Nothing Like A Perfect Moment [Sequel to The Secret Babies]

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Chapter Eleven....

The Family Dinner........

Lawrence spent Saturday doing some work and also spending some quality time with Luis, his son.

When it was almost evening, he began preparing for their dinner which was to take place at his parents’ mansion. He still had to pick up Maddie on his way. So Lawrence dressed up in something casual, he arranged Luis’s baby bag and got him ready.

When Lawrence got to Maddie’s apartment, He couldn’t go down to knock on her door because Luis was sleeping in his car seat. He couldn’t leave him alone in the car.

So he called Maddie on the phone that they were already outside. Once he saw her walk out of her apartment and approach his car, Lawrence got down and assisted her in opening the door to the front passenger’s seat.

She blushed a little as she muttered a small “Thank you.” before he went over to the driver’s seat.

“You look beautiful Maddie. I think black colours fit you most” He said

“Thanks, Mr Williams. You don’t look bad also.” She replied with a smile.

“I think we’ve passed the stage of formality. Just call me Lawrence.”

“Hummm, thanks, Lawrence. You don’t look bad,” she said.

“You know what?” Lawrence said as he started the car

“I think I like my name more when you pronounce it.” He chuckled and Maddie shook her head with a smile. Her Boss was one hell of a crazy person. He just makes her fall more for him with everything he says and does.

“Sorry, I can’t play any music for now. Luis is sleeping” he said.

“Don’t worry. I saw him as soon as I came into the car. He looks so adorable. Nice outfit by the way.” she commended, referring to Luis’s outfit

“His dad is a fashion freak so what do you expect,” he said proudly and Maddie rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be so proud of yourself. I’m sure you just got lucky today with the right outfit.” She said and they both chuckled.

They spent the rest of the ride making funny conversations and Maddie told Lawrence about her family.

They got to the mansion and from the carpark, Lawrence could tell that they had a lot of visitors.

Baby Luis was still sleeping so Madiana offered to carry him while Lawrence walked by their side.

They got to the entrance and Lawrence pressed the doorbell. After about three rings, Someone opened the door. It was Luciana, Lawrence’s younger sister. She screamed and jumped into Lawrence’s arms.

Her scream was loud enough to wake up Luis from his nap.

“I missed you, Bro.” Luciana said.

“I missed you too baby sister,” he kissed her cheek after releasing her from the hug.

“Hi,” Maddie said as soon as Luciana looked at her direction.

Luciana smiled as she looked at her brother, then at Maddie again.

“Hello, I’m Luciana. Lawrence younger sister” She replied extending a hand to her.

“Madiana. It’s so nice to meet you,” she replied with a smile.

“Oh my God, he’s so cute.” Luciana awed as soon as Luis removed his head from Maddy’s chest and turned to look at her.

“May I?” Luciana asked as she stretched her hands to carry Luis.

“Sure,” Madiana said as she handed over Luis to her.

They all walked into the house. Crowded was an understatement. One would think they were having a party while it was just a family dinner.

So many strange faces with little children running around and adults hanging out in different corners of the house.

“wow.” Madiana whispered.

“Sorry I didn’t tell you before. I come from a large family.” he chuckled.

“Lawrence you are here.” A voice said and it was Abigail, His mom.

“Hi, mom.” He said as his mother pulled him into a hug.

“I missed you, my baby. Promise me you won’t stay mad at me for that long again.”

“Mom, I can never be mad at you. You know I love you so much,” he smiled

“I love you too son.”

He pulled away from the hug and introduced his Mom to Madiana.

“Mom, This is Madiana Owen. My date, my friend and my secretary.” He smiled.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Mrs Williams.”

“Oh dear. I’ve heard so much about you from Ethan. You can call me Abigail. It’s so nice to meet you too.” Lawrence’s mom said and she gave Maddie a motherly hug.

“Ethan told you about her? Where is he?” Lawrence asked with an eyebrow raised.

“He should be in the garden with your father. He came with a girl. She seems nice. You should meet her. So where’s my grandson, Didn’t you bring him?” She asked.

“He’s with Luciana over there,” Lawrence pointed to Luciana who was seated on the carpet with Luis in her arms with some little children around her trying to play with Luis.

“Okay, my loves make yourselves comfortable,” Abigail said, then excused herself.

“So you are wondering why we are so many in my family?” Lawrence asked and Maddie nodded as they walked towards the garden.

“My mom and dad had close friends and they are more like sisters and brothers. Aunty Bella, Aunty Lucy, Aunty Anna and Uncle Damon.

Aunty Anna is my dad’s younger sister while Uncle Damon is my Dad’s best friend but they ended up marrying each other. So everyone here you see apart from me and my siblings is a product or family of Aunt Bella, Aunt Lucy, uncle Damon and aunt Anna’s marriage.”

