, “I’m worse, please don’t judge me, I’m an auditor.”

“An auditor? And here I was worried that you might be a prostitute or a drug runner, instead you turn out to be an Auditor? I’m shocked,” he laughed, “Don’t worry I’ll withhold any judgement for a couple of years, until I can assess the implications.”

“You’re letting me off easily,” she lifted an eyebrow as she teased him, “I would have thought you’d want to examine all the evidence.”

“Now that you mention it, there is an implication of this confession of yours that I’m acutely aware of,” his smile lessened as his eyes became serious, “Now that you have your memory, has Doctor Peter’s cleared you? Are you still requiring treatment?”

“He signed me off,” she bit her lip, “He said that he would have discharged me, but the police have asked the hospital to keep me admitted. I don’t think that I’m a vulnerable to suggestion anymore.”

“That’s good to know,” he edged closer on the bed.

They were lying on their sides facing each other, legs intertwined, arms wrapped around each other, and their faces almost touching. He tilted his face so that his lips swept over hers. She didn’t see any point in hesitating anymore. She loved him. She trusted him. She wanted him.

She lifted her lips to his and returned the kiss. Her hands slid inside his clothes as she reunited her finger with the skin on his back. The effect was the same. He groaned as she dragged her fingers down, encouraging his hips to hers. His kiss became frantic as he rolled onto her. She responded to his need with her own.

Her hands pushed up his shirt, shoving it up and off his skin, then his fist dragged it over his head and their mouths parted for only long enough for it to be removed before they were back together again. He kissed her, tongue sparing with hers, both hands in her hair and his bare chest rubbing against hers.

She wanted more, she pushed him, rolling them both over so she was straddling him. She pulled her lips from him, curling herself into a sitting position. She looked at him. His lips were kissed, his hair was messy, and his chest was magnificent. Without saying a word, she traced her fingers down his hard muscles, warm skin, passed his belly button and then touched the soft hair that lead down to the waist of his jeans. She undid the button then she smiled at him.

His eyes lit up with a glint of something that took her breath away. He moved quickly. She fell, within his arms, and he was on top again. Both of his hands moved in synchronisation and her pyjama top was off and on the floor with his shirt. Then her bra was loose, and his lips were kissing down her neck. He removed the lace as his lips found a nipple. The groan escaped her again and that tingling sensation returned. She lifted her hips off the bed and thrust them into his. One of his hands was inside her pyjama pants and was holding her as he ground his arousal against her. He still had his jeans on, but her fingers were under the waistband and fighting his underwear.

“Do you want me to stop?” his voice was breathy in her ear, “Because if we go any further I’m not going to be able to stop. I need you.”

She couldn’t answer, instead her fingers worked the zipped on his jeans down as her response. The soft growl from the back of his throat came as he kissed her again while his shoved and kicked his jeans off his body leaving him naked and eager on top of her. She expected him to make short work of the rest of her clothing, but he didn’t. He kissed her and allowed her hands to explore his naked body.

She wanted to touch all of him. Her fingers ran down his back to his waist and lower over the tight buns of his arse and enjoyed the perfect shape as he pushed them upwards into her palms. With his hips raised, one hand rotated down and between their bodies. Her fingers found the bristle hair and then touched on the hot skin and hard rod that jutted out from that nest. She traced her fingers up it, marvelling at how the silky-smooth skin floated over the bar of steel that was beneath. She tightened her fist around it and sweep that skin upwards and then plunged it downwards with instant result. He growled, and his hips moved with her hand, thrusting the arousal into her palm until her little finger was deep in his course short hair. Then he pulled back pulling the skin up to the tip. She wanted to kiss him down and taste the moisture that was pearling at the slit but there was a more pressing need within her.

Her centre was wet and aching. She yearned for him. She let him go and tried to remove her own pants. She fumbled with them. Desperate she fought to free herself from the clothing and find the relief she desired.

“Are you sure?” he whispered once more as his hand covered hers.

“Please,” she pleaded, “Please, now.”

He breathed out a soft grin as he slid down the pants and sat back as he took them off her feet. With him kneeling in front of her she couldn’t help but admire his body. His chest was smooth plains of muscle, with clearly defined ab stepping down to his dark hair between his legs. The erection that stood at attention was long and thick. It bounced, lifting taller, the staff crisscrossed with veins, the head dark and weeping from the top. Her heart beating fast she pulled her eyes back to his face. His eyes were on her breasts and his face was fill of the same hunger she felt.

