Perfectly Wrong

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Zara a normal teen girl moved to England recently. She finds it difficult to let go of her past. she meets Nico a boy with horrible secrets... Little did she know there is trouble waiting for her... Zara moved to England, from America... She finds it difficult to let go of her past life-friends, her old school, old lifestyles. People all around her tell her that moving is a good thing as it gives different experiences...Is it true? However, moving away made her miserable and it broke her Will Zara get over her depression and able to move on?

Romance / Drama
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it all began here

“Honey, take the box to the room upstairs” ordered my mum from downstairs.

I can’t believe that it is been a month since I moved out. God, I miss America. Life without Liz, my bestie is impossible. I swear it is like yesterday when had our periods talk together. Our parents were really close friends.

“Whatever” I sighed. I really can’t blame my parents that my dad got a transfer. I hate changes...

Groaning with dread, I lifted the dusty, old, pale box and dropped it on the floor, which made the dust sprinkle all over. Carefully, I opened the box slowly. I peeked over the box. OMG. It had all polaroids and gifts of Liz, which made me smile.

There was a picture of me and her giggling and hugging each other on the first day of school...


I remember being on the swing - all sad because I had no friends. A blonde girl with twilight yellow eyes strode towards me waving.

She smiled and asked me, “do you want to be my friend?”

I smiled the biggest grin after a long time. I wondered will anybody ever be friends with a weird person like me?

Speaking of the first day of school... Tomorrow was the back to the school in year 12(yup, I am 16 years old); I have no stationary and my mum needs me to get her bread ... geez, I have to all the way to Mcolls(a shop, which has stationary, groceries and other stuff).

There is nothing better than going to a grocery shop for last minute (joking). An extremely handsome figure caught my eyes right outside Mcolls. Wildly, his jet black hair was moving in the breeze, I noticed there no sign of happiness in his lips, his ocean blue eyes met too, there were 5 seconds staring at each other, part of me felt like I already knew him, though we just met.

What is this feeling?

The whole night, I tossed around and around, trying to find sleep. If he went to Mcolls, maybe he lives in the same estate(it is like a domain). I immediately shock my thought, because it will not possible. I forced to shut my tired eyes.

“beep beep”, went my alarm...

My anxiety took over me, making me don’t want to go to school; however, part of me says:

“go and discover a different kind of people and stop being a lazy lamb.”

I had Push myself to get ready, wore some comfortable sweatshirt and trousers. As I walked my way to school(it was just 10 min walk from home), I could see many people staring at me and whispering to each other, but I didn’t let it bother me.

First I had science, I love science, it is my favourite subject. However, all I want to do is to sit watch Netflix 24/7.


That girl I saw yesterday was still stuck in my head like she was important like she meant something to me.


The way her hazel brown hair covered her left eye, reveal her gorgeous green eyes when I looked at them I could see the whole wide world in them...

“Nico! stop daydreaming!” screamed Mrs Maxwell.

“oooooooooo, dreaming about a girl,” said Ethan with a smirk on his face.

“shut up” I rolled my eyes.

Suddenly, I realised that I was in science, I hate science especially when Mrs Maxwell is the teacher. God, I want to escape from this nightmare...

knock knock

I looked up to see who was, I swear if it is some other teacher I will...

I was unable to finish my sentence because of her, she was right in front of me, standing with her head down.

“This is the new girl, Zara from America. Be nice,” said Mrs Maxwell. Zara...My heart started racing rapidly like crazy.

What is this feeling?

Slowly but smiling, she lifted her head, she looked around the room. Mrs Maxwell pointed her seat, which is another corner from the room( that is so away from me ). Why does that bother me?


What does she think of me? Did she notice me?

to be continued...

This is the first time I am writing.

Thanks for reading!!! If you have any suggestions or advice comment below.

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