Nothing Like A Perfect Moment [Sequel to The Secret Babies]

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Chapter Sixteen

Four Years Later (Epilogue)

Lawrence and Madiana’s marriage faced trials but their love was able to overcome all obstacles.

Some days after Madiana found out she was pregnant, She went for a check-up which revealed she was almost two months pregnant and in seven months, she gave birth to a baby girl. She was called Luisa Irene Williams. 5 pounds, 6ounces.

Luisa’s birth brought so much joy to both the extended and immediate family.

Lawrence had to find a temporary secretary to fill in for Madiana.

Lawrence also spent more time working from home so he could assist Maddie with the kids and be closer to his family.

“Oh, their wedding!” They did it a month after he proposed. It was a very beautiful one.

Lawrence and Madiana never saw the need to hire a live-in nanny because Maddie and Lawrence’s mom were there to help and they still had Luis’s nanny, Kelly.

Again they had help from Omo, Lenora and Luciana. Even Lucas was of help at times, he was always eager to do his uncle duties.

Now, Luis is almost four and Luisa is almost three. These little cuties look alike and they are inseparable. A lot of people confuse them of being twins, perhaps because of the age gap. Luis and Luisa share the same toys and they love each other so much.

“It’s bedtime sweethearts,” Maddie said lovingly to her children.

“But I wanna see Daddy before I go to bed.” Luisa pouted.

“Me too Mommy.” Luis joined as they both keep jumping on their parent’s bed.

She has been trying to get them to bed for the past thirty minutes but they refused, insisting to see their dad before they sleep and Lawrence will be coming home late tonight. He and Ethan have a lot to cover in the office.

“Sweethearts, Daddy won’t be back until later. He has some work to do with uncle Ethan. You have to sleep now because you guys have school tomorrow.” She said to them and they frowned.

She chuckled, they look so cute.

“Don’t worry, Daddy will be here by the time you wake up. I will make sure he drives you two to school tomorrow.” She said and her babies squealed for joy.

“Okay, time to go to your room.” She said as she helped them get down from the bed. They all walked out of her room into the kids’ room.

Yes, Both Luis and Luisa share the same room. They also sleep on the same bed. Well, it’s big enough for the two of them. They are inseparable and could not bare sleeping apart.

Madiana and Lawrence allowed it, knowing in a few years, they will be the ones asking for their separate rooms.

When they got to their room, the two siblings climbed on their bed and Maddie covered them with the duvet. She took a bedtime story from their shelf and read to them. They fell asleep halfway through her reading.

She looked at them and smiled at their sleeping position. They cuddled each other with their favourite teddy bear in the middle.

She kissed them on their foreheads and deemed the light before walking out of their room.

A few minutes later, Lawrence came back from work and was welcomed by his wife. He went into the kids’ room and gave them their goodnight kiss. He took a shower and got back to the kitchen to have dinner with his wife.

They made small talk in between their meal. They talked to each other about their day. It was something they did every day.

Communication is very key in every relationship and Lawrence and Maddie are expert in that.

They also planned on not having another baby until their Children clock five. So Madiana was on pill prescribed by the doctor.

After dinner, he assisted her in cleaning the dishes before they headed to their room. They Climbed their bed and cuddled romantically.

Lawrence whispered to Madiana. “I found happiness at last. Thank you for loving me and our children.”

“You are a good man Lawrence and I will choose you over and over. I love you!” She said and sealed her confession with a passionate kiss.

The End......

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