He reached behind him and found the jeans he’d worn. His face changed. His brow creased as he searched.

“Oh, hell,” he closed his eyes as he dropped the jeans back to the floor, “No wallet, I didn’t bring my wallet.”

She reached for him and pulled him down on her. He fell with on hand either side of her.

“Jill,” he sounded defeated, “I don’t have a.”

She didn’t let him finish his sentence. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled herself upwards impaling herself on his erection. She moaned as he entered her and filled her.

“Condom,” he finished his sentence as his hips finished the movement, driving himself deep into her. He groaned a deep sound as he thrust again, pushing her pelvis into the mattress.

“Jill,” his breath was short as he held himself inside her, “No condom.”

“Don’t care,” she rolled her hips as she angled herself to take him deeper, “Please, more.”

He swore as the concern left his face. He eyes centred on hers as he took up a rhythm. He watched her expression as he drove himself into to her. She lifted her hips to his with each thrust and felt the desire build in her. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him until she couldn’t breathe, then she thrust her head back, pushing her breasts up as his chest rubbed against her nipples. Then she bucked against him, wanting more. He complied his thrust becoming harder and faster. She moaned her appreciation as he found the place she needed him to be.

She wrapped her legs around his waist again and held him in place as he rammed himself into her with increasing intensity. She felt her muscles tightening as she came. She clenched, holding him at the point of explosion and then fell apart as the fire swept through her. She moaned his name as the wave of pleasure broke.

He swore a low guttural word as he pinned her hips down with his and slammed himself into her, once, twice and a third time. The depth and power of the thrusts undid her again. On the back of the first orgasm she came again.

He growled a low note. He was positioned between her legs, his pelvis held her legs open, his hips at full tilt, her centre impaled to his hilt. Then he rolled his hips, bring hers with him, lifting her lower half forward and off the bed and with her directly beneath him he drove hard and fast, like a piston, he plunged in and out. He became frantic as he buried himself into her repeatedly. He was deep inside her when he stopped, he withdrew almost to the tip and then dropped with all his weight slamming himself so deep that she felt him pulse as the seed pumped into her. He groaned as he nudged himself into her ensuring that he emptied his load.

Still in this position he opened his eyes and looked at her. His chest was heaving as he fought for breath, his eyes wide with surprise as he knelt on the bed, his arms outstretched supporting his weight, his manhood still deep within her. Then he rolled off her, landing next to her on his back. His erection glistened, coated with its deposit.

She watched him. He was so beautiful. His body was perfect, and she wanted to kiss every inch of him.

“Jill,” he breathed her name, “No condom. I should have stopped. I didn’t have a condom.”

“Did you want to stop,” she kissed his chest lifting herself over him, so her hair trailed down his chest.

“No,” he moaned softly as her mouth moved downwards, “I’ve always used a condom.”

“Do you want me to stop?” she hovered her lips above where she was balanced over his sticky erection. She wanted to lick his ejaculation from him but if he regretted this?

“No,” he said as his fingers went into her hair, “It felt amazing. You feel amazing.”

She smiled as she dropped her mouth to his base and ran her tongue up him like a tall lollipop. She loved the sound he made so she did it again from a different angle. The she ran the tip of her tongue around the lip of his head. His hands left her and fisted the sheet. His legs were spread, his hands balled in the sheet as he lifted his hips to her lips. She wrapped her mouth around him allowing just his head into her mouth. She sucked hard on just that.

“More,” he pleaded, “Take it all.”

She didn’t need more encouragement. She dropped her head taking as much as she could into her mouth and increasing the suction. Then she bobbed her head as she tasted the salty flavour and enjoyed his moans. She sucked him until his balls began to tighten. Then she decided that she didn’t want to have him flood her mouth. She pulled herself up and swung her leg over him. He looked surprised as she sat herself down on him.

She smiled, plunged him deep into her, and, while sitting on him, she made love to him. Her hips swivelled, rotated and swept into him. His hands went to her breasts, then to her hips as he lifted his pelvis upwards driving himself deeper into her. He bucked hard and fast as she rode him. His desperation and the hardness that seemed to know exactly where it should be, sent her over the edge and she arched her back as his name left her mouth.

