Nothing Like A Perfect Moment [Sequel to The Secret Babies]

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Chapter Two

“So is everything set for this evening?” Lawrence asked Ethan, his best friend.

“Yes, bro. Everything is set.” Ethan replied as he took a seat on the stool behind the kitchen counter.

“Are you sure about this?” Ethan chipped in.

“What do you mean?” Lawrence asked as he passed Ethan a glass of water which he requested earlier on.

“I mean, are you really sure its Silvia you want to spend the rest of your life with” Ethan asked.

Lawrence gave his best friend an “I thought we’ve talked about this look”. He knew Ethan was not fully in support of his relationship with Silvia. But he was hoping he will move on from that and respect his decisions whenever it comes to Silvia.

“Marriage is not something you have to jump into right now. Dude, you are just 28. Besides, I don’t think I’m ready for uncle duties right now.” Ethan said as Lawrence shook his head in disbelief with a sad smile plastered across his face.

“Ethan for heaven’s sake we are not getting married today. I’m only going to propose to her. And besides, what if she refuses to marry me?” Lawrence said.

“Common. Even though I’m not a fan of Silvia. I know for a fact that she likes you and would never say no to your proposal.” Ethan assured.

“Are you sure or you are just trying to make me feel less nervous.” Lawrence chuckled and they both burst into laughter.

Since Lawrence and Silvia have known each other for a year now, Lawrence decided to make it official by proposing to her later on tonight. It’s going to be a surprise for Silvia as she had no idea what Lawrence is planning. He had only told her to get ready by 6 pm as he would be picking her up to join his family for dinner.

Lawrence had planned the surprise along with his parents and siblings. Close family members were also invited. Lawrence parents are even more than happy that their son is taking the next step they had been anticipating. They could not ask for a better fiancee for him than Silvia.

Silvia is a very beautiful and hardworking woman. She’s 27. Her father happens to be a very rich businessman so she works in her dad’s company. The thing about Silvia is that Silvia is a very flashy person. She spends money on things that are way too expensive and she is a non-friendly person which is why Luciana, Lawrence’s younger sister, despise her.

“So should I be expecting to be an uncle very soon,” Ethan asked with a grin. He loves frustrating Lawrence.

“Ethan.” Lawrence groaned.

“I’m just asking so I will start preparing.” He defended.

“Not yet Ethan. Besides, I don’t think Silvia and I are ready for that now.” Lawrence replied.

“If you say so” Ethan mumbled and gulped down the remaining water in the glass cup.

Before Ethan could proceed with the next conversation, they were interrupted by Lawrence phone which was ringing.

Lawrence stared at his phone strangely.

“Is anything the matter?” Ethan asked.

“A strange number,” Lawrence replied with a frown as he reluctantly answered the call.

“Hello.” He said to the person on the other end. The conversation went for a while and Lawrence abruptly stood up from the stool he was sitting on. His face turned to that fear. Ethan noticed the sudden change in his friend’s behaviour and got worried.

“Thank you. I will be there soon.” Lawrence said and ended the call.

“I’m in trouble Ethan,” Lawrence said as he ran his hands through his hair furiously.

“What is the matter?” Ethan asked concerned.

“You remember the call I told you I received about seven months ago, concerning Ava?” Lawrence said and Ethan nodded immediately.

“One Doctor Peters called me now. She said Ava is in the hospital and she is in a very weak state. Doctor Peters said Ava had just given birth to a baby prematurely. And that Ava claims I’m the father. So my presence is required” Lawrence said with tears in his eyes.

“Bu..t........ Hhow..come?” Ethan shuttered. His eyes were as wide as saucers.

“I don’t know. I really do not know Ethan. I’m as confused as you are.” Lawrence said with a heartbroken voice.

About seven months ago. Lawrence and Ethan travelled to Detroit for a business deal which was a huge success. Then they decided to go celebrate in a bar and one thing led to another. Lawrence ended up sleeping with Ava, one of the bar attendant.

When he woke up beside her the next morning, he had apologized to her. Saying he shouldn’t have done that as he was in a serious relationship with his girlfriend.

A month later, he received a call from her. Telling him she was pregnant. But he didn’t believe her and scolded her never to call his number again.

No one knows about Lawrence encounter with Ava. Except for Ethan. Even Silvia is unaware of the whole situation. How will he now explain to everyone that he has a child?

“I have to go over there Ethan,” Lawrence said.

“Are you sick Lawrence. You have an engagement party to attend in less than 6hours.” Ethan said, taking a glance at his wristwatch.

“But I really have to get to Detroit.” Lawrence challenged.

“But what if everything is false Lawrence? What if this Ava girl is just playing a prank on you?” Ethan reasoned.

“And what if it’s not a prank Ethan. What if it is true?” Lawrence said and Ethan went mute.

“Detroit is just a three-hour flight from here. I will try to be back before dinner starts.” Lawrence said as he took his phone and dialled his pilot to get the private jet ready.

“So who will go pick Silvia up?” Ethan asked.

“I will if I make it back on time. But if I don’t, I will tell Dominic to pick her up.” Lawrence said referring to Dominic, his driver.

Lawrence dashed into his room and changed his outfit to a casual one. He reached for his wallet and sunshade and walked back into the living room.

“Please just cover up for me. I will try to be in touch.” Lawrence said and Ethan pulled him into a brotherly hug.

“It will be fine. Stay strong.” Ethan Whispered to Lawrence.

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