“Wow. That’s a lot to take in.” Madiana shook her head in disbelief which caused Lawrence to chuckle.

As Maddy was about to take a step further, she felt someone tug on her dress. She looked down and came in contact with a beautiful three-year-old.

Maddy who happens to be a baby lover lifted the little cutie in her arms.

“Hi sweetheart,” Maddy said as she kissed the little girl’s cheek.

“Hi. She replied shyly.”

“My name is Maddie. What about you?”

“I’m Sarah.” She replied with a grin.

“Oh, you have met Sarah,” Lawrence said as he came back with two drinks.

“Uncle Lorry.” Sarah cooed in her cute baby voice which made Lawrence groan. She always funnily pronounce his name.

“Hi, beautiful,” Lawrence kissed her cheek.

“I think my tummy is rumbling. Let me go ask Grandma for a cookie.” Sarah said.

“Alright dear.” Maddie smiled as she let Sarah down and the little girl ran off. Then Lawrence handed her her drink.

“Lawrence my love.” He heard someone call his name. He looked back and saw his aunt, Bella.

“Aunt Bella. I miss you.” He pulled her into a hug.

“I missed you too my love. I just saw Luis and he’s so adorable.”

“I know right.” He chuckled.

“Aunty Bella. This is Mariana Owen. My close friend”

“Nice to meet you, dear.” She said, then pulled Maddie into a hug.

“So, how is uncle Emmanuel, Victoria and Robbie?” He asked about her husband and her kids.

“Your uncle should be with your father. Victoria could not make it. she’s studying for her exam and Robbie should be with Lucas.” She replied.

“Enjoy yourselves. I will go join your mom in the kitchen.” Bella said. She kissed both Lawrence and Maddie on their cheek before she left their sight.

They eventually reached the garden and sighted Ethan, Lenora, Harry (Lenora’s husband) and his other cousins, laughing at what Ethan was saying.

“Hi.” Madiana and Lawrence said to get their attention and they all greeted each other. Introducing themselves.

“So, Lawrence, I want you to meet someone special. Her name is Omo, the one I’ve been telling you about and thanks to Maddie who found a way to make our meeting possible.” Ethan said.

“It’s so nice to meet you,” Lawrence extended his hand for a shake which she accepted.

“It’s so nice to meet you too.” She said in a beautiful voice. Even though Omo has an American accent, you could still tell that she is Nigerian.

Maddie went ahead to hug Omo.

“If you hurt my friend, I will kick your ass. I won’t care if you’re my boss.” Madiana said to Ethan which and they all burst into laughter.

“So What’s the meaning of your name?” Lawrence asked interested.

“Sorry, if that sounds awkward. It’s just that I’ve attended meetings with various Nigerian Billionaires like Dangote and I came to know that Nigerians usually have this long name that carries a mighty meaning.” He added.

“Yeah. Actually, my full name is Omolade. Pronounced as Or-mor- lar- day. non-Nigerians find it difficult to pronounce it properly. That’s why I use “Omo” for short. And Omolade means ‘A child is a crown.’

“Interesting. I’m glad you are with my friend. If he hurts you in any way, just like Maddie said, come to us and we will seek justice on your behalf.” he said and omo could not help but blush.

They engaged in many funny conversations until Lenora dragged Maddie, Omo and some of her other female cousins into the living room as they left the guys to catch up.

The ladies settled down in the second living room, getting to know themselves better. Halfway through their conversation, they were interrupted by Luciana who was carrying a very cranky Luis.

“Hmmm Maddie, do you know where my brother is? I guess Luis is hungry.” She said, trying to calm the little boy down.

“It’s fine, I will take care of him.” Madiana offered. She stood up and collected Luis from her. She told Luciana to help her fetch Luis baby bag from her brother’s car which she did with haste.

Madiana excused herself from the ladies and went to a quiet corner, she settled down and changed Luis. After changing him, she fed him after which she burped him. She did all that with so much love in her eyes without even knowing someone was watching her.

It was Lawrence’s mom, Abigail.

She approached Maddie and took a seat on the sofa beside her.

“Thank you,” Abigail whispered.

“For?” Madiana asked confused.

“For loving my son and my grandson.” She said which made her blush a little.

“Thanks for being there for the two of them,” Abigail said and she nodded.

“I know you like him and I think he feels the same way about you. He has never been as happy as I’ve seen him today. Not even when he was with Silvia.” Abigail said.

“I don’t think so. I guess he’s just nice and friendly to me. Just the way a good Boss will behave.” Maddie said.

“I saw the way he was looking at you earlier on. He does like you and I know it. Just be patient with him. You know, a lot has happened over the month and I think he’s still trying to come around.” Abigail said and Maddie nodded.

“Let’s go and call everyone together. Dinner is ready.” Abigail said with a smile as she collected Luis from her.

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