He didn’t hesitate, still awash with pleasure, she was rolled onto her back and he had her back beneath him. He rammed himself back deep into her. He locked his eyes with hers as he pounded his arousal into her. He didn’t once break eye contact as he brought himself closer to completion. Then his eyes widened, he lifted his knees off the bed so that his toes, his hands and his connection to her were the only things supporting him, she had him as deep as she could take him, and he throbbed as he came. She watched his muscles contract, shudder, as every nerve in his body surged and all sensation went to his manhood which was encased within her. She cried out with him, her body was overcome with the knowledge of what she’d accomplished, the erotic sight of him releasing his love into her, and the pulsing hard rod that was still hard inside her.

They dropped to the bed together. Still wrapped in each other, with him still inside her, they kissed. Then he rolled away and looked at her. His eyes were intense and then he smiled. It felt so good to be like this with him. She wanted to stay like this forever.

“You are mine now,” he declared with a grin.

“Just because the sex is mind blowing,” she rolled her eyes, “And I love you, doesn’t mean that I’m ‘yours’. You’re going to have to work harder than that before you label me like that.”

“Work harder?” he flashed his eyes at her as he rolled them again, “I can work harder, if that’s what you want?”

She laughed at his obviousness and was about to kiss him and welcome him back when there was a knock on the door. They both froze in place, like a couple of teenagers caught on her parent’s bed. They looked at each other as they remembered where they were.

“What’s the time?” she whispered.

“Damn,” he was still holding her as he twisted his wrist to see his watch, “It’s almost three. That must be Chuck. The cleaning crew must be early.”

“Oh,” the disappointment in her voice was tangible.

He cringed as he let her go, “Damn, when can I get you out of here? I need to get you into my bed permanently.”

“Permanently?” she reached for the clothes he was offering her, “Are you going to chain me to the bed?”

“Maybe,” he smiled as he pulled on his jeans, “I’m in love with you Gillian Arnold. We are together, a couple, dating, my girlfriend, however you want to put it. I want you in my life, in my bed, in the shower, on the sofa, and possibly on the kitchen table too.”

“That could be fun,” she laughed at him as she pulled her pyjamas on.

“But first I need to get you out of here,” he yanked his shirt over his head, “I don’t understand why Derek needs you here, but I am going to talk to Howard about letting you leave.”

“You can’t tell him that you know, you can’t tell anyone,’ she stopped and held him by the arms, “Promise me that you won’t tell?”

“Why?” he frowned.

“Because of Stan,” She sighed, “That guy almost killed Stan. He tried to kill me, but he almost killed Stan. If Derek thinks he can catch the person who’s responsible, then I have to help. It’s important that that everyone thinks I still have amnesia.”

“Why? I don’t understand why it has to be you?” he asked again.

“The attack was aimed at me, Derek wants me to stay in the hospital. He said that it’s easier to protect me while I’m in hospital,” she sat down in the wheelchair, “If I’m cured of my amnesia then there’s no reason for me to be here.”

“I don’t like it,” Tom frowned.

“You don’t have to like it,” she smiled, “You just have to like me.”

“I love you,” he smiled, “But I don’t like this plan of Derek’s”

“Just play along for now Tom,” she sighed, “Just for another couple of days, then we’ll tell Derek.”

“Two days,” he said, “In two days time I’m taking you home with me. No arguments.”

“You are so demanding,” she laughed.

“You have no idea how demanding I am,” he said as he looked her over.

“Do you have everything?” she asked as she looked around the room. The suite looked like a honeymoon-suite, the bed looked well used, covers on the floor, pillows discarded, and the sheet all rumpled in all the places that indicated sex, while the rest of the room was untouched. She didn’t want to leave.

The knock on the door was louder this time.

“Yes, I’ve got you. Are you ready?” Tom asked as he dragged the covers back onto the bed to hide the evidence.

“No,” she answered honestly but still turned opened the door.

Chuck’s back was against the door and standing in front of him was a very angry Catherine in her head nurse uniform. She glared over his shoulder, his hand held high to block her from entering, at Jill and Tom who now looked every bit like guilty teenagers sprung